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Hello Smeargle's Studio!

Ever wanted to be do more with your art then just put it up for display in your thread? Ever wanted to contribute your art to the site and perhaps earn yourself a shiny new badge? Well this is your chance!

C&C is teaming up with Smeargle's Studio to produce art for its various articles. We intend to accept a wide variety of submissions, and many articles could use multiple pieces of art! As a disclaimer of sorts, we (we being both the Smeargle's Studio and C&C staff) reserve the right to reject any piece of art for any reason, but don't let this discourage you from contributing. How this is going to work is we have an index of sorts, you ask to do art for an article in the index, it gets approved (your reservation will simply be noted in the OP if approved, your post will be deleted/responded to if rejected), and then you submit your work to this thread with a link to the article this is for, whether it be an on site article or a thread. Now we expect these reservation posts to be sort of an "idea" post; not just "I'll take this one," as many people may have good ideas, and we may not limit it to only one accepted! Also, feel free to contact the author (on IRC, forum PM, or some other predetermined medium; though IRC would probably be the easiest) to bounce ideas around. Although, for older articles, the author may not be active anymore; or interested, for that matter. We aren't really going to be strict with deadlines, but please try to get your submissions in in a timely manner.

Also note that authors are subject to change, so if you find the linked thread in the Locked/Outdated analyses forum please notify me! (When an author changes hands the thread is moved to LoA and a new one posted with the same content). In addition to this, not all articles in the index may be eligible for art; it depends how creative you are.

edit: In addition please specify exactly what article you want by linking to it. There are quite a few guides with the same name but for different generations.

Here is the format the index will follow:
article / assigned artist(s) / link to submission(s)


BW 2 Changes
Intro to Smogon Tiers
Tournament Guide
Technician HP
Uber stall
LC Move Legality
LC Speed Tiers
VGC Speed Tiers
RU threat list

BW Ingame Tiers
Move Tutors
DPP tips
Pal Park
Colo + XD tm locations
FrLg Ingame tiers - Andrew ✓
GSC tips
GSC Tm locations
Intro To 5th Gen wifi
Capture BW Legends
DW Guide
Capturing DP Legends
EV Manual
Breeding Guide Part III
Breeding Guide Part IV
Capturing FrLg Legends
Capturing RSE Legends
Ev Training in emerald
Ev training in FrLg
Battle Pyramid
DP Battle Tower Pokemon
DP Battle tower intro
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hi would like to take the baton pass article

will probably do something rather generic with one of the passers mentioned in the article passing to a recipient mentioned in the article

will try to do more if i have the time


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You missed this (Trick Room) Article. I assume it's still valid since I haven't been contacted otherwise and it hasn't been moved.

also I want to do something for gravity like a physical attacker EQing a Skamory to oblivion with cool gravity-like lines/shading

^kinda got missed twice so I'll post again

the rain article would be fun to do

i'll probably do something generic with politoed looking happy under a massive thunderstorm

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I would like to thank any and all artists who give this a shot. Remember that this art doesn't necessarily have to be humorous, and in fact you shouldn't overload on the funnies. It just has to look good and be relevant.


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Guys please specify what generation you are looking for! I got Rittercat's and Nastyjungle's because it was before I updated wth gen4 but danmire I have no clue what generation uber speed tier guide you want!


its okay.
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Sorry Firecape, it's that I edited it to specify it, but Smogon always shuts down on me when I try to load the forums!

I'm going to get 5th Gen Uber Speed tiers.


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I don't have any artwork you can go by, but is there any chance I could have a go at the 4th Generation Baton Pass article?

As for ideas, I'd probably do something similar to a relay race with a baton with some Pokemon who can learn it. Maybe something simpler though :)
Could I please reserve the 5th Gen Status Article?
I was thinking of drawing a bunch of pokemon waiting in the ER with most of the statuses inflicted upon them (like burn victim for burn, wheelchair for paralysis, frost bite for freeze, straightjacket for confusion, poisoning for poison, etc.) do they all have to be 5th gen pokemon or atleast viable in 5th gen?


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Guys for articles that aren't obvious in terms of art (like the 4th gen sandstorm one was extremely obvious) please add what you are thinking of. There's really no point in making a reservation if you have no ideas so please post them!
I would do one except I don't think pencil drawing overlayed with manga pen without a scanner is going to look in the right place on an article heading. That said, I have a Whimsicott picture I could use for leads, and I love drawing Pokemon using Taunt, so...if a) my dodgy digital art program will work or b) handdrawn pics are acceptable and actually VISIBLE. However, if nobody applies for the Leads article I would be happy to do stuff (coloured etc for visibility if necessary, and of a higher quality than my lazy sketches) for it. *me feels VASTLY inferior*


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I'd like to reserve LC Speed Tiers. My idea is to do a picture of Buneary being outsped by a Tirtouga who just Shell Smash'd, with the broken shell behind them. Possibly with more background, like a track race with other LC Pokemon spectators.
What is te quality of art needed here? Would nasty be on the high end, low, or middle? I'm getting better with gimp and need to know what my objectives are.
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