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I really want to get into LC, it seems like such a fun metagame. However, I don't really know how to start, any tips (besides the obvious "read the guide, make a team and go ladder")?


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I really want to get into LC, it seems like such a fun metagame. However, I don't really know how to start, any tips (besides the obvious "read the guide, make a team and go ladder")?
Steal a good team. It's a great way to get into the swing of LC and understand the tier.
just to clarify, you only need one exp share. any more has no effect on your LC pokemon's experience.
if you're really worried about getting too much experience, switch in all of your remaining pokemon.

i only suggest this if you mess up and have to retrain at lv. 5 or something. you should be totally fine though, even ev training gen III eggs that start at lv. 5 with just one exp. share and switching in one pokemon to kill magikarp.
Is there a reason why June/July's Little Cup usuage stats have not been posted? (I know doug is busy, I just am curious why nobody has posted them, considering that both of those months are already over)


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You've answered your own question already.

Doug owns the CAP server, and AFAIK no one else is an administrator there. As such, Doug is the only one who can post the stats, and he will post them whenever he can find the time.

Just be patient.


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wtf is up with the usage stats on pokemon online? Fully evolveds are used in lc... someone used an Arceus in a lc battle...
i saw that Staryu has Hydro Pump listed in its movesets, but how is this possible when genderless pokes can't inherit moves?


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The Pomeg Glitch is a glitch in Pokemon Emerald which allows genderless Gen I-III pokes to get Gen III level-up moves.
Once every two months, as per DougJustDoug releasing the stats for the LC ladder, although most pokemon in LC OU are usually still in LC OU when the next set of stats comes out.


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IVs have a difference of 1-2 points (0-31) at level 5. Several Pokemon, such as Croagunk, Elekid, and some Houndour use 0 HP as an IV to reduce their HP to 19 (and therefore only take 1 damage from Life Orb).


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To add onto iss's answer, if you are using a Hidden Power which reduces a key stat (HP Fire/Ground/Fighting generally), you need to add 4 EVs to your EV total for that stat to get the full boost in "actual stat". To illustrate, say you have a Gastly with HP Fighting. The IVs for Speed and Special Attack are reduced to 30. Normally you would use 236 EVs in each to maximize them, however, you would have to use 240 EVs in each because of the IV drop.
Just wondering why in the illegal movesets it has things like counter + firefang for Charmander? when you can easily get both on the same pokemon...or has it just not had the new HG/SS egg moves added to it?


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Those are not a main priority for Little Cup or Wild Eep right now. Counter + Fire Fang Charmander is legal now (you'd have to get Counter --> breed Counter on to Charmander--> level it up to 25-->breed onto Charmander.) They probably will be updated sometime, it's just that Eep hasn't gotten around to it.
Since the Little Cup EV spreads don't total up to 510 (or 508, for that matter), does this mean that there is some leeway as to IVs? To clarify, could you end up with the same stats of a 31/31/31/31/31/31 IV spread if you had less-than-perfect IVs but invested more EVs in the stats that had imperfect IVs since there are "leftover" EVs from the spreads?

Also, is there any "uber" version of the Little Cup where you can use banned Pokémon like Scyther, Misdreavus, Deepseatooth Clamperl, etc.?


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For one, not every set in Little Cup goes below the EV limit, for example someone maxing out two stats that end in three would end up with 510 EVs. Of course, it is possible to cover up imperfect IVs, though I assume anything other than stats ending in 1 or 2 wouldn't be worth it.

There's no set place to play LC Ubers, though there are a number of users with teams!
Actually, Pokémon Online's beta server does have a Little Cup Ubers ladder, though I don't know what rules they enforce (or if anyone is ever on it).

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