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Can A offensive set of Gardevoir like this:

@Choice Scarf
-Shadow Ball
-Focus Miss

can that work?
Anyone care to shed light on how Dream World abilities work? How do you unlock them?

Can I transfer a Overgrowth Venusaur from my Platinum and change the ability to Chlorophyll? Or do I have to breed a new one?
Anyone care to shed light on how Dream World abilities work? How do you unlock them?

Can I transfer a Overgrowth Venusaur from my Platinum and change the ability to Chlorophyll? Or do I have to breed a new one?
As far as i understand, you cant change the ability.
If you want one with chlorophyll you will need to catch one in the dreamworld (and i have no clue how to acces that lol)
You don't "unlock" dream world abilities so much as obtain pokémon with them through a silly flash game.

First you select the "online" function of the C-Gear, then game sync. The game sync will give you a series of numbers and letters that you'll put in after you log into this site here:
(You'll need to register for an account if you don't have a account)

Once you set up your game to your account, you can send a pokémon through game sync. Once you do, you can access Dream World, where silly flash games await and flash game tutorials come up, which I'm sure can take over for me from there.


Oh, and there's only some pokémon that can be accessed through Dream World. Bulbasaur's not one of them. It was released as an event once but that one was male only and as such cannot breed on chlorophyll.
Well, actually Abomasnow is a bit underwhelming no matter how you use it, but seeing how you have to use him to get hail started... You might was well use a set like that one. be wary that it won't do too much damage with no STAB EdgeQuake, and that Wood Hammer + SR will knock it down quite quickly.
I use my abomasnow on my 4th gen hail team as a sub puncher.
Most leads dont carry any fire moves (back then atleast) so i had the advantage of basically a free sub. After getting a sub , stab blizzard , focus punch and wood hammer hurt the enemy alot! And if they dont come with fire the sub wont even break so fast either. I liked it back then but didnt test it in 5th gen yet .
Because, while it is a very good ability, it has not been deemed broken. Also, only three Pokemon lines have access to it and only one of those is released (Wobbuffet, who is currently BL, and Wynaut, who is currently RU).

Moreover, the ability isn't broken in itself. Gothita, Gothorita, Gothitelle, Litwick, and Lampent all have Shadow Tag as their DW ability, yet you never see people talking about them potentially being broken. The only ability ever banned in itself (Moody) was broken on everything that had it (and possibly Substitute+Protect before someone brings up something like Moody Unown). Since this is the case, it only makes sense to ban the Shadow Tag Pokemon who are deemed broken (if any), not the ability itself.
So basically, if I used Shadow Tag Gothitelle/Chandelure/Wobbuffet in a normal wifi match (any tier), it would be breaking the rules?
How about excadrill as a spinner?
I currently have two sets in mind.

Excadrill@Sitrus berry
Nature: Jolly(+Spe, -SAtk)
Ability: Sand Rush
EVs: 252 Spe / 252 Atk / 6 HP
Rapid Spin
Rock Slide

The jolly nature allows excadrill to narrowly outspeed pokemon with base speed 100 and neutral nature. EV spread increases its mammoth attack stat.
Sandstorm will boost his speed due to sand rush and will also hurt opponents as long as they are not rock, ground or steel. And these three types are normally pretty slow so no need to use sandstorm against them.
Rapid spin support is something I needed so it's on the set
STAB 150 Base power Earthquake hits everything that doesn't levitate or fly pretty hard while rock slide hits those that do.

This set aims at making excadrill fast and capable of hitting without needing to set up, but compromises on bulk. Sitrus berry helps increase excadrill's longevity as he needs to be in there while the sandstorm lasts as none of my other pokemon resist sandstorm.


Excadrill@air balloon
Nature : Jolly(+Spe, -SAtk)
Ability : Anything will do
EVs: 252 Spe / 196 HP / 36 Def / 26 SDef
Rapid Spin
Swords Dance
Rock Slide

This is a slightly bulkier set with swords dance replacing sandstorm in order to boost attack. It is still pretty fast and can still outspeed 100 base speed pokemon with neutral nature.
The other moves serve the same purpose as the previous set.
air balloon gives immunity to ground moves, especially earthquake, so it can set up with swords dance without having to worry about one of its weaknesses.

What do you guys think?
Does anyone have a good idea for a hazard user in RU?
EDIT: Using a Sitrus berry on Excadrill is a bit situational, because while Excadrill has quite some bulk, you're better off using an Air Balloon/Life Orb (for avoiding hits and making your hits harder, respectively), since Excadrill will be tried to hit SE most of the time.


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Steelix and kecleon (dont laugh it gets stealth rock) are good entry hazard users in RU i guess try these sets

Steelix W/leftovers Sturdy
252hp 4def 252Spdef 0speed iv
Gyro ball
Dragon tail
Stealth rock
This set can set up stealth rocks and phaze steelix has IMMENSE physcial bulk so evs should be invested in special defense to take those hits better. sturdy guarentees you set up stealth rock even if the opponent gets a crit/can break through steelix's bulk. this is where you spam dragon tail to rack up residual damage. gyro ball and earthquake are strong STAB options just incase there is an opponent you can KO

Kecleon W/leftovers
252hp 4def 252spdef
Aqua tail
stealth rock
this set is a very good special tank and hazards user due to two things Excellent Spdef and its double edged Sword, Color change. using color change You can switch into any special attack that resists itself and use stealth rock, from there Attack with return and aqua tail. Use Recover and switch when needed.
Is there a way to post on Smogon from an iPod in color or with images?

Also, do hack checks only check the pokemon currently in your team, or will you fail the check if you have a hacked pokemon in the cartridge?
Is there a way to post on Smogon from an iPod in color or with pictures?
I believe you just use the color tags like this. Basically [ /COLOR], without the spaces (and "red" is where you put the name of the color)

For images, you need the URL of an image to put between image tags, like [ /IMG] (again, without spaces).

It works this way on a Wii, I'm sure it's similar on other non-computer devices.

For the second question, it checks the entire cartridge, I believe.
For the second question, it checks the entire cartridge, I believe.
No. It only checks the Pokémon you're going into the GBU with.

I have a question, but I can't find a way to straight-forwardly ask it, so I'll propose a scenario:

In a DOUBLE battle, First turn, I have a Weavile and a Ludicolo vs XXXX and XXXX. I Fake Out both opponents.
Turn 2, I switch out Weavile to get a Drizzle Politoed in. Ludicolo uses Surf.

The question is, Will Swift Swim get activated and Water moves get the boost on the same turn or until the next turn???
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