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Resource Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer: PU Edition

It is worth noting that Banded Noir hits much harder than Ghost Silvally, and has good coverage and priority. You can also run a Bind set to trap key threats which is niche af but can work.

It also can run a trick room set and whilst Cofagrigus is probably a bit better at it, it's a good option.

Dusknoir isn't PU by usage but it's perfectly viable in the tier.
What's a good item for a defensive abomasnow?
HDB would be the best choice imo, to evade any hazards damage (especially Stealth Rocks) and also because Abomasnow counts with semi-reliable recovery in Giga Drain and Leech Seed (which generates even more chip damage alongside Hail)
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How slow is too slow for Sticky Webs? There are lots of solid wallbreakers in the tier right now like Guzzlord, Alolan Exeggutor, and Aggron, but I don't know if they're fast enough to abuse webs.
How viable would a max speed (361) /max attack Cinccino with Life orb+
Skill Link+ Bullet Seed/Triple Axel/Tail Slap/Rock Blast be in the current meta game?
I suggest using a choice item on cinccino because it will get worn down quickly, now depending on ur team u chose the move because it has a big movepool.

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