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What does the left star-rank mean? I know that the right one is automatically given to players in their battles.
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Its a room rank from the other metagames room (possibly others too but ive never seen it elsewhere). Its similar to voice, with a few extra addons like higher listing on the userlist but also misses a few commands.
Hey guys I'm making an article analyzing Pokemon Showdown replays. Does anyone know how/if I could embed a replay onto a blog post or something like that?
Hello. Ive been playing ADV OU and ive noticed i no longer gain or lose trophies but my rating changes in the ladder. Is this a bug and can it be fixed?
On the calculator we have options for the formes of Megas, is there anyway to add this for Greninja? It would be nice to see how much damage Ash-Greninja sets are doing before transformation?

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Hi, I have noticed that the back sprite of Scizor in DPP appears to be broken. I went to the report bugs thread, but it doesnt handle problems with the sprites, and the sprites thread is only for 3d models. I'm not sure where to post about it, and for the time being I'm posting about it here and if somebody links me the correct thread where i can post this, I'll post it there.
but the sprite doesnt seem broken when the Scizor has a nickname
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When a Zoroark dies after having revealed any number of it's moves, the pokemon it was illusioning as will still have Zoroark's moves in it's 'known' section on hover.

In this screenshot you can see Zoroark is dead, and it was acting as Greninja when it was on the field. Shouldn't the tooltip update to show only gren's move (hydro pump) after Zoroark is gone, since we know it wasn't a greninja?

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 9.42.11 PM.png

The bug thread says don't post about zoroark haha so I posted here. Maybe this is intentional though.


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How would I go about including <audio controls> in my roomintro HTML? I was told that doing so kinda requires rewriting the intro (which I frankly don't feel like doing) and that javascript would be needed, though I thought roomintros don't support js. I'm asking because a while ago The Happy Place had audio in their intro, and i figured that'd be a fit my room perfectly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Were the time amounts on the Battle timer changed? If so could someone tell me why or provide a link to somewhere it has been discussed?
I have a disconnecting problem. I dc about every 10 minutes I guess and lose about 1 or 2 out of 10 battles because I dc. I often don't get the notification, that I am dced and by the time i figure it out, I am often timed out. I have good internet and other sites run smoothly. Is there somthing I can do make PS run more stable?
sorry if this is a bad question something that has already been asked before, but is there a way to make the afd sprites on showdown permanent?


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Whenever I /auth [user], it normally shows with no with or auth. But with a few users it shows global auth: (then doesn't show a rank). What is this no symbol rank?


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Whenever I /auth [user], it normally shows with no with or auth. But with a few users it shows global auth: (then doesn't show a rank). What is this no symbol rank?
It means they have the trusted status, which allows them to make groupchats, and locking them requires a different command.

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