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firstly: does Mega Chomp need to OHKO tina? it outspeeds it so it can handle it on switch (you don't need to predict if you have a draco plate/life orb) and unless the Tina is FC it can still hit it after CE

secondly: noms

Solgaleo A -> A+: enjoys Pdon being banned, was pretty great already. Its AV set is one of the best MMY checks and has good utility. Also has good well-rounded stats for a support mon (e.g. rain setter or tspikes setter as shown by morogrim and everykneeshallbow respectively)
Mega Chomp: B- -> B: it's a good wallbreaker: decent speed tier, can hit hard, good STAB. I made this change small to be uncontroversial.
Arceus: B+ -> B-: I don't think anything changed, I just don't see why this was so high in the first place. Outclassed for Unaware and PH, unless you want to run a weird special set for the latter, in which case B- is still not a bad place to be. Normalize sounds terrible.

I don't want to nom Red Orb Don yet, we'll see how good it is.
I'm tempted to nominate Zygod to drop a bit but I'm not entirely sure.

FFS please name Latias and Latios separately, it's driving me insane. Stats are basically the main reason to choose certain attackers since movepools and ability choices can be disregarded, and they have different stats.
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Requesting to add some stuff
Normalize for Giratina, being able to force out most attackers that cannot OHKO it with Entrainment, also having a Spectral Thief that can hit Normal types and a Core Enforcer that can hit Fairies is cool
Primordial Sea for Pogre, makes this a great breaker by powering up its water STAB
Simple for YGod, since Yveltal is dark it gets immunity to Prankster bar Haze, and SimpleSmash plus Power Trip is very threatening
Mold Breaker/Teravolt/Turboblaze for MTtar
Also supporting drop for Arceus and Rise for MChomp
Also can someone explain how Comatose Giratina is supposed to work?

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  • I was planning on beginning next week (1 month since the Pdon ban) but it looks like it has started organically, so we can now take suggestions for updating the BHVR
  • NEW! one of the projects that we have been working on is the BH Set-Pedia which will now contain extraneous sets that mons can learn. (if you're wondering how you liked it already, it's because i moved the "analyses" post down)
  • A side-effect of the Set-Pedia is that now we can remove some of the extraneous abilities and sets in the BHVR so that it's a closer representation of what the meta is like. I am right now considering a top-3 best sets for each mon and that's it, but I'm open to other suggestions
  • Continuing with BHVR, I have made the decision to add a new "Meta-Rank" which is a new rank for things that aren't necessarily 'the best' but you have to consider on an overall team -level while playing Balanced Hackmons. As you can probably guess, this has led to Imposter Chansey getting its own rank, but it is also open to stuff in the future. This brings the "S rank" closer to our original idea that it contains "the best the meta has to offer". Non-Imposter Chansey can now also be ranked separately so you are free to discuss where to put it
  • I will be re-formatting some of the other posts hopefully soon, based on other feedback that we have gotten. I had already begun removing some of the strike through abilities which I mostly kept as a record for the "last two suspects" so that those are who are curious could learn what ran what. I have another idea on how to capture this info though so I will try to implement that too
Thanks all


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With the recent banning of Primal Groudon, the BHC staff believe now is an adequate time to start updating the central's resource in light of the recent metagame shifts. Since Primal Groudon was a major influence on the previous metagame, updates will be done more periodically to ensure that the resources are as up to date and realistic as possible. Good discussion has already gone underway and we would like to focus in this discussion upon plausible changes that the staff sees can be open for discussion.

Before we start discussing potential resource changes, an internal decision from the staff has been reflected on the viability rankings:

(Imposter) S -> Meta Rank
While arbitrary to some, the staff has decided to place Chansey in a rank entirely of its own echelon above the S-Rank, carrying the name "Meta-Rank" to more accurately depict its affect on the metagame. As the rank title suggests, pokemon in this rank define the Balanced Hackmons metagame like no other, being nigh impossible to not prepare for or at least take into account while teambuilding when deciding to build a BH team. We felt this change was necessary as Chansey realistically did not blend in well with the current S-Ranks when comparing their overall impact on the metagame, hence why the staff believes this change to be necessary.

Now with that out of the way, here are the current VR discussion points we would like the thread to focus on:

A -> A+
A -> A+
A -> A-
A- -> A
B+ -> A-
B+ -> B
(with Red Orb) UR -> B
B -> B+
B -> B+
B- -> B
UR -> C
C -> UR
D -> UR
As previously stated, other resources such as the Speed Tiers, Role Compendium and the brand new Set-Pedia(tm) will be regularly updated as soon as possible, so discussion on those lists are greatly encouraged as well.

Have fun and happy postings!
Black Bold: Agree
Red Bold: Disagree and therefore I nominate it for something else
S -> Meta Rank

First off I agree with Meta-Rank thingy because most of the VR I have seen in different metagames have S+ defined as something that can fit into any team archetype, is nigh mandatory in all teams, can fulfill any roles, and is able to check dangerous threats on its own. Probably you might have noticed that I am talking about Ubers Primal Groudon at this point. Until yesterday I thought Chansey should be in S+ rank due to it being a nice backup member on most teams that fits in HO / balance / stall but teams still perform better without Imposter and anyone with slight knowledge towards metagame knows how to Imposterproof. I think putting Chansey in "Meta-Rank" is the way to go. P ambiguous mon to rank tbh.

Leave it on A

Can you all please stop overrating this guy that does nothing without Sleep-inducing moves? The only niche this guy has at this point is requiring 0 team support and doing some nice cleaning once its checks are taken out. That makes A appropriate place for Regigigas to stay, but not in A+ rank. Against any team with Giratina / Zygarde / Facade-Resistant Magic Bounce walls, Regigigas can do exactly nothing but just Spore them and just switch out to Diancie or other things. It has obvious answers that hard walls it, and it doesn't have a counterplay other than by making a gimmicky set like Facade / Core Enforcer / Shell Smash / Imprison which is walled by Steel-types and is shut down by Unaware / Focus Sash revenge killing.

A -> A+

First off Pdon is gone, that is huge. Now Solgaleo can stop mindlessly spamming U-turns fearing Pdon switching in. Second, as much MMY is prevalent, Solgaleo is now one of the most consistent answers to handle Psychic Surge variants which can be very threatening. Also AV regen sets are not the only viable set it can run. Due to V-create becoming a norm for -ate users that struggle with Steel-types, Flash Fire sets work as a great lure to Diancie (which is probably the best -ate user we have at this moment) and its great natural bulk lets it handle Boomburst well enough.

A -> A+

I'm not sure if you guys made a typo or something but demote Audino? Like wut? Couldn't people see PH Giratina everywhere after Pdon was banned? Barring stuff like Solgaleo Audino handles any 'mons that appreciate the absence of Pdon and is now a staple on stall teams in a form of Magic Bounce / Unaware / Poison Heal. Probably the most prevalent wall at this moment along with Solgaleo and Registeel.

A -> A

Another unveiled 'mon that appreciates Pdon's departure. This guy can now run Lava Plume over Scald in PH sets to more effectively threaten larger portion of the metagame. This might sound minor but it is actually huge, especially when it come down to PP war with Prankster Registeel. Also it can harass Solgaleo in much better way.

B+ -> A

Funbot28, MAMP, and others repeatedly said this in Discord and other places but for those who don't know, this guy has 0 switch-in barring Shedinja and uncommon Poison Heal Zygarde-C. Nothing else in the metagame can punch holes better than Mega Kangaskhan at this moment. I mean, if you'd say taking off 3/4 health out of everything is not busted, I don't know what else to say.

B+ -> B

Here is why:
Gen 6 BH analysis in Smogon Dex Page said:
Arceus's even distribution of stats reflects its ability to perform a variety of roles. However, the comparative mediocrity of a base stat of 120 in the Balanced Hackmons metagame makes Arceus a jack of all trades and a master of none. It neither hits as hard nor takes hits as well as Pokemon with more extreme stat spreads.
Still a decent Pokemon to use as Arceus-Poison but compared to Dialga / Shedinja / Kangaskhan, it is far worse and has limited niche.

UR -> B+

I think Pdon can rise to B+. Defensive sets excel at checking Diancie, and forcing out Magic Bounce user that is not called Giratina and Zygarde-C to set Stealth Rock is great. I have been doing that lately, it works most of the time. Also it shuts down standard PH Kyogre that runs Moonblast as coverage most of the time. Although it is far less threatening than Primal Groudon that is not strapped of item slot / ability, it is still great at forcing out tons of switches and Shift Gear set can be deadly late game once its checks and Imposter has been taken out.


B -> B+

The reason is very simple, Primal Groudon is gone. A monster that lives +2 Draco Judgment and OHKO's back has been caged. Also Zekrom appreciates increased usage of Audino, Giratina, and other walls and is able to run variety of sets to pressure defensive teams. Honestly so many teams are unprepared for Electric-types because Zekrom is p much the only viable Electric-type 'mon aside from Xurkitree.

B -> B

I was bashing this mon earlier but a threat is a threat. Also it can't be compared with stuff like Deoxys-A or Kyurem-W at all imo

Unranked -> C

Relevant mon after Pdon ban but it is very one-dimentional and is walled by too many things

C -> UR

D -> UR

The trash goes in the trash
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shouldn't Entraingar have Sludge Wave and Sacred Sword as last move options?

EDIT: not sure I agree with Chansey's placement, if it was banned people would just run Munchlax and it would be almost as good.

EDIT 2: DeoA and KyuW suck lol

EDIT 3: Fini and Scizor are still there
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Sludge Wave and Sacred Sword are normal-type because of Normalize. Sword can be used if Gengar wants to hit specially defensive mons harder, but Sludge Wave is outclassed by Booomburst in every way.
Sludge Wave and Sacred Sword are normal-type because of Normalize. Sword can be used if Gengar wants to hit specially defensive mons harder, but Sludge Wave is outclassed by Booomburst in every way.
Sludge wave lets you beat mbounce auds, and is only really used for that. It's an okay 4th move for judg/boomburst/entrain but nothing too crazy and usually not worth putting over smash.
If you really need audino gone you might as well run poison judgment plus something like seed flare. There might be some type of teams where this would be worthwhile, if you think other ghosts as well as steels are easier for teammates to cover than fairy which has otherwise no stab weakness. Steel types in general carry moves that hits through normalize less often as well.
shouldn't Entraingar have Sludge Wave and Sacred Sword as last move options?

EDIT: not sure I agree with Chansey's placement, if it was banned people would just run Munchlax and it would be almost as good.

EDIT 2: DeoA and KyuW suck lol

EDIT 3: Fini and Scizor are still there
Imposter Munchlax has very slightly better bulk than imposter Guzzlord (but running Leftovers + surviving 2 attacks and it ends up walling more), so Blissey beats them both.

Chansey: seems arbitrary to me, but ok.

Regigigas: i agree, it only really has PH but running different moves remakably offer very diverse options (smash trip OHKOes not FC/Unaware tina for example).

Solgaleo: leave it where it stays; it is fried by galvanized Boomburst and while ff walls standard -ate + v-create it will take 2 weeks to change v-create to z-pblades and then it will return to not checking them.

Xerneas: agree.

Kangaskan: leave it where it stays, sure it does "tapunium-z" to anything but so does its imposter and it's hard as fuck to improof. (I found the switch in, cheek pouch "heal 50% hp" berry, lol).

Arceus: I'd say B- since yes, he's a jack of all trades but everything can replace it and even then he doesn't compress 2 roles well.

Groudon: no experience on this.

Sceptile: with pdon gone I'd say that it improved since it can again use its improof galvanize set but I don't really know.

Zekrom: i tried a galvanize set and a surge surfer band set, I wasn't impressed. Keep it where it stays.

Garchomp: except the fact that you have either good coverage or an improof disturbs me (good luck trying to improof a mold breaker set). I agree, it's a worth descendant of pdon than always threatens dragons.

The rest is garbage, they should go (or stay) UR.
Kangaskhan-Mega deserves to rise, after the pdon ban stall is rampant and kangaskhan is literally an uncounterable mon. This thing laughs at every wall in the tier, and isnt that impossible to imposyerproof, and should rise to a-.
Chansey: This kinda reminds me of the "Blissey" tier from last generation, which also felt really arbitrary. I think I'll be more okay with this if non-Imposter sets are ranked separately. And if they are, Fur Caot belongs in A somewhere, B+ at the worst.

Gigas: As strong as it is, it's also a little one dimensional. You and mix and match some stuff, but its most effective at being highly Imposter-resistant with its set of coverage and status moves to set-up. Putting something like, I dunno, Close Combat to hit Flashfire Ferrothorn makes Imposters threatening, for example. It's also one-shotted by certain attackers before it can get going, like many Psy Surge Ytwo sets. So, it's fine where its at.

Solgaleo: With its main counter gone and its next best counters not being so good, and one of them even being vulnerable to an uncommon STAB choice of it, it's probably fine to move up.

Audino: I don't really see why it's dropping. If anything, it's better now in my experience since it doesn't fear getting one-shotted by Banded V-Create anymore.

Mega-Khan: Parental Bond Nature's Madness is really stupid. Grudgingly agree to a rise.

Arceus: Calling this Pokemon a "jack of all trades, master of none" is incongruous. Base 120 speed is quite fast, especially for a wall, allowing it to do things like jack with Mega-Ray and Mega-Diancie before they can move without using Prankster if it wants. Straight 120 bulk is also competitive with most of the usual walls in the meta and it also makes it bulkier physically than Eviolite Chansey and not reliant on an item to have competitive special bulk, so it works as an alternative to non-Imposter Chanseys (mainly Fur Coat since Chansey runs... uhhh... not really anything besides Imposter and Fur Coat). Finally, 120 offenses lets it hit offensive Pokemon reasonable hard. Its fine where it's at, though its typing probably prevents a rise.

Groudon: I've not used Red Orb 'Don yet and somehow haven't seen it much, but I really feel like I'm an exception here, somehow. It really needs to be ranked and B is a good starting point.

Mega-Chomp: Probably should rise if just because its main competition is gone. It's threatening, but it'll never hold a candle to Primaldon.

Xerneas, Sceptile, Zekrom, Mega-Blaze, Tapu Fini, MegaScizor: I've not used them recently nor encountered anything notable about them, so abstain.


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Chansey: This kinda reminds me of the "Blissey" tier from last generation, which also felt really arbitrary. I think I'll be more okay with this if non-Imposter sets are ranked separately
  • ...Non-Imposter Chansey can now also be ranked separately so you are free to discuss where to put it...
Kangaskhan can run something like natures madness, night shade, anchor shot and recover for a self-improof set.
I've done math and the imposter can get past the original with some speed ties. Accounting for 2 tapu (I hope you understand what I mean) with a Recover factored in the middle puts you into KO range from anchor shot, unfortunately that isn't true for the imposter.


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i think you guys aren't looking at the full extent of what regigigas can do.

as soon as it gets sent out and its toxic orb activates, regigigas puts immense pressure on the opponent to switch to their answer (yes, they need one), because there are three different ways it can cripple their mon if they don't. safety goggles are a very temporary solution and in longer games they might as well not be there at all. it needs 0 team support to work because it imposter proofs itself, all you need is a core switchin.

but you know this stuff already. what i want to focus on here is the team support regigigas itself provides. even if the opponent has say fc giratina, regi can just spore it and switch to say mega diancie, a mon that has no guaranteed answers. yes. it gives a free switchin for one of the most threatening mons in the tier.

and after diancie switches in, do you know how much regi pressures the opponent to preserve their sleeping giratina just by being in the back? staying in is not an option. they have to switch as diancie gets an attack off for free.

because of this, regigigas is very different from other late game sweepers because of how it can contribute to the early and mid game as well. it not only sweeps, but it facilitates its own sweep as well, which is what makes it so insanely good. this is why it should rise.
I'd like the point out that "Gigas requiring zero team support" is quite wrong. Which you already proved wrong yourself by mentioning the Core Enforcer switch-in. But, Gigas has very significant weaknesses that do require addressing in your team. Now, while Gigas has a number of possible sets, I'm gonna focus on its two that function reliably and consistently: PH Sleep Set-up and PH Sleep Shuffle.

The first issue is the Toxic Orb itself. If Gigas can't activate it, it sucks. Therefore, another Pokemon on the team must act as a lead since Gigas can't do so safely without running Spiky Shield, which the set-up set can't afford and the shuffle set doesn't want to do, as losing the Orb turn 1 to Trick or Knock Off is crippling. This also requires safe switch-in opportunities, usually via pivot. And finally on this point, Misty Surge gives Gigas a rough time, so it really appreciates a teammate who can remove it since it can't activate its Orb in Misty Terrain.

Second is Gigas is starved for moveslots. Every set must have Facade. If you're not running Facade, then you need to not be running the set on Gigas. Second, Gigas almost always has Spore to Imposter-proof itself and to give it the set-up opportunities it needs. Third, set-up sets run Shift Gear (occasionally Shell Smash, but its riskier and less consistent), which is slow, and shuffle sets choose between D.Tail, Circle Throw, or Whirlwind. This leaves it one moves, ONE move, to play with, that's usually taken by Knock Off. As such, it's always going to be walled by something. PH/Magic Bounce Giratina, Zygarde, Registeel, Solgaleo, and Celesteela are all common walls that Registeel cannot usually beat and struggles to beat with other abilities like Fur Coat, Unaware, Prankster, etc. It also has less common counters in Pokemon like Regirock. And especially Ferrothorn, who its usual sets flat out can't touch. It can't run Fighting coverage for the Steels because Imposter will have a 50% chance to OHKO if it sets up enough. It can't run Sacred Fire because burning opposing Imposter is a death sentence. V-Create cuts the bulk and speed Gigas desparately needs to function. And all of those options leave it walled by Giratina anyway, who it really has nothing good except Power Trip... which pretty much requires Shell Smash to use reliable and Imposter says SPEED TIE TIME! again. Gigas needs A LOT of boosts to break most/all of these walls with its common moves as all of them can switch in with impunity and force Gigas out.

Second and a half, Shedinja. Endeavor + Extreme Speed KOs through PH and most Gigas sets can't touch it.

Third, Gigas provides anti-team support by limiting what status moves its teammates can use and, if they run them anyway, how they can use them. Toxic Spikes are flat out a no on any team using Gigas and Baneful Bunker and Toxic are questionable decisions too. Gengar can't run Poison coverage safely, especially if the Imposter is copying someone else. Moves like Scald, Will-O-Wisp, and Sacred Fire become dangerous to use because a burned Imposter will Facade Gigas' face in short order. Paralysis through Nuzzle and Glare are the safest non-Sleep status to use since the Imposter is a little less likely to bash Gigas' face in, but its still dangerous because boosting Facade and removing sleep vulnerability is what makes Gigas cry when facing down an Imposter.

Fourth and finally, Gigas' set-up is slow. Once its going, it can be dangerous if the appropriate checks/counters are out of the way. But, it requires two turns: sleep opponent and then set-up. As this is super predictable, a competent opponent will respond right away and have their check/counter in the field in no time. Gigas also simply cannot set-up in front of a number of attackers. Specs -ate Boomburst Ray and Diancie outspeed and OHKO. Xtwo and Blazekin OKHOes with its STAB on most sets. Ytwo OHKOs with a number of its sets. And that's just off the top of my head. There's also a lot of others who can chunk Gigas hard and then swap to something not-slept and immune to sleep to finish it off. And, with Gigas' only recovery being PH, its quite vulnerable when its HP is low unless the controlling player has full control of the game's momentum.

Also, niche/rare checks in Knock Off + Purify, Trick Lum, Trick Black Sludge, Infestation/Magma storm + Leech Seed, etc. Most of those aren't relevant on ladder, but worth noting if someone counter-teams in a tournament.

Now, yeah, Gigas is really strong currently, but it DEFINITELY needs some team support, especially since it has a number of counters that may very well start cropping up since teams don't need to spam Fur Coat so hard anymore.
From what I've read shouldn't Shedinja be in the Meta Rank? It isn't the best but it is still something that must be sufficiently prepared for as you can't slap core enforcer on a min speed Giratina and call it a day since Shedinja is slower and occasionally runs moves like toxic to wear down Giratina
Most teams do have a shedinja answer, even if indirectly, because they carry either a) stealth rock/spikes/toxic spikes, b) moongeist beam, c) sunsteel strike, d) a damaging status move like toxic, e) rocky helmet, or f) a ghost type to block endeavor. So unlike imposter chansey, it doesn't need super special preparation in most cases. You'll probably be able to handle it in the majority of cases, or at least keep it at bay, with good play.


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From what I've read shouldn't Shedinja be in the Meta Rank? It isn't the best but it is still something that must be sufficiently prepared for as you can't slap core enforcer on a min speed Giratina and call it a day since Shedinja is slower and occasionally runs moves like toxic to wear down Giratina
i'd say that sheddy fills these criteria but not quite to the extent that imposter chansey does. here's why:

1) usage. shed usage is at about a tenth of imposter usage iirc. this means that in an average tour game you can kinda get away with running no shed answer (example: jasprose's ogre team) and it means that you can actually climb the ladder instead of losing every second match to chansey.
2) ease of checking. imposter proofing is pretty hard, and it can require creativity like judgment sets. on the other hand shed just needs a move, or a helmet, or a ghost to beat. it's likely that you'll be able to run two of these on every team without making it worse than it would be otherwise. also worth noting is that if you auto lose to shed then you probably auto lose to stall in general and you should fix your team bop
3) matchup in practice. sheddy can be played around if you can get up sr and play aggressively. on the other hand, if you have no imposter answers, you most likely get 6-0d by imposter. simple as that.

because of this, imo shed is much worse and less prominent in the meta compared to chansey. this makes it much less centralizing to the point where you can get away with not preparing specifically for it.
If I'm going to add my two cents, the difference between Shedinja and Imposter is with shedinja if you only have one mon that is a surefire way to kill it you win (although the more the merrier). With imposter if you only have one mon that loses to it you lose.
In short shedinja needs one thing, imposter needs EVERYTHING.
Viability Rankings
Pokemon are sorted by name within their rank
This rank is reserved for special pokemon. These mons may not necessarily be the "best" in the tier in that they can be handled, but they have a marked impact on the tier, and it is impossible to really play or teambuild without considering these pokemon.
Shedinja can play around the other team's answers to it with some support and scouting, can use protective pads or another mon with knock off to avoid rocky helmet, safety goggles to avoid weather should that ever pop up, lum berry and recycle to avoid status, focus sash to live sungeist, and spiky shield/baneful bunker to scout for almost all of those. I am not saying that Shedinja is a good mon in the current meta, but simply one that can fit into the Meta Rank as it is currently defined

edit to avoid double posting: why do quotes call people fat?

other edit to avoid double posting: Chansey's overview needs to be updated, at the end it says it is deserving of S Rank when it has just been moved to its own unique rank.

other other edit: I wouldn't say it is a fair thing to compare other pokemon in general to imposter chansey as it is a unique pokemon in function, becoming a bulkier version of your opponent. It just seems to wrong to compare existing pokemon within a rank like the Meta Rank as it is less defined by strength but by different aspects that would still make it worth mentioning. In short, I see the Meta Rank as less of a rank and more of a category

edit: nvm
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Only chan/imposter will be in the meta rank. You do not need to engineer your entire team for anything else in the way you have to for imposter.

It also includes fur coat when I said it should be ranked separately; the discussion right now is how to update the VR so I will update the mini description when I do the complete updating

E: gonna go into more detail. The reason for having a “meta” rank was (as mentioned before) to make the other ranks make more sense. S rank is supposed to be the best in the meta, and similarly the rest of the ranks should be relative to each other. Imposter chan was S rank not because it was necessarily “the best” (it is a near trivial exercise nowadays to imposter proof your team for the meta) but because it has total influence on teambuilding no matter what part of the ladder you are at. So I decided to keep it separate so that there is nothing it can be compared to when deciding if something should be in A or S (or any other rank)
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Nominating Ho-oH to move up to c. Really solid bulk, especially on the special side, and the loss of Primal groudon, make it worth a lot more than D rank.Ho-oh's typing allows it to hard wall Mega Diancie sets that don't run Rock coverage, which is most of them, and that automatically makes it deserve attention. That lets you use a partner like Dialga to take other -ate attacks. Ho-Oh can run a really nice contrary set with stab on both Dragon Ascent and V-create backed up by 130 Atk and 154 SpD, add to that it's unphased by burns and only weak to Rock and Electric moves, both of which can be walled by a Ground Type. Magic Guard allows it to spam boosting moves alongside STAB Flare Blitz and Brave Bird and equipping a life orb to hit the tier hard with the exception of Fur Coat users, imposterproofed easily by a Flash Fire steel. I also really like using Volt Absorb ho-Oh to suck up momentum from Volt Switch spammers like specs MMY (though it is still OHKOed by a Psycho Boost from full health). Unaware sets can wall MMX and, with difficulty, Mega Sceptile. However, most of these sets require solid entry hazard control, because it loses 50% health to stealth rocks otherwise.

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