Balanced Hackmons Ultimate League - Final Round

Round 3 of the Balanced Hackmons Ultimate League results:

1-> ASOS (Awesome Stylish Outstanding and Superior) VS The Random Ones (3-0)
2-> Tu-Wang Clan VS still thinking (2-1) (coinflipped match between Kl4ng and draegn, victory for Kl4ng)
3-> Mimez sukc VS u guys decide (1-2)
4-> make tours room great again VS The "Fuck Luckers" (1-2) (since no matches were published, 1 point for RNGIsFatal for making contact and 2 coinflips in other matches)

Teams that moved on: ASOS, Tu-Wang Clan, The "Fuck Luckers" and u guys decide.

Round 4 is posted tomorrow.
  • The format will be 'best of three', with each of the three players playing one game per round;
  • Players will have exactly one week to challenge their opponent. Extensions last three days. Any players that do not request an extension will get coinflipped. If an extension is requested but is still not used in the three additional days, the extension will be coinflipped as well.
  • PLEASE post replays. If a player fails to follow this, both players (or possible witnesses) will need to come forward and tell who won the game.
  • Players fight their battles in the Gen 7 Balanced Hackmons format on the Pokemon Showdown!
  • Single elimination tournament. Each round is drawn among the teams still in play.
  • BH battle rules, bans and clauses can be found here.
  • please post "Contacted" to prove that you tried to do your battle.
To all the players and teams thank you for participating and good luck :)
May the RNG be with you!

Semi-finals (Round 4) Pairings of the Balanced Hackmons Ultimate League:

1->The "Fuck Luckers" VS Tu-Wang Clan
Duckymomo Senior vs Funbot28
DarkRisingRay vs TheBurgerKing99
RNGIsFatal vs Kl4ng

2->ASOS (Awesome Stylish Outstanding and Superior) VS u guys decide
Balanced Freakmons vs jrm115
Transcendent God Champion vs morogrim
aki0s vs motherlove

DEADLINE: 14th July 2017 (considering the extension time requested by some players).

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