Battle Frontier Max Stats Pokemon Database

If it's supposed to be the toughest place on earth, why is there a Magikar[ at the Battle Frontier?

And why are all the names TYPED LIKE THIS?

Anyways, I am pretty sure that Swampert (Swampert-554, according to the official list at is the most epic opponent I've ever run into. I only do the Factory on level 50, and seriously, Counter and Miror Coat without even being a Wobbuffet? He's a pimp awesome, man.
I have always loved the battle frontier of emerald. I can't say it is tough though. Though, I can say it IS harder than the rest of the game. I have basicly mastered it though. Those are some good movesets though. Most of them. I wish I could make a topic like this. I have so many move sets I'd love to show. Sets and lines ups and constructions. :(
This should help me out if I ever decide to restart and play through emerald, as well as ev training a proper quality team. :happybrain:
I can't imagine how long this took you. Great job on this. I haven't played the BF in a long time, but if I ever do again, I'll be sure to look at this thread. Well done.
Good work. I know how hard you worked; right now I'm doing some list like this, but for D/P and for competitive reasons, and it takes like forever.
I don´t know exactly how swapping works...logically while working on this I swapped everytime I saw a "missing"pkmn...I guess the first time this could matter is at 28 wins, because that´s the point where everything gets mixed up..."strong" I think (not sure) means set 4 or if swapped enough you get like two set 4 pkmn in the 29-35 lineup (yeah I was right, according to serebii 22-28 trades/swaps gives you 2 strong, 4 normal)...another thing I don´t really get is why leggie sets come randomly...sometimes you get 3 legendaries in the 29-35 lineup and battle other leggies, sometimes this happens at 36-42, sometimes not even there...
list was a huge help, thanks peterko. managed to get emerald's gold symbol in <5 hours, which is kind of ridiculous considering im at close to 300 hours in platinum with no gold. i think the main thing that makes this one so much easier than platinum's (aside from the obvious '42 wins is easier than 49')is that there are mons/teams you can open with in your starting 6 that make it borderline impossible to lose. like, for my 35-42 i opened eq/psy/ib/tbolt latios, twave alakazam, and surf/dt/cm/rest suicune. the only conceivable way i could lose is if something gets lucky and forces me to twave with zam early and set up my cune, then their last mon turns out to be vap or something. beyond that, there just aren't enough scary pokemon in this factory.

compared to 4th gen where even the best teams have glaring counters (i've lost some pretty incredible teams to the focus sash/destiny bond misdreavus), so you can't coast nearly as easily on a good opening roster. oh well, back to platinum lol
THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I LOVE YOU! This was helpful for me. I still play battle factory, but the battle factory in Sinnoh stinks. I got over 200 BP using this guide, which I used to buy a Blastoise doll. I already had the gold symbol before reading this, but the points add up.
this thread makes me want to try my luck again at BF, and yeah i agree BF in sinnoh stinks, as well as the other factories due to the brain's pokemon using the same pokemon generated in the latter parts of the SINNOH Battle frontier.
My 338 speed Sceptile was outsped by a Salamence that knew Crunch and Double Edge. I didn't see the other moves. No Salamence is listed to be as fast as that, but it for sure was. It didn't Dragon Dance.

Edit: Ops. I see one has a Salac Berry. I didn't notice the berry activating, but that probably is what happened.
Just thought I'd point this out:

1) Golem and Golduck are switched around in the OP in terms of alphabetical order.
2) Noland's first encounter has him using set 3 mons, true to his promise of using rentals. I've never beaten the fourth set, so I wouldn't know about his gold symbol battle.

Knowing that these same Pokemon show up all throughout the Frontier as cpu opponents (save for the non-factory brains, which can be looked up on Serebii and consequently counter-teamed) is incredibly useful! Damage calculation is a bit of a pain, however, seeing as the stats are given as if they all have max EVs and the given nature...


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Got bored and decided to dump the exact EV/IVs of the Brain's mons. For variable ability mons the ability is randomly determined.

Anabel Silver
Alakazam: Modest, 24s all IVs, 104HP/152Def/100SpAtk/152Spe EVs
Entei: Lonely, 24s all IVs, 100HP/152Atk/152Def/100SpAtk/4SpDef
Snorlax: Adamant, 24s all IVs, 152HP/152Atk/104SpAtk/100SpDef

Anabel Gold
Raikou: Modest, 31s all IVs, 156HP/252Def/100Spe
Latios: Modest, 31s all IVs, 252HP/252Def/4Spe
Snorlax: Adamant, 31s all IVs, 252HP/252Atk/4SpAtk

Tucker Silver
Salamence: Adamant, 20s all IVs, 152HP/152Atk/104Def/100Spe
Charizard: Quiet, 20s all IVs, 100HP/152Atk/104Def/152Spe
Swampert: Brave, 20s all IVs, 152HP/152Atk/104Def/100SpAtk

Tucker Gold
Swampert: Brave, 31s all IVs, 252HP/252Atk/4Def
Metagross: Brave, 31s all IVs, 252HP/252Atk/4Def
Latias: Modest, 31s all IVs, 252HP/252Def/4Spe

Brandon Silver
Regirock: Adamant, 16s all IVs, 152HP/152Atk/4Def/100SpAtk/100SpDef
Registeel: Adamant, 16s all IVs, 152HP/152Atk/4SpAtk/200SpDef
Regice: Modest, 16s all IVs, 104HP/152Def/100SpAtk/152SpDef

Brandon Gold
All 3 birds have the exact same spread: Mild, 31s all IVs, 4HP/252Def/252Spe

Lucy Silver
Seviper: Brave, 16s all IVs, 252HP/252Def/4SpAtk
Shuckle: Bold, 16s all IVs, 252HP/104SpAtk/252SpDef (yes that's 100 more EVs than possible)
Milotic: Modest, 16s all IVs, 152HP/100Def/152SpAtk/100SpDef

Lucy Gold
Seviper: Bold, 31s all IVs, 252HP/252SpAtk/4SpDef
Steelix: Brave, 31s all IVs, 252HP/4SpAtk/252SpDef
Gyarados: Adamant, 31s all IVs, 252HP/4Atk/252SpDef

Greta Silver
Heracross: Jolly, 20s all IVs, 104HP/152Atk/100SpDef/152Spe
Umbreon: Calm, 20s all IVs, 152HP/100Def/152SpAtk/104SpDef
Shedinja: Adamant, 20s all IVs, 252Atk/4Def/252Spe

Greta Gold
Umbreon: Calm, 31s all IVs, 252HP/252SpAtk/4SpDef
Gengar: Modest, 31s all IVs, 252HP/252Def/4SpAtk
Breloom: Jolly, 31s all IVs, 4HP/252Atk/252Spe

Spenser Silver
Crobat: Adamant, 16s all IVs, 152HP/100SpAtk/104SpDef/152Spe
Slaking: Hardy, 16s all IVs, 152HP/152Atk/100SpAtk/104Spe
Lapras: Quiet, 16s all IVs, 252Def/104SpAtk/152SpDef

Spenser Gold
Arcanine: Hasty, 31s all IVs, 4HP/252Atk/252Def
Slaking: Hardy, 31s all IVs, 4HP/252Atk/252Spe
Suicune: Hasty, 31s all IVs, 252HP/252Def/4Spe

Noland Silver
Random team from set 3, IVs all 15s

Noland Gold
Random team from any set, IVs all 31s

As an aside the IV spreads for mons are always flat (as in all 6 are equal), starting at 0 (?) and going up as the streaks go on. So it is possible, given a set of stats, level, and nature, to work out the exact EV spread for a given Pokémon. Working with the assumption that all 508 EVs are used one can find a solution that gives a flat set of IVs with 508 EVs used.


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Decided to figure out the Battle Factory sets and I noticed something different than I expected: the enemy has completely random IVs. The first Pokémon seems to be straight Method 1 but I can't figure out the second and third ones.

Edit: Confirming EV spreads are either 255/255 or 170/170/170 depending on how many stats have EV investments.

Edit 2: On the first and second streak enemy IVs are random except for the 7th battle where they're all 0. The 6 Pokémon offered at the start have IVs of straight 3s, while on the second round they have IVs of straight 6s...


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Alright, I compiled a list of the Open Level Battle Factory sets into this spreadsheet. I have personally confirmed (read: found, noted down, calculated EV spread) every single set on the first page except for 9 of them, 5 of which may or may not be incorrect as they're similar to another spread that exists. The spreadsheet lists the nature, moveset, EV investment, as well as the round that I found it from the initial offering of 6 Pokémon. Frequent swapping allows one to run into an opponent with a Pokémon from a higher streak, which can skew results. Most notably, there is no round 4 set for Dragonite, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Tyranitar, Raikou, Entei, Suicune, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Latias, and Latios.

The document also contains the moveset/nature/EV/item info of the Frontier Brains from the other 6 facilities.

As for the missing movesets... hopefully I can figure them out myself, or another user can submit enough information to complete it (item/nature/moveset/stats). I have doubts about certain sets existing though... (R5 Quagsire, R5 Kingdra, and R5 Blissey).

Please read the notes on the first sheet as there is some important information on it.

Edit: I did find some spreads that weren't listed on the main page at all, such as a CB Ursaring.

509 unique sets listed, 9 sets missing (5 of which might be due to confusion with other sets that exist)

Edit 2: Updated to show the max possible speed for each set listed (this assumes speed IV of 31). That way people can plan their spreads ahead.


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FINALLY a ROM dump (and spreadsheet) of the Frontier sets data. Complete with everything including max stats at level 100 and 50, and a separate column for speed for sorting purposes. I HIGHLY recommend you save the page as a .txt file, and import into Excel using | as the delimiter. The end of the document lists the spreads of the Pokémon used by the Frontier Brains, with the stats from their first encounters being calculated with the actual IVs rather than all 31s.

Sets 373-468 are for Open Level Factory first streak, 469-564 is second streak, 565-660 is 3rd streak, 661-756 is 4th streak, and after that all of sets 373-882 are available to be chosen from.

For the Level 50 Factory sets 249-372 seem to be the sets offered, though I don't know the cutoff points for each streak. I think from the 5th streak onwards it uses sets 372-882 again.

For what it's worth of the 510 sets available to the Factory from streak 5 onwards I found 509 of them before figuring out how to extract the data from the ROM. The ones that I thought didn't exist didn't exist either.

For the Factory the IVs of the enemy are completely random, with the last round always being flat 0s. (This turned out to be untrue - IVs of opponent's Pokémon in the Factory are determined by your current streak in the Tower, for some reason. Tower streak of 0 yields Pokémon with IVs of 3 across the board except for the 7th trainer in a round, where it's all 6.) Noland has all 15s the first time, and all 31s the second time though. The 6 Pokémon offered at the start have flat IVs at the same progression as the Battle Tower, meaning they (and the Tower and probably other facilities?) follow this pattern:

Set 1 - All 3s
Set 2 - All 6s
Set 3 - All 9s
Set 4 - All 12s
Set 5 - All 15s
Set 6 - All 21s
Set 7+ - All 31s

Set 9 initial choice Pokémon have fully RANDOM IVs some reason. This includes any elevations you would be offered in set 8 if you've done a sufficient number of swaps. Further Factory info and strategies can be found in this thread over on r/stunfisk, and further information about IVs can be found in this pastebin.

Credits to this page (and the links within) for the info I needed to dump the data, and to Kaphotics for helping make my document be both more readable and easier to work with.

Edit: I think that sets are associated with specific trainers like how the B/W Battle Subway does it. I can't be bothered to figure that out.

Edit 2: Changed the order of the sets to reflect their position in the ROM rather than placing the Open Level Factory sets first.

Edit 3: Strange. I think all instances of Return are actually Frustration. I ran into a Gyarados with Frustration in the Factory and when I took it it matched set 460 Gyarados except with Frustration over Return. Perhaps the game picks between the two based on happiness, which tends to be 0, leading to Frustration. Odd because the ROM says it should have Return.

Edit 4: Here is an Excel spreadsheet if you're lazy and don't want to format it nicely. :P

Edit 5: Added Trainer associations to specific sets to both the .txt and the Excel spreadsheet. Disclaimer: Factory seems to be different, though it appears to work for the Battle Tower. Very strange...

Edit 6: Though I have no evidence I've come to the conclusion that the Factory has no trainer associations to specific sets at all. Why would I have been put against a trainer who doesn't have a single Pokémon that is used in the Factory at all?

Edit 7: Fixed dropbox links. I think.

Edit 8: Since this post is linked to in the first post, I figured it would be a good idea to correct some information that was later proven to be incorrect. Sorry for any inconveniences the incorrect information may have caused.
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thanx guys

by the way, if someone ever plays factory, wins at least 35 (open level) in a row and "accidentally" looks at this list and doesn´t find the moveset (mostly legends), feel free to post it here, it would help complete this database

Dan Dan - here is what I ´ve got from lv.50 (the set 1-7 is missing only 1-2 pkmn), have fun finishing this (I swear I´m not going to do this anymore lol) -> needs recalculating max stats after you find out which of the 2 EV spreads the pkmn has

->this creates even a larger mess than the first post alone...shall I delete the rest? or press it together? or press it into the first post? I don´t like to post heavily incomplete stuff

1-7 is a unique set of pkmn (I think 96, like in open lv.)
8-14 consists of set 1-7 pkmn and other pkmn
15-21 also a whole new set of pkmn
22-28 as said in the huge first post are the same pkmn as 1-7 in open level

special thanks to SubStandardDeviation who posted many of these level 50 sets

AIPOM (1), relaxed, silk scarf, 148, 108, 67, 46, 61, 81, fury swipes, sand-attack, BP, agility
ANORITH (1), hardy, lens, 138,133,56,46,56,81, metal claw, fury cutter, AP, water gun
ARIADOS (1), serious, lax incense, 163,128,76,66,66,46, signal beam, spider web, night shade, toxic
ARON (1), docile, persim, 143,108,106,46,46,36, meta claw, AA, metal sound, roar
AZUMARILL (1), docile, sitrus, 161,56,118,56,118,56, bubblebeam, facade, dig, protect

BAYLEEF (1), docile, powder, 153,68,86,101,86,66, razor leaf, toxic, safeguard, light screen
BEAUTIFLY (1), docile, mental herb, 153,76,56,96,56,103, silver wind, mega drain, attract, whirlwind
BEEDRILL (1), naughty, lens, 126,129,46,51,77,113, twineedle, pursuit, endeavour, agility
BUTTERFREE (1), butterfree, pecha, 153, 51, 56, 118, 86, 76, silver wind, psybeam, toxic, whirlwind

CACNEA (1), quirky, sitrus, 143,123,46,91,46,41, needle arm, faint attack, cotton spore, sand-attack
CHARMELEON (1), naughty, lens, 151,112,64,86,63,86, slash, fire spin, swords dance, AA
CHINCHOU (1), hardy, lax incense, 136,76,44,94,62,73, spark, dive, c-ray, take down
CLAMPERL (1), docile, deepseescale, 117,70,112,80,82,38, dive, toxic, iron defense, DT
COMBUSKEN (1), docile, lens, 121,123,66,123,66,61, ember, double kick, QA, sand attack
CORSOLA (1), impish, sitrus, 137,61,123,63,112,41, bubblebeam, mirror coat, attract, AP
CROCONAW (1), docile, lens, 126,118,86,97,69,64, slash, water pulse, bite, scary face

DELCATTY (1), lonely, sitrus, 163,113,63,61,61,76, secret power, faint attack, DT, heal bell
DELIBIRD (1), docile, nevermeltice, 138,61,51,103,51,81, present, ice ball, AA, hail
DROWZEE (1), quirky, sitrus, 142,75,51,70,96,48, confusion, headbutt, disable, barrier
DUSTOX (1), docile, silverpowder, 153,56,76,56,86,103, silver wind, toxic, psybeam, whirlwind

EEVEE (1), docile, salac, 148,61,56,51,71,93, charm, attract, endure, flail
ELEKID (1), naive, cheri, 138,69,43,103,54,111, t-punch, QA, swift, light screen
EXEGGCUTE (1), naughty, persim, 153,50,86,98,45,46, confusion, AP, leech seed, light screen
FARFETCH´D (1), relaxed, stick, 134,71,90,64,89,59, slash, knock off, SD, agility
FLAFFY (1), mild, magnet, 163,61,54,129,66,51, shock wave, t-wave, cotton spore, light screen
FURRET (1), serious, liechi, 146,82,102,51,93,96, slam, protect, helping hand, follow me

GRAVELER (1), adamant, focus band, 137,134,121,45,72,41, magnitude, rock throw, defense curl, BB
GLOOM (1), quirky, persim, 153,71,76,123,81,46, petal dance, acid, stun spore, moonlight
GRIMER (1), quirky, pecha, 162,86,77,46,77,31, sludge, rock tomb, acid armor, minimize
GROVYLE (1), relaxed, powder, 143,103,56,91,71,90, fury cutter, endeavor, BB, DT
GROWLITHE (1), docile, rawst, 148,76,51,108,56,66, flame wheel, bite, roar, agility

HAUNTER (1), rash, persim, 138,88,51,133,54,101, shadow punch, c-ray, spite, grudge
HOUNDOUR (1), docile, charcoal, 138,66,36,118,56,71, crunch, ember, roar, protect
IVYSAUR (1), gentle, persim, 153,68,62,118,94,66, petal dance, growth, sweet scent, fury cutter
ILLUMISE (1), quirky, liechi, 158,85,61,79,81,91, silver wind, wish, QA, helping hand

KABUTO (1), hardy, sitrus, 91,118,96,93,51,61, mega drain, AP, sand-attack, protect
KADABRA (1), impish, twistedspoon, 133,41,74,113,76,111, confusion, role play, future sight, disable
KOFFING (1), quirky, psn barb, 133,103,101,66,51,41, sludge, smokescreen, torment, haze
KRABBY (1), hardy, focus band, 123,143,96,31,31,56, crabhammer, mud shot, flail, knock off

LEDIAN (1), bashful, focus band, 116,73,56,61,116,123, comet punch, baton pass, swords dance, agility
LICKITUNG (1), quirky, sitrus, 183,93,81,66,81,36, slam, BB, lick, mud slap
LILEEP (1), docile, lax incense, 159,79,83,67,93,29, AP, acid, ingrain, c-ray
LOMBRE (1), quirky, lax incense, 153,88,56,66,76,56, water pulse, fake out, BB, absorb
LOUDRED (1), relaxed, focus band, 177,109,53,77,49,48, stomp, howl, astonish, supersonic
LUVDISC (1), relaxed, QC, 136,36,67,78,71,92, sweet kiss, attract, dive, rain dance

MACHOKE (1), adamant, focus band, 173,116,76,50,98,51, low kick, rock tomb, foresight, scary face
MAGBY (1), docile, lax incense, 138,81,43,108,61,89, fire punch, smokescreen, c-ray, smog
MAGCARGO (1), gentle, lax incense, 143,56,113,86,129,36, slide, ember, acid armor, sandstorm
MARSHTOMP (1), hardy, focus band, 131,123,76,98,76,56, mud shot, water gun, rock tomb, mud-slap
MASQUERAIN (1), relaxed, cheri, 131,98,110,86,88,59, silver wind, AA, icy wind, stun spore
MAWILE (1), docile, powder, 143,91,91,93,61,56, crunch, fake tears, iron defense, baton pass
MINUN (1), docile, salac, 153,46,88,81,91,101, spark, charm, encore, helping hand
MURKROW (1), quirky, lax incense, 142,91,69,91,69,97, faint attack, fly, torment, taunt

NIDORINA (1), quirky, focus band, 163,100,73,61,61,62, double kick, bite, AA, flatter
NIDORINO (1), quirky, focus band, 154,110,63,61,61,71, double kick, water pulse, mud-slap, flatter
NOSEPASS (1), sassy, hard stone, 123,51,141,51,140,32, slide, shock wave, t-wave, sandstorm
NUZLEAF (1), hardy, sitrus, 163,76,46,98,46,66, extrasensory, fake out, razor wind, faint attack
OMANYTE (1), quirky, sitrus, 117,67,106,117,61,41, mud shot, water gun, AP, tickle
ONIX (1), hardy, sitrus, 117,51,187,36,72,76, slide, bind, dragonbreath, sandstorm

PARASECT (1), rash, sitrus, 121,101,118,72,106,36, slash, psybeam, stun spore, flash
PHANPY (1), naughty, lax incense, 183,107,66,46,41,46, rollout, defense, curl, rock tomb, sandstorm
PIDGEOTTO (1), quirky, white herb, 156,98,61,56,56,77, AA, QA, featherdance, sand-attack
PLUSLE (1), docile, petaya, 153,56,78,91,81,101, spark, fake tears, QA, helping hand
POLIWHIRL (1), quirky, petaya, 158,71,71,88,56,96, water pulse, doubleslap, icy wind, rain dance
PONYTA (1), hardy, rawst, 143,123,61,71,71,96, fire spin, bounce, QA, tail whip
PORYGON (1), relaxed, sitrus, 158,66,83,123,81,41, psybeam, icy wind, recycle, agility
PUPITAR (1), hardy, soft sand, 163,90,76,71,76,89, dig, bite, scray face, sandstorm

QUILAVA (1), docile, focus band, 151,70,64,118,71,86, flame wheel, fury swipes, swift, smokescreen
RATICATE, naive, silk scarf, 137,108,66,56,68,136, endeavor, pursuit, scary face, QA
RHYHORN (1), hardy, focus band, 173,123,101,36,36,31, rock blast, dig, scary face, roar
ROSELIA (1), docile, pecha, 143,66,83,106,86,71, magical leaf, toxic, grasswhistle, cotton spore

SABLEYE (1), lonely, blackglasses, 143,124,72,71,71,56, faint attack, c-.ray, knock off, fake out
SEALEO (1), persim, 172,66,97,81,97,51, ice ball, hail, snore, rest
SKIPLOOM (1), docile, persim, 148,51,56,83,71,86, mega drain, confusion, cotton spore, synthesis
SPINDA (1), relaxed, sitrus, 153,98,72,66,66,59, dizzy punch, teeter dance, psybeam, faint attack
SPOINK (1), relaxed, sitrus, 153,31,45,108,86,59, psywave, bounce, magic coat, c-ray
STARYU (1), quirky, shell bell, 123,51,61,108,61,91, bubblebeam, minimize, swift, light screen
SUDOWOODO (1), hardy, hard stone, 163,106,121,36,103,36, slide, faint attack, sandstorm, block

TEDDIURSA (1), relaxed, chesto, 153,118,61,56,56,41, secret power, fake tears, faint attack, rest
TENTACOOL (1), hardy, pecha, 122,67,41,77,106,76, bubblebeam, acid, barrier, wrap
TOGETIC (1), relaxed, lax incense, 148,46,135,86,111,41, AA, magical leaf, wish, follow me

VIBRAVA (1), quirky, cheri, 143,108,56,56,56,76, dragonbreath, dig, screech, rock tomb
VOLBEAT (1), quirky, liechi, 126,111,61,53,81,123, silver wind, c-ray, QA, helping hand
VOLTORB (1), docile, lax incense, 133,36,56,93,61,106, spark, screech, rollout, light screen

WAILMER (1), docile, lax incense, 191,76,73,76,73,66, whirlpool, roar, defense curl, rollout
WARTORTLE (1), docile, focus band, 152,69,86,103,86,64, water pulse, bite, mud-slap, yawn
WEEPINBELL (1), quiet, lens, 158,96,56,135,51,54, razor leaf, acid, wrap, sweet scent
WOBBUFFET (1), careful, focus band, 272,39,85,35,93,39, counter, mirror coat, charm, safeguard
YANMA (1), relaxed, lax incense, 126,71,91,81,83,90, signal beam , AA, DT, detect

Absol (2), adamant, brightpowder, bite, razor wind, future sight, quick attack
ARBOK (2), adamant, persim, poison fang, dig, bite, glare
BANETTER (2), sassy, rawst, night shade, will-o-wisp, spite, Knock Off
BELLOSSOM (2), quiet, persim, petal dance, safeguard, sunny day, synthesis

CACTURNE (2), hasty, scope lens, 163,121,59,121,66,102, needle arm, faint attack, acid, mega punch
CAMERUPT (2), quirky, focus band, magnitude, protect, sandstorm, rock slide
CASTFORM (2), hasty, petaya, 164,78,70,109,78,85, water pulse, shock wave, icy wind, ember
CHANSEY (2), sitrus, refresh, metronome, minimize, defense curl
CHIMECHO (2), sassy, twisted spoon, 159,58,78,134,96,65, psywave, bodycheck, heal bell, safeguard
CLOYSTER (2), spike cannon, protect, supersonic, aurora beam
CRAWDAUNT (2), adamant, quick claw, bubblebeam, knock off, vicegrip, protect

DRAGONAIR (2), docile, cheri, 155,92,73,78,109,78, dragonbreath, leer, wrap, safeguard
DUNSPARCE (2), docile, lax incense, headbutt, glare, defense curl, rollout

GIRAFARIG (2), quiet, petaya, psybeam, stomp, wish, skill swap
GOLBAT, (2), scope lens, steel wing, air cutter
GLIGAR (2), hasty, scope lens, 159,83,101,43,104,102, metal claw, dig, AA, QA
GOREBYSS (2), brave, persim, whirlpool, amnesia, icy wind, confusion
GRUMPIG (2), relaxed, petaya, psybeam, confuse ray, future sight, magic coat

HITMONCHAN (2), adamant, king´s rock, mach punch, sky uppercut, detect, counter
HITMONTOP (2), hardy, liechi, triple kick, dig, mach punch, quick attack
HUNTAIL (2), quiet, persim, whirlpool, scary face, mud-slap, bite
JUMPLUFF (2), swagger, psych up, aerial ace, synthesis

KABUTOPS (2), adamant, scope lens, slash, dig, fury cutter, knock off
KECLEON (2), naive, focus band, secret power, psybeam, magic coat, seismic toss
KINGLER (2), hardy, scope lens, crabhammer, metal claw, mud shot, protect
LAIRON (2), sassy, metal coat, 154,98,148,58,97,43, metal claw, rock tomb, iron defense, protect
LICKITUNG (1), adamant, white herb, secret power, sand-attack, covet, tickle
LUNATONE (2), quiet, sitrus, confuson, cosmic power, light screen, sandstorm

MAGNETON (2), lonely, cheri, shock wave, sonicboom, thunder wave, supersonic
MANTINE (2), docile, mystic water, bubblebeam, aerial ace, rain dance, icy wind
METANG (2), hardy, focus band, metal claw, confusion, pursuit, scary face
MIGHTYENA (2), timid, mental herb, bite, poison fang, taunt, roar

NINJASK (2), mild, petaya, baton pass, swords dance, endure, dig
NOCTOWL (2), confusion, faint attack,
OCTILLERY (2), hardy, shell bell, 145,152,90,152,90,60, octazooka rock blast, aurora beam, psybeam
OMASTAR (2), quirky, shell bell, 164,68,133,154,78,63, bubblebeam, spike cannon, tickle, AP

PELIPPER (2) quiet, sitrus, water pulse, aerial ace, stockpile, swallow
PERSIAN (2), quirky, silk scarf, 149,78,89,73,94,123, torment, slash, fake out, swagger
PIDGEOT (2), hardy, sharp beak, aerial ace, featherdance, mud-slap, faint attack
PILOSWINE (2), quirky, soft sand, 194,139,88,68,68,58, dig, AP, hail, light screen
PINSIR (2), naughty, black belt, 159,180,108,63,70,93, submission, SD, revenge, focus energy
POLITOED (2), relaxed, shell bell, 153,83,125,98,139,70, dive, dig, hypnosis, swagger
PRIMEAPE (2), quirky, scope lens, karate chop, counter, swagger, screech

QWILFISH (2), impish, cheri, bubblebeam, spikes, pin missile, minimize
RELICANTH (2), sassy, liechi, 184,98,138,74,103,56, ap, water pulse, harden, amnesia

SANDSLASH (2), adamant, sitrus, crush claw, rock slide, swift, sandstorm
SCYTHER (2), relaxed, liechi, fury cutter, aerial ace, light scree, double team
SEADRA (2), sassy, mystic water, aurora beam, smokescreen, water gun, rain dance
SEAKING (2), docile, sitrus, water pulse, psybeam, swift, agility
SEVIPER (2), hardy, scope lens, poison tail, bite glare, screech
SHARPEDO (2), adamant, scope lens, slash, bite, water pulse, scary face
SHELGON (2), hardy, chero, headbutt, dragonbreath, protect, scary face
SNEASEL (2), relaxed, persim, fake out, quick attack, faint attack, icy wind
SOLROCK (2), quiet, sitrus, confusion, fire spin, light screen, sandstorm
STANTLER (2), gentle, twistedspoon, 175,110,69,132,88,100, extrasensory, stomp, c-ray, sand attack
SUNFLORA (2), quirky, persim, petal dance, ingrain, leech seed, light screen
SWALOT (2), quirky, lax incense, swallow, stockpile, sludge, spit up
SWELLOW (2), adamant, king´s rock, facade, quick attack, fly, endeavor

TANGELA (2), hardy, lax incense, mega drain, slam, toxic, bind
TORKOAL (2), relaxed, sitrus, ember, fire spin, smokescreen, amnesia
TROPIUS (2), hardy, sitrus, 193,107,91,80,95,59, magical leaf, whirlwind, AA, steel wing

VIGOROTH (2), lonely, focus band, slash, counter, encore, uproar
WIGGLYTUFF (2), relaxed, silk scarf, 203,78,92,83,89,47, sing, disable, wish, secret power
ZANGOOSE (2), hardy, persim, 167,154,68,68,68,98, slash, double kick, roar, QA

ABSOL (3), adamant, choice band, double-edge, shadow ball, aerial ace, iron tail
AZUMARILL (3), adamant, shell bell, mega kick, brick break, iron tail, dig
BANETTE (3), shadow ball, frustration, WoW
BAYLEEF (3), docile, chesto, grasswhistle, giga drain, body slam, rest
BELLOSSOM (3), modest, powder, 139,80,126,144,109,59, solarbeam, attract, sunny day, synthesis

CACTURNE (3), hardy, persim, 134,124,101,124,101,64, mega kick, teeter dance, faint attack, sandstorm
CAMERUPT (3), eruption, quake,
CASTFORM (3), thunderbolt, ice beam, water pulse
CHANSEY (3), relaxed, leftovers, seismic toss, shadow ball, double team
CHIMECHO (3), quiet, twistedspoon, 150,59,100,114,110,66, psychic, hypnoeater, heal bell
CLOYSTER (3), tower lv.100, calm, leftovers, 283,203,438,176,206,184, dive, toxic, double team, protect
COMBUSKEN (3), docile, lens, 130,121,75,121,75,91, slash, thrower, sky uppercut, sand attack
CRAWDAUNT (3), adamant, QC, 159,141,94,89,96,64, guillotine, frustration, AP, AA
CROCONAW (3), adamant, focus band, mega kick, aerial ace, rock slide, dig

DELCATTY (3), modest, QC, 134,66,74,105,64,111, fake tears, sing, boltbeam
DRAGONAIR (3), adamant, chesto, 157,102,74,71,111,79, frustration, rest, t-wave, dragon dance
DUNSPARCE (3), quiet, lax incense, 164,79,111,81,106,48, ice beam, rock tomb, bite, shadow ball
FURRET (3), adamant, choice band, trick, frustration, shadow ball, follow me

GIRAFARIG (3), modest, lum, psychic, crunch, agility, baton pass
GLIGAR (3), adamant, QC, earthquake, aerial ace, screech, guillotine
GLOOM (3), quirky, pecha, solarbeam, sunny day, sludge bomb, moonlight
GOLBAT (3), adamant, scope lens, sludge bomb, shadow ball, confuse ray, air cutter
GRAVELER (3), adamant, focus band, 151,114,124,48,86,44, quake, slide, BB, counter
GROVYLE (3), docile, lum, 114,106,54,94,74,136, giga drain, crush claw, screech, rock tomb
GRUMPIG (3), modest, lum, 141,45,103,140,116,86, psychic, ice, thunder, fire punch

HAUNTER (3), relaxed, lum, psychic, hypnosis, nightmare, confuse ray
HITMONCHAN (3), adamant, king´s rock, dynamicpunch, detect, mach punch, counter
HITMONTOP (3), adamant, focus band, 146,114,136,39,119,79, DE, siesmic toss, slide, counter
HUNTAIL (3), quiet, shell bell, surf, rain dance, crunch, body slam
ILLUMISE (3), quirky, petaya, 129,56,64,114,84,126, silver wind, bolt, ice punch, giga drain
IVYSAUR (3), quirky, brightpowder, giga drain, sludge bomb, sleep powder, leech seed

KADABRA (3), twistedspoon, psychic, thunder wave, reflect, recover
KECLEON (3), choice band, trick, skill swap, brick break
KINGLER (3), salac, rock tomb, guillotine, endure, flail
LAIRON (3), sassy, sitrus, earthquake, iron tail, roar, protect
LICKITUNG (3), adamant, cheri, earthquake, body slam, shadow ball, rock slide
LINOONE (3), jolly, CB, trick, frustration, thunder wave, sand attack
LUNATONE (3), quiet, lax incense, psychic, ice beam, cosmic power, calm mind

MAGCARGO (3), quiet, QC, overheat, earthquake, rock slide, body slam
MAGNETON (3), hardy, lum, thunder, rain dance, thunder wave, metal sound
MANTINE (3), shell bell, c-ray, ice beam, rain dance
MASQUERAIN (3), hydro pump
MARSHTOMP (3), docile, focus band, muddy water, earhtquake, mud-slap, protect
METANG (3), quirky, focus band, meteor mash, psychic, body slam, scary face
MIGHTYENA (3), quirky, king´s rock, crunch, shadow ball, scary face, frustration
MINUN (3), docile, salac, 124,49,59,116,94,136, bolt, attract, charm, wish
MURKROW (3), quirky, brightpowder, perish song, mean look, double team, thuder wave

NINJASK (3), quirky, focus band, slash, shadow ball, swords dance, baton pass
NOCTOWL (3), quiet, persim, psychic, faint attack, aerial ace, reflect
OCTILLERY (3), thunder wave, mud-slap, fire blast, octazooka
OMASTAR (3), sitrus, ice beam, rain dance, protect, hydro pump

PELIPPER (3), quiet, shell bell, surf, protect, aerial ace, blizzard
PERSIAN (3), quirky, silk scarf, frustration, shadow ball, roar, fake out
PIDGEOT (3), adamant, scipe lens, frustration, aerial ace, steel wing, mud-slap
PILOSWINE (3), shell bell, quake, roar, b-slam
PINSIR (3), salac, endure, flail, SD, guillotine
PLUSLE (3), docile, petaya, thundebolt, thunder wave, seismic toss, wish
POLITOED (3), surf, mud-slap,
PONYTA (3), body slam
PUPITAR (3), hardy, scope lens, earthquake, rock slide, crunch, scary face
Pinsir @ Salac Flail, Guillotine

QUILAVA (3), docile, focus band, flamethrower, smokescreen, crush claw, body slam,
QWILFISH (3), adamant, focus band, revenge, sludge bomb, shadow ball, destiny bond
RATICATE (3), adamant, focus band, 119,134,69,53,79,138, super fang, hyper fang, shadow ball, scary face
RELICANTH (3), sassy, chesto, earthquake, rock slide, amnesia, rest
ROSELIA (3), docile, QA, giga drain, sludge bomb, grasswhistle, synthesis

SABLEYE (3), quirky, lum, shadow ball, faint attack, confuse ray, recover
SANDSLASH (3), earthquake
SCYTHER (3), silver wind, SD,
SEADRA (3), docile, shell bell, 149,73,103,103,84,93, hydro pump, dragon dance, frustration, dragonbreath
SEAKING (3), impish, QC, horn drill, megahorn, rest, sleep talk
SEALEO (3), sitrus, hail, surf, ice beam, body slam
SEVIPER (3), quirky, QC, sludge bomb, earthquake, crunch, giga drain
SHARPEDO (3), quirky, scope lens, crunch, surf, double-edge, surf
SHELGON (3), hardy, focus band, 161,104,109,69,91,59, frustration, dragon dance, crunch, scary face
SNEASEL (3), jolly, king´s rock, 140,104,85,39,84,159, crush claw, BB, AA, screech
SOLROCK (3), hardy, white herb, 166,104,94,64,106,79, quake, slide, cosmic power, overheat
STANTLER (3), adamant, lax incense, confuse ray, thunder wave, shadow ball, frustration
SUDOWOODO (3), quake, selfdestruct
SUNFLORA (3), leftovers, giga drain, grasswhistle, growth, double team
SWALOT (3), adamant, leftovers, shadow ball, body slam, counter, sludge bomb
SWELLOW (3), adamant, king´s rock, facade, aerial ace, pursuit, double team

TANGELA (3), calm, chesto, 161,57,124,109,89,69, giga drain, stun spore, rest, amnesia
TOGETIC (3), yawn
TORKOAL (3), white herb, protect, overheat, smokescreen, body slam
TROPIUS (3), focus band, solarbeam, body slam, synthesis

VENOMOTH (3), signal beam, giga drain
VIGOROTH (3), adamant, salac, crush claw, endure, reversal, shadow ball
VOLBEAT (3), quirky, petaya, 129,82,64,88,84,126, signal beam, bolt, ice punch, tail glow
WAILMER (3), chesto, water spout, rest, earthquake, body slam
WARTORTLE (3), docile, shell bell, surf, ice beam, rapid spin, protect
WEEPINBELL (3), quirky, scope lens, sleep powder, reflect, razor leaf, sludge bomb,
WIGGLYTUFF (3), docile, sitrus, fake tears, sing, dream eater, brick break
ZANGOOSE (3), adamant, scope lens, 137,171,69,62,69,131, crush claw, shadow ball, BB, AA

by Peterko
Hi Peterko. I've been using this frontier list for several years now in my frontier endeavors, and just came across a new piece of information. The final Gengar set that you have in bold is timid. I just encountered it in the Arena round 8 battle 4, and it outsped my max speed modest starmie. Modest gengar gets trolled by 5 speed points, thus it has to be timid. Thank you so much for your work on this list, it has been helpful on countless occasions
So I recently started to play Emerald again since forever and realized I never got half of the gold symbols, one of them being the battle factory gold so this database has been really helpful and after a long and painful (Battle Frontier is hax central) but fun and challenging week and a half I got it in one of the easiest boss battles of course lol

So I just figured I would add my two cents even if not many people still look at this thread anymore. Obviously because, like the OP said, many of the ones that are missing only appear from round/set 5 onwards there will still be many more missing but I found these new ones that are not in the original post:

NOTE: I'm not sure if it's because I still didn't have the gold symbol but all pokemon stats in my attempts are lower than in this post and their stats only started increasing in the later sets with set 6 being the closest one to the ones in this post. So the stats on the pokemons below are not accurate:

-ARTICUNO (docile) (chesto berry) [305 253 220 273 270 190] - ice beam, aerial ace, reflect, rest ---> This Articuno is not on the list

-GENGAR (modest) (lum berry) [233 124 128 364 158 291] ---> This Gengar is on the list, it's the last one that doesn't have stats, nature or item (The accurate stats of this Gengar are probably the same as the other modest Gengars)

-METAGROSS - shadow ball, thunder punch, ice punch ---> This Metagross is not on the list. I don't have more details about him because he ended one of my runs, partly because his moveset was unexpected

-RAIKOU [293 160 158 331 208 301] ----> This Raikou is the last one on the list. Just his stats (again not accurate)

-RAIKOU (bright powder) - thunder ---> This Raikou is the second to last one on the list. He killed me so I only know it has bright powder cause I missed a 100% move and died because of it lol (And no he didn't use double team before)

-SALAMENCE (bright powder) [345 305 210 205 210 208] - dragon dance, rock slide, earthquake, facade ---> This Salamence is most likely the second to last one on the list. It has bright powder and earthquake and facade as the other two moves

-SNORLAX - shadow ball, hyper beam, earthquake, curse ---> This Snorlax is not on the list. I forgot to write down his stats, nature and item. I lost an attempt on the last battle of set 5 because he missed fucking Hyper Beam (I forgot the move has 90% accuracy and not 100% and may have killed the other pokemon just with earthquake lol)

-SUICUNE (modest) (lum berry) [313 142 238 276 238 241] - surf, ice beam, rain dance, roar ---> This Suicune is not on the list. It might be the one that is missing from set 4 but I can't be sure as I got it from a trainer in my winning set 6 run!! (it was one of 3 pokemons with which I beat Noland)

-ZAPDOS (docile) (leftovers) [305 242 190 312 200 262] - thunderbolt, drill peck, thunder wave, substitute ---> This Zapdos is not on the list.

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