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Amazing art by Meganium1579
Battle Stadium Singles Sample Teams
Welcome to the Sample Teams thread, these teams are created based on the current metagame by specialized players in the BSS tier. The sample teams are for new players, updated teams to be able to play in the tier and to enjoy it better.
You can find the sample teams in the second post of this thread.

Other Resources
In addition to the sample teams there are also teams that players use online or in tournaments that they would like to share with the community.
Here are some links where players post their teams:
  • Team Bazaar.
    Here many players post teams that they used and given them good results, anyone is free to post their teams and mention their results so that more people can use their teams.

  • Old Generations Teams.
    BSS is a tier that has been played for many generations, from GEN 5 to the present, some teams from old generations can be found in these threads:

    - USUM Battle Spot Singles.
    - ORAS Battle Spot Singles.
    - GBU (Global Battle Union) Singles.

  • Top Rated Singles Teams (Nouthuca Teams)
    Every season the top Japanese teams in BSS ranked are translated and imported for players can use them, in this thread you will find the top 20 teams of their respective season, each team submitted here will include an importable of the team, a link to the team report blog, and rental codes if available.
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Sample Teams
click on the sprites for the pokepaste.

Necrozma Dusk-Mane + Yveltal Balance by DerpySuX
:necrozma-dusk-mane: :yveltal: :gastrodon-east: :toxapex: :tapu-fini: :chansey:

Xerneas + Necrozma-Dusk-Mane Thunder Wave Spam by papiloco
:xerneas: :necrozma-dusk-mane: :quagsire: :chansey: :dragapult: :thundurus:

Eternatus + Kyogre Stall by luisin
:kyogre: :eternatus: :quagsire: :chansey: :zapdos: :urshifu:


Porygon2 + AV Garchomp Balance
by chemcoop
:dragapult: :zapdos: :Urshifu-Rapid-Strike: :garchomp: :toxapex: :porygon2:

Starters + Rhyperior WP Offense by zaaya
:zapdos: :Rillaboom-Gmax: :Cinderace-Gmax: :Tapu-Fini: :Rhyperior: :mimikyu:

Focus Sash Pheromosa + Choice Scarf Waterfu Balance by LightScreener
:ferrothorn: :dragonite: :zapdos: :pheromosa: :Urshifu-Rapid-Strike: :toxapex:

Swampert Lead Offense by chemcoop
:kartana: :zapdos: :garchomp: :swampert: :tapu-fini: :urshifu-gmax:

Dracovish Scarf + Sash Cinderace by Breckinridge
:cinderace: :rotom-wash: :mimikyu: :porygon2: :dracovish: :dragonite:


Xerneas Screens by Breckinridge
:klefki: :xerneas: :landorus-therian: :zapdos: :reuniclus: :urshifu:

Zacian-Crowned + Life Orb Dracovish by Breckinridge
:Hippowdon: :zacian-crowned: :hydreigon: :zapdos: :dracovish: :aegislash:

Choice Specs Calyrex-Shadow Offense by zaaya
:Urshifu-Rapid-Strike: :calyrex-shadow: :mimikyu: :Rillaboom-Gmax: :zapdos: :swampert:

Eternatus Choice Specs + Trapper Cosmic Power Gothitelle by zaaya
:gothitelle: :mimikyu: :urshifu: :eternatus: :swampert: :zapdos:

Every change of metagame in BSS the sample teams will be updated.
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