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Mid-stage battle time. Giving out two challenges, both with the same specifics.

2v2 doubles
1 day DQ
No recover or chill
Arena: Anything that isn't ASB or Unown Soup

Also, I'd like to request that Items be turned on, and that whoever accepts this will be able to wait until my prize claim has been approved. Never mind, accept whenever.

abilities all

ref needed
bumping for ref

Open challenge,

2 vs 2 doubles
2 day DQ
0 recovers, 5 chills

mid-stage pokes

Arena: boring ASB
I'll ref XVI and deadfox, accept Steampowered (will be using 1st stages, with all abilities, Items (for Exp. Share), and Switch lol)
bumping for ref
Steampowered posts matches in the Battle Hall that need reffing, guess what happens. Steampowered, Galladiator, IceBug, PM me those teams!
EDIT: I'll also take Galladiator V XVICaliber
Challenging Ragnarokalex! Sibling Rivalry shall be at its finest!

3v3 Beginner Triples
2 Day DQ
2 Recovery/3 Chills
Arena: Frostbite Cave

A small tunnel that empties into a small cavern that is only barely lit by light reflecting down from ice from the surface. Except for a small patch of rock (about 10M by 10M) in the center of the cavern, the floor and walls are coated in ice, making moving around the room very difficult. There are also Icicles hanging from the ceiling of the cave, so any overly loud or seismic attacks have a chance to drop icicles on either combatant, regardless of who used the attack (percentages and damage dealt up to ref). The ground is also very hard so any non rock, ground, or steel type pokemon trying to use dig will only smash its digging apendage on the floor hurting itself. There is no source of water other than the layer of ice which cant be utilized unless it is somehow thawed. Also the ceiling is high enough that Fly and bounce can safely be used.

Challeng Accecpted. Ready for the Cow World!

Items: On
Abilities: All
Switch: Hit with a conch shell

Also issueing a tag team match:

2+2v2+2 Weakmon Doubles
2 Day DQ
3 Recovers/5 Chills
Arena: The Secret Cow Level!(MOO!)

The portal to the cow world has been opened! At the end of every round a Hell Bovine will spawn and start attacking the participants, randomly deciding a target and dealing 5 damage to it at the end of each round. The Bovines have 25 HP and will be affected by AoE attacks, as well as being targettable themselves. Any pokemon that damages a Bovine without killing it is automatically the target for its attack that round. Every 5 Rounds the Cow King will spawn instead of a normal cow. The Cow King has 45 HP and deals 10 Damage when it attacks, as well as automatically striking all pokemon for 3 Electric Typed damage whenever damage is dealt to it. The field is clear of obstacles except for a couple portions of fence randomly placed around the field.

The Royal Guard shall by my ally for this match, so we need 2 people to sign up as opposition.
I'd like to ref TalkingLion vs Son_of_Shadoo.

It will only be my second time reffing, but I triple-check everything and Tortferngatr is a good tutor ref, so there shouldn't be any mistakes.

PM teams, please, assuming you're okay with having a rookie ref (Alliteration)
Me and Gerard still need a ref for our 1v1.

Also issuing another 1v1 singles Strongmon challenge
1 Day DQ
2 recovers/5 chills
Arena; ASB arena, or acceptor's choice

EDIT: Also reffing Toast v. Random. PM me teams!
No one has taken this yet? In that case, I'll be glad to take you on! Ref is xvi?


Yep, that tasted purple!
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I'll ref Ragnarokalex's tag team match because it's Diablo and I need more experience in reffing this stuff. Just hope people accept it!

3v3 Beginner
2 Day DQ
0 Recovery/5 Chills
Arena: Forest with dense shrubbery. Sunlight manages to penetrate through to the bottom layer of the forest. A stream flows steadily right through the forest.

mmm what to do what to do

Open Challenge
1v1 NFE Singles
2 chills/ 0 recoveries
2 day DQ
Arena: ASB Arena
I accept.
Items: No
Switch: KO
Abilities: One
Meh, I'm bored, me to do what I became a ref for(which has since then changed to humiliating mons as they are hit by attacks)

Taking that battle Arcanite, don't worry I "won't" rig it against you for giving me my very first loss ever :)

Don't except the read to be up within 2 hours, I will be only free like 2-3 hours from now.
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