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Open challenge time.

1v1 LC
1 Day DQ
0 recovers/chills
Arena; Pacifidlog Town

Complexity: Minimal
Format: Singles
Arena Type: Water/Electric
Restrictions: No seismic activity or digging, no fire moves.

The town floating on the water, Pacifidlog. With the abundance of water around, Water moves cost 2 less energy. Since the air is so humid, electric moves gain 1 BAP. Fire moves are strictly prohibited, as they could light the town on fire, and would be just terrible. Siesmic moves are also prohibited, since they could sink the town, as is the move Dig, since it would have no results anyway.

Items: On
Abilities: All
Switch: Hit with a conch shell

Also issueing a tag team match:

2+2v2+2 Weakmon Doubles
2 Day DQ
3 Recovers/5 Chills
Arena: The Secret Cow Level!(MOO!)

The portal to the cow world has been opened! At the end of every round a Hell Bovine will spawn and start attacking the participants, randomly deciding a target and dealing 5 damage to it at the end of each round. The Bovines have 25 HP and will be affected by AoE attacks, as well as being targettable themselves. Any pokemon that damages a Bovine without killing it is automatically the target for its attack that round. Every 5 Rounds the Cow King will spawn instead of a normal cow. The Cow King has 45 HP and deals 10 Damage when it attacks, as well as automatically striking all pokemon for 3 Electric Typed damage whenever damage is dealt to it. The field is clear of obstacles except for a couple portions of fence randomly placed around the field.

The Royal Guard shall by my ally for this match, so we need 2 people to sign up as opposition.
Still looking for a ref for the beginner battle, and opponents for the cow battle , been waiting a couple days for someone :(
He took my arena... Guess i'll have to accept.

Switch = OK
Items = Off
Abilities = All
NFEs unless TheWolfe doesn't want them.

Refs, this is your chance to ref freaking Minecraft!
That's fine with me Nightmare Jiggs, I'll be using NFE's as well.

And can we get a ref for the match against Box and I? Thanks! :D

I just found out the challenge against Albinoloon was taken by you, so I'll challenge you instead! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! >:3

Switch = OK - How about something a little different? ;3
Items = Off
Abilites = All


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3v3 FE Singles
2 Day DQ
2 Recoveries/5 Chills per Pokemon

ARENA: Teleportation!
Yes, you better believe it! At the end of every round, the referee will roll a number between 0* & 124 (Each representing an arena in the Arena Compendium Thread in chronological order). Whichever number you roll, for the next round, the battle will take place on that arena. Its as simple as that.

*0 represents the ASB Tournament Arena.

Engineer Pikachu

Good morning, you bastards!
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Yeah, I have no clue how I've reffed my way from 2k to 3k in three months but okay. Everybody in ASB is great ^_^ This is my first ever melee, so there really is no better way to celebrate by issuing a huge melee. Don't kill me please. Also, I'm setting all the rules in advance to the simplest ones possible.

2v2v2v2v2v2 Singles Melee
Send 2 Pokemon to Ref.
2 Day DQ; 4 Days for Ref
One Ability
Switch = KO
Items Off
Infinite Recoveries/Chills

Arena: The Roulette Wheel
Remember in February when all the arenas were based on probabilities that this or that would happen? Well, the roulette wheel is bringing it all back. Players will post actions normally in this arena with one exception: they must include a whole number from 1-40, inclusive, at the end of their actions. This number cannot have been chosen by a previous poster for the current round. At the end of each round, the ref will roll the RNG for a number from 1-40. The trainer who chose a number closest to the RNG'd number will suffer from gambling addiction. This means that all attacks directed at the trainer's Pokemon will have +1 BAP due to the trainer's carelessness in gambling, but all attacks used by this Pokemon will have +2 BAP due to the trainer's happiness in earning money.

Engineer Pikachu
Fire Blast

Ref: Flora

Flora says hi.

Cheers to everybody, and just be sure to confirm your signup.
Challenge time!

3 vs 3 First Stage Only
2 Day DQ
2 Recoveries/5 Chills per Pokemon
Arena: Wailord Crossing
This battle takes place on the back of a giant Wailord as he swims across the ocean. There is a 20% chance of getting hit by a Water Spout as it jets out water, and a 20% chance of it using Dive, taking the Pokemon with it, once per round. There is plenty of water, but any moves involved the earth (Earthquake, Dig, etc.) or other resources aren't available.
Joining Engineer's battle.

Also need refs for two battles.
Requesting 2 (training) challenges!

Challenge 1:
1v1 Singles
No recoveries of any kind
1 Day DQ
Size: Singles
Type: Fighting

A derivative of "The Octagon", the Cell is designed to be the perfect home for Fighting types of all stripes.

The arena is a hexagon, with side lengths of about 10 feet. In the middle are two lines drawn on the ground about 3 feet apart, where the pokemon begin each round. Surrounding the arena is a see-through indestructible barrier that keeps the pokemon in the arena. However, it only keeps the pokemon in- other effects can penetrate, so weather moves are useable. All moves are useable inside the ring, and flying type pokemon can take wing but they cannot leave the arena or fly higher than 20 feet.

What benefit does this offer? The arena is small enough that all combat is in close quarters, allowing all Fighting types to easily utilise their excellent close quarters reaction time. In addition, all Fighting type pokemon gain 10% accuracy because it's much harder to dodge in such close quarters. Because it's easier to keep track of your opponents in such a small arena, Foresight lasts an extra 3 actions.

This arena's small size limits it to singles battles.

Items=Only for exp share, etc.
Switch=404 Internal Server Error.

Ref, anyone?
Challenge 2:
Weakmons 1v1 Singles
1 Day DQ
No recoveries of any kind
Arena Size: Medium
Format: Singles or Doubles
Type: Steel, Fighting
Every sports player knows that what you do on the field where everyone's watching isn't as important as what you do in the weight room when no one's watching.

The room is about 15 feet high, 50 feet long, and 30 feet wide. The room is filled with workout equipment which is made of metal, is indestructible, and can only be moved by Magnet Pull.

The room is filled with exercise equipment of all sorts, especially weights. The weights are circular metal disks which act similarly to Iron Balls. Pokemon may throw, launch, or otherwise use the weights to aid them in combat. The weights are measured in weight classes, which act the same as pokemon weight classes:
1= 4 BP attack, costs 4 energy.
2= 5 BP attack, costs 5 energy.
3= 7 BP attack, costs 7 energy.
4= 10 BP attack, costs 9 energy.
5= 12 BP attack, costs 11 energy.
Unless you are fighting type, have the move fling, or have Magnet Pull, you cannot use weights that are in a higher weight class than your pokemon.

You cannot dig or use seismic activity in the arena because the floor is concrete. You also may not use weather effects other than Trick Room in the weight room, because it's indoors. Other than that, all moves allowed.
items = no 'battle' items, stuff that you want to use to increase counters or etc are fine by me
abilities = one
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