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Well, i think i would like a match thats not 1vs1, and lasts only 2 rounds.... i want some meaning in my ASB life!

2vs2 NFE singles
2 day DQ
Infinite Recoveries and Chills

Arena: Summoning Grounds
Field Type- Neutral
Complexity- Intense
Format- Singles
Restrictions- No Water source

Summoning Grounds: In this strategic arena, you have the opportunity to turn the tides and strengthen your side with more numbers! The Battle always starts one vs one, but it can easily turn into 2vs1, then 2vs2, and even 3vs3! if you're lucky you could go 3vs1, and if you are not you might experience a dreadful 1vs3. Anything is possible in this voodoo/tiki themed arena!

The grass is short, spiky and yellow due to little rain. The sun is setting so the sky is a dazzling spectrum of pink, yellow, orange, and purple. Even though night is approaching the climate here is hot, and the temperature during the battle is a blistering 88 degrees Fahrenheit. The area is shaped like a star of david (300 feet by 300 feet), with african decoartions such as tiki torches, tribal masks, and skeletons on the borders.

Scattered around the field lie several "prizes"; and Absol Pelt, Seviper Fang, Lopunny Foot, Snover Bark, and more! Parts of pokemon captured and used by the tribes in the area! The tribe where you battle hunted these pokemon decades ago, and now only certain peices of them remain. in the center of the arena is where the maic happens, literally!

There lies the Cauldron of Animilistic Revival (or C.A.R, though it isnt related). Made of tempered steel, the thing is massive for a cauldron, 10 feet wide and long, 7 feet tall, and an opening of four feet wide/long. A larfe fire burns underneath, cooking a mysterious potion that makes the C.A.R billow out green, purple, and orange smoke. With this couldron you can conquer!

The concept is simple; Find a trophy part of a deceased pokemon (e.g absol pelt), toss it into the C.A.R, and viola! With the eerie powers of the tribal magic that pokemon will be revived and will fight for you during the match!

1. It takes one action to pick up a Trophy Item, and it takes another action to Throw it into the Cauldron

2.You can use a move or pokemon to block the opponent from getting a trophy item into the Cauldron (e.g rattata used quick attack to catch the Tangrowth vine that was about to be put into the C.A.R)

3.If a trophy pokemon faints, the battle continues. If you take down a Trophy pokemon then your pokemon that made it faint gains 1KOC (e.g if you team takes down the enemy's pokemon and 2 trophy pokemon, the pokemon that killed them gains 1KOC from the original, and 2KOC from the trophy mons)

4.The battle ends when one of the Players has no usable pokemon left, whether it be original or trophy.

5. Trophy Pokemon Know all level up moves and egg moves

6. The ref decides what trophy pokemon peices are available. There can be any # of trophy pieces, but players can only have 2 Trophy pokemon on their team at a time.

i have made a list of possible trophy pieces, and refs can use any form here. however, you can make your own as you see fir (e.g Bellossom skirt, Slowpoke tail)

List of possible Trophy Pieces
Mamoswine Tusk
Forretress Husk
Absol Pelt
Spiritomb Keystone
Skarmory Feather
Braviary Talon
Shiftry Leaf
Sharpedo Fin
Lopunny Foot
Escavalier Helmet
Torkoal Shell
Marowak Club
Magneton Magnet
Machoke Belt
Onix Piece
Tangrowth Vine
Skunktank Pelt
Snover Bark
Druddigon Scale
Shedinja Carapace
Farfetch'd Leek
Golduck Beak
Alakazam Tuning Spoon
Lanturn Antenne
Seviper Fang
Ludicolo Sombrero
Flaffy Wool
Cloyster Shell
Sandslash Claw
Arcanine Pelt
ToastTyrant13 said:

Switch=I'll send Ezio after you

Any refs perhaps?
"The Wanderer said:
You need babymons to make middlemons, so I'm setting up an Open LC battle.

3v3 triples
2 day DQ
2 recovers/5 chills
1 Sub per pokemon
And the arena is...
Field Type- Varies
Complexity- Simple-Super Intense
Format- Varies
Restrictions- Varies

The Ref's Mind:
The mind is a powerful thing, so its time we used it to maximize the opportunity to have interesting battles! The battlers have somehow found themselves inside the creativity center of the referee, and they are at his mercy! the ref can make anything happen, and controls all aspects! from the arena setting to the accuracy of moves to the color of the pokemon! for example, the first round might be in an volcano, and if a player uses a bug type move twice his opponent will lose 10 energy! the match can be as simple or as intense as the ref wishes. Battlers have fun coping and adapting to what the refs throw at you!
Sounds like an interesting match

Switch = ???
Items = Yeah
Abilities = All
Reposting because we still need a ref on this.
Due to an inability to get a ref, dropping the zero sub match and issuing a standard challenge and an ASM Promo.

6 vs 6 doubles (FE)
One substitution
0 recovers/2 chills
Arena: Rediamond's Bug Gym Blueprints

Deep within Ilex forests lies a clearing in the forests where bugs often reside. Only the gym leader and his guests are permitted by the local insects to enter this resting spot, and only guests for gym battles. There is a water source, and almost all moves are allowed. The exception being weather. The trees are far too dense for most weather to penetrate, and it would take quite a display of power to penetrate it. However, the bugs of the forest are willing to help any battling bug type create weather, and will join in, allowing bug types to use weather moves. Furthermore, Pokemon with a rock of a certain weather may also use that weather.

The bug Pokemon of the forest are deeply attached to the gym leader's Pokemon, and will blast any Pokemon who dares to knock out one of the leader's Pokemon with a string shot. Thus, KO'ing a gym Pokemon results in getting hit by two string shots at the end of the action.

And now for the ASM Promo...

ASM Promo #3
Victory results in automatic entry into Mossdeep. Reffing the entire battle results in automatic-entry into Mossdeep. Both end in information on the location.

4 vs 4 singles
2 substitutions
Unlimited chills and recovers
All abilities

Arena: ???

A huge well leads down into the ocean from what appears to be the ruins of a building. A huge amount of now obsolete and wrecked technology lies scattered around, while the roof is partially caved in as the steel arches holding up stones have collapsed. No natural material exists, and seismic activity is a bad idea. Weather will fail. No other restrictions exist.

I realise I picked all conditions, but these are standard ASM rules.
Challenging zarator to a flashmatch

Arena: Tourney arena
Dq: 1 hour
1v1 NFE
training items
training match

My Poke, dont look zara ;)

Houndour, Hellhound, Male
Nature: Mild (+1 SpA, -1 Def)
Fire: Fire STAB; immune to burn, emit a low glow in dark places, takes additional damage if active open flames are exposed to a water attack. Superior senses in volcanic or brushfire areas.
Dark: Dark STAB; immunity to all telepathic and telekinetic attacks, better performance in all darkened and especially twilight conditions. Can use any Dark-type attack regardless of Attraction.

Abilities: Early Bird (Innate): This Pokemon is used to waking up at early hours or operating in low-light conditions and subsequently sleep status is automatically reduced by one intensity level when inflicted on this Pokemon. When the Pokemon uses Rest they will gain 18 HP per action and only be asleep for two actions.
Flash Fire (Innate): This Pokemon thrives in high temperatures, and takes the energy of any opposing fire attack, nullifies the damage, and uses the additional power to boost its own fire attack’s Base Attack Power by two (2). Self-targeted attacks do not give the boost.
Unnerve (Innate) *Locked*: The Pokemon's presense causes immense tension in the opponent, preventing them from eating a held Berry. Natural Gift may still be used.

HP: 90
Atk: Rank 2
Def: Rank 1 (-)
SpA: Rank 4 (+)
SpD: Rank 2
Spe: 65
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 1
Base Rank Total: 14

EC: 3/6
MC: 2
DC: 3/5

Odor Sleuth
Beat Up
Nasty Plot

Thunder Fang
Sucker Punch

Shadow Ball
Dark Pulse
Total moves: 17
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