[Beginner] Back to the Basics Mafia - The Many win!

It was at 3:00. The update was at 4.

Bolding Uberiffic so he will be lynched by Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot Cowboy Hobos With Chain-Katanas And Several Revolvers And The Power Of Friendship Fighting Vampire Nazis With Dark Magic Riding Cyborg Dinosaurs With Head Mounted Lasers Voiced By Kevin Michael Richardson Attacked by Snakes On A Motherfrakkin' Submarine Jet With Desert Polar Bears Crashing Into An Ancient Zeppelin With Alien Anacondas In SPACE With Chuck Norris And Samuel L Jackson With Lesbian Time Travelling Bikini Werewolf Catgirls Dual Wielding Febreze Part 2: This Time, It's Personal

EDIT: Oh, yeah, a bit of common sense. If Flamestrike is lying, lynch him next time.
[Beginner] Back to the Basics Mafia - Night 3

"FOR SPIFFY!" yells Flamestike. "Lynch Uberiffic!" You start by trying to drown Uberiffic, but it seems he just likes the water. Also, it seems the blowtorch doesn't work as well as it did in Unicycle against his role. So you decide to just harpoon him.

Dear Uberiffic,
You are the Loch Ness Monster.
You are also called "Nessie". Some people say you are dead, and others say you don't exist. However, others say that you do exist.
At night, you may send Aura Guardian a PM with the title "Night x - Show myself near USER". Anyone who would have killed USER will be too busy looking in a lake for rare animals to finish the kill. <snip>.
If your team's killer dies, you will take over that ability. The PM title for your kill will be "Night x - kill USER".

<possible snip>

You are aligned with The Monsters. You win if The Monsters eliminate all hostile threats.


(All right, I'll update the player list now)
For that, tremble at the power of my mustache lazer!!!!
Are you disintergrated yet?
Sorry I played so badly guys, I was really busy these past few weeks.
Oh and Fuck you all!
Yeah, Spiffy can't give out orders tonight, so if anyone wants to talk to me about orders, I'm all ears. I don't have a whole lot of info but if nothing else we can discuss it. And clearly Spiffy trusts me enough to lead the lynch, so there are definitely worse options.
EDIT: I'd rather not ask in public, but if the BG could contact me that would be great. If not, then protect me if Spiffy didn't give you someone else to protect, please and thank you.

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