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Voting for Other, aka Shedinja. although that species spam and shell smash are also p unhealty, i believe that we really need to see about shed
at least one time over SM, remove shed from BH just will be very great for teambuilding (CF Chessking post who explain why shed is unhealty for teambuilding). also, well i guess one "defensive thing" suspect after two "offensive thing" isn't good and cool way to have balanced metagame ?

Vote: Species Clause

Of the three options, its the one I'm in most favor of, and have been since X/Y. It is also the only option that could reasonably be continued into Gen VIII and therefore actually retain relevance to BH. There's no Other votes that I could get behind that would also actually get support on short notice.

I am not opposed to Shell Smash + Belly Drum, however.

Vote: Species Clause

Species spam teams have generally been some of the most annoying things I've dealt with in BH in both gen 6 and gen 7. I remember Assist Teams in gen 6 being largely successful due to the ability to run 5-6 of the same Pokemon and I remember annoying Mega Ray Chatter spam teams back then as well. Even without a gimmick like this, these teams can easily create several situations over the course of a game where you are forced to guess what set your opponent has sent out even with almost no information to inform your decision, this gets exacerbated with setup moves, but I don't think they're the root of the problem. Prankster Haze can almost always deal with Shell Smash if you aren't making mistakes but it starts to have issues when dealing with multiple Shell Smash mons that have a decent matchup against your Prankster mon. For example, Registeel can deal with one Mewtwo X, but there's no way it can deal with five of them. Similarly, Giratina can deal with one Gengar, but not five of them. Sure you can run both and have good matchups against both spam teams, but then what happens if a random one of those Mewtwos has Pixilate Boombust or Technician Frost Breath and you switch in your Giratina preemptively to deal with it? Now your counter is gone and you get swept as soon as they bring out their next Mewtwo.

Edit: I should also note that I think two of one species on a team is fine. The only issue I could possibly see with that is having two Chanseys and two Blisseys filling the same role, but I don't know if Chansey and Blissey spam is the real problem

Also, there's been mention of Shedinja in this thread and I think it's fine. It has multiple checks and counters (some independent of species) and just having it on your team allows your opponent to create even more pressure with hazards that can be exploited. I also think it's hilarious when someone's entire FEAR team gets swept by a Shedinja counter that you're running anyway
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My vote will be Species Clause. Why? For me, HO Spamming should vanish. Isn't healthy for the meta.

From the "Ban Guide" -> Dominant strategies with either no checks, or the player has to choose between preparing for this specific strategy or the general meta

In teambuilding, for a good team,you must check a lot of threat, have a good defensive core (for balanced/stall team). You have maybe one or two check for one particuliar pokemon (like Yveltal for Gengar, Aegi/Slowbro for MMX) but is so hard to handle 4-5-6 of them, with some lure sets to kill the check and the HO win because you can't handle it with this pression.

Shell Smash isn't so hard to counter it, just some spam can be annoying. Also you got the bulk drop, you can scout easily that... Isn't the problem of HO spamming, I think.
Name Clause... Is like to prevent falling from cliffs you have two choices : a wall or just a brick. And you choose the brick. Doesn't solve the spam problems.
Shed could be a good suspect also, but i want to solve this HO spamming problem. A good Shed team is hard to play, necessite some skills, and HO spam not specially.


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Other: Shedinja

Shedinja is just such a crazily different mon to the rest of BH that I think it needs to at least see a suspect. My experience has been that bad matchups against Shed teams are amplified pretty heavily, due to the structure being able to stop a lot of potential progress cold, which can simplify a lot of games into a combination of hazard setter vs bouncer and whichever mons can touch shed vs the rest of the team. Beyond the standard Shed + Bounce + Imposter there's a lot of freedom in where the Shed team can go, which is something having shed in the first place tends to do due to its unique toolkit. In particular, the momentum grabbing aspect and complete immunity to a lot of threats effectively enables a ton of things to work out with the last three slots. This is especially scary in BH, particularly with regards to improofing and general defensive utility, because Shedinja is removing drawbacks to running various threats in a way that nothing else in the meta really can. It can be argued that Shedinja promotes skill, but right now I think that's only in a best case scenario, and I've definitely seen it do the opposite enough times to be worth a suspect.

Honestly species spam is still silly to play against, but right now I just don't think it's a priority.

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