[Big] Pocket Monsters Mafia - Last week for Signups, see latest post

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I've been working on a traditional big mafia game with a Pokemon theme. It probably won't be started until around the middle of June to let people finish with finals and such, as well as to allow me to finish up any loose ends that the game has. I just wanted to see how many people wanted to play, as well as get the word out ahead of time to allow as many people as possible to see that a big mafia is coming up. Players of any skill/experience level are allowed to sign up, but priority will be given to the players that I know are skilled and experienced. If you are interested, post in this topic. Also, don't be afraid to get your friends interested.

Sign up if you think you may want to play. Don't think you won't get in just because you haven't played before. The only real requirement is that you'll be reasonably active.

Additionally, I'm looking for a co-host to help me run the game. The main things I'd need out of the co-host is to help with updates, as well as help set up the anonymous forums. I'd preferably like someone with experience hosting a big game, but that is not necessary; however, hosting experience at some level is required.


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edit: also willing to cohost if you're willing to overlook the fact that you hate my guts


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Okay, definitely interested, but I can't 100% commit because there is a possibility I may have to travel a bit around then (for medical stuff, which is preoccupying), and, well, look at my track record. :O We'll see; I don't really know what I'll be doing around then.

If you can't find a decent cohost I can do that instead; it should be less of an issue for cohosting. I like cohosting just as much as playing. But remember I'm cursed. :P
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