billymills Mafia [Game Over :O]

to quote the great zorbees
"quagsires is a doofus"

Vote Phi

hey resistance

<cypher> "fuck you in the ass" "You got Acklow killed" (not me)

<cypher> they don't want to come here

grow some fucking balls
After a partially extended day (sorry), you unanimously decided to lynch Phi. He pulls of his signature move, Conversion 3, which leads you all to believe that this man was indeed porygon3.

Dear Phi,
You are Cutler.

You are a place in Florida of about 17,000 people. Burger King used to have its headquarters in you, but since moved to Miami.

At night, you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Using Burger King lawyers to protect <alias>.” You will use Burger King’s team of unstoppable lawyers to defend <alias> from any and all other night actions that may have been able to affect him that night, including kills. You may not target yourself two nights in a row.


You are allied with The Radical Center. You win if The Radical Center is the last team standing.
And with that, The Radical Center has been eliminated. They were:

Dear Radical Center,
You are a group of individuals who not only dislike The Empire, but also hate The Resistance for being too far from the truth. As such, you have decided to kill everyone. Since you are so much smaller than The Empire or The Resistance, you are over their petty internal squabbles. Neither of you have any oddities in your win conditions.

At night, one of you may send in the following night action: “Night X - Killing <alias>.” You will kill <alias>.

You consist of the following:
zorbees - Rho - Nina Cicilia - Inspector, Mole
porygon3 - Phi - Cutler - Omniguard
With that threat down, you all turn your eyes to The Resistance.

Aliases who voted for Phi are:

It is now Night Four. Night Four will take approximately two days - I'd prefer not to get stuck on this schedule though, so I would appreciate it if you could get your night actions in to me by 10 PM EST on August 4th. If you can't translate this into your own timezone on your own, try using WolframAlpha to help you out.


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Surprisingly, there is only one death this morning! How fortuitous!

The body on the ground is that of Eta. When a leaf drops from a nearby tree and tears a hole in the body, you are able to deduce that his identity is Quagsires.

Dear Eta,
You are Ferry Graf.

You are a singer who used to live in Austria, but then moved to Finland. You were once chosen to represent Austria in a singing competition. You came in second to last.

At night, you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Singing to <user>.” You will sing to <user>, causing him to be unable to sleep. He will experience hallucinations due to sleep deprivation the next day, and will be forced to include “Ferry...” in every post he makes.

You could improve your singing skills if you had the guidance of a certain ancient piece of Mexican food. Perhaps an Ancient Taco could help you out.

You are allied with The Empire. You win if The Empire is the last team standing and you exit the game with the Ancient Taco in your possession.
It seemed, however, that he had satisfied his craving for hispanic cuisine:
Now with the Ancient Taco in your possession, you have uncovered the ancient mystery of Austrian Mariachi singing. This makes your song even more powerful.

Now, you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Singing to <user>.” You will sing to <user>, which will keep him up all night. <user> will be so tired the next morning that he will sleep in and be completely unable to post.
As he was holding the Ancient Taco when he died, Quagsires still has a chance to win billymills Mafia.

Day 5 ends 48 hours from this post (not this edit) or at majority.
I am leading this village now, I have all of Quagsires stuff so if you could send results to me either by IRC or PM that would be dandy.

I have a pretty good idea on who the lynch target is for today, but stay tuned until I announce who it is!

nvm altair's cool just had a misunderstanding
If everyone could PM me with the items you currently possess that would be extremely helpful. If you are still looking for your item, please be patient, I will get it to you as soon as possible.

Oh, and if I could be unbanned from #ffm that would be nice. It's a little hard to lead a village when you are banned from the main game channel!


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After taking a vote, it seems that the majority of you have found severe bugs in the Beta testing stage, and the Vintage Books project has been scrapped.

Dear Beta,
You are Amanita gemmata.

You are a species of psychoactive mushroom endemic to the Americas and some of Europe. Like other psychoactive mushrooms, you are mildly poisonous, but one would have to eat a lot of you to die.

At night, you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Serving self to <alias>.” <alias> will eat you and suffer certain psychiatric symptoms. He will be too high to perform his night action that night.

You are allied with The Resistance. You win if The Resistance is the last team standing and <snippity>.

I would like to get Night 5 over with, so please get your actions in within 24 hours of this post. Failing that, I will extend by another day, but please try to get them in beforehand!

EDIT: Kappa passed an item to Nu and Chi passed an item to Epsilon.
Good job everyone!

I will be assigning night actions to all as soon as I can. Expect them in about 24 hours or so. If you have any other questions / concerns / comments feel free to talk to me.
You notice that Zeta has left the premises. You are all so shocked by his mysterious disappearance that you realize he must have died and also that he was Agape. Poor him.

Dear Zeta,
You are a Viral Quasispecies.

You are a number of different viruses related by various genetic mutations. Since you evolve extremely quickly, you are sometimes used to study evolutionary biology.

At night, you may PM the host, askaninjask “Night X - Infecting <alias>.” You will infect <alias>, strengthening his muscles for the night. <alias> will be impervious to all attacks from The Resistance.

You could evolve further, but you need energy in the form of sucrose. You have heard that there is a great source of sucrose around called the Cheesy Snack.


You are allied with The Empire. You win if The Empire is the last team standing and you exit the game with the Cheesy Snack in your possession.
His dead body lay next to a dying moose. From this you could tell he had gone rogue. Indeed, not only had he gone rogue, but he had also successfully acquired two items before his death! He was holding the Canoe Oar and the Computer Case. These two items have disappeared along with Agape.

All of this means, of course, that Agape can still win billymills Mafia.

It is now Day 6. Day 6 ends 24 HOURS as of this post and we're not joking this time. We will call deadline 1 day from now.

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