blace's mind blowing art gallery! [COMMISSIONS OPEN]


can you see me?
mind blowing art gallery!


^ above banner by me! blacephalon gif found here.

hi all, welcome to my art thread! it's nice to meet you - i'm blace!
i started drawing as a hobby in 2021 and i'd love to share my creations with you! i hope that this gallery can showcase my improvement as i draw more.

thank you so much in advance much for viewing!

for donations:

01/22/24: i've essentially quit smogon and discord, but i'll come back to periodically update this thread. thank you for everything, i never would've started on this journey without you! if you want to keep in touch or view more new art, my twitter is @46ri9

please find below my proudest art pieces! the works are sorted in their categories newest to oldest.


steelix msa202301 wm.png

steelix msa2023011 wm.png

gxe no text.png









maria art trade wm.png

tangela mood swing v1 vm.png





tini MERCH.png

herv ampharos pub.png

rahci merch.png

hervcomm2 pub.png

ssvgc request 2.png

golden state dusclops final 3.png

ndwc us west midwest koko 1.png


twinleaf tinkatons.png

benelux comm.png


william crucify.png


uwurshifus 4.png

1638166544367 (2).png

2021 Smogon Awards: Most Promising Artist, Second Most Improved Artist, Third Best Smeargle's Poster

07/03/2022: looking to update this again soon!
12/23/2022: OP has not been updated. i have no plans of updating this thread as of right now.
08/10/2023: we're so fucking back, updated OP
08/14/2023: added twinleaf tinkatons logo
08/21/2023: added gxe's birthday drawing
01/22/2024: added tangela and steelix
03/31/2024: added stuff from latest post
06/25/2024: added dusketballers and mawile

the original pieces in this OP have been moved here, and pieces removed as per the 08/10/2023 change can be found here. the pieces found in the second iteration of this OP can be found in their applicable posts in this thread.
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can you see me?
in love with this!! especially the roserade emotes. the lilligant has a beautiful painted/marker look- is it traditional?

i cannot wait to see more from you ^^ always a treat
clef!! this means so much coming from you.

the lilligant is actually done digitally on procreate. i was definitely trying out the painted/marker look with it, im glad that it shows!

thank you so much! <3

love the art ngl, good work blce!!!! keep it up
Dark Lilligant is SO cool!
woooo i love these
Awesome job!

+ a big thank you to all the kind messages on discord, this has been making my day T__T
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can you see me?
it was a rather sleepless night, so i decided to draw kirby sitting on the grass!
it's also my first time drawing using medibang paint on pc! i used this drawing to figure out the software. i'm liking it so far!
this was also a bit of an experiment to see if i like thinner lines - i definitely prefer thicker lines.

i'm also here to announce that i now have an art twitter! please go shoot it a follow and retweet my pinned if you can, i'd really appreciate it.



can you see me?
here's my submission for you're not my type round 11. it's a bug/poison delcatty! it was a little rushed and late since i had a ton of work to do, but i'm pretty happy with it nonetheless.
admittedly, the concept was a little hard to come up with, but i ended up going with horns on it's head, more poisonous colours, a web and a stinger tail, to capture the bug/poison vibe. learnt to use some more brushes and features in the process, so it was an awesome opportunity getting to participate this round.

made an art insta, check it out!


applicable twitter link
typing: bug/poison
category: night hunter pokemon
abilities: compound eyes, merciless, poison touch
stats: 70/90/50/90/50/100
new moves: cross poison, gunk shot, poison sting, poison tail, sludge, sludge bomb, venoshock, bug buzz, fell stinger, first impression, u-turn, sticky web, tail glow

this variant of delcatty, just like it's counterpart, loves to bathe in the moonlight, residing in tropical and temperate forests. however, the night hunter pokemon is not docile like a regular delcatty. these ferocious hunters won't stop at anything to pin and strike down their opponent. delcatty are incredibly versatile: armed with a stinger upon it's long tail, an ability to shoot sticky webs, and powerful poisonous horns, you'd better think twice before encountering one of these felines!
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can you see me?
not gonna be hiding the artwork in this post because i don't think that i can be any happier or prouder of these two pieces and i can't wait to share it with everyone.

i drew two logos for tours plaza premier iii! check the tour out and sign up if you're interested - i'm even managing with my good friend Trade.


this is a logo that i drew for Trade and i's team, the postwick pults. i honestly didn't even want to take this up at first since dragapult is super hard to draw, but i am so happy i did because i am genuinely really proud of how this went. this was such a great learning experience and really made me fall in love with drawing even more.


this is the logo i drew for frostyicelad and Elgino10's team, the full moon frosmoths! i also learnt to use more tools while drawing this and i think it has a really clean look overall. i'm also super happy with how this went and i'm really glad and thankful that frosty and elgino let me draw this logo for them.

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can you see me?
didn't think i'd be back with another drawing so soon but i decided to draw this for the turtwig's final match in BLT. i wanted to finish this before 100%GXE finished his game, so this drawing only took around 20 minutes! i'm really happy with it and for my friends over at the turtwigs on their win.

huge shoutout to my amazing friend StitChuu for always supporting me be it in mons, art, and even outside of that. congrats on the kpop custom stitch!


also, i'm going to be accepting two requests for a piece that's similar in style to the one above. please reply in this thread if you'd like to request something!
first come first served - if you see that two people have already requested, please don’t try to get me to draw something for you.

current slots:
1. clefable for cleffa
2. mesprit for StitChuu


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can you see me?
i'm done with the banner for my gallery! check out the OP - i updated the artwork there to feature my better pieces, and added in this banner. it’s also blacephalon day today, so i figured that it’s really fitting to post this today. happy blace day!

and here's some more new art! i drew this for my friend Eggs McGee's birthday!

Wow the logo looks so damn good. Dragapult supremacy. My mind has been blown away
this is some really great art! I particularly like the lilligant and frosmoth. keep up the good work ^^
this is beautiful! can you make a clefable?
hiii thank you so much!! you're an amazing friend and you're a great support to me too!

Can I have a mesprit please? :blobnom:

i drew a dark lilligant for YNMT r9.
Untitled_Artwork (8).png

Untitled_Artwork (9).png

i drew a logo for my team (me and the boyns) in ZWT.
Untitled_Artwork (19) (1).png

i tried a meme that asks you to draw profile pictures poorly.
Untitled_Artwork (11).png

TeamCharm requested my drawing of his profile picture as a logo and signature.

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can you see me?
a new piece for you're not my type round 12. had fun figuring out how to draw the electric parts :p all in all pretty happy with this, and once again an experiment to try out new art styles.

electric steel conk .png

typing: electric/steel
category: the fast worker pokemon
abilities: tough claws, static, volt absorb
stats: 100/102/100/35/75/93
new moves: volt switch, discharge, thunderbolt, charge, electric terrain, eerie impulse, magnet rise, spark, thunder wave, thunder, wild charge, bullet punch, flash cannon, heavy slam, iron defence, iron head, metal claw, metal sound, steel beam, steel roller, metal burst, meteor mash, body press

conkeldurr is a pokemon that loves to help out others. unlike it's regular variant, this conkeldurr excels at using it's mighty power and intelligence to aid with mechanical and electrical construction. the lightbulb on it's head shows how much energy conkdeldurr has left - if it's growing dim, it's time to rest up! there is an organ in it's body that generates the electricity around it's body, and it causes it's body to glow. it is theorized that this organ lies underneath it's metal belt. conkeldurr is very sturdy, with a body akin to metal, making it capable of taking many hits, and it hits back just as hard. additionally, this conkeldurr is much faster than it's usual variant, using it's massive nails to help propel itself while running or climbing, and it enjoys throwing them in battle. however, when a battle gets serious, it'll drop it's nails and use it's durable and sharp metal claws to slash at it's opponent.

big fan of your work king! you're doing fantastic and it's great to see a pal with such a bangin art thread, keep it up dude!

i've got some big and new stuff coming soon but each piece will take some time to complete. i hope that it'll be worth the wait! i'll be done with the requests sometime soon, just super busy for the next few days.


can you see me?
i made a ko-fi! donations are extremely appreciated. my commissions are also open! please message me for more info. i also made a linktree so my socials can all be in one place.

drew this yveltal today for a very very special occasion! i really love how this turned out. i've still got a lot of other art lined up and i can't wait to post them!

alby w wm.png

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can you see me?

here's your request and birthday gift StitChuu! killing two birds with one stone lmao. go wish stitch a hbd!!

thanks so much for being my friend man. you're one of the most caring people i know and you share so many things in common w me, from our fave memories to pekora to pretty kpop girls (wtf is this list) and it's so great being friends with you. thank you for always showing me around and answering my dumb questions because no matter what, i'm still new here. i hope you had a great birthday, and i hope that you know i'm so grateful for you bro. talk to me about anything.


alt version:
stitch .png

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