blace's mind blowing art gallery!


can you see me?
blace's mind blowing art gallery!

banner coming soon!

hi there! welcome to my art thread.

it's nice to meet you - i'm blace! i started drawing as a hobby recently and i'd love to share my creations with you!
i hope that this gallery can showcase my improvement as i draw more.

here's my submission for round 9 of ynmt - dark lilligant.
Untitled_Artwork (8).png

Untitled_Artwork (9).png

i drew some discord emotes for the ruin valley roserades in BLT!




i drew a logo for my team (me and the boyns) in z0mOG's ZWT.
Untitled_Artwork (19).png

i tried a meme that asks you to draw profile pictures poorly.
Untitled_Artwork (11).png

TeamCharm requested my drawing of his profile picture as a logo and signature.

Untitled_Artwork (14).png

i do not take requests unless stated otherwise. if you'd like to commission me, please contact me for more info!

do not use my art without permission.

thank you so much for viewing!
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can you see me?
in love with this!! especially the roserade emotes. the lilligant has a beautiful painted/marker look- is it traditional?

i cannot wait to see more from you ^^ always a treat
clef!! this means so much coming from you.

the lilligant is actually done digitally on procreate. i was definitely trying out the painted/marker look with it, im glad that it shows!

thank you so much! <3

love the art ngl, good work blce!!!! keep it up
Dark Lilligant is SO cool!
woooo i love these
Awesome job!

+ a big thank you to all the kind messages on discord, this has been making my day T__T
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can you see me?
it was a rather sleepless night, so i decided to draw kirby sitting on the grass!
it's also my first time drawing using medibang paint on pc! i used this drawing to figure out the software. i'm liking it so far!
this was also a bit of an experiment to see if i like thinner lines - i definitely prefer thicker lines.

i'm also here to announce that i now have an art twitter! please go shoot it a follow and retweet my pinned if you can, i'd really appreciate it.



can you see me?
here's my submission for you're not my type round 11. it's a bug/poison delcatty! it was a little rushed and late since i had a ton of work to do, but i'm pretty happy with it nonetheless.
admittedly, the concept was a little hard to come up with, but i ended up going with horns on it's head, more poisonous colours, a web and a stinger tail, to capture the bug/poison vibe. learnt to use some more brushes and features in the process, so it was an awesome opportunity getting to participate this round.

made an art insta, check it out!


applicable twitter link
typing: bug/poison
category: night hunter pokemon
abilities: compound eyes, merciless, poison touch
stats: 70/90/50/90/50/100
new moves: cross poison, gunk shot, poison sting, poison tail, sludge, sludge bomb, venoshock, bug buzz, fell stinger, first impression, u-turn, sticky web, tail glow

this variant of delcatty, just like it's counterpart, loves to bathe in the moonlight, residing in tropical and temperate forests. however, the night hunter pokemon is not docile like a regular delcatty. these ferocious hunters won't stop at anything to pin and strike down their opponent. delcatty are incredibly versatile: armed with a stinger upon it's long tail, an ability to shoot sticky webs, and powerful poisonous horns, you'd better think twice before encountering one of these felines!
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can you see me?
not gonna be hiding the artwork in this post because i don't think that i can be any happier or prouder of these two pieces and i can't wait to share it with everyone.

i drew two logos for tours plaza premier iii! check the tour out and sign up if you're interested - i'm even managing with my good friend Trade.

this is a logo that i drew for Trade and i's team, the postwick pults. i honestly didn't even want to take this up at first since dragapult is super hard to draw, but i am so happy i did because i am genuinely really proud of how this went. this was such a great learning experience and really made me fall in love with drawing even more.


this is the logo i drew for frostyicelad and Elgino10's team, the full moon frosmoths! i also learnt to use more tools while drawing this and i think it has a really clean look overall. i'm also super happy with how this went and i'm really glad and thankful that frosty and elgino let me draw this logo for them.

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can you see me?
didn't think i'd be back with another drawing so soon but i decided to draw this for the turtwig's final match in BLT. i wanted to finish this before 100%GXE finished his game, so this drawing only took around 20 minutes! i'm really happy with it and for my friends over at the turtwigs on their win.

huge shoutout to my amazing friend StitChuu for always supporting me be it in mons, art, and even outside of that. congrats on the kpop custom stitch!


also, i'm going to be accepting two requests for a piece that's similar in style to the one above. please reply in this thread if you'd like to request something!
first come first served - if you see that two people have already requested, please don’t try to get me to draw something for you.

current slots:
1. clefable for cleffa
2. mesprit for StitChuu


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