Black & White Battle Subway Records (now with gen. 4 records!)

Currently abusing Team Rocket Elites Sandstorm strategie in Doubles with a little bit different line up (Sorry to steal it but it works so much better than Tailwind) :P

Despotar @ Balloon
252 HP, 252 Att
Rock Slide

Excadrill @ Focus Sash
Sand Rush
82 HP, 252 Att, 176 Speed
Rock Slide

Garchomp @ Life Orb
Sand Veil
252 Att, 252 Spe
Dragon Claw
Fire Blast

Eelektross @ Leftovers
252 HP, 252 SpA
Grass Knot

You see 3/4 mons are identical with TRE´s team but the moves/ev-split on Garchomp/ Excadrill are still a bit individuel. The Mole hits 130 Speed with 176 Ev´s which is enough to outspeed everything and quake them to death.
With Despotar and Excadrill in the lead position prediction is necessary for it to work.
There are problems with mono-water teams,trickroom and ofcourse Hail teams. So far i could deal with them but they are dangerous.

At the moment I stopped playing at 140 after nearly loosing to a legendary team. If I learned something out of the battle tower, than it´s paying attention to the signs.
I will edit my post when my streak is finished and add a proof.
Battle Subway Singles
Streak: 93
Team: Gengar, Garchomp, Suicune

Gengar@Focus Sash
Timid 4/0/0/252/0/252
- Shadow Ball
- Thunderbolt
- Focus Blast
- Destiny Bond

Garchomp@Yache Berry
Jolly 4/252/0/0/0/252
Sand Veil
- Swords Dance
- Earthquake
- Dragon Claw
- Substitute

Suicune@Chesto Berry
Bold 252/0/252/4/0/0
- Calm Mind
- Scald
- Ice Beam
- Rest

I already used Gengar in Gen 4, and it still works well and can often kill two opponents with its attacks and Destiny Bond. I prefer Focus Blast over other options like Sludge Bomb or Energy Ball, because it helps against a lot of opponents and has perfect coverage with Shadow Ball. The 70 % accuracy is annoying, but if it misses, Gengar survives with 1 HP, and I still can use Destiny Bond to kill at least one opponent.

Although I don't really like Garchomp, it's without a doubt one of the best Pokemon for Battle Frontier/Subway, and as it covers Suicune's electric weakness and doesn't share its weakness to grass (like many other ground-types), I used it in this team. It also can switch in Thunder Waves or most attacks with paralysis chance that can be dangerous for Gengar.
I forgot to teach Garchomp Outrage before I sent it to Gen 5, and didn't have TM Stone Edge and Rock Slide, so I kept the moveset it had, and it worked okay, but I missed Outrage sometimes, and I think I should use it over Dragon Claw or maybe Sub.
But Sub helps against many status users like Spiritomb with Will-O-Wisp or Grass-types with Leech Seed, and also against OHKO users.
As I didn't have a Life Orb and couldn't use Focus Sash (as Gengar already has one), I chose the berry to protect Garchomp against Ice attacks I don't expect or I cannot take with Suicune (because the opponent has a move that is problematic for Suicune).

Suicune got Scald in Gen 5, and I had heard it was really good now, so I tested it and it works quite well. It can set up on a lot of opponents and sweep whole teams with some boosts. It can also take status problems, as it can use Rest to remove burn, paralysis and poison, it's Chesto Berry can negate a sleep move at least once, and Scald can remove freezes, what is really great as it has to take many Ice type moves that were targeted at Garchomp. The biggest problem it has are crits, because I can't safely setup on many opponents as I always have to fear a crit, and I must Rest at relative high health if I don't want to risk a KO by crit.

I lost mainly due to misplay against a legendary team with Terrakion, Landorus and Virizion.
First I used Shadow Ball instead of Focus Blast against Terrakion, then I switched out to Garchomp (I thought Garchomp would be faster, because some battles before it was, and I didn't know the base speed of most new pokemon and I never use the subway moveset list while battling), Garchomp survived Stone Edge followed by Close Combat only with a few HP and then I sacrifized it against Landorus. Suicune killed Landorus (after taking ~30 % damage from Landorus' Attack (i forgot what it used), then Virizion killed it with a Leaf Blade Crit and Gengar couldn't do enough damage and was already down at 1 HP.

Battle Subway Doubles
Streak: 303
Team: Tyranitar, Latios, Excadrill, Gyarados

Tyranitar@Air Balloon
Adamant 172/252/4/0/4/76
Sand Stream
- Rock Slide
- Earthquake
- Crunch
- Protect

Latios@Life Orb
Timid 4/0/0/252/0/252
- Psychic
- Thunderbolt
- Draco Meteor
- Protect

Excadrill@Ground Gem
Adamant 4/252/44/0/36/172
Sand Rush
- Earthquake
- Rock Slide
- X-Scissor
- Protect

Gyarados@Lum Berry
Adamant 4/252/0/0/0/252
- Dragon Dance
- Waterfall
- Earthquake
- Bounce

The idea was to build a team based on Sand Stream with Excadrill. As Hippowdon is not really good in Doubles Tyranitar was soon set as second Pokemon. As I prefer doubles and as Tyranitar and Excadrill have many weaks in common a single Pokemon cannot cover, I build a team for doubles.
As Tyranitar and Excadrill share many weaknesses, especially against some multi-target-moves like Earthquake, Muddy Water or Surf, I didn't want to lead with both of them. If I would place neither of them in the lead position, this would limit the flexibility of my team, as I wouldn't be able to switch something in Water, Fighting or Ground type attacks. So I decided to lead with one of them and this one was Tyranitar, because I must first bring Sand Stream before Excadrill can use it.
Tyranitar has good bulk but lots of weaknesses, especially against Fighting, so I needed a Pokemon that can deal with most Fighting types, has a Ground immunity (as I already have two Earthquakes and Ground type weaknesses) and must be able to deal with as many opponents as possible. In Gen 4 I had used Latias successfully, but I thought in this team Latios would be better, because it can score more immediate OHKOs. Latios is a great partner for Tyranitar as he can OHKO almost every Fighting-type, is immune to ground and can hit almost everything hard with its powerful STAB attacks. Latios and Tyranitar also cover most of each other's weaknesses.
Then I needed one more Pokemon that covers types that might be dangerous for my team (Water, Ground, Fighting, Ice, Bug), and I didn't find many good pokemon that were not weak to one of those types and resist most of them. I finally choose Gyarados, as it resists Water, Fighting and Bug and is immune to Ground and neutral to Ice, and it has the great ability Intimidate that helps him as well as its partner to take physical attacks better.

Moveset Explanations:
Tyranitar has an adamant nature and max. Atk to hit as hard as possible, 76 Init-EVs help to outspeed all Metagross sets (except the naive one, that cannot OHKO with Meteor Mash) and also all Scizor sets, which is helpful as Scizor is annoying, because it can threaten both of my leads with it's super effective STAB and I cannot KO it in one or two hits. The other EVs are placed in the defense stats to maximize bulk.
The moves are nothing special, Rock Slide and Earthquake as useful multi-target-moves with good coverage and Crunch as secondary STAB with more power against a single target, and Protect is always useful in Doubles.
Air Balloon is a very useful item as it allows Excadrill (and Gyarados) to use Earthquake while Tyranitar still is able to attack and doesn't need to protect. Tyranitar also doesn't have to fear to be hit by a super effective Earthquake (or other ground type move) immediately, which also helps to switch in Excadrill safely without the risk of getting hit by Earthquake.

Latios' nature and EV split are straightforward, so that it can outspeed and OHKO almost every Fighting type as well as many other foes. Psychic is useful especially against Fighting types, but also as reliable STAB without negative side effects. Draco Meteor has imperfect accuracy and causes a SpA drop, but I sometimes need the pure power of this move to get a quick OHKO. It also OHKOes every Dragon type (even Haban Berry Kingdra is OHKOd most of the time), that could be problematic if I let them attack with their powerful STABs, especially Outrage because it's unpredictable and hits both Latios and Tyranitar hard. Thunderbolt hits Water and Flying types for super effective damage, as well as steels for neutral, so I don't have to use Draco Meteor so often.
Life Orb helps Latios to do even more damage and the recoil is acceptable for this massive power increase.

Excadrill has also maximized Attack to hit as hard as possible, 172 Speed EVs are enough to outspeed everything in the Battle Subway, the leftover EVs are put in the defenses to maximize bulk (as Excadrills HP base is already high it's better to put most of the EVs in the defenses, as my Excadrill does not have perfect IVs (HP and SDef are 28, all other important stats 31) I changed the split for maximum overall defenses a bit).
Earthquake is a powerful STAB and mulit-target move that gains additional power by Ground Gem, which allows Excadrill to get much more KOs. I didn't use Focus Sash because the sash is useless if I switch Excadrill in an attack (that is not electric or poison), and Excadrill has decent bulk and usually doesn't need the sash anyway. Rock Slide is another mulit-target move and again provides good coverage, X-Scissor rounds off the set and allows Excadrill to hit most Grass-types hard an it's useful sometimes when I cannot/don't want to use Earthquake.

Gyarados is totally offensive again, because it can still take hits well and should be able to hit as hard as possible and to kill the dangerous opponent before he kills one of my Pokemon. Dragon Dance is a great boost move that allows Gyarados to become faster than many foes, while boosting its already high attack. In spite of this, I don't use DD often because most times Gyarados just has to take hits and eliminate their users. But Dragon Dance is still usefull especially in close battles and it allows me to use freeturns from partner's protect (if used properly) or a double KO (usally from Excadrill's Earthquake) for a boost. Waterfall is a reliable STAB, Earthquake is useful because it hits both opponents and Bounce is great for coverage and a powerful move especially against Fighting and Grass types. It also can work as a pseudo-protect, I didn't use the real Protect as I thought all moves were too important to drop them, and Gyarados rarely needs Protect anyway.

Although this team obvioulsy works great, there are still many foes or effects that are dangerous to my team.
The Pokemon I feared most when playing this team was Ferrothorn, as it has high defenses on both sides, Latios cannot do much with not very effective attacks and the others also cannot do much more than trying to beat him with some neutral Earthquakes or Bounce. But even worser, Ferrothorn can use Curse to weaken those physical attacks while boosting its own Attack. I faced about 10 of them in my streak, and all but one I was able to beat as its team partners weren't really problematic for my team (and because they almost never used Gyro Ball, although I don't know why).

Ferrothorn is the most dangerous threat to my team, but there are much more pokemon and effects that are problematic for my team:
- Fighting types, that survive Latios' Psychic, especially Terrakion and Virizium, but as they always attack Tyranitar, I can just Protect and 2HKO them with Latios, if their partner doesn't threaten Latios
- Pokemon with Blizzard, as they both do massive damage to Latios and destroy Tyranitar's Balloon, and I don't have a good switch-in against Ice-type attacks; Freezes are rare, but annoying
- opposing pokemon that benefit from sandstorm, especially Sand Rush Excadrill, Garchomp and Gliscor, but also many Rock types
- steel types that don't take much damage from Earthquake and/or Latios' attacks (e.g. Ferrothorn, Scizor, Excavalier, Bronzong, Skarmory)
- other weather effects, also most times I get one or two kills while they setup the weather and then they lose anyway; and as my team doesn't depend too much on Sandstorm anyway, I can deal with teams that remove sandstorm and bring other weather effects without problems most of the time
- Trick Room (+Curse): Trick Room is annoying to a relativ fast team like mine, but usually i can just outstall those 4 turns with Protect and switches. But if one opponent brings Trick Room and the other uses a boost move, especially Curse, I am forced to attack, which almost led to a loss once, and in some other battles I had also problems because of this combination.
- Pokemon with random non-STAB Fighting attacks, mainly Focus Blast from Thundurus, Tornadus, Alakazam, Gardevoir, Regigigas, Regice..., but also others like Close Combat Arcanine and Superpower Flareon; but after playing a bit, those opponents become predictable (even without the subway moveset list), and I just Protect with Tyranitar or switch out to Gyarados if needed.
- Hax, but as items such as BrightPowder and Quick Claw as well as attacks like Double Team or OHKO moves became rarer, this is not such a big danger than it once was
- and maybe some more things I forgot to mention...

I lost to Scrafty, Charizard, Raichu and Ferrothorn: (video: 26-39851-65693)

Tyranitar + Latios vs. Scrafty + Charizard

Scrafty tightened its focus.
Charizard Crunch Crit on Latios, Latios fainted.
Tyranitar Rock Slide, Miss against Scrafty, Charizard fainted.
Scrafty Focus Punch, Tyranitar fainted.
Moxie raised Scrafty's Attack.

Gyarados + Excadrill vs. Scrafty + Raichu

Excadrill Earthquake, Raichu sash, Scrafty survives with ~ 40 %.
Raichu Thunderpunch, Gyarados fainted.
Scrafty Hi Jump Kick, Miss, Scrafty fainted.
Raichu was killed by Sandstorm.

Excadrill vs. Ferrothorn

Ferrothorn Protect, Excadrill Earthquake.

Excadrill Earthquake, Ferrothorn Gyro Ball crit, Excadrill fainted.


- You get a Lansat Berry after 105 and a Starf Berry after 203 battles (as someone posted here before), but you don't get anything after 301 battles, there is just a person saying something unimportant like "We both won 300 battles..."


Never give up!
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Black Battle Subway Super Single Battle record: 97, 54, 337, 264

Latios nicknamed LILY
Item: Choice Scarf*
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Timid
IVs: 29 / 2 / 29 / 29 / 31 / 31
EV spread: 244 HP / 204 defense / 62 speed
Lv.50 stats: 185 / 77 / 135 / 129 / 150 / 151 (226*)
~ Charm
~ Thunder Wave
~ Trick
~ Flash

YES I USED FLASH, SUE ME!!! I won´t get into detail, that move is just necessary, period. Funny thing about this latias is the fact that it outspeeds the scarf guillotine pinsir by exactly 1 point, which I didn´t know until I actually faced that pinsir. 136 is dead, long live 151, or you will eventually lose to 3-for-3 guillotines if you don´t outspeed and thunder wave.

Registeel nicknamed IRON FIST
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Clear Body
Nature: Careful
IVs: 31 / 31 / 27 / 23 / 27 / 9
EVs: 252 HP / 100 attack / 140 defense / 12 special defense / 6 speed
Lv.50 stats: 187 / 108 / 186 / 81 / 187 / 60
~ Iron Head
~ Substitute
~ Curse
~ Amnesia

As good as ever, maybe even better than in gen4 tower. Much more reliable than Garchomp when it comes to clean sweeps, you´ll know what I mean when you read the battle logs. I´d rather set up steel than chomp this generation, it was quite the oposite back in gen4. Registeel, you´re the best!

Garchomp nicknamed JETBAZOOKA
Item: Lum Berry
Ability: Sand Veil
Nature: Jolly
IVs: 31 / 31 / 31 / 22 / 31 / 31
EV spread: 252 attack / 6 defense / 252 speed
Lv.50 stats: 183 / 182 / 116 / 86 / 105 / 169
~ Swords Dance
~ Substitute
~ Earthquake
~ Outrage

Solid but not super awesome like in gen4. Too much stuff going on in the subway that is meant to screw over your sweep with chomp. Use with caution.

So I´ve decided to use the good old 2363 streak team because I was disappointed I couldn´t even get to 49 in singles (starmie-garchomp-skarmory´s best was 43 in about 7 tries and sashape-CMcune-specslatios´ best was 30 in 3 tries).

Trick doesn´t work in the subway? Well, it does, if you know what you´re doing and your team is as good as mine.

Let´s call the first two streaks "getting to know my stuff lol"...

Latias vs Jynx
Turn 1: Latias used Trick, Choice Scarf switched with Expert Belt, Jynx used Blizzard, Latias avoided it.
Turn 2: Jynx used Blizzard, Latias fainted (7/16 chance to OHKO if modest), I sent in Registeel.
Turn 3: Jynx used Blizzard, it froze Registeel, Registeel is frozen solid.
Turn 4: Jynx used Blizzard, Registeel is frozen solid.
Turn 5: Jynx used Blizzard, Registeel is frozen solid.
Turn 6: I switched to Gachomp, Jynx used Struggle.
Turn 7: Garchomp used Swords Dance, Jynx used Struggle.
Turn 8: Garchomp used Swords Dance, Jynx used Struggle.
Turn 9: Garchomp used Swords Dance, Jynx used Struggle and fainted (biggest mistake one can make), foe sent in Beartic.
Turn 10: Garchomp used Earthquake, Beartic fainted, foe sent in Cryogonal.
Turn 11: Cryogonal used Blizzard, Garchomp fainted, I sent in frozen Registeel. Here I misclicked Earthquake, anyway.
Turn 12: Crygonal used Sheer Cold, Registeel avoided it/it missed, Registeel is frozen solid.
Turn 13: Cryogonal used Sheer Cold, Registeel fainted.

Latias vs Exeggutor
Turn 1: trick, trick room. I lost here, should´ve just charmed/flashed/thunder waved. Basically anything except trick, steel resists everything.
Turn 2: switch to metagross, thunder wave
Turn 3-8: trick + 2 meteor mashes with one boost, latias fainted
Turn 9: garchomp used swords dance, metagross used meteor mash, a f... CH, garchomp fainted
Turn 10-??: Registeel cursed and beat metagross with 3-4 curses and some fully para despite facing quakes, at around 66 HP left.
Turn ??: foe´s choice locked Eggy wood hammers, CH, steel survives with like 5 HP and curses, then recovers HP slowly as wood hammer does like 8 HP and lefties recovers 11.
Turn when I have enough HP to sub after another wood hammer (50 something), eggy gets another CH to finish me off (a CH does around 58-70 dmg)

Funny thing that I experienced was a Granbull that Metronomed Explosion turn 1, which Latias survived with 1 HP

STREAK 3 (the actual record)

April 14th, 2011: Battles #1-49 without using the trainer/moveset list (I used the serebii trainer catalogue afterwards)

[size=-2]#50 vs Clerk Bank: Tyranitar, Salamence, Steelix. Trick-DD, charmed sala twice and set up steel on quake. 2-0
#51 vs Janitor Oscar: Charizard, Articuno, Gothitelle. Charmed the locked in crunch, reswitched and t-waved, set up chomp. 2-0
#52 vs Clerk Anora: Eelektross, Jolteon, Tangrowth. Charmed twice to lower predicted u-turn dmg, switched around to get latias back and trick, set up steel on shadow ball. 3-0
#53 vs Psychic Zaya: Gengar, Starmie, Espeon. Tricked into shadow ball, set up steel. 2-0
#54 vs Janitor: Abomasnow, Tricked into blizzard, t-waved, fully set up steel, 70/187 HP left. 2-0
#55 vs Depot Agent Isadore: Electivire, Lucario, Klinklang. Tricked into ice punch after protect, CH on the second punch, first hit on steel froze, thawed out right away, set up steel. 2-0
#56 vs Scientist Spacey: Hydreigon, Exeggutor, Weavile. Tricked into dragon rush, set up steel. 2-0
#57 vs Cyclist Margit: Feraligatr, Toxicroak, Unfezant. Tricked into ice punch, t-waved, charmed twice, set up steel, played safely against focus blast. 2-0
#58 vs Veteran Donta: Drapion, Flygon, Honchkrow. Tricked into SD, t-waved, charmed, charmed incoming flygon, charmed twice more on outrage, switched to registeel, reswitched but got 2 CH outrages, low HP sub+1 curse, he crunched, outraged, stone edged, outraged, hurt itself but no quake, fully set up steel. 3-0
#59 vs Clerk Elwin: Tyranitar, Hippowdon, Excadrill. Tricked into DD, t-waved, charmed twice, flashed, switched to chomp as he switched to hippo, sub-yawn, SD-yawn, quake-sitrus-yawn, exca broke sub. 3-0
#60 vs Ace Trainer Gwen: Gardevoir, Gyarados, Glaceon. Tricked into shadow ball, set up steel. 3-0
#61 vs Scientist Charis: Mamoswine. Trick-ice fang-freeze, thawed out-charm-ice fang-freeze, fozen-ice fang-avoided...set up steel, klinklang CH bolt sub broke, curserest umby got a CH iron head in the face. 2-0
#62 vs Doctor Dwight: Victreebel, Vileplume, Manectric. Trick-gastro acid, t-waved the incoming plume-lum, t-wave + 6x flash, chomp sub+1SD. 3-0
#63 vs Battle Girl Queenie: Medicham, Aggron, Ninetales. Flashed cham missed all three hi-jump kicks and fainted, reswitched and tricked aggro into stone edge, 2xcharm + t-wave, set up 2SD chomp on struggle. 3-0
#64 vs Harlequin Athos: Slowking, Seismitoad, Gigalith. Flashed 6 times, set up steel. 3-0
#65 vs Backpacker Simone: Alakazam, Tauros, Samurott. Flashed 6 times, set up steel. 3-0
#66 vs Clerk Anette: Dragonite, Flareon, Leafeon. Charmed twice on CB outrage, set up steel, 2 CHs on sub. 3-0
#67 vs Battle Girl Queenie: Machamp, Gallade, Charizard. Tricked into payback, charm, almost fully set up steel but decided to set up chomp on struggle because of trainer type, sub+1SD. 2-0
#68 vs PKMN Breeder Janet: Scizor, Houndoom, Gardevoir. Tricked into bug bite, charmed, set up steel but zor got 3 CHs so I let him die to struggle to recover HP.
#69 vs Socialite Aparna. Heatran, Articuno, Tornadus. Tricked the sash one into flash cannon, t-waved + charm to ease the set up for chomp, PP wasted flash cannon, fully set up chomp, outrage hit DT tornadus. 2-0
#70 vs Veteran Donta: Braviary, Hydreigon, Gallade. Charm-tail wind, charm-giga impact, charm, reswitch, t-wave, reswitch, trick-giga impact, steel absorbed, switch on recharge to chomp, fully set up chomp. 3-0
#71 vs Harlequin Aramis: Golem, Reuniclus, Hippowdon. Trick-fling, 3xcharm, 6xflash, golem exploded on the 6th, latias with 12HP left, charmed reuniclus, fully set up chomp. 2-0
#72 vs Pilot Artemas: Gyarados, Dragonite, Aerodactyl. T-wave-DD, reswitch-DD, charmed 5 times, reswitch, flashed 6 times, set up chomp...misclicked outrage after sub, lucky there. 3-0
#73 vs Ace Trainer Palm: Ferrothorn, Arcanine, Krookodile. Charm-curse/payback, reswitch 6xflash-curse/payback, reswitch charm/gyro ball, PP wasted attacks, fully set up chomp on rest. 3-0
#74 vs Psychic Solongo: Spiritomb, Froslass, Medicham . Flash 4 times until burned, switched to chomp on foe´s sub, set up chomp, lucky against froslass which missed its first blizzard (sash). 3-0
#75 vs Biker Philipo: Weavile, Metagross, Yanmega. Fake out, protect, trick-ice punch, set up steel. 2-0
#76 vs Worker Roman: Vanilluxe, Mamoswine, Glaceon. T-wave-natural gift, set up steel on physical ice cream. 3-0
#77 vs Ace Trainer Reigel: Scrafty, Claydol, Krookodile. Protect-charm, charm-bulk up, charm-payback CH-moxie, chomp sub-drain punch, SD-DP-sub broke, sub-bulk up, quake, quake-payback sub broke, quake. 2-0
#78 vs Psychic Sambala: Golurk, Exeggutor, Gardevoir. Trick-fling failed, 3xcharm + 3xflash, set up chomp. 2-0
#79 vs Veteran Colobmbo: Virizion, Registeel, Regigigas. Charm-SD x-times, reswitch charm-SD/attack x-times, reswitch 5xflash-3xSD+CH sacred, sacrificed steel, used up all charm PP, set up chomp. 2-0
#80 vs Psychic Zaya: Jynx, Medicham, Bronzong. Protect-flash, flash-blizzard, flash-blizzard, LK-steel asleep, psychic-avoided, woke up-sub, set up steel. 2-0
#81 vs Clerk Anora: Aggron, Steelix, Krookodile. Trick-iron tail, 2xcharm-IT, t-wave-fully, 2xflash, set up chomp, no lix QC activation. 2-0
#82 vs Clerk Elwin: Porygon2, Luxray, Lickilicky. trick-ice beam, t-wave-para, set up registeel. 3-0
#83 vs Scientist Shan: Hydreigon, Vaporeon, Starmie. Tricked into dragon rush, set up steel. 2-0
#84 vs Baker Vespera: Arcanine, Vileplume, Liligant. Tricked 9 into d-pulse, t-wave, set up steel. 3-0
#85 vs PKMN Ranger Skyblue: Luxray, Eelektross, Vaporeon. Charm-white herb-ice fang, charm-thunder wave, ice fang CH-latias fainted, t-wave-sub, set up steel. 2-0
#86 vs Fisherman Fird: Starmie, Carracosta, Vaporeon. Tricked into ice beam, flashed twice, set up steel. 2-0
#87 vs PKMN Breeder Eoin: Gigalith, Roserade, Blissey. charm-curse...reswitch flash-slide...reswitch charm-PP wasted curse&slide, set up chomp, 3-0
#88 vs Ace Trainer Palm: Quagsire, Krookodile, Tauros. 6xflash-4xcurse/1xamnesia/1xwaterfall, reswitch, charm to –6, set up chomp. 3-0
#89 vs PKMN Ranger Mouse: Vespiquen, Exploud, Ludicolo. 3xCharm, set up steel. 3-0
#90 vs Ace Trainer Gwen: Glaceon, Braviary, Weavile. Detect-flash, flash-avoided blizzard, flash-blizzard-fainted, set up steel. 2-0
#91 vs Worker Valéry: Vanilluxe, Mamoswine, Froslass. t-wave-acid armor, switch to registeel tried to set up, sub+1amnesia+2curse, taunted. 3-0
#92 vs Biker Philipo: Escavalier, Bronzong, Yanmega. 4xcharm-megahorn, set up registeel. 2-0
#93 vs Ace Trainer Reigel: Blissey, Claydol, Salamence. 6xflash, set up steel. 3-0
#94 vs Psychic Sambala: Gardevoir, Alakazam, Mr. Mime. Tricked into shadow ball, set up steel. 3-0
#95 vs PKMN Breeder Manford: Gigalith, Electivire, Steelix. 8xcharm, reswitch, 6xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#96 vs Black Belt Enpi: Infernape, Volcarona, Scizor. 3xcharm, tried to set up chomp, encored my SD, back to burned Latias, 2xflash, fainted, set up sub+1SD chomp and quaked, ape missed 3x, outraged. 2-0
#97 vs Pilot Chand: Aerodactyl, . charm-slide, charm-slide, charm-slide avoided, set up steel, raptor CH CC, kiss psych up spam. 3-0
#98 vs Nurse Panarat: Floatzel, Golem, Mr. Mime. Protect-trick, trick-waterfall, t-wave, 3xcharm, 6xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#99 vs Artist Rikkyu: Claydol, Bronzong, Klinklang. 8xflash-CM/ice beam, switched to steel and set up. 3-0
#100 vs Black Belt Unsu: Steelix, Forretress, Blaziken. 7xcharm-curse/payback, reswitch, 6xflash, reswitch, charm-PP waster gyro/payback, set up chomp. 3-0
#101 vs Cyclist Marion: Floatzel, Weezing, Cradily. Flash-rain dance, ice beam-flash, ice beam CH-latias fainted, focus blast hit-amnesia, FB #2,3,4,5 avoided, set up steel. 2-0
#102 vs Janitor Eric: Breloom, Dewgong, Jolteon. 3xcharm-stun spore, set up chomp. 3-0
#103 vs PKMN Ranger Skyblue: Electivire, Drapion, Garchomp. tricked into signal beam, set up steel, drapion 2CH quakes in a row, both on my sub. 3-0
#104 vs Socialite ???: Regirock, Latios, Cobalion. Trick-lefties-curse, t-wave-curse, flash-curse, t-wave-curse, switch-t-wave-latios, charm-white herb-para, flash-dm-latias fainted, set up steel, CM cobalion. 2-0
#105 vs Veteran Jeune: Heatran, Latias, Terrakion. Flash-dark pulse (set1), reswitch-lava plume-burn, tricked into flash cannon, set up steel. 2-0
#106 vs PKMN Ranger Smokey: Gothitelle, Poliwrath, Altaria. 6xflash, set up steel. 3-0
#107 vs Parasol Lady Hilary: Empoleon, Carracosta, Gastrodon. 3xflash-blizzard, set up steel. 2-0
#108 vs Clerk Elwin: Metagross, Bouffalant, Weavile. Bullet punch-trick, t-wave-MM, 2 boosts, 10/10 hit, steel fully set up, 175/187 HP. 2-0
#109 vs Veteran Hecate: Dragonite, Bronzong, Scizor. Tricked into fire punch-burn, t-wave + 3xcharm, CH punch broke first sub, set up chomp. 2-0
#110 vs Worker Quinn: Hippowdon, Shuckle, Gigalith. Charm-yawn, switch-crunch, switch-yawn, reswitch, 2xcharm, reswitch, tricked into crunch, set up chomp. 3-0
#111 vs Fisherman Humfrey: Samurott, Vanilluxe, Tentacruel. Detect-flash, flash-blizzard, flash-blizzard-fainted, set up steel. 2-0
#112 vs Ace Trainer Reigel: Scrafty, Krookodile, Ferrothorn. Tricked into payback, charm, set up steel. 3-0
#113 vs Doctor Levant: Kangaskhan, Marowak, Golem. Fake out-flinched, charm-sub, set up steel. 3-0
#114 vs Backpacker Felton: Arcanine, Flygon, Lucario. 6xflash-thrower/sunny fainted latias, tried to set up chomp, solarbeamCH broke sub, sub-sunny day, SD-avoided solarbeam, quake-outrage-outrage. 2-0
#115 vs Cyclist Margit: Toxicroak, Druddigon, Samurott. Tricked into shadow ball, set up steel. 3-0
#116 vs Veteran Hecate: Ninetales, Rapidash, Milotic. Trick-CM, t-waved the incoming rapi, 3xcharm, 6xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#117 vs Maid Fesan: Feraligatr, Torterra, Venusaur. Tricked into ice punch, t-wave, charm, set up steel. 3-0
#118 vs Veteran Colombo: Tornadus, Entei, Latios. flash-avoided hurricane, flash-hurricane-LO (set1), reswitch, tricked into hurricane, hurricane-steel confused-hurt itself, tried to set up chomp, hurricane (oh shit 10 PP!) avoided, back to steel, steel sets up sub, 3xamnesia & 3xcurse, IH-CM, IH-thrower, IH-thrower sub broke, chestorest-sub, IH-CM, IH-CM, ...I don´t remember the exact process, was focusing on the battle, but I managed another curse when he rested, then got in 2-3 IHs (only 6PP left) and switched in chomp on the predicted rest, set up sub+1SD, quaked entei, outraged latios. 2-0
#119 vs Psychic Solongo: Espeon, Froslass, Dusknoir. Tricked into shadow ball, set up steel, stalled d-bond, fell to noir´s bond. 2-0
#120 vs Psychic Longo: Slowbro, Gardevoir, Bronzong. Flash-TR, blizzard-frozen, didn´t thaw out, tried to set up steel, first surf CH...garde bolt CH... 2-0
#121 vs Scientist Charis: Haxorus, . Trick-DD, t-waved incoming chandelure, switch to chomp-shadow ball, sub-shadow ball, quake-KO, haxorus quake-chomp KO, latias t-wave+3xcharm+6xflash (no mold breaker), set up steel only 2curse+1amnesia behind a sub, gyara used DD/rest and steel got a CH after 1 more curse. 2-0
#122 vs Roughneck Proteus: Vanilluxe, Mamoswine, Cryogonal. T-wave-hail, t-wave-para, t-wave-blizzard CH, tried to set up steel, flashC-SC-hail-bliz-SChit-bliz-hail-flashC, 2curse+3amnesia behind sub, iron head, mamo fissure avoided, cryo flash cannon. 2-0
#123 vs Cyclist Dante: Blastoise, Lanturn, Vileplume. Fake out, trick-avalanche, 3xcharm+t-wave, ava CH, set up steel. 2-0
#124 vs Backpacker Cedric: Feraligatr, Exploud, Sawk. Charm-block, charm-aqua jet/screech (23 turns), set up chomp. 2-0
#125 vs Policeman Bobemon: Scrafty, Tauros, Liligant. Trick-bulk up, t-waved incoming tauros, 3xcharm+2xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#126 vs Psychic Boldbat: Bronzong, Metagross, Espeon. 3xcharm, reswitch, 6xflash, set up sub+1SD chomp. 3-0
#127 vs PKMN Ranger Terran: Altaria, Lanturn, Absol. Trick-DD, t-waved incoming lanturn, 6xflash+2xcharm, set up steel. 2-0
#128 vs Cyclist Marion: Cofagrigus, Breloom, Mr. Mime. 4xflash switched to steel on shadow ball when TR was about to end, sub, set up. 3-0
#129 vs Baker Judy: Typhlosion, Liligant, Tangrowth. Tricked into lava plume-burn, 3xflash, set up sub+1SD chomp. 2-0
#130 vs Veteran Hecate: Braviary, Archeops, Tentacruel. Charm-tailwind, giga impact-charm, charm-recharge, reswitch, t-wave-tailwind, reswitch, flash-keen eye (nub), fully set up chomp. 3-0
#131 vs Depot Agent Isadore: Manectric, Electivire, Jolteon. Tricked into bolt (set3 air baloon), sub on chomp, foe´s vire broke sub with ice punch (shuca), tric used overheat, set up sub+1SD. 3-0
#132 vs Backpacker Wald: Tangrowth, Vaporeon, Aerodactyl. 6xflash-fainted to toxic/seed, set up chomp but 48/183 HP left, 2giga drains hit. 2-0
#133 vs Clerk Anette: Haxorus, Lapras, Porygon-Z. 2xcharm-outrage, fully set up steel (18 dmg). 2-0 [/size]

[size=-2]#134 vs Policeman Bobemon: Mandibuzz, Tangrowth, Ferrothorn . Flash-avoided toxic, flash-flatter, switching back and forth, flash in-between, then t-wave, set up chomp. 3-0
#135 vs Biker Petro: Spiritomb, Weavile, Escavalier. 6xflash-sneak/w-o-w, chomp burned-lum, set up chomp, sash vile broke sub, sacrificed latias to set up steel, taunted after sub, flinched esca, it used quick guard. 2-0
#136 vs Ace Trainer Farley: Tangrowth, Archeops, Eelektross. Tricked into power whip, t-wave+3xcharm+6xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#137 vs Nursery Aid Evelyn: Umbreon, Vaporeon, Glaceon. Charm-screech, charm-faint attack CH KO, set up chomp. 2-0
#138 vs Waitress Roe: Lickilicky, Wailord, Glaceon. 12xcharm-curse/gyro ball (PP wasted), set up chomp. 3-0
#139 vs PKMN Breeder Manford: Machamp, Ursaring, Glaceon. Tricked into payback, charm, set up steel. 2-0
#140 vs Roughneck Proteus: Whiscash, Pinsir, Donphan. Tricked into muddy water, 6xflash+3xcharm, set up sub+2SD on chomp, no phan QC activation. 3-0
#141 vs Veteran Colombo: Regice, Cresselia, Virizion. trick-amnesia, t-wave-amnesia, t-wave-amnesia, t-waved incoming cresselia-lum, t-wave-icy wind, 6xflash, set up steel. 3-0
#142 vs PKMN Ranger Ivy: Leafeon, Gigalith, Slaking. 3xcharm, reswitch, 6xflash, set up chomp, forgot about custap-explo broke sub, ldidn´t backfire. 3-0
#143 vs Worker Hayes: Excadrill, Ferrothorn, Dugtrio. Charm-SD/metal claw/sound 15 turns, set up steel, drill at 1% and didn´t want to risk facing terrakion unsubbed ->latias, charmed to –6, set up sub+2SD chomp. 2-0
#144 vs Cyclist Dante: Toxicroak, Tauros, Carracosta. Tricked into shadow ball, set up steel. 3-0
#145 vs Clerk Elwin: Roserade, Weavile, Shuckle. Flash-herb-grasswhistle-asleep, asleep-hyperB, asleep-recharge, asleep-hyper, flash-recharge, flash-sludge bomb KO, set up steel. 2-0
#146 vs Biker Philipo: Dragonite, Spiritomb, Togekiss. Trick–t-wave, incoming spiritomb-para on attempted t-wave, taunted on attempted t-wave, went to steel, sub+2curse, taunted, IH 2HKO, kiss, heat wave-amnesia x3, burned-sub, attacked until kiss at 15% HP, steel fell, latias tried to t-wave but got flinched 3-times in a row but last turn its custap activated and t-waved kiss, chomp outraged right away. 1-0
#147 vs Psychic Boldbat: Froslass, Gothitelle, Musharna. Tricked into blizzard-avoided, avoided-t-wave, charm-CH bliz-sash, charm-bliz KO, steel absorbed last blizzard PP, set up chomp on struggle. 2-0
#148 vs Depot Agent Isadore: Lucario, Zebstrika, Klinklang. Tricked into shadow ball, set up steel. 3-0
#149 vs Roughneck Ganymed: Gliscor, Walrein, Bastiodon. Tricked into counter, didn´t (!) switch out, set up chomp. 3-0
#150 vs Scientist Stubs, Ludicolo, Alakazam, Torterra. Flashx5, reswitch, t-wave, set up steel. 3-0
#151 vs Worker Hayes: Regirock, Hippowdon, Aerodactyl. Trick-curse, charmed incoming hippo, flash-curse, charm-curse, charm-curse, flash-curse, flash-crunch, charm-miss, flash-miss...until –6/-6, set up chomp. 3-0
#152 vs Clerk Bank: Jolteon, Hippowdon, Machamp. 2xflash, switching, trick after rain but it yawned, double switch steel-hippo, switching/yawn, 2charms, latis fainted, set up chomp, scarfchamp missed ice punch. 2-0
#153 vs Harlequin Athos: Hippowdon, Conkeldurr, Exeggutor. 5xcharm/curse, reswitch, trick into crunch, set up steel. 3-0
#154 vs Veteran Risha: Articuno, Moltres, Tornadus. t-wave-lum-mind reader, t-wave-mind reader, sacrificed latias to 2 ice beams, set up steel. 2-0
#155 vs Waitress Roe: Salamence, Mineshao, Togekiss. trick-DD, t-waved incoming mienshao, 3xcharm, 6xflash-HJK self KO, sala d-claw, set up steel. 3-0
#156 vs Janitor Oscar: Musharna, Mismagius, Typhlosion. 6xflash-CM/hypno, set up chomp. 3-0
#157 vs Backpacker Wald: Bouffalant, Ninetales, Weavile. 3xcharm, set up steel. 3-0
#158 vs Baker Vespera: Tangrowth, Liligant, Vileplume. Tricked into wring out, t-wave+3xcharm+1xflash, set up sub+2SD chomp. 3-0
#159 vs Scientist Stubs: Blaziken, Victreebel, Cofagrigus. Tricked into flare blitz, t-wave, 3xcharm, 6xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#160 vs Artist Hacikan: Bronzong, Starmie, Probopass. 3xcharm-iron head (set3), reswitch, trick-zenbutt, t-wave, 6xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#161 vs PKMN Breeder Manford: Bouffalant, Muk, Luxray. Protect-trick, protect-failed-trick, trick incoming muk (oh it was locked?), 3xcharm+trick back, latias fainted. Tried to set up chomp, broke sub on last SD, WTH flinched me twice in a row with shadow sneak??? Oh, is that stench? That´s cool...followed by a CH shadow sneak ugh not so cool anymore...set up a sub with low HP. 2-0
#162 vs Janitor Oscar: Moltres, Lanturn, Togekiss. Tricked into incinerate, t-wave, 6xflash, 3xcharm, set up chomp. 3-0
#163 vs Clerk Elwin: Hippowdon, Espeon, Gardevoir. Charm-crunch CH 16HP left, charm-crunch-KO, set up chomp, garde traced veil and avoided first quake. 2-0
#164 vs Harlequin Athos: Marowak, Slowbro, Exeggutor. trick-fling, 3xcharm, 6xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#165 vs Worker Roman: Vanilluxe, Abomasnow, Froslass. t-wave-icy wind CH 11 HP left (set1), set up steel. 2-0
#166 vs Cyclist Marion: Slowbro, Lopunny, Musharna. 6xflash, set up steel. 3-0
#167 vs Fisherman Fird: Politoed, Samurott, Starmie. Trick-belly drum, t-wave-drum, charm-drum, flashed incoming samurott, t-wave+5xflash-latias fainted, set up steel. 2-0
#168 vs Black Belt Unsu: Forretress, Infernape, Charizard. 3xcharm, switch to steel, stub+2xcurse-explosion, beat both fire types 1on1. 3-0
#169 vs Parasol Lady Hilary: Zebstrika, Lapras. Floatzel. Switch to chomp-t-wave, switch to lapras-sub, SD-ice beam, outrage. 3-0
#170 vs Veteran Colombo: Suicune, Zapdos, Registeel. Trick-ice beam-freeze, ice beam-frozen-sitrus, IB-fainted, set up steel. 2-0
#171 vs Clerk Anette: Espeon, Starmie, Walrein. Tricked into shadow ball, set up steel. 3-0
#172 vs Worker Roman: Abomasnow, Jynx, Beartic. Tricked into blizzard, t-wave, set up steel. 2-0
#173 vs Scientist Shan: Eelektross, Beartic, Bronzong. Tricked into flamethrower, t-wave, 6xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#174 vs Psychic Boldbat: Chandelure, Golurk, Gallade. Trick-CM, t-wave-CM, t-wave failed on incoming golurk, trick-gave lefties-fling failed, 3xcharm+3xflash, KO by 6th shadow punch, set up chomp. 2-0
#175 vs Backpacker Felton: Aggron, Porygon2, Shuckle. Flash-stealth rock, flash-metal burst, flash-roar, IH-flinch, switch-avoided roar, flashx2, roar, SD-MB, sub-avoided roar, quake, outrage, quake. 3-0 [/size]

[size=-2]#176 vs Ace Trainer Farley: Walrein, Vaporeon, Gallade. trick-avoided-sheer cold-avoided, trick-sheer cold avoided, t-wave-sheer cold OHKO, set up sub+2SD chomp (5th SC hit). 2-0
#177 vs Gentleman Camus: Articuno, Heatran, Virizion. t-wave-lum-ice beam (set2), t-wave-para, t-wave-IB KO, set up steel, arti was para 7 times in a row. 2-0
#178 vs Worker Roman: Walrein, Froslass, Jynx. Trick-curse, t-waved incoming froslass, trick-icy rock-blizzard, flash-avoided bliz, flash-avoided bliz, flash-shadow ball KO, set up steel. 2-0
#179 vs Janitor Oscar: Luxray, Suicune, Togekiss. Trick-discharge, swtich to chomp, foe brought cune-chomp sub, SD-blizzard broke sub, outrage, outrage-lum, quake. 3-0
#180 vs Psychic Khaan: Gengar, Reuniclus, Gothitelle. Tricked into shadow ball, set up steel, gar got 2CHs in a row so I let it struggle to recover HP, got another CH with struggle which let me get an unscathed sub up. 2-0
#181 vs Clerk Ulfgang: Alakazam, Tauros, Zebstrika. Flash-zam disabled flash, switched to chomp, switch in tauros-chomp sub, set up sub+2SD chomp. 3-0
#182 vs Worker Hayes: Garchomp, Hippowdon, Tyranitar. 3xcharm-sandstorm/protect, reswitch, 6xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#183 vs Backpacker Simone: Nidoqueen, Charizard, Jynx. 6xflash, reswitch, 3xcharm, set up chomp. 3-0
#184 vs Clerk Faust: Escavalier, Seismitoad, Absol. 2xcharm, reswitch, trick-swagger-avoided, trick-swagger hit, 5xflash, set up chomp. 2-0
#185 vs Veteran Colombo: Landorus, Regice, Motlres. Tricked into sludge bomb-poisoned, 2xflash, fully set up chomp. 2-0
#186 vs Ace Trainer Gwen: Vaporeon, Salamence, Magnezone. Tricked into ice beam, t-waved, set up steel. 3-0
#187 vs Veteran Risha: Articuno, Landorus, Regigigas. T-wave-para, switch in steel-blizzard, set up steel, arti got a CH twice in a row with fly, lando sand force ground gem quake broke sub but second quake didn´t. 3-0
#188 vs Janitor Oscar: Empoleon, Electrode, Umbreon. Tricked into icy wind, set up steel. 3-0
#189 vs PKMN Ranger Paula: Quagsire, Marowak, Serperior. Tricked into ice punch, 3xcharm, set up steel. 3-0
#190 vs Artist Hacikan: Bronzong, Metagross, Forretress. 6xflash, set up sub+2SD chomp. 3-0
#191 vs Black Belt Enpi: Bastiodon, Aggron, Ninetales. 8xcharm, reswitch, 6xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#192 vs Scientist Therese: Eelektross, Porygon2, Donphan. Protect-trick, tricked into thrower-burned, t-wave+6xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#193 vs Harlequin Athos: Cofagrigus, Hariyama, Golem. 2xflash-TR/shadow ball, set up steel. 2-0
#194 vs Maid Anguile: Charizard, Typhlosion, Sceptile. Trick-scarf-crunch, set up steel. 3-0
#195 vs Roughneck Ganymed: Rhyperior, Pinsir, Whiscash. Tricked into horn drill (3rd one hit-sash), 3xcharm, set up sub+1SD chomp on struggle. 2-0
#196 vs PKMN Breeder Manford: Ninetales, Volcarona, Probopass. Trick-CM, t-waved incoming volcarona, 13xflash-3xquiver dance/bug buzz, tried to set up chomp, sub-quiver, SD-hurricane miss, SD-bug buzz broke sub, sub-hurricane broke sub, sub-para, quake, quake (no sturdy), outrage. 2-0
#197 vs Waitress Roe: Salamence, Klinklang, Ursaring. Trick-DD, t-waved incoming klink, 7xflash-autotomize, sub+2SD chomp. 3-0
#198 vs Psychic Solongo: Metagross, Drifblim, Gengar. Protect-trick, tricked into MM, t-wave, curse-para, curse-para, curse-mm, curse-mm, mm CH attack boost-sub...CH struggle1...fully set up steel 120/187 HP, CH bolt sub broke+aftermath. 2-0
#199 vs Scientist Spacey: Dusknoir, Tyranitar, Snorlax. 3xcharm, set up steel. 3-0
#200 vs Veteran Hecate: Mienshao, Muk, Tyranitar. Fake out-flinched, feint-flash, 5xflash HJK recoil-mienshao fainted, 30 HP left, muk shadow sneak on switch in to steel, QC BB CH, 2x curse, iron head 50% but fainted next turn, chomp tried to quake KO but muk´s QC activated-gunk shot miss, ttar slide-quake 2HKO, ugh close one. 2-0
#201 vs Roughneck Proteus: Wailord, Donphan, Whiscash. Flash-blizzard (why flash?), reswitch, tricked into bliz, 3xcharm+t-wave, set up sub+2SD chomp, phan fissure avoided. 2-0
#202 vs Clerk Elwin: Claydol, Mamoswine, Umbreon. Tricked into ice beam, 2xflash, set up steel, mamo hail-avoided iron head, quake-sub broke-sub, fissure-sub broke-IH KO, psych up spamming umby. 2-0
#203 vs Black Belt Harimao: Gallade, Aggron, Ninetales. Tricked into close combat, 3xcharm+t-wave, set up sub+2SD chomp. 3-0
#204 vs Waiter Gonyan: Haxorus, Pinsir, Blissey. Tricked into outrage, set up steel (just 1CH). 2-0
#205 vs Backpacker Felton: Dragonite, Kingdra, Espeon. 3xcharm (flinched 5 times in a row after 1st charm), set up chomp. 3-0
#206 vs Black Belt Harimao: Escavalier, Sawk, Skarmory. 3xcharm-third megahorn fainted latias, set up steel, CH iron head broke sub, followed by swagger hurting itself and megahorn CH, swagger miss and another CH megahorn on sub this time, steel got a CH iron head that brought esca to 5% HP, reversal didn´t break sub, last poké skarm whirl winded me out but it didn´t matter. 2-0
#207 vs Cyclist Margit: Durant, Mr. Mime, Bastiodon. 3xcharm, set up steel. 3-0
#208 vs Worker Valéry: Walrein, Beartic, Froslass. Trick-curse, t-waved the incoming beartic, 3xcharm+6xflash vs icy wind, set up steel. 2-0
#209 vs Roughneck Proteus: Vanilluxe, . Tricked into sheer cold (oh shit! should´ve t-waved like I intended to) avoided, t-waved (huh slower?), 3xcharm+1flash, 4th SC hit, 5th hit against steel´s sub, set up 5curses as there´s only one special attacker, of course it came in second-wailord, pump-broke sub-amnesia, pump-sub, pump avoided-amnesia, pump-iron head 50%, fissure-sub broke-IH KO, walrein, tried to sub but first fissure hit...garchomp vs OHKOrein...sub-SC hit-sub broke bad start, sub-avoided second one, SD-avoided third one, quake-70%dmg-avoided fourth one, quake KO. YES! 1-0
#210 vs Biker Philipo: Garchomp, Yanmega, Gyarados. Trick-sash-SD, charmed incoming yanmega, t-wave-swagger (set2), flash through confusion-sub (speed boost), set up steel. 2-0
#211 vs Veteran Ginger: Wailord, Gallade, Heracross. Tricked into blizzard, t-wave-bliz-KO, pp wasted bliz with steel, set up sub+2SD chomp. 2-0
#212 vs Veteran Risha: Tornadus, Thundurus, Regigigas. Flash-avoided hurricane, flash-avoided hurricane, flash-hurricane 75/185HP left, reswitch, tricked into dark pulse, set up steel. 2-0
#213 vs Ace Trainer Palm: Weezing, Scrafty, Mandibuzz. 7xflash until burned, set up chomp. 3-0
#214 vs Ace Trainer Farley: Conkeldurr, Flygon, Umbreon. Trick-fling, 3xcharm, 6xflash, t-wave, set up chomp. 3-0
#215 vs Backpacker Felton: Luxray, Heracross, Houndoom. Trick-swagger, sent in steel-swagger, back to latias-heracross, 29xcharm+x-times flash-SD/pursuit/AA, -6atk KOd latias, set up sub+2SD chomp, outrage. 2-0
#216 vs Harlequin Aramis: Gigalith, Slowking, Tyranitar. 11xCharm-curse/slide/stealth rock, reswitch, flash-2xcurse and slide CH KO, set up sub+2SD chomp. 2-0
#217 vs Nursery Aide Chachi: Vaporeon, Glaceon, Leafeon. Tricked into shadow ball, set up steel. 3-0
#218 vs Clerk Bank: Metagross, Gliscor, Lapras. Tricked into MM, t-wave-MM, ineffective flash-MM KO, set up steel. 2-0
#219 vs Biker Philipo: Garchomp, Salamence, Bronzong. Trick-scary face, t-waved incoming sala, 2xcharm-2xpara, flash-DM, charm-DM miss, 5xflash latias fainted, set up steel. 2-0
#220 vs Ace Trainer Palm: Gyarados, Arcanine, Scrafty. 4xFlash-DD/aqua tail, reswitch-DDx2, trick-DD (...), t-wave, flash, flashed incoming arcanine, crunch-25HP left-charm, miss-t-wave, miss charm, charm-crunch KO, set up chomp. 2-0
#221 vs Socialite Aparna: Suicune, Raikou, Cresselia. Trick-CM, t-wave-CM, t-wave-CM, t-waved incoming raikou, 6xflash-CM/shadow ball/magnet rise (set 2), chomp sub-magnet rise, SD-shadow ball broke sub, sub-avoided SB, outrage, outrage-cune ice beam broke sub-lum cured confusion, cresse avoided outrage-trick room, psychic-outrage CH OHKO. 2-0
#222 vs Policeman Bobemon: Wailord, Roserade, Blissey. 8xcharm-avalanche/aqua ring/6xcurse, set up steel, first IH CH 85% but does less dmg than recovery, back to latias, tricked into waterfall, t-wave+4xflash, set up sub+2SD chomp. 3-0
#223 vs Ace Trainer Gwen: Muk, Porygon-Z, Shuckle. 3xcharm, tried to reswitch but muk boomed on steel (12 dmg), pory-z, back to latias but tricked into tri attack, set up steel anyway. 2-0
#224 vs Black Belt Unsu: Scizor, Conkeldurr, Darmanitan. Tricked into bug bite, charm-fainted, set up steel. 2-0 [/size]

[size=-2]#225 vs Fisherman Fird: Wailord, Empoleon, Tentacruel. Tricked into curse, t-waved incoming empoleon, flash-sub, set up steel. 3-0
#226 vs Doctor Dwight: Vespiquen, Druddigon, Vileplume. Tricked into attack order, charm-fainted, set up steel. 2-0
#227 vs PKMN Breeder Shawna: Dusknoir, Walrein, Flareon. 3xcharm, set up chomp. 3-0
#228 vs Battle Girl Flush: Rapidash, Hariyama, Ferrothorn.Tricked into megahorn (should´ve charmed instead), set up steel. 2-0
#229 vs PKMN Ranger Ivy: Electivire, Tyranitar, Gyarados. Tricked into signal beam, set up steel. 3-0
#230 vs Depot Agent Ramses: Lucario, Zebstrika, Electrode. Tricked into shadow claw, charm, t-wave, charm-para, charm-fainted, set up chomp. 2-0
#231 vs Backpacker Felton: Steelix, Volcarona, Probopass. 8xcharm, reswitch, 6xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#232 vs Ace Trainer Gwen: Honchkrow, . Trick-t-wave, t-waved incoming eggy-lum, t-wave, 3xcharm, switch to steel, explosion-sub, honch kept on t-waving the sub 4times then sent in lix, registeel won. 3-0
#233 vs Nurse Saisune: Blaziken, Toxicroak, Ambipom. Tricked into flare blitz, blitz CH-t-wave, 3xcharm, set up sub+2SD chomp. 2-0
#234 vs PKMN Breeder Shawna: Rhyperior, Arcanine, Scizor. Tricked into slide, 3xcharm, 2xflash-fainted, set up chomp. 2-0
#235 vs Nursery Aide Chachi: Flareon, Glaceon, Umbreon. Tricked into W-o-W, t-waved incoming glaceon, flash-blizzard OHKO, set up steel. 2-0
#236 vs Black Belt Harimao: Charizard, Houndoom, Sawk. Trick-drum, t-waved incoming doom, 6xflash, steel sub-sunny, amnesia-para, amne-para, amne-overheat miss...5th one hit, set up sub+2SD chomp. 2-0
#237 vs Fisherman Fird: Starmie, Kingdra, Lanturn. Tricked into ice beam, flash, steel got frozen before sub, didn´t thaw out, set up sub+1SD chomp on struggle. 3-0
#238 vs Waiter Hasan: Slowking, Staraptor, Sceptile. 3xcharm-zenbutt, set up steel. 3-0
#239 vs Pilot Artemas: Articuno, Tornadus, Mandibuzz. Tricked into blizzard, set up sub+4xcurse+2xamnesia steel. 2-0
#240 vs Worker Hayes: Claydol, Aerodactyl, Shuckle. 3xcharm, set up chomp. 3-0
#241 vs PKMN Breeder Shawna: Roserade, Zoroark as Yanmega, Yanmega. 5xflash, set up chomp, zoro protect-dark pulse-dark pulse-focus band. 3-0
#242 vs Clerk Bank: Yanmega, Kingdra, Rapidash. Tricked into silver wind, wind-1HP-charm, PP stall wind with steel, set up chomp on struggle, CH on struggle #3 & 4 and I set up unsubbed STUPID...57/183 left with sub up, quake-sash-iron tail broke sub...I can lose this FUUU... rapidash used horn drill oh my...avoided... (steel was at 152 HP and flare blitz does max 146 dmg but there was horn drill...too close for comfort, unnecessary as I always sub first and SD afterwards. 2-0
#243 vs PKMN Breeder Eoin: Exeggutor, Chandelure, Donphan. 3xcharm, eggy boomed on the switch in to steel, chandelure oh shi...back to latias-heat wave, TR ended (lol forgot about that not focusing enough), trick-CM, t-wave, 2xflash, switched to chomp-foe switched to phan...need a healthy chomp to quake, back to latias-fissure-levitate, 6xflash and took its QC, set up sub+1SD chomp. 3-0
#244 vs Maid Fesan: Emboar, Blastoise, Infernape. Tricked into yawn, switch to steel-yawn, switch to latias-switch to blastoise, fake out-flinched, 3xcharm+t-wave+6xflash, set up sub+2SD chomp. 3-0
#245 vs Baker Vespera: Victreebel, Arcanine, Meganium. Tricked into stockpile, t-wave-stockpile, tricked incoming arcanine-took herb-gave grass gem, d-pulse-t-wave, 3xflash-fainted, set up steel. 2-0
#246 vs Nurse Saisune: Miltank, Slowbro, Jynx. Tricked into rock slide, t-wave+3xcharm, set up chomp. 3-0
#247 vs Harlequin Aramis: Golurk, Bronzong, Cofagrigus. Trick-fling, 3xcharm+1xflash, set up low HP sub+1SD chomp, outrage 2hkod zong, sub-shadow ball, switched to steel, got d-bonded but didn´t care. 1-0
#248 vs Psychic Sambala: Drifblim, Chandelure, Jynx. Tricked into shadow ball, set up steel. 3-0
#249 vs Fisherman Humfrey: Gyarados, . Trick-t-wave, t-waved incoming mie, 6xflash+took away mystic water, set up steel, went to chomp to finish off quicker (IH 4x resist stockpile+swallow+sitrus lanturn). 3-0
#250 vs Veteran Ginger: Pinsir, Chandelure, Scizor. 5x t-wave vs 5x avoided guillotine (bitch has STAB SE x-scissor and still uses guillotine...), set up sub+1SD chomp. 3-0
#251 vs Ace Trainer Dylan: Musharna, Reuniclus, Froslass. 6xflash, set up steel. 3-0
#252 vs Nursery Aide Evelyn: Leafeon, Espeon, Jolteon. Tricked into detect, t-wave, flashed incoming espeon, protect (dream eater set), set up chomp. 3-0
#253 vs Janitor Eric: Kingdra, Musharna, Bronzong. Protect-flash, flash to use up herb-DM, flash-DM, set up steel. 2-0
#254 vs PKMN Ranger Ivy: Bouffalant, Tentacruel, Lapras. Tricked into head charge-sitrus, 3xcharm, t-wave, 1xflash, set up steel. 3-0
#255 vs Worker Quinn: Dugtrio, Tyranitar, Garchomp. Charm-sandstorm, avoided charm-sub, switch to chomp-toxic, set up steel after reswitch because of dig. 3-0
#256 vs Artist Hacikan: Drifblim, Bronzong, Magnezone. Tricked into icy wind, set up steel. 3-0
#257 vs Maid Anguile: Empoleon, Blastoise, Infernape. Tricked into ice beam, t-wave, 3xflash, set up steel. 3-0
#258 vs Doctor Levant: Musharna, Blaziken, Typhlosion. 5xflash, set up steel, didn´t safe-sub first against chicken – flare blitz broke sub, IH into blaze range, flare blitz CH OHKO, chomp 1on1 vs....typhlo lucky me. 2-0
#259 vs Backpacker Felton: Jolteon, Gengar, Braviary. flash-t-wave, switch to chomp-swagger-lum, risked to sub-avoided swagger, SD, quake, outrage hypnotizing gar, risked confused outrage on braviary. 3-0
#260 vs Veteran Jeune: Terrakion, Moltres, Zapdos. Tricked into slide (set 4), t-wave, 3xcharm, 6xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#261 vs Parasol Lady Hilary: Ludicolo, Milotic, Floatzel. Fake out-flinched, 6xflash-surf/tickle, set up steel. 3-0
#262 vs Veteran Leron: Registeel, Cobalion, Zapdos. Trick-iron defense, 3x t-wave – iron def, t-waved incoming cobalion, flash-iron head, 3xcharm, 5xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#263 vs Waitress Roe: Magmortar, Mamoswine, Porygon2. Tricked into fire blast, t-wave, flash-charm-charm-flash-fainted, set up chomp. 2-0
#264 vs Worker Roman: Vanilluxe, Jynx, Walrein. t-wave-taunt, switch to steel-para, sub-taunt, 2xIH KO, jynx focus blast broke sub-IH KO, 6xcurse vs stockpilerein. 3-0
#265 vs Maid Anguile: Charizard, Sceptile, Venusaur. Trick-drum, t-waved incoming sceptile, flash, 32xcharm, 21xflash, trick, set up steel. 3-0
#266 vs Clerk Ulfgang: Dewgong, Gastrodon, Drifblim. 6xflash-stockpile/rain/surf, set up steel. 3-0
#267 vs Artist Hacikan: Forretress, Claydol, Porygon2. 3xcharm, set up sub+2curse steel, iron head vs clay-earth power broke sub, back to latias, tricked into ice beam CH, flash-avoided, flash-fainted, steel 154->97 HP due to SR and spikes, set up steel. 2-0
#268 vs Veteran Ginger: Slaking, Aerodactyl, Ninetales. Tricked into night slash, t-wave, 3xcharm, 5xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#269 vs Black Belt Unsu: Scizor, Aggron, Hariyama. 3xcharm, CH bug bite on the switch in, set up steel. 3-0
#270 vs Pilot Chand: Vespiquen, Staraptor, Braviary. Tricked into attack order, 3xcharm, t-wave, set up chomp. 2-0
#271 vs Clerk Ulfgang: Rampardos, Abomasnow, Scrafty. 3xcharm-3xhead smash (one avoided), charm-protect, charm-head smash, switch to steel, avoided head smash, back to latias quake (from 27 to 10 HP), tricked into slide-sitrus healed latias, t-wave, 3xflash-fainted (great job!), set up chomp. 2-0
#272 vs PKMN Ranger Ivy: Ninetales, Krookodile, Ursaring. 4xflash-disabled, set up sub+1SD chomp. 3-0
#273 vs Ace Trainer Palm: Salamence, Regice, Gastrodon. Trick-DD as always, t-wave-DD, flash didn´t work on the incoming regice, t-wave-t-wave, switch to steel-bliz, switch to latias-t-wave, switch to steel-avoided bliz, sub-failed t-wave, set up steel because regice kept t-waving its sub. 3-0 [/size]

[size=-2]#274 vs Battle Girl Aces: Magnezone, Conkeldurr, Volcarona. Tricked into flash cannon, set up steel but got 2CHs unsubbed, another CH on a low HP sub plus a CH forelast struggle, 33/187 HP against conkeldurr, superpower didn´t break sub-iron head OHKO, volca damn it, heat wave-broke sub-iron head 35% dmg, heat wave-iron head burned, heat wave KO, chomp outrage, bad stat of the day, should´ve set up chomp. 2-0
#275 vs Gentleman Kavan: Raikou, Landorus, Moltres. Trick-magnet rise (set 2), t-wave-rise, t-wave-rise, t-wave-rise, t-wave failed against the incoming landorus, 3xcharm+6xflash vs smack down (set 1), took its sash and gave it lefties-avoided smackdown (latias at full HP), set up chomp. 3-0
#276 vs Clerk Elwin: Haxorus, Gigalith, Gallade. 2xcharmed the CB claw, set up steel (initial claw did 13dmg), got 3CHs but always against a sub. 2-0
#277 vs Waiter Hasan: Musharna, Empoleon, Altaria. 6xflash-fainted, set up steel. 2-0
#278 vs Scientist Spacey: Walrein, Gyarados, Shuckle. Tricked into sheer cold, t-wave, 3xcharm (avoided all 5), set up sub+1SD chomp. 3-0
#279 vs Parasol Lady Hilary: Kingdra, Slowking, Gastrodon. Trick-DD, t-waved incoming slowking-lum, t-wave-para, 6xflash, set up steel. 3-0
#280 vs Artist Rikkyu: Probopass, Porygon-Z, Forretress. Tricked into t-wave-cheri, I switched to chomp-t-wave failed, foe sent in pory-z-chomp sub, SD-ice beam. 3-0
#281 vs Veteran Risha: Regigigas, Heatran, Virizion. flash-payback, reswitch-DTx2, charm-avoided-payback, charm hit-payback KO, set up steel, PP wasted drain punch & payback, set up chomp, gigas avoided quakes, struggled, would´ve broken my sub with its last struggle but quake finally hit, scartran d-pulse broke sub, chomp at 93 HP (gigas´ first struggle CHed and broke sub), virizion sacred sword did about 69 dmg. 2-0
#282 vs Hiker Kemuel: Probopass, Aggron, Tyranitar. Trick-t-wave-cheri, switch to chomp-foe switched to aggron, quake-sturdy-avalanche OHKO, latias 3xcharm, set up steel. 2-0
#283 vs Fisherman Fird: Starmie, Dewgong, Lanturn. Tricked into signal beam, set up steel. 3-0
#284 vs Cyclist Marion: Exploud, Weezing, Cofagrigus. Tricked into crunch, set up steel, cofa took steel down, didn´t check its set. 2-0
#285 vs Artist Rikkyu: Bronzong, Drifblim, Magnezone. 10xcharm until gyro ball was PP wasted, tried to set up chomp but got hypnotized on the swtch in-lum, set up but zong had levitate and didn´t want to risk outraging, set up steel instead. 3-0
#286 vs Doctor Levant: Sceptile, Staraptor, Dugtrio. 6xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#287 vs Waitress Roe: Jolteon, Snorlax, Milotic. Didn´t pay attention to the start of the battle and didn´t get the trainer name/type, wouldn´t have tricked if I had known the trainer. Tricked into rain dance, rain-t-wave, t-waved incoming snorlax, tricked away its sitrus-body slam para, switched to chomp-belly drum, outrage didn´t KO-survived with about 3%, quake OHKO...I´m screwed...naked steel finishes off lax and prays...foe sent out milotic...checking set...I can win this! 2-0
#288 vs Scientist Lotte: Gothitelle, Breloom, Toxicroak. Flash-flatter, switch to steel-sub, flatter-sub, set up steel. 3-0
#289 vs Scientist Charis: Slaking, Weavile. Tricked into night slash, 3xcharm, t-wave, 6xflash (1HP left), set up chomp, vile ice punch broke sub-chomp quake-sash, sacrificed latias, vile taunted steel-couldn´t sub, ice punch-iron head KO, gyarados oh shi....what now? I normally never check stats but now I do... careful HP/spD means 202/145/99/x/167/101 and it doesn´t outspeed chomp after 1 DD, 1DD aqua tail does max 114 dmg and chomp is at 138 HP, outrage does 126-148/202 (62-73%), 2xDD aqua tail does 127-151 dmg to chomp...damn
scenario 1: switch in chomp-DD, outrage (62-73%)-aqua tail (96-114/138), outrage KOs next turn.
scenario 2: switch in chomp-quake (48-57 dmg), chomp at min 81 HP after quake, outrage-aqua tail (64-76), outrage KOs next turn.
scenario 3: switch in chomp-DD, outrage (62-73%)-DD, chesto rest-outrage, rest-outrage, outrage KO.
scenario 4: the same as 3 but doesn´t rest the second time
scenario 5: switch in chomp-DD, outrage (62-73%)-DD, aqua tail KOs chomp, chestorest and quakes hopeless steel.

I pray for at least scenario 3...let´s make it happen

switch to chomp – gyarados used quake 54 dmg, chomp at 84 HP
outrage – dragon dance
outrage – gyarados fainted....the AI played the scenario 2 with DD instead of aqua tail, the best case scenario for me. 2-0

#290 vs Psychic Sambala: Chandelure, Metagross, Bronzong. Trick-CM, t-waved incoming metagross...oh no, big trouble continues...I lost to this kind of situation before.... switch to steel-protect failed, curse-quake, curse-quake, curse-quake, protect-curse, protect-sub (80/187 HP left), quake-curse, quake-sub-broke-curse#6, para-sub (67/187 left), quake-amnesia, quake-amnesia, quake#8-sub broke-sub (54/187 left), protect-amnesia#3, para-iron head-lefties, quake-iron head-lefties, quake-iron head KO, chandelure CM spam-safe sub then IH 2HKO... 3-0
#291 vs PKMN Ranger Mouse: Slowking, Jynx, Musharna. Tricked into shadow ball, set up steel, jynx CH focus blast broke sub. 3-0
#292 vs Ace Trainer Mooi: Golurk, Ludicolo, Durant. Trick-fling, 3xcharm, 1xflash, tried to set up chomp, sub-CH quake-sub broke, sub-CH quake-sub broke great, sub-quake, SD-avoided hammer arm, chomp quake-golurk fainted, outraged ludicolo, durant outsped and KOd chomp after absorbing a 60% dmg outrage, steel set up sub & some curses. 1-0
#293 vs Scientist Spacey: Bronzong, Tyranitar, Krookodile. 3xcharm, set up steel. 3-0
#294 vs Gentleman Kavan: Latios, Virizion, Heatran. Trick-specs-DM-latias fainted, set up sub, 5xcurse and 2xamnesia, virizion sacred sword broke sub-iron head OHKO, heatran lava plume burned steel-sub, iron head to break sash, chomp quake KO. 1-0
––– hell of a set of 7, need a break
#295 vs Parasol Lady Vanna: Weezing, Ampharos, Vaporeon. Tricked into shadow ball, set up chomp. 3-0
#296 vs Black Belt Harimao: Bastiodon, Medicham, Magnezone. 7xcharm-curse/slide, reswitch, 6xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#297 vs Nursery Aide Chachi: Flareon, Leafeon, Umbreon. Trick-work up, t-waved incoming leafeon, 9xcharm, 6xflash-SD/x-scissor, set up steel, leaf got a CH leaf blade breaking sub on his last turn. 3-0
#298 vs Janitor Oscar: Articuno, Empoleon, Bronzong. Tricked into bliz, bliz-KO, steel amnesia stall, set up sub+2SD chomp. 2-0
#299 vs Biker Philipo: Spiritomb, Haxorus, Escavalier. 2xflash-toxic, set up steel. 3-0
#300 vs Clerk Anette: Porygon-Z, . Tricked into ice beam, beam-KO, set up steel, gar taunted steel-focus sash activated, broke sub with focus blast. 2-0
#301 vs Maid Anguile: Blastoise, Empoleon, Feraligatr. Tricked into rock slide, t-wave, 3xcharm, set up chomp. 3-0
––– Just an ace trainer standing there saying: „We´ve defeated over 300 Trainers...“
#302 vs PKMN Ranger Ivy: Bouffalant, Probopass, Gliscor. Tricked into head charge, 3xcharm, t-wave-fainted, set up steel, probo got 2CH quakes in a row. 2-0
#303 vs Cyclist Margit: Nidoking, Carracosta, Escavalier. Tricked into icy wind, set up steel. 3-0
#304 vs Biker Petro: Bronzong, Haxorus, Gyarados. 3xcharm-iron head, switch to steel-IH, QC CH quake-steel sub (1HP left), set up steel anyway. 3-0
#305 vs Fisherman Fird: Samurott, Carracosta, Ludicolo. Protect-trick, tricked into ice beam, t-wave-beam, set up steel. 3-0
#306 vs Backpacker Felton: Porygon-Z, Pinsir, Exeggutor. 2xflash-t-wave/shadow ball, set up steel. 2-0
#307 vs Black Belt Unsu: Breloom, Toxicroak, Lucario. Charm-seed, charm-sub, stayed & sacrificed latias, set up sub +1SD chomp. 2-0
#308 vs Backpacker Wald: Arcanine, . Tricked into thrower, t-wave, 6xflash, chomp got hit by 2 throwers and quaked without SD behind a sub, SD+outrage against eggy, sash flareon missed with fire blast. 3-0
#309 vs Clerk Elwin: Hydreigon, Electivire, Claydol. Tricked into DM-fainted, set up sub+6xcurse+1xamnesia steel. 2-0
#310 vs Ace Trainer Gwen: Heracross, Hippowdon, Aerodactyl. Tricked into megahorn-avoided, horn-KO, horn CH-curse...set up steel. 2-0
#311 vs Policeman Bobemon: Mandibuzz, Cradily, Vespiquen. Flash-swagger, hurt itself-avoided punishment, set up steel. 3-0
#312 vs PKMN Ranger Mouse: Weezing, Darmanitan, Bisharp. Tricked into shadow ball, set up steel. 3-0
#313 vs Pilot Artemas: Unfezant, Moltres, Yanmega. Charm-toxic, set up steel. 3-0
#314 vs Worker Quinn: Torterra, Tyranitar, Excadrill. Trick-curse, charm-curse, flashed the incoming ttar, charm-fling, t-wave, 2xcharm, set up chomp, ttar got a CH with slide twice. 3-0
#315 vs Artist Rikkyu: Spiritomb, Claydol, Drifblim. Flash-toxic, set up steel, blim took steel down with it. 2-0
#316 vs Roughneck Ganymed: Rhyperior, Wailord, Bastiodon. Tricked into counter, set up chomp. 3-0
#317 vs Policeman Bobemon: Meganium, Breloom, Cradily. Protect-flash, 6xflash-toxic/seed, set up chomp. 3-0
#318 vs PKMN Ranger Ivy: Haxorus, Mienshao, Gallade. Tricked into outrage-survived with 11HP...this is bugging me, how can latias survive an outrage from the dragon type with the highest attack stat? The list says jolly atk/spe, which means 199 atk, but that would OHKO 100% of the time (200 min dmg), I calced the maximum atk stat to do min 176 dmg = 176 atk, which means max IV=18, so this trainer´s got 15 IV pokémon? (nvm it was a female rivalry haxorus)
#319 vs Battle Girl Aces: Typhlosion, Escavalier, Probopass. Tricked into lava plume, t-wave, 6xflash, set up sub+2SD chomp. 3-0
#320 vs Fisherman Fird: Feraligatr, Walrein, Swampert. Trick-DD, t-wave-DD, flashed the incoming walrein, t-wave-hail, trick+flash-bliz KO, set up steel. 2-0
#321 vs Ace Trainer Dylan: Carracosta, Cryogonal, Blastoise. Tricked into slide, 3xcharm, t-wave, 3xflashm set up chomp, cryo bliz broke sub-outrage, avoided bliz-outrage KO (lucky but still had steel). 3-0
#322 vs Veteran Jeune: Moltres, Suicune, Regigigas. Trick-tailwind, t-waved the incoming cune, 6xflash-ice beam, yes I gave it the white herb to take away its sitrus lol, set up steel anyway. 2-0
#323 vs Hiker Kemuel: Golem, Aerodactyl, Archeops. Tricked into curse, t-wave-curse, t-waved the incoming aerodactyl, 3xcharm-crunch, 6xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#324 vs PKMN Ranger Mouse: Darmanitan, Forretress, Shiftry. Tricked into flare blitz, blitz-t-wave, 2xcharm-fainted, set up sub+1SD chomp.
#325 vs Clerk Anette: Hydreigon, Conkeldurr, Rhyperior. Tricked into DM-fainted, set up sub+5xcurse+2xamnesia steel, avoided 2 horn drills. 3-0
#326 vs PKMN Ranger Smokey: Alakazam, Forretress, Nidoking. Tricked into signal beam, set up steel. 3-0
#327 vs Policeman Bobnori: Ludicolo, Tangrowth, Mandibuzz. 4xflash-rain/seed/toxic/giga, set up chomp. 3-0
#328 vs Harlequin Aramis: Gigalith, Cofagrigus, Shiftry. 11xcharm-curse/SR/slide 1CH, reswitch, tricked into slide, set up chomp. 2-0
#329 vs Scientist Stubs: Escavalier, Druddigon, Mr. Mime. 2xcharm-megahorn, set up steel. 2-0
#330 vs Psychic Sambala: Drifblim, Reuniclus, Dusknoir. Tricked into shadow ball, t-wave, set up steel. 3-0
#331 vs Roughneck Ganymed: Rapidash, Crygonal, Whiscash. T-wave-iron tail, switch to steel-IT, switch to latias-blitz, 3xcharm-IT, reswitch-avoided horn drill, tricked into iron tail, set up chomp, cryo bli broke sub. 3-0
#332 vs Scientist Therese: Magnezone, Tyranitar, Espeon. Tricked into flash cannon, t-wave-flash cannon CH KO, set up steel. 2-0
#333 vs Backpacker Cedric: Shiftry, Torterra, Quagsire. trick-fling, 32xcharm+8xflash+t-wave, set up sub+2SD chomp. 3-0
#334 vs Clerk Anora: Politoed, Braviary, Drapion. Tricked into waterfall, t-wave, 3xcharm, 6xflash, set up chomp. 3-0
#335 vs Doctor Dwight: Shiftry, Darmanitan, Mr. Mime. Protect-trick, protect failed-trick, sucker punch-twave, 3xcharm, set up sub+2SD chomp as one struggle CH broke its sub. 3-0
#336 vs Ace Trainer Gwen: Zoroark, Starmie, Politoed. Protec-trick but this politoed set isn´t supposed to have protect = zoroark, tricked into dark pulse, set up steel. 3-0 [/size]

[size=-2]#337 vs Black Belt Unsu: Poliwrath, Heracross, Steelix. Tricked into waterfall, t-wave, 3xcharm, 6xflash, CH waterfall on the switch in to chomp, set up chomp but only 6HP left behind a sub. 3-0
#338 vs Baker Vespera: Volcarona, . Tricked into heat wave-burn, t-wave, 4xflash-fainted, set up sub+1SD chomp despite the first 3 heat waves hitting and breaking its sub, tangrowth survived the outrage with about 5% and broke sub....

Latias vs Volcarona
Turn 1: Trick, Heat Wave, burned Latias, 151/185, Burn, 128 HP left.
Turn 2: Heat Wave 94 HP left, Thunder Wave, Burn, 71 HP left.
Turn 3: Flash, avoided Heat Wave, Burn, 48 HP left.
Turn 4: Flash, avoided Heat Wave, Burn, 25 HP left.
Turn 5: Flash, paralyzed and couldn´t move, Burn, 2 HP left.
Turn 6: Flash, paralzyed and couldn´t move, Burn, Latias fainted, I sent out Garchomp.
Turn 7: Substitute, Heat Wave, Substitute faded.
Turn 8: Substitute, Heat Wave, Substitute faded.
Turn 9: Substitute, Heat Wave, Substitute faded.
Turn 10: Substitute, paralyzed and couldn´t move.
Turn 11: Swords Dance, avoided Heat Wave.
Turn 12: Earthquake, Volcarona fainted, foe sent out Tangrotwh.
Turn 13: Outrage 95% dmg, Aerial Ace, didn´t break Substitute.
Turn 14: Avoided Outrage, Brick Break, Substitute faded, Garchomp got confused, Lum Berry cured it.
Turn 15: Earthquake, Tangrowth fainted, foe sent out Rapidash.
Turn 16: Fire Blast, CH! 3 damage, Garchomp fainted, I sent out Registeel.
Turn 17: Will-o-wisp burned Registeel, Substitute.
Turn 18: Sunny Day, Amnesia.
Turn 19: Fire Blast, Subsitute faded, Amnesia.
Turn 20: Fire Blast, CH!, Registeel fainted.

Let´s see:
- first hit burn
- avoided two times in a row
- paralyzed two times in a row
- broke sub three times in a row while having a (3/7 x 9/10 x 3/4) = 28,9% chance to hit me
- avoided finishing move because of lax incense
...doesn´t matter

Didn´t check the roster whether there was a pokémon that would outspeed chomp and threaten steel, when considering that this was a sunny day team with fire types.
Beside Rapidash there was actually only one more possible threat in that situation, Fake Out+Low Kick Shiftry. Rapidash had a 1/11 chance to be the last Pokémon, That particular Shiftry had a 1/11 x 1/4 chance.
I believe I would´ve won had Will-o-wisp not hit, as Rapidash only had 4 more Fire Blasts that were easy to PP waste. Anyway, had I focused on the battle 100% (I didn´t even see the outrage miss as I was typing the log while outraging), maybe I would still be playing this streak...oh well, 337 is not bad, considering how the AI doesn´t stay in on every move it is locked in anymore. [/size]

NOTE: Attract, Taunt, Encore, Psych Up all work through sub
NOTE: PKMN Ranger Ivy apparently uses IV<19 Pokémon (battle #318)...nvm it was a male rivalry haxorus (thanks for pointing that out TRE)

EDIT: new streak

#211 against lead gastrodon3 (lefties, surf, earth power) and I flashed 6 times and didn´t have the patience to stall by switching, foe hit quite a lot of surfs, latias was at 80HP, I just went to chomp who got hit in the face hard by surf, but then subbed, 1 SD and KOed gastro, but its sub was broken by second poké sturdy golem quake, last pokémon was charizard

yes charizard 3 is the scarfed one...I thought OK he´s gonna air slash and I win this one with registeel...charizard used heat wave, garchomp fainted (I´m like oh shi I lost - chomp was at like 48 HP when KOed)...OK so I was in bed, no pocket calc near, so I took my second DS lite and used the pokétch calc app from diamond to calculate that heat wave does max 37 dmg to latias, which means 3HKO (remember it was at 80 HP), so I´ve decided to flash and hope for the best, you know, get in as many of those to give registeel at least little chance...

flash-avoided HW2, flash-avoided HW3, flash-avoided HW4, flash-hit HW5, flash-hit HW6 and burned, latias fainted from burn...

registeel tried to sub and avoided the HW, gg (struggle win in the end)...

like 7 minutes later, #214 vs black belt (set4 fire/fighting/steel)

latias vs blaziken4 - flare blitz is obvious but I didn´t stop to check the set like I´m supposed to and "think" for a I tricked

1. trick, flare blitz, CH
2. flare blitz, CH, latias fainted...way to start a battle
-chomp in
3. flare blitz, sub
4. flare blitz, sub broke, quake, chicken fainted
-foe poliwrath, gg...or? (note it´s the focus punch/waterfall wrath)
5. chomp wants to SD but wrath focuses...fuuuu...SD, focus punch, chomp fainted
- steel in, good luck buddy against that poli and if you, by any miracle, beat that one, you´ll face another bad matchup enemy from a black belt...
6. curse, focus punch
7. iron head, waterfall
8. curse, focus punch
9., 10., 11....just attacked him with a +2 iron head and KOed it, was at 67 HP
-foe´s last one is... ... ... durant! please not the digger... yes this one´s iron head/scissor/protect/entrainment...unless there´s hustle flinchhax I win
he uses entrainment as I sub, gg

I lost my singles streak, I´m having trouble focusing after 1,5 hours of play it seems (normally I play 3 sets in singles or 4-5 in doubles which take 1:15 and now I wanted to add a 4th singles one), setting up steel is so monotone but I have to be on the watch all the time...because I´m facing stuff like double CH throwers from tales followed by a CH flinching zenbutt from zong, or the standard last-struggle-always-crit-breaking-sub etc.

but enough of excuses, here´s how it went (last turn is super amazing...)

#265 vs socialite aparna:

latias vs heatran

1. latias trick, scarf<->white herb, heatran WoW, burn dmg
2. latias t-wave, heatran WoW, latias avoided, burn dmg
3. latias t-wave, heatran WoW, latias already has a burn, burn dmg
4. foe withdrew heatran, sent out latias, my latias t-wave
5. my latias flash, foe´s latias paralyzed
- at this point I had a feeling in my gut "what if it´s the physical one? shouldn´t I charm, just in case?"..well
6. my latias flash, foe´s latias used dragon claw, my latias fainted, LO dmg #1
- registeel out
7. registeel used curse, latias used hone claws
8. registeel used curse, latias used hone claws
9. latias used quake, steel at 93/187 HP, LO dmg #2, steel used sub, 47/187, lefties, 58/187
10. latias used quake, sub broke, LO dmg #3, steel iron head latias to red HP what looks like max 10%, lefties, 69/187
11. latias used quake, registeel fainted, LO dmg #4
- my garchomp
and now
the grand finale
12. peterko´s garchomp used earthquake, it doesn´t affect latias, latias used dragon claw, garchomp fainted, LO dmg #5, latias fainted


hahahahahahahahaha what the hell...

note that video says that beside the para choice locked heatran, the foe still had a terrakion so it would´ve been an interesting battle depending on its held item...or not

a dmg calc for myself "in hindsight":

+2 registeel iron head (216atk) vs 155HP/110def latias = 90-106 dmg (58-68%)

considering latias hit me 4 times, that means 4x15 LO dmg = 60... means that my registeel got (EDIT:) less than rand. 91/100 in the dmg formula (rand. 85-90/100), average dmg would´ve meant a double KO in turn 11...

obviously, I should´ve gone with flinchhax instead of curse with steel, it does 45-54 dmg (29-35%) to latias, or even better +1 IH does 67-79 dmg (43-51%) while I was faster at +1...a clear 2HKO when considering a second LO dmg after it hit my latias plus possible paraflinch hax (52% chance to get through)...

depending on what the foe would send out next, steel could´ve set up on heatran or just faint...garchomp obviously 1hits heatran and...yep it also 1hits each terrakion...

so the biggest mistake was not analyzing the situation properly on my side, with a clear head, after some dmg calcs (I was kind of tired because of all the stalling I had to do against things like CM protect cune and curseferro...

it was really a major mistake considering 264 is a big singles streak in BW and one set of 7 takes 21-25 minutes with this team...ouch I messed up badly be continued

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Two of my streak down just like that. Great job ~Mercury~ and Peterko!

#318 vs PKMN Ranger Ivy: Haxorus, Mienshao, Gallade. Tricked into outrage-survived with 11HP...this is bugging me, how can latias survive an outrage from the dragon type with the highest attack stat? The list says jolly atk/spe, which means 199 atk, but that would OHKO 100% of the time (200 min dmg), I calced the maximum atk stat to do min 176 dmg = 176 atk, which means max IV=18, so this trainer´s got 15 IV pokémon?

NOTE: PKMN Ranger Ivy apparently uses IV<19 Pokémon (battle #318)
Is it possible it was a Rivalry Haxorus? CB + Rivalry penalty would also let you survive after you Trick your Choice Scarf on to Haxorus 3.


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Yeah that was kind of cruel, sorry.

Thanks and good catch...another part of "Peterko does not know the new pokémon enough, yet".

You´re right, in this case I was wondering why in a different (earlier) battle the same CB haxorus lead OHKOed latias with just dragon claw after trick and now it survived an outrage...the answer was so simple. Good thing registeel doesn´t care about rivalry.

By the way, I haven´t posted it yet, but I´ve upped my doubles record from 128 to 160 about a week ago (not that it matters compared to 279 and 303), I sort of "fixed" my spiritomb weak by using taunt on croak instead of helping hand, it really pays off and also helps against other annoying stuff...I´ll probably give the team one or two more tries later and post about 160 when I fail...bad matchup and got outplayed by a biker (who else?), the strongest subway trainer type.
So my streak with the team mentioned above ended today at 163.
Cruel combination of hail team, suboptimal playing and quick claw. First time i lost to quick claw in BW.]

Here´s the log:

Turn1: Despotar & Excadrill vs. Abomasnow & Walrein
Excadrill Rock Slide, Walrein round 60%, Abomasnow a bit below
Despotar Rock Slide, Walrein avoided attack, Abomasnow fainted
Walrein Surf, both survive, hail dmg, Despotar at 32 HP, Excadrill at 18

Turn2: Despotar out, Eelektross in; Cyrogonal in
Excadrill Protect, Double Blizzard, Eelektross survives with 15 HP after Hail

Turn 3: Excadrill out, Despotar in
Double Blizzard, Despotar & Eelektross fainted

Turn 4: Garchomp in, Excadrill in
Excadrill Rock Slide, Crygonal fainted, Garchomp Dragon Claw, Walrein fainted

Turn 5: Glaceon in
Double Protect, Glaceon Ice Shard

Turn 6: Excadrill Protect, failed , Glaceon Ice Shard, Excadrill fainted
Garchomp Earthquake, Glaceon round 30%

Turn 7: Garchomp Protect, Quick Claw activates, Blizzard

Turn 8: Quick Claw activates again, Blizzard, Garchomp fainted

Streak is over.
I beat my old streak by a mere 2 wins lol. It's now 104 wins in Super Singles.

It's still Machamp and Garchomp, but Scizor was replaced by Tyranitar.

Machamp @ Lum Berry
Nature: Adamant
Ability: No Guard
EVs: 102 HP, 252 Atk, 156 Speed
~ DynamicPunch
~ Ice Punch
~ Stone Edge
~ Bullet Punch

Tyranitar @ Choice Scarf
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Sand Stream
EVs: 6 HP, 252 Atk, 252 Speed
~ Stone Edge
~ Crunch
~ Pursuit
~ Superpower

Garchomp @ Life Orb
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Sand Veil
EVs: 6 HP, 252 Atk, 252 Speed
~ Outrage
~ Earthquake
~ Fire Fang
~ Swords Dance

I shall not explain Machamp and Garchomp as I already explained them in my 102-win team. Instead I will focus on Tyranitar and why I replaced Scizor with him.

Tyranitar gives this team a much needed Flying-resistance, as with Scizor my team lacked a pokemon who could tank Brave Birds, an important ability to have with Machamp being my lead. Also with Tyranitar, Starmie is NEVER a threat anymore, because Starmie always uses Psychic on Machamp, so Tyranitar gets a free switch AND outspeeds Starmie for the OHKO. Scizor was also a sitting duck for any faster pokemon with a Fire move that Scizor couldn't beat with Bullet Punch. While Tyranitar is obviously vulnerable to Fighting, his high speed allows him to go first most of the time which is crucial. Tyranitar also makes Garchomp better by providing him with evasion hax, which can sometimes save you in a hopeless situation. While you never want to have to rely on evasion hax to win, if you do get it it's a bonus.

The downside of Tyranitar over Scizor is the lack of a priority move, and hitting less hard in general (CB Scizor has roughly 60% more attack than Scarf Tar). Overall, I think Tyranitar is a better fit than Scizor. It should be noted that Stone Edge is an attack that you want to avoid using if possible, but the extra power of Stone Edge still makes it a better option than Rock Slide. This is because Crunch is already more accurate and more powerful than Rock Slide if you just want reliable neutral damage, but there are situations where you can't win without Stone Edge's extra power.
Yeah that was kind of cruel, sorry.

Thanks and good catch...another part of "Peterko does not know the new pokémon enough, yet".

You´re right, in this case I was wondering why in a different (earlier) battle the same CB haxorus lead OHKOed latias with just dragon claw after trick and now it survived an outrage...the answer was so simple. Good thing registeel doesn´t care about rivalry.

By the way, I haven´t posted it yet, but I´ve upped my doubles record from 128 to 160 about a week ago (not that it matters compared to 279 and 303), I sort of "fixed" my spiritomb weak by using taunt on croak instead of helping hand, it really pays off and also helps against other annoying stuff...I´ll probably give the team one or two more tries later and post about 160 when I fail...bad matchup and got outplayed by a biker (who else?), the strongest subway trainer type.
Just pointing out something random, but shouldn't Haxorus be male, lol?


no, just the starf and... lansat berry, iirc

The others are unavailable for now, as far as I know.


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Just had some success with a new team.

Battle Subway Single Record: 139

My team:

Gengar @ Focus Sash
Trait: Levitate
Nature: Timid (+Spd, - Att)
-Shadow Ball
-Focus Blast
-Destiny Bond

Stats: 135/72/80/180/87/178
IVs: 31/21/30/27/15/31
EVs: 0/0/4/252/0/252

Garchomp @ Choice Band "Iskierka"
Trait: Sand Veil
Nature: Jolly (+Spd, -Spa)
-Fire Fang (rarely used)
-Rock Slide (did not use, but may have use against Volcarona when I can't risk a burn)

Stats: 183/182/114/85/105/169
IVs: 29/31/28/20/31/31
EVs: 4/252/0/0/0/252

Scizor @ Life Orb
Trait: Technician
Nature: Adamant (+Atk, -Spa)

-Bullet Punch
-Bug Bite
-Swords Dance

Stats: 172/200/115/57/99/85
IVs: 22/31/20/9/29/30
EVs: 252/252/0/0/0/4

To begin with, thanks are due to Team Rocket Elite and ~Mercury~ for their helpful discussions of their Destiny Bond Gengar teams.

Basic strategy is pretty simple. If Gengar can OHKO the opponent's lead, it does so. If Gengar can 2HKO a slower lead (without risk of dying to a second turn priority attack or Custap berry) it likewise does so, relying on the sash to keep it alive. Gengar then Destiny Bonds the second poke, unless it can also be OHKOed. If the opponent's lead is faster than (or ties with) Gengar and it cannot be OHKOed, or if the opponent's lead cannot be safely 2HKOed, Gengar spams Destiny Bond immediately.

Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, and Destiny Bond were easy choices. Focus Blast took more thought, and there are times I wish I had Energy Ball, which destroys the numerous water/ground pokemon in the subway. But many of the pokemon that Energy Ball OHKOs can still be 2HKOed by Shadow Ball, while the pokemon that Focus Blast OHKOes are often not able to be 2HKOed by the other moves. Focus Blast, even with its low accuracy, thus gives me a "freeroll" on many things. Matched against one of these Focus Blast weak leads, I'd have to spam Destiny Bond immediately (or attack once and hope for a lucky crit to allow me to 2HKO) without Focus Blast. With it, I have a 70 percent chance of being able to OHKO the opponent's lead while preserving my sash for the second poke, a situation that makes victory almost assured. Even if I miss, as Gengar outruns almost all of these pokemon, I still can destiny bond and win.

It is essential to check the pokemon listings for the specific trainer you are facing, because an unexpected choice scarf, custap berry, or priority attack can turn a safe 2HKO by Gengar into a fainted Gengar with the opponent's lead still alive. Many trainers only use one specific set for each of their potential pokemon, allowing you to know exactly what you are facing immediately. Where a trainer uses multiple movesets for the same pokemon and one is a threat to kill Gengar before it can 2HKO while another isn't, I typically make the conservative play and Destiny Bond immediately.

The beauty of a Destiny Bond lead is that very little switching is required, allowing me to focus more on which second and third pokes best beat the widest range of opponents rather than covering my lead's weaknesses. When I lead with choice band Garchomp, the combination of the choice band and outrage confusion meant I'd have to switch most battles, so it was important that both of my other pokes covered my lead's weaknesses. It's nice to not have to focus on that as much here.

A choice band Garchomp not yet locked into a move can faint a tremendously broad variety of pokemon, making him my typical switch in after a Gengar Destiny Bond. I prefer the choice band over a lum or yache berry because it garners more OHKOs, and reduces the chance for hax to beat me. I feel vulnerable spending a turn to swords dance, and without a dance many pokes will survive to counter attack a yache/lum Garchomp. The opponent can't land a critical hit if it doesn't get a chance to act!

Garchomp's biggest fear is faster or very bulky pokemon with powerful ice attacks. Scizor handles these very nicely. I initially ran leftovers to try to give me more time to set up a swords dance, but the extra power from life orb proved too good to pass up.

This team dislikes the kami/genies (they outrun Gengar and Garchomp and hit hard), choice scarf + Eruption Entei/Typhlosion, and Starmie. Weather leads are a pain too, both because weather breaks the focus sash, and dying to weather does not trigger destiny bond.

I died to Veteran Hecate with Houndoom, Starmie, and Arcanine. I led off with Focus Blast, which missed. Dark pulse broke Gengar's sash, so I Destiny Bonded next turn. Probably should have checked if Thunderbolt would have 2HKOed, as that would have been a safer play, leaving Gengar assured of being alive with 1 hp. It still would have died to Starmie, but that would have let me bring in a fully healthy Scizor and keep Garchomp safe in reserve.

After the destiny bond, I chose to bring in Garchomp, which usually covers more threats. Unfortunately, the opponent brought in timid king's rock Starmie, which outspeeds and KOs with Ice Beam. I made a big mistake here, and decided to sacrifice Garchomp, believing Starmie would 2HKO Scizor with Ice beam + Surf. Chomp died, Scizor came in, took Surf, hit back with Bug Bite, and I prayed for a Scizor weak final pokemon. Instead, the opponent brought in Flare Blitz/Extremespeed Arcanine, and Scizor was done for.

I should have switched Scizor into Starmie's Ice Beam. Scizor should survive Ice Beam + Surf (barely) and live to OHKO back with bug bite, which would have allowed Garchomp to kill Arcanine. I still could have lost to a crit on either attack by Starmie, a freeze on the Ice Beam, or a flinch on the Surf, but my odds of victory would have been much greater. Live and learn. I definitely think this team has the potential for higher streaks, so will be playing it again. Additionally, battles go very quickly, which is a big plus.

Here's my proof photo:
This is my team and it's worked so far. It sounds chumpish and gimmicky, but it works. Let's see what you guys think:

Chansey @ Eviolite

Natural Cure
Seismic Toss
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Yeah I know how generic this is. All my pokes are like that, mostly. This Chansey is a boss. It takes Focus Blasts easily (which are SE in case you didn't know)! This guy really just needs support about Fighting moves, which isn't too hard. This is not an RMT, however, so I'll try to keep these little blurbs short.

Jellicent @ Leftovers

Water Absorb
248 HP / 216 Def / 44 Spe
This guy is immune to Fighting and Water and resists Ice which make him stellar because my other pokes are weak to them. Taunt is huge here to make it so that the other poke can't just Rest and Curse up on me.

Gliscor @ Toxic Orb

Poison Heal
252 HP / 184 Def / 72 Spe
This guy is obnoxious with Poison Heal and Protect to help stall out that poison. All my pokes are gimmicky, but they work.

So, what do you guys think? What are some counters to these guys? The only ones I've run into before are Guts Fighting types, like Conkeldurr and Machamp. It's too bad about the Item Clause that the Battle ______ always has. But, once you get around that, you're pretty much set.


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Alrighty Subway Riders, trip report time. I finally earned enough BP with a Pokeshifted Timid SPIT Star/Scizor/Flygon team that is supposed to be a choice steam (Specs/Scarf/Band, Adamant CB Flygon actually leads), but yeah no items. I got to like 27 in the Super Shuttle before the Lefties Curse Payback Umbreon reminded me why I don't like trying teams that aren't "perfect", because Scizor was Bullet Punch/X-Scissor/U-Turn/Superpower@Steel or Bug Gem, can't remember. That's not beating that Umbreon after it leads on Starmie and Curses on the switch. So I overwrote U-turn for Swords Dance (with Scarf, U-Turn juggling is fun as hell) and had marginally more success, but still succumbed after gaining 37 BP to a Veteran's Zapdos/Latios/Cobalion team since Flygon without CB (it had Dragon Fang is kind of worthless (why couldn't you have given it Coil, Gamefreak, it actually makes sense...). So I gutted through the first 14 of Super Subway again for the 37 + 5 + 6 = 48BP I needed to buy a Scarf, so I could finally see for myself how they decided to try and wisen up the AI.

Cloned and Pokeshifted over Team Drapula II, Lefties on Drapion and my lone Lum Berry on Garchomp. First poke up was a Tauros, trainer didn't clue me in to which one. Charmed it, it used Payback, revealing itself to be this one:

441 | Tauros | Jolly | Expert Belt | Zen Headbutt | Wild Charge | Swagger | Giga Impact | Atk/Spd

So switched to Drapion, Zen Headbutt for some reason, back to Mesprit who took a Giga Impact, then I Tricked mainly to see what the game would do. Tauros stayed in to use Giga Impact again, I think Mesprit died, don't remember, Drapion set up enough (I rolled my eyes in bliss as Acupressure worked behind Sub), and the last two pokes were no big deal. Next up:

380 | Metagross | Naive | Occa Berry | Meteor Mash | Magnet Rise | Zen Headbutt | Agility | Atk/Spd

Probably this one, both MR Metas have Occa Berry. Trick, MR, it switched immediately. I don’t remember what this switched to, but I do remember that when it came back around after Drapion was fully set up. I think it used Magnet Rise again after Drapion did ~65% and did NOT switch, which is weird because of what would happen in a later battle. Next up:

616 | Tauros | Jolly | Life Orb | Double-Edge | Earthquake | Payback | Giga Impact | Atk/Spd

I knew it was Tauros 3 so I had to Charm, it used Payback for like 15%...went to Drapion, Payback, back to Mesprit, Giga Impact. At this point it’s at 70%, and I always aim to Trick LO did NOT switch out immediately, I locked it into Giga Impact and died and Drapion set up. This one is kinda blending in with the first battle I had, neither were a problem but I know I must've tricked this and then set up Drapion as it stayed in. Next:

557 | Hydreigon | Mild | Wide Lens | Focus Blast | Fire Blast | Dragon Rush | Work Up | Atk/Spd/SpA

I didn't know which it was beforehand, it used Work Up on the Trick, then switched immediately to Garchomp…but it was the retard Special Garchomp with two fire moves and no dragon OR ground moves. Drapion eats this for lunch every day. Next:

646 | Poliwrath | Adamant | Leftovers | Waterfall | Focus Punch | Encore | Substitute | HP/Atk

Tricked into Sub, and this time Twaved twice to see if it would didn't. So I went to Garchomp, Subbed first in case something dumb came out, THEN it switched to something dumb in Froslass as i SDed. Blizzard...missed, EQ, OHKO, Garchomp swept. Really, really weird...this is the battle I was talking about with Metagross...why didnt Poli switch immediately when it was locked into a "useless" move? And why did it stay in on Garchomp for a full turn after I switched to then switch to a pokemon that I'm sure the game feels is a great Garchomp "counter"? Very interesting to say the least.

I forget one of my last two battles but one of them was this lead:

786 | Durant | Jolly | Focus Sash | Assemble Crew | X-Scissor | Iron Head | Protect | HP/Spd

Assemble Crew is Entrainment, it used that twice in a row as I Charmed, I wasn't going to trick this mainly to see if Entrainment worked through Drapion's sub (it doesn't). Set up and easy sweep.

All in all, I guess I'm glad for an actual challenge this time around, but the more I think about it, the more I really feel Gamefreak allowing Acupressure to work behind a Sub outweighs the semi-scrambling Mesprit had to do sometimes. I will still murder pretty much every physical attacked that doesn't have a set up move, even some that do, which reminds me what my 6th battle was:

418 | Gastrodon | Careful | Rindo Berry | Waterfall | Amnesia | Curse | Yawn | Atk/Def/SpD

Some kind of Scientist or whatever used it and I didn't note which one, so it could either be Gastrodon 2 or 3, so I just Flashed while it used Amnesia, Flashed three more times, refreshed Scarf and Charmed once before going to Drapion to set up rather worry free. As I was saying, I'll probably change my strat somewhat, may go with Whimsicott because the AI does not seem to switch unless they are Scarfed, which Whimsicott doesn't need of course. We'll see...
has anyone tried using scrafty for the battle subway? I've been testing a bulk up set with an old trick lead mesprit (trick, charm, t-wave, flash) and calm mind reuniclus, and it's really good. I haven't given it a real test, checking trainers/pokemon, etc., yet, but I've gotten farther with it than anything else on just my intuition. Here's my set, if anyone wants to try it out.

Careful, Shed Skin
252 HP, 252 Sp. DEF, 4 ATK
-Bulk Up
-Drain Punch/Rest

I haven't tried rest yet, but it almost seems like a better option, especially if the opponent can be tricked into an attack move. The Reuniclus is really just filler until I can think of something better, but it takes fighting-type moves pretty well.
Thanks for listening!
I tried Scrafty, but not with trick support - but as a very odd lead.

Scrafty @ Leftovers/Shell Bell
Careful, Shed Skin
100 HP, 156 Def, 252 Sp.Def. (random spread, I know, didn't get to do calcs or anything, just for good measure.)

- Drain Punch
- Bulk Up
- Substitute
- Dragon Tail

Thing is, the AI somehow thinks of Scrafty as set up fodder, so I just Bulk Up (foe is physical)/Substitute (foe is special or likely to status me)/Dragon Tail (foe likely to taunt me) if I can't OHKO or can't be 2HKO'd and see what the opponent does. If he uses a set up move, he WILL use it again, so I just Dragon Tail him out while breaking eventual Sashes and Sturdy. Also good for scouting - and after I get 2 or 3 Bulk Ups, even DT hurts.
Worked quite well - but with obvious drawbacks...
Well I started doing some research in preparation of trying out this battle subway. I want to start out with singles, what do you guys think of this team? we could use some work I think

Cloyster@Focus Sash
Jolly, Skill Link
252 Att, 252 Spe, 4 HP
-Shell Smash
-Icicle Spear
-Razor Shell

Focus Sash helps ensure a Shell Smash, wreak havoc from there. I like that Icicle Spear will help with Sturdy and Sash abusers. Explosion is still 250 BP despite the nerf and has almost perfect coverage with Razor Shell.

Archaeops@Flying Jewel
Jolly, Defeatist
252 Att, 252 Spe, 4 HP
-Head Smash/Stone Edge/Rock Slide
-U-Turn/Crunch/Hone Claws

Back and forth on his rock move. I know head smash would probably activate defeatist but I love that 225 BP after STAB. Hone Claws would help with the accuracy of Stone Edge, but then again U-Turn in the last slot would help with Sturdy and Sashers, or Crunch for coverage.

Relaxed, Unaware
252 HP, 252 Sp. DEF, 4 ATK

My personal favorite, nearly identical to the npc Quagsire from DPPt but he has been blessed with the new Unaware ability. Very reliable, only water-absorbers can truly wall him.

Feedback? I have very little experience with the subway, and havent yet started pouring over npc data
Strapps - has unaware been released yet? had a look and didnt see anything?

like i said in last post i've started streaking and currently trying out the doubles train. currently on 55 so not going to go into detail atm will do once break 100 or streak ends.

keep it up everyone :)

@edit - update

ok not long since i first posted above but streak came to an end at 96 :( heart breaking but due to being bored thought i'd post it now anyway.

team: Leads with -

Item:Expert Belt
2.Grass Knot
4.Hidden Power Ice
quick explanation

very simple. really fast and powerful with great coverage. Tbolt for stab GK for grounds specially the water/grounds and i picked psychic to cover ghosts and problomatic fighters soul reason for HP ice is to hit gliscor hard and the odd dragon

Item:Focus Sash
3.rock slide
4.dragon claw
quick explanation

the sash is to give me a second chance if i mispredict etc. then as you can see its the standard leviquake combo and these to work great together. protect is for when i'm unsure on what to do and that added protection of saving my sash and letting thundurus kill the poke chomps worried about.

all in all i'm happy with the leads, very similar to my streak in platinum which got me on leader boards and works so well.

Back Ups - These two are from my platinum streaks

Item:Life Orb
4.Hidden Power Grass
quick explanation

one my fav pokes and does the job. moves are obvious and standard so wont go into them, when i started the streak i had zapdos as lead but decided he made a better back up. the team plays much better this way around. dos is normally next in and can work well along side chomp or thund in general good poke.

1.Bullet Punch
2.Bug Bite
3.Super Power
4.Swords Dance
quick explanation

slight edit from platinum due to swords dance over protect. this is prob the poke i'm onsure on, it needs to be in the team but not to happy with the set. i'm concidering giving him brick break over SP and maybe replace SD with Night slash and wack a choice band on it, just unsure any thoughts?

teams pretty basic and sure you no how it all works and pans out so not going to disccus it to much unless anyone wants to no?

threat list -

Heracross - not to threatning but makes me nervous normally 3 hit ko but with speed boosting berry can be trouble
starmie - makes me panic but they always ice beam chomp so i protect with chomp and kill it off with tbolt
weavil - obviously my team ice weak so weavil is a nightmare so i normally risk it and tbolt it followed by rock slide and hope it hits and let the sash save me
gengar - can be awkward to take down but i psychic it and c what happens noing scizor is easy revenage
Umbreon - just plan irritating depending after a curse or two
infernape - protect with chomp hit it with psychic then if sashed ko next turn.
sturdy/sash - not to problematic due to quake/slide hits both

think thats about it top of my head.

how i lost -

i new it would come due to hax or a hail team. i got both :( here we go -
(didnt save vid so going from memory and struggling to remember)

turn one - thund-chomp vs walrein-aboma

thund tbolts walrein low red
chomp slides kos walrein and CHs aboma lives on around 1hp
aboma BLIZZARD MISSED chomp and thund just hangs on

turn two - thund-chomp vs froslas-aboma

thund psychics froslas to orange health
fros blizzards Ko'ing chomp and thund

turn 3 - zapdos-scizor vs froslass-aboma

sczior BP froslas and MISSES!
fros blizzards zapdos lives and does around 1/4 to scizor
dos kills aboma with heatwave misses froslass and dies from life orb/hail

turn 4 - scizor vs froslas - mamoswine

scizor ko's froslas with BP
mamo crits scizor with earthquake for ko


so yeah theres my loss very haxy lol. not sure what i could have done differently really if heatwave or BP hit froslas i woulda won :( just gutted i got so close yet so far from 100 ha!

any thoughts etc be glade to hear/read :)

proof can be given on request.....thanks for reading
I got a streak of 65 wins with this Singles team (though it should have been more):

INFERNAPE ♂ @ Focus Sash
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Blaze
EVs: | 252 Attack | 252 Speed |
~ Swords Dance
~ Close Combat
~ Shadow Claw
~ Fire Punch

My Infernape can sweep entire teams much of the time. The strategy with Infernape is to Swords Dance, take the hit with Focus Sash, and sweep. He's fast enough to do this, and Close Combat, his main form of attacking, is extremely powerful.
I have Fire Punch over Flare Blitz obviously to avoid recoil that would surely kill Infernape. Plus with Blaze (which will be activated most of the time), Fire Punch's BP gets boosted to 112.5, then add STAB and it's really powerful for an elemental punch. Shadow Claw is for type coverage. It's a little too weak to use against pokes that aren't super effected by it, but it works nicely against those that are.
When to switch out: If I predict my opponent knows a speed-priority move then I'll switch. If my opponent is faster than Infernape then I'll switch. And if Infernape won't be able to OHKO after a SD then I'll switch.

HYDREIGON ♂ @ Choice Specs
Nature: Timid
Ability: Levitate
EVs: | 252 Sp. Attack | 252 Speed |
~ Dragon Pulse
~ Dark Pulse
~ Flamethrower
~ Surf

Originally I had Hydreigon with a Life Orb because I have had bad experiences with choice items before, but I eventually realized that Choice Specs ended up being a lot more useful than Life Orb as long as I have a good resistance partner to switch to.
Hydreigon is a great special attacker with great type-coverage, and Levitate is extremely useful for switching to on EQs. He is mainly Metagross' resistance partner as he resists Fire and is immune to Ground.
Dragon Pulse and Dark Pulse are his two STAB moves, and Dark Pulse has been useful for flinching, but it is not something to rely on. Flamethrower is mostly for taking out steel types and type coverage. Surf is mostly for taking out Ground types that threaten the rest of my team. Surf is also useful for killing fire types that threaten Metagross.

METAGROSS @ Leftovers
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Clear Body
EVs: | 148 HP | 252 Attack | 108 Speed |
~ Agility
~ Meteor Mash
~ Earthquake
~ Zen Headbutt

Metagross, you never let me down. This guy outspeeds timid Jolteon after an Agility, and with an Adamant nature he doesn't need any items like a Life Orb to do major damage. I was also able to put a bunch of EVs into HP, and let me tell you, he is bulky. He can take 2 unSTABed super-effective EQs and still be in the game as a threat. Add Leftovers, and he can be really tough to take down. He is a pretty standard Agiligross with 2 powerful STAB moves and EQ.

I ended up losing (just barely) at Battle 66 with this team because of an error on my part by keeping Infernape up against an Arcanine that most likely would have Extremespeed, and it did. I'll be smarter next time.


Not part of my team yet but I still want to try this Mienshao as a temporary replacement for Infernape just to see how she does:

MIENSHAO ♀ @ Focus Sash
Nature: Naive/Hasty
Ability: Inner Focus
EVs: | 252 Attack | 252 Speed |
~ Swords Dance
~ Reversal
~ Endure
~ Fake Out

Same strategy as Infernape's except a little different. She is intended to take a hit then survive with Focus Sash while Swords Dancing, just like Infernape. The major difference is the move Reversal instead of Close Combat, not to mention her higher Attack stat. With STAB and minimal HP, Reversal has a BP of 300! That's more powerful than an unSTABed Explosion. Then add SD and you have a move with a power of 600. No one can survive a hit from that except bulky Pokemon that resist it.
I have Naive/Hasty over Jolly because I want Mienshao's defenses to be very low so that she has <4% HP most of the time. This is also why I have the ability Inner Focus instead of Regenerator. Endure is for minimizing HP if she has more than 4% HP, and Fake Out is for getting Focus Sash and Sturdy leads. She's not going up against Ghost types, which is what Hydreigon is for.
I would appreciate any suggestions on which nature (Naive or Hasty) to choose for her. I am leaning towards Naive because speed-priority moves are physical and hurting-self-in-confusion is physical, but I am still a little unsure.
RIP Drapion

I used my Drapion team (Uxie, Drapion, Garchomp) for over a week, and all I could squeeze out of it is 41 rounds. Well I made a new team, (Uxie,TBA,Garchomp,) and on my very first run I got to 42 and I'm still going so hopefully I'll get far enough to post a record, but considering that I've never played these higher levels I might encounter new problems

Edit: streak ended at 65, losing due to crit hax from the same Pokémon as my sweeper. Part of the blame also goes to the fact that my Garchomp is (for experimental purposes) running Dragon Claw, Crunch, Earthquake, Aerial Ace. Only on round 65 would it have been beneficial to have Swords Dance. So I'll probably switch that over to Substitute, Swords Dance, Earthquake, Dragon Claw now, and if that doesn't suit my fancy, I can just teach it Aerial Ace or Crunch back
I just got my first big streak at 106 wins.
Battle Subway Super Single: 106
Terrakion, Latios, Metagross

TERRAKION @ Focus Sash
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Justified
EVs: | 4 HP | 252 Attack | 252 Speed |
~ Close Combat
~ Rock Slide
~ Earthquake
~ Swords Dance

LATIOS ♂ @ Choice Specs
Nature: Timid
Ability: Levitate
EVs: | 4 HP | 252 Sp. Attack | 252 Speed |
~ Psychic
~ Draco Meteor
~ Surf
~ Thunderbolt

METAGROSS @ Leftovers
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Clear Body
EVs: | 148 HP | 252 Attack | 108 Speed |
~ Agility
~ Meteor Mash
~ Earthquake
~ Zen Headbutt

My strategy is pretty similar to my Infernape strategy of Swords Dance, Focus Sash, sweep, but it's a little different because of Terrakion's completely different type-coverage with Rock Slide (yes, not Stone Edge. I care about accuracy a lot.) and Earthquake instead of Fire Punch and Shadow Claw. I found myself switching out a lot more right at the start, fearing a status move, a speed-priority move, being forced to use ineffective moves, or just simply going up against a fast Pokemon. But with both a special wall and a physical wall behind Terrakion resisting almost every type of move, it all worked out.

One thing I was really glad I had was Latios' Draco Meteor. Especially with Choice Specs, it OHKOs most Pokemon. Great for taking out Pokemon that Terrakion and Metagross have trouble with. Levitate+Surf was also great for taking out Ground types that threaten Terrakion and Metagross.

So yes this team revolves around Terrakion, but if and when Terrakion dies prematurely, the focus becomes Latios because of his speed, power, and type-coverage. Metagross, as a resistance partner for Latios, has been really useful to switch to when Latios needs to change moves.

Metagross was also very useful for taking out Ice types (especially speedy Froslass). He was also my Pokemon that I would send in to be crippled with Paralysis or Confusion as I wanted to keep Terrakion's speed high and his focus sash usable. And Metagross, with his bulkiness for an offensive Pokemon, could stand being slow with Paralysis, something that would cause Terrakion and Latios much trouble.

Pokemon that really gave me trouble were Pokemon that were faster than my entire team, most notably 686 Starmie:
| 686 | Starmie | Timid | Focus Sash | Surf | Psychic | Power Gem | Signal Beam | Spd/SpA |
That focus sash caused me so much trouble. It takes 2 of my Pokemon to take it out: one for the major damage, the other to take care of the remaining 1HP. Unless Metagross is already Agility'ed up, which surprisingly didn't happen whenever I encountered this Starmie.

I lost at 107 to this Starmie, but I think it could have been avoided had I made better decisions earlier on in the battle when my Metagross went up against a Bronzong. I think I was getting a little careless and overconfident at that point when I used Earthquake to see what ability it had.
It's kind of hard to get a good streak in Subway when my DS decides to freeze

But Subway sucks compared to Tower. In Tower they actually used their own Pokémon, instead of using a huge amount of Pokémon dedicated to countering exactly what's on your team. And the way they bend the RNG is awful
RIP Drapion

I used my Drapion team (Uxie, Drapion, Garchomp) for over a week, and all I could squeeze out of it is 41 rounds. Well I made a new team, (Uxie,TBA,Garchomp,) and on my very first run I got to 42 and I'm still going so hopefully I'll get far enough to post a record, but considering that I've never played these higher levels I might encounter new problems

Edit: streak ended at 65, losing due to crit hax from the same Pokémon as my sweeper. Part of the blame also goes to the fact that my Garchomp is (for experimental purposes) running Dragon Claw, Crunch, Earthquake, Aerial Ace. Only on round 65 would it have been beneficial to have Swords Dance. So I'll probably switch that over to Substitute, Swords Dance, Earthquake, Dragon Claw now, and if that doesn't suit my fancy, I can just teach it Aerial Ace or Crunch back
I use the same team and have had enormous success with them, only losing to my own zoning out. You just can't space out and autopilot like you could in the tower. Also, due to the overwhelming amount of Sturdy/Sash losses I've had, I'm replacing Memento or Flash with Stealth Rock (that required a restart of Platinum, booo), and I think that'll work out better.

Off topic, anyone else ever encountered a trainer that uses two of the exact same pokemon? This happened 2 weeks ago, so I forget exactly, but I think it was a 2x Chandelure. I was confused.
Off topic, anyone else ever encountered a trainer that uses two of the exact same pokemon? This happened 2 weeks ago, so I forget exactly, but I think it was a 2x Chandelure. I was confused.
Hello Zoroark. They usually don't do a whole lot besides confusing people who don't pay attention, since they're rather underwhelming when used by in-game trainers.
errrs just lost a match due to freeze, para and burn hax in one match!! so pee'd of ha!

the subway really trying to screw me out of it atm seems like every other team is ice related :(

since my 90+ streak been unable to break 50 (only had 2 atempts tho) unsure on what to change atm tho, might try out singles again...

good luck everyone!

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