Tournament BLT IX: 'Best Leaderboarders' Tournament ($2000 + custom avatar prize pool)!


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An independent study has confirmed that much of the staunch anti-Baloor online community aren’t real individuals, it’s a staff running thousands of accounts + an army of bots to signal boost them. Look closely, these aren’t real people. Who’d pay for such a *wildly* expensive thing?


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An independent study has confirmed that much of the staunch anti-Baloor online community aren’t real individuals, it’s a staff running thousands of accounts + an army of bots to signal boost them. Look closely, these aren’t real people. Who’d pay for such a *wildly* expensive thing?
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Fix your moderators please dawg why the fuck was i banned for this LMFAOOO
Limpy Lucario Bo3 me any tier
An independent study has confirmed that much of the staunch anti-Expulso online community aren’t real individuals, it’s a staff running thousands of accounts + an army of bots to signal boost them. Look closely, these aren’t real people. Who’d pay for such a *wildly* expensive thing?
The third cycle of BLT has officially started! Be sure to check out the Player Signup Thread if you've qualified in the second cycle and to sign up for the tiers you'll be playing in the tournament. The third cycle will last until April 30th,12:30 AM GMT +0, with the official schedule being here. Best of luck to everyone who is going to qualify!


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mad @ redacted in redacted
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After some discussion with the managers of BLT IX, it has been decided that a tier lock will come into effect in the first four weeks of this tournament. This is in order to combat possible price fixing for the auction.
What does this mean? It means that players are allowed to be playing only the tiers they have put in their signup posts for the first four weeks of the tournament.

Good luck to everyone still qualifying!
Will this apply to players with a pricetag of 3k? This rule as used on Smogon typically is not enforced with 3k players.
The fourth and final cycle of BLT IX qualifications has officially started! Be sure to check out the Player Signup Thread if you've qualified in the third cycle to sign up for the tiers you'll be playing in the tournament. The fourth cycle will last until May 15th,12:30 AM GMT +0, with the official schedule being here. Good luck to everyone who is still going to qualify!


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my mans roginald has been violated, hes been done dirty. nothing he does is ever enough, dw rogi i still believe in you. keep killing it in grandslam and show them why youre starting in wcop. youre far from a "washed rands main".


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The Long Awaited (nobody asked) DOU Player Rankings for BLT X

S+: Dominates any tour on Smogon, can be expected to clean house. Self-sufficient.
SMB - Considered by many to be the greatest Doubles player of all time, has won pretty much every Doubles tournament to exist. One of the most creative builders in the game as well as a solid player. (he will lose this week in DLT but you'll probably only see winposts after that).

Z Strats - This past year was probably his biggest yet, and this Proooooooooooooooo has really shown he knows his stuff in big tournaments like SCL and OSDT. Probably one of SS's finest builders and a fundamentally solid player. He probably will bring meme teams but he'll also win anyway.

S: Great player, can compete at the highest level. Self-sufficient.
Actuarily - Another player who has seen great success this year, including two individual tour wins and a runner-up placement. Only slightly lower than the SMBoat and Zigma Strategies due to a lesser, but still respectable OTT performance. Very quick to meta developments and builds great sharp, offensive teams.

A: Good player you could start on your lineup.
Shadowmonstr7 - Claims to be washed, but he did just qualify for DLT Playoffs. Longtime veteran who has had pretty good showings this generation. You will probably want to make sure he has good support, he can build for himself but... yeah, you should try to find him a builder.

Jonas - Has actually been popping off in VGC lately, and has shown to be pretty competent in the past in SS DOU (before they got good as well IMO). Could be a great pick, needs to get a little more acclimated to the meta and might need a builder though.

Xrn - Not the most tournament results, this could be a slightly inflated rating, but he has had a good deal of moments competing at a high level. Should be a generally solid pick though.

luisin - Held his own last year, pretty good mons player in general with some solid DOU results. Loves using mons with uncommon setup sets, hasn't played very much DOU recently but should be able to pull out a decent record again this year.

LoSconosciuto - He has not played in pretty much any DOU forum tours and as such has no results. However, this is a player with a good deal of raw talent (top rands player, top randdubs player) and has done some respectable building in DOU with measurable success. Not a bad pick to take a chance on.

Eternal Snowman - Has been a solid performer in tournaments for probably the better part of a decade at this point. Unlikely to actually slot in DOU, but has the fundamentals to play doubles competently and should be able to provide good though unconventional support to whoever the Snorlaxes draft for their doubles slot.

Mack Knife - Another unconventional builder, but he understands the game and has had some success in tournaments, making a pretty deep run in the fall seasonal last year. Will also predict your team every week if you draft him. If there are any surprises in starting lineups, this could be one of them.

B: Good player, but probably can't build or is washed or is held back by some other trait. Might also be a good support option.
Frixel - Everyone's favorite Doubles supporter is actually somewhat good at the game. He has had good showings in seasonals, making it as far as Round 9. More of a developing player, but certainly worth investing into and can definitely be a great Sub/Support option. Starting him would be a bit of a risk, but if you do make sure to find him some building support.

fangame10 - Veteran player who recently came back to the game and has held a stranglehold on ladder. Has decent game sense and understanding of the meta... only thing is uh... he only plays Trick Room teams.

mammalu - Had a very respectable record last year, hasn't really touched the tier much since but might be able to pick it up.

Meminger21 - Pretty in touch with the meta and teams are generally pretty sensible. Just doesn't have the results of some other players in the pool. Wouldn't expect a good record, but also wouldn't expect a horrible record.

udongirl - A competent player with creative ideas. Sometimes those ideas can be... a little too creative, but she always manages to bring back wins.

queso - dude kind of just shows up once a year and wins a few games. Doesn't really stand out, but brings home wins in every tour they play.

Acehunter1 - Hasn't played DOU this gen at all. There's no reason not to slot him in LC anyway...

C: No notable results
txitxas - Has been around in the Doubles community somewhat, but aside from a handful of minitours has yet to make a big splash. Doesn't seem to be very on top of metagame trends.

tob - One of the more raw prospects, is quite skilled at Random Doubles and some of that should transfer over. Aside from that, might not know the meta too well and almost certainly won't be able to build, but is a pretty nice guy!

PokeArt2004 - She has been consistently performing pretty well in the qualifying cycles of BLT, and is definitely an option to consider as a solid substitute if needed. Obviously has prior BLT experience, but definitely will need building support if she ever plays this tier.

Phantomistix - More invested in NU, but really the description of this tier says it all. Hasn't done too much here.

Axelsior - Is a pretty good player overall but I have only seen them play Doubles a handful of times in roomtours. Definitely not self-sufficient, could maybe be a decent sub in a sticky situation.

LTG - As far as I can tell does not play very much Doubles. Nice dude though.

Wigglytuff - Experienced mons player in general, but I do not expect too much. (Don't overpay for this dude kek!)

P.S.Ash - Wins a lot of roomtours of all kinds of formats, wouldn't expect stellar play but there could be potential.

oaklies - My limited experience in watching them play this tier has not inspired confidence, although it could be worse.

Door Money - Can't really say they know what they're doing in this tier, but apparently they're decent enough in singles tiers.

D: Lower than C

Demykunst - I haven't seen them play very much if at all.

Champfernape - Haven't seen or heard of this player.

I want Atago to sit on me: he deleted :(((

Fluore: Fluorescent
Lkapkd: "Fluore"'s Sidekick. Loves doubles with a burning passion
Crunchman: "Fluore"'s Sidekick's Sidekick.


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Monotype Player Rankings for BLT IX -

S (Best Player) -
Attribute - This would've been a hotly contested position before Chait deleted his signup, but Attribute cements himself as top of the Monotype pool in BLT this year. Following a 10-4 record in Monotype team tours in the past year, along with winning Seeded and The Monotype Invitational, Attribute has shown his proficiency in building and playing the tier at an elite level and will be looking to dominate in Monotype this BLT.

A (Guaranteed Starters) -
Shiba - Shiba has had the best SS Monotype record in Mono team tours with a sterling 21-8 record across 5 tours over the last 2 years. While he'll need support in the building department this BLT to continue his rich vein of success, Shiba is a reliable bet for success in this tier.

maroon - maroon has been a solid player in Monotype over the past year across the building and piloting department in multiple gens, ending with a 9-3 record in 2021 Mono team tours, but hasn't yet had a standout performance in SS yet. Any team drafting him can bank on a good piloter who can build stable teams for himself.

Kev - One of the tier leaders of Monotype, Kev will be hoping he can turn around his unlucky form from MPL in this tour. Similarly to maroon, he hasn't had a standout performance in SS Monotype yet but performed well in MWC II with a 3-1 record. He will be hoping to put forward a solid record in this BLT with stable team selection of his own choice.

Kaguya Lys - Ayayayaya established himself in Monotype during the advent of SS, and put in strong performance over multiple tours while showcasing some creative tech ideas in MPL 6 and MWP 3. After dominating the BLT pool last time around, he will have stronger competition but will be looking to put up a good record again.

Maki - Maki burst onto the Monotype scene in 2020 as one of the hotter prospects in SS with a 3-0 record in MPL 6 followed by a 4-0 record in MWC 2, but he's been unable to find much time for the tier since a decent performance last MPL. He will be looking to build on his return to competitive mons after his Italian PL experience with a strong performance in BLT.

B (Fringe Starters) -
luisin - A former DOU specialist who has showcased himself over the last year in Monotype, luisin is a decent player with some interesting builds and the playing potential to upset some of the top players in this pool on a good day.

plunder - A newer player who has entrenched himself in the Monotype community recently and managing in MPL, plunder will be eager to showcase a solid performance in BLT and show some consistency in the tier as a player.

C (Sub options) -
Ashbala - A Monotype player who has branched out to other tiers and shown some mixed results, Ashbala will want to establish his skill in Monotype this BLT as a regular starter in the tier if one of the above options ends up playing a different tier.

RichardPepper - While RichardPepper managed to show out in last year's BLT with a great performance record-wise, the pool improving leads to him falling to a substitute option in the tier due to his issues with consistency in the building and playing departments.

henguinie - A regular starter in Monotype over the last couple of BLTs, the combination of his lackluster performance last year along with more competition leads to henguinie probably ending up as a substitute in the tier for some team.


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The first mock of BLT has been concluded!

Z Strats23000
Kaguya Lys16000
wesh papillon9000
King Leo V8500
Dj Breloominati♬6500
Plimsoll Punks5500
Goro Yagami4500
perfect minun3000
Revenge Killer3000
(some aren't here due to having to redo draft so if u don't see urself then dw)

Draft 1:
Ubers: Aberforth
OU: Crucify
OU2: Roginald
UU: Shiba
RU: Plas
NU: Tlenit
PU: iNasty
LC: Kythr
Monotype: Kaguya Lys
Doubles OU: Crunchman
Blittius, Failbor, Xceloh, Luisin
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