Tournament BLT IX: 'Best Leaderboarders' Tournament ($2000 + custom avatar prize pool)!

The final decision regarding the situation around this replay has been made; me and Tranquility have decided that SpookyZ will be banned from the current iteration of BLT, as there is beyond a shadow of a doubt they were made aware of what team their opponent was going to load, could accordingly bring a team that auto-wins the game for them and knew they were at fault. This allows the Majestic Milotics to sell back their player and purchase one from the undrafted pool in return. The match correspondingly becomes a dead game.
On the other hand, QWILY will not be banned from this iteration of our annual team tour, as there is no way they can be proven guilty of passing SpookyZ the team that was used against airfare during the match. As there is reason to the Solaceon Solgaleos to strongly believe QWILY was indeed in the wrong, and this has caused friction between them, they will be allowed to drop their player.

Let's hope this was the final bit of drama this season of BLT and may we enjoy the last few, exciting weeks of the tournament. Good luck to all teams for making playoffs!
With our season basically on ice at this point, I wanted to very quickly shoutout my managers blce and GXE. I don't post usually at the end of tours, but I felt this circumstance warranted it. I can confidently say this was one of the best team environments I have been a part of throughout my time on smogon. Despite our extremely subpar performance in most weeks, the vibes in the discord were absolutely immaculate with GXE and eri being extremely supportive and overall fun people to team with. Made a bunch of good friends during this tour so despite the losing week in and week out it was a very worthwhile experience.

Much love and see you all next year.


also GXE I hope you lose in ubers you damn scrub


can you see me?
grand rising it’s blce here with some shoutouts for myself and GXE's absolutely wonderful team this BLT: the dressrosa dracovishes!! this is totally not late.

to the team: thank you guys for being an absolute joy to manage and team with. i'm proud of you all and i know that this season didn't go the way we wanted it to, but just know that i will always think we're playoffs material, no matter the ups and downs in our season. above all, i hope that you guys had fun on our team this year! this teamcord was an absolute blast to be in and i'm really happy that i met all of you. despite our position not that good some (most) weeks, i'm glad that we gave it our all nonetheless. thank you all so much for participating in our events, QOTDs and conversations - you made the team what it is, from environment to us being ass this season. i know i'm not the most useful manager out there but i hope that you all had a fun season with me. i love you all so much - all the best in all your future endeavours, you'll rock and do better than this mf team. :heart:

dracovish shoutouts:

crucify you are one of the best people i've met on smogon, you are such a joy to team with and talk to about anything, from sports to anime etc etc.. thank you so much for being our incredibly self sufficient flex player, we could not have survived without you taking up any tier we put you in. thank you also for always answering my qotds and taking them up when i couldn't, yes you can slam me for not being able to keep it up now LOL ily man, thanks for everything william

Leru i'm not gonna lie i was just upbidding on you and i didn't expect to end up with you but i am SO glad i did. you are such a fun teammate and awesome player, this team would not be the same without you. i had so much fun talking about anime and manga with you, keep at the degeneracy brother. i know you didn't want to play ubers much but you always brought it despite that - thank you so much. i'll miss you trying to rfn every week :leru:

DugZa our MVP of the season! you did so incredibly well and i am so so glad i got you for 10k because going 5-1 is absolutely insane. you're an awesome player, thank you so much for all the work you've done for the team and your help in other tiers, we could not have been not last without you. good luck in nult, you got this dude #DUGZASMASH

clean nick core 1/2, you're a player i've wanted since the start and i'm so happy i got you. thank you for all the work you put in with passing teams, scouts and playing your hardest. you're a good player and i'm sure you'll go far in whatever you put your mind to! you have insane music/anime taste and are one of the best people i've met on smogon and i would absolutely love to team with you again. thanks for always participating and for all the VCs, you're awesome. p.s. you should play more lc!

Xrn nick core 1/2! 4-1 for 4k is absolutely goated as hell. i'm really glad i met you, not only are you a great and self sufficient player but you're also fun to team with. thanks for bringing it every week in ou, and for all of your help in prep. you're another very important reason we aren't dead last LOOOL i appreciate you sm!

Z Strats RAY ILY!!! i know gxe's message will probably (try to) rip you into pieces so i'm here to be NICE to you for once. you're really awesome and i'm so glad i met you, and honestly it was really fun seeing what fuck shit you'd bring every week for dou. you're always so fun in teamchats and are one of my favourite people on smogon, thanks so much for everything this season! told you i'd spend big smh

Acehunter1 home of the language centre and my fellow canadian! i know this season didn't go the way you wanted, but keep your head up - we all know you are one of the best lc players in this tour. you'll bounce back, i'm sure of it. not only were you absolutely self sufficient in your prep, but you were also such a wonderful person to team with again. merci pour votre aide avec mon francais!!

Revenge Killer i wish we put you in ru sooner because you're a beast dude. you're a great player and definitely brought the battle every week, i appreciate all your work this season and i'll be rooting for you king you'll rock all your mons endeavours.

Kaguya Lys i know you were busy this season and i'm thankful you played your hardest despite it, and despite how some games didn't go as planned this season. you're one of my favourite mono players, keep kicking ass brother!

RichardPepper thank you for always being ready and willing to sub in, it's something that i appreciate so much. you're really fun to talk with, especially about food! i'm glad that we drafted you and i hope that you'll play for blt again next year!

3.14dgeot-Mega thank you for flexing into whatever sub slot we needed, especially because it wasn't expected and we had issues with the lineup. clutch af

Heni-san trust me i REALLY wanted to win too. i love your drive towards mons and i really hope that you keep playing. your taste in anime is awesome and i enjoyed talking with you a lot, especially about art! you can do whatever you put your mind to, i'm so glad i met ya dude

Drud i'm sorry that this season didn't go the way you wanted. i hope you keep kicking ass in pu, and i hope you're doin well!

donquixote family shoutouts:

chlo Ainzcrad for their help in passing teams for their respective tiers, we really truly appreciate you guys for helping us! thank you for participating in our events and qotds too, ily guys

TheKingKarp for all the help in lc, you're a cool person that i'm glad i got to meet.

avyrie rumia for always participating in events and being awesome teamchat presences!

fabwooloo AHHHH my fuckin brother, thanks for everything from being active to helping out with our prep, and ESPECIALLY for your help during draft. you are absolutely insane and i can't wait to wreck house in tpp with you. my brother 4L

Brumirage for making our absolutely INSANE logo

i hate this guy:

GXE you are LITERALLY the WORST person i have EVER had the DISPLEASURE OF MEETING. bet you can hear me say that with that exact emphasis. good. all i want to do is ruin your life and annoy you. you deserve it for making me solo draft. you deserve to have your insane blt record tarnished (we'll do better next year).
jokes aside you are literally my favourite person on this site, my life would not be the same without you and you are without a doubt my best friend. it's awesome that we met from last year's blt, and now we've managed another iteration of this same tour together. between us managers, you absolutely carried the mons side of this team, thanks for covering for me in that regard. i've known you for two days over a year now but it's been such a wonderful year knowing you and being your friend, thank you so much for everything from being insane at mons to literally just being one of the kindest, greatest people i've ever met. i appreciate you more than you'll ever know.

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I have procrastinated doing shoutouts for like three weeks now but Blce is making me. POS.

TO THE VISHES: we sucked, quite frankly. The season can be summed up using words like: sad, atrocious, embarrassing, quite frankly a stain on my long and prosperous legacy. No amount of words can quite express my sheer disappointment in this failure of an institution. JOKES ASIDE I had a really great time, our team was incredibly fun and def one of the cooler ones I've been apart of. Everyone was willing to work and try in their games, and the chat was always fun. Doesn't always come tgt but that's just how mons be sometimes.

Individual Shoutouts
Z strats- naw.
Clean- ....
Acehunter1- You're an incredibly talented lc player and absolutely one of the best of this gen. I know you would've hoped for a better tour but I would've hoped your timer had the capability of staying above 1.2 seconds milliseconds so we don't always get what we want. IM SORRY UR SUPER COOL AND HAVE A BRIGHT FUTURE ON THIS SITE IF U KEEP PLAYING, i fw ur vids and hope we can team again
Crucify- You did better in spl. It's ok, I did better in NUPL. BLT is the peak of all tours, one day we will climb this valley to a better place. You're hella cool as a person and a great player, would love to team again sometime. You covered all the tiers really well and went where we needed when we needed, and helped out like- eveywhere. tysm my dude
Dugza- You're an incredible player and def the MVP for us this tour. You would have been undefeated if I didn't give you terrible EVS that one game so sorry for that again. You were an absolute steal for 10k, and someone I want to team up again w soon. It's been fun working with you on some teams even after this tour is over, can't wait to see you take over all the lower tiers pretty soon. (Go win nult btw)
Leru- Go peddle your waifus elsewhere you degenerate mf. What an absolute displeasure it was watching you pretend to play a game w a fake team since day 1 and scaring the life out of me. Honestly when we drafted you I thought you'd not give a crap and was slightly unsure how it would go, but you're really a funny and great person to talk to, and even carried us in a tier you didn't really wanna play, so ty a lot. Would draft again anytime
Drud- Appreciate you covering PU for the early weeks, I know some stuff went down in chat you weren't so happy ab so wish things could have been different, keep bein a great player though.
Kaguya Lys- Coming into this tour I knew you were a mono player I wanted and def no regrets here. I'm sure you would've liked to change some of the results yourself but you're still a really really good player, next time we getting only baller matchups fr.
Heni-san- YOURE SO FUNNY and super cool, it was cool getting to know you over the course of this short tour. You really put in some time with the meta and were definitely doing well with it by the end, glad we could team up mate.
Revenge Killer- One of my many regrets this tour is definitely not slotting you in RU earlier to free up some other slots. You're a really really good player inside and outside of RU (keep killin the start of OLT), and def have a bright future in the tours you play in. Also a cool chat presence, 100% would draft again.
Xrn- I absolutely knew you had the potential to go in this tour and you did not let me down. You're a really really talented player in a lot of tiers, and fun to talk to as well. You're a great team presence, player, and I could say a lot of nice things about you. Hope you see a lot of success in the future my dude, best 4k steal of this entire tour. I dislike you for making me confuse Nicks, though.
Richard Pepper- You're one of the OG BLT'ers/tours room players from when I started so I'm glad we had the chance to team up this once. Thanks for filling in when you needed to, even in some situations that were definitely not ideal.
Pi- Someone I also knew from before BLT, a bit through draft leagues. You're a good player, also thrown into some non-ideal situations so thanks for filling in when we needed it.
Z strats- YOU ARE THE MOST ANNOYING- CAN YOU JUST USE A REAL TEAM FOR ONCE GOD. AND LIKE. IF YOURE GOING TO USE THESE UNVIABLE BAD MONS CAN YOU AT LEAST LOSE MORE SO I CAN BE MAD ABOUT IT. How are you going to go even. Like. I cant be mad at a player for having an even record when most of the others are negative, yet, YOU ARE SO ANNOING OMG. I never want to see you ever again. Goodbye. ...thanks for being one of my best friends on the site and talking in and out of BLT. One of my fav people, and an awesome DOU player at that, go try to win osdt to make up for whatever this was.
Clean- ....
- GOD FINE. NICK YOU ARE SO ANNNNNNNOYING. The only thing clean about you was your losing record for the first like three weeks. How are you going to be a weeb and make me question my very existence, like pick a struggle. One day I will have my revenge when you draft me instead of vise-versa, bc god knows never again. ...................................FINE. You were a very cool teammate and someone who will def be a friend on this site going forward. You're like...pretty good at pokemon sometimes ig, maybe with a few centuries of long work you'll be able to beat me in a test game without luck. Thanks for being a very cool part of this team.
Joey- You were as big a part of this team as anyone else. Thanks for being any honorary co-co-manager and filling it when needed. It was a busy season for me and Blce and it would've been hard to do it without you. Super cool dude as well

Blce- Aaaaaa my co-man. Partner-in-crime. Enemy. Foe. Adversary. Nemeis. You make clean and z's irritating nature look like a pebble in the grand canyon. You make a phone charger that won't charge a phone except at a certain angle look like the greatest pleasure in life. I- You're just the worst person probably to ever do it but idk. You know the thing? You have everyone fooled. I bet 90% of people who read this will be like- blce? you mean...that blce? The super nice, funny, caring person who should have been tours plaza voice but never got it? Yea, that's the one. You've pulled a blind over everyone's eyes but I here alone see the truth. Setting aside the fact that you may be the ™Worst Person Of All Time, you are a very awesome co-manager. You keep the team spirit alive better than anyone to ever do it, and you're never short on energy or motivation. If you ask everyone on our team what they thought, I think the vast majority had a really good time, and you're 100% the biggest reason for that. I can help out with teams and tests but you're the type of co-manager everyone needs to keep a team environment going which is honestly 90% of the battle. I'm glad your first BLT (you managed) was one we managed tgt, I definitely would not have allowed you to manage with someone terrible like clean or z strats. You're my best friend on this site and you drafted one hell of a team, I would not change a thing. Next year we are bringing home that One Piece custom, though. It's been one hell of a year, thank you so much for everything

Support (Chlo, TKK, Rumia, Lph, Ainz, anyone else I'm forgetting atm sorry)- Thank you all so much for the help this year, it's always a team effort and you guys were all a part of it. Appreciate the help/activity/everything y'all provided fr

Hosts- You guys never have an easy job, thanks for putting in the time during a lot of non clear-cut situations

We genuinely had such a cool team and with a little different luck I know this was the right squad, just wrong timing. Sorry I let y'all down with my personal record as well, next year gon be some type of undefeated run though. Look forward to more in the future y'all :)

i forgot tags so: Z Strats clean Acehunter1 crucify DugZa Leru blce Drud Kaguya Lys Heni-san Revenge Killer Xrn RichardPepper fabwooloo rumia avyrie chlo TheKingKarp Ainzcrad
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