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I (and Wobby) have had similar issues with the LC ladder. We both had high rankings (him being #1 and me being #11) but now it's saying we have lost over 200 matches since last night despite us not playing at all.
Most likely what happened is that you misclicked on something else when you meant to click on Bullet Punch, or lag accidentally registered the wrong move as being clicked.

If it was the lag thing, I have plans to fix that, don't worry.
No, I didn't missclick whatsoever, of that I am sure.
The first is intended - that's what happens in-game. If your pokemon faints when using Rapid Spin (Rough Skin, Iron Barbs, Rocky Helmet) the hazards stay.

As for the second, I don't know if that's intended or if that's a bug.
Turn 24
The foe's B00 used Destiny Bond!
The foe's B00 is trying to take its foe down with it!
Amoonguss used Giga Drain!
It's not very effective... The foe's B00 lost 1% of its health!
The foe's B00 had its energy drained!
The foe's B00 fainted!
Error parsing: -activate|p1a: B00|Destiny Bond
Error: TypeError: 'null' is not an object
Amoonguss fainted!
Diatom won the battle!
What's with the error text? (I won the battle just fine, so it's just a graphical glitch, but still annoying).
For some reason, in the middle of a match, I started seeing everything from the other person's side. Their pokemon was in my position and it would only let me pick their pokemon. Really weird and not sure what caused it.


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I was battling a Golurk and it used substitute, my Vileplume's effect spore still took effect though. I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen...
That's not a bug; Golurk's Substitute is not making contact with Vileplume, Golurk itself is. If Vileplume was the one with the Substitute, Effect Spore would never activate because Golurk would be making contact with the Substitute and not Vileplume.
If opponent has a balloon and you have no item and you use switcheroo, you get the balloon but the opponent keeps the balloon effect, even when hit

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