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Found a very niche bug but important to a challenge I'm doing.

Gen 3 Doubles, using Skill Swap on your team-mate causes your 2 pokemon to trace the opponent's 2 abilities, as opposed to swapping their own.

Replay link:

The bug happens on turn 2, when Starmie attempts to Skill Swap with its ally Slaking.

Doesn't seem to happen every time, so not 100% sure of the cause.

BUG STATUS: NEEDS MORE INFO, I have tried again and again to reproduce this and i can't (example, this is on latest master at time of writing). If someone manages to reproduce this, please type /exportinputlog and share the output. Thanks! :furret:
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I found something super niche but I think it's cool to point out :

Ability Shield blocks stuff that will change your ability but also Mold Breaker and stuff that ignores abilities in game (Mycellium Might for example)

Here is a video in game :

Here is a replay with the same setup on Showdown : https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen9ou-1780757323-ar4el5k69f85plfamkvhtzlqods5jkgpw

Hopefully I didn't miss anything silly or obvious during the tests!

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This is not a report at all but I want to know if it happens to someone else. I have been playing on showdown for like 10 years,I know hax happens and it is what it is, but I think play rough is bugged.
Is not normal to miss 1 of 2 or 3 play roughs every game with 90% acuraccy move. Playing in top 20 vgc ladder with this handicap is so frustrating.

Admin Edit: https://pokemonshowdown.com/pages/rng may help
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[Gen 9] Hackmons Cup replay: liu4312 vs. TheMonkeee - Pokémon Showdown (pokemonshowdown.com) Turn 35-38

Chien-Pao tera'ed into rock and switched out to Illusion Quaxly. When the illusion broke, Quaxly still displayed to be a rock type even though it actually wasn't. It's just a visual bug since it still was neutral to drill run and resisted gyro ball

BUG STATUS: CONFIRMED - Mechanics (Server)
With Illusion, the Rock type change without the Tera icon is correct. However the type change should go away when Illusion wears off. :furret:
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when i typed /challenge doubleshackmonscup@@@bla bla bla, it defaulted to gen8doubleshackmonscup, which doesnt exist, only realised after i checked the formats that current gen one exists. Just a small bug, but just pointing it out :)


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If you have the water Tauros on your team, it won't let you use the team unless you nickname the Tauros something shorter. Not sure if this is intended or not.
Assuming this is the most suitable thread, I'm going to list some suggestions here regarding Pokémon cries (see the database). It's not strictly speaking bugs, rather a desire for optimizations and standardization with the cartridge:
• I guess it's been noticed before, but the gen 9 Pokémon cries volume is much lower than everything else. Is this a deliberate choice?
• to stay on S/V, Oinkologne-F, Maushold-Four, Palafin-Hero, Tatsugiri (Droopy and Stretchy) and Gimmighoul-Roaming (which doesn't exist yet) have a different cry than their base form, which isn't yet the case on Showdown;
• when Morpeko is fainted in his Hangry form, it has his specific cry, which isn't the case on Showdown;
• same thing for Wishiwashi in his School form, while it keeps his base cry on Showdown when it's fainted;
• when Zygarde performs his Power Construct, it makes its final cry when transforming, which isn't the case on Showdown;
• when Greninja does his Battle Bond (in gen 7 of course), it does his cry again;
• finally, I guess it's been proposed before, but the cries of Gigantamax forms haven't been implemented on Showdown. Was this option denied at the time of S/S?
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Not sure if this was ever encountered before or if this is considered a bug but I’ve been trying to play games and anytime I search for one, this message pops up instead of opening a small tab like normal and when selected, it just takes me to the same page with infinite loading. Not exactly sure how to replicate it, but I’m on safari iphone.


in turn 3 of this game, I was using tera blast with a +4 attack eiscue, however it did damage like it was special, it should have done
+4 0 Atk Eiscue Tera Blast vs. 22 HP / 0 Def Luvdisc: 231-272 (99.5 - 117.2%) -- 93.8% chance to OHKO , but instead it only did 17.7%, which lines up with 0- SpA Eiscue Tera Blast vs. 22 HP / 252 SpD Luvdisc: 38-45 (16.3 - 19.3%) -- possible 6HKO
You need to provide a link to a replay of the match, rather than the match itself, as Showdown quickly wipes unused rooms to save space (which it has already done with your match). That said, it's likely that the Eiscue was not terastallized at the time. Tera Blast will only become physical when its user is terastallized. Otherwise, it's always a special Normal move.


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Bulbapedia Body Press said:
Defense stat stage-modifiers are applied (rather than Attack stage-modifiers), but otherwise Attack modifiers are used (including held item, Ability, and burn). For example, Huge Power or a held Choice Band will increase the stat used in calculation, whereas Fur Coat or a held Eviolite will not. In contrast, Slow Start will decrease the stat used in calculation.
Ok so according to Bulbapedia, Fur Coat doesn't factor into increasing Body Press's damage, but the replay showed that Fur Coat does boost Body Press damage. Which one is supposed to be the incorrect one here?
I'm sorry for not having a replay, as this battle happened a day ago and this is the first time I'm using this system so I didn't know I needed to save a replay, but I am posting a screenshot of the chat.

Gardevoir's Intimidate ability activated before the same Gardevoir's Trace ability activated to copy Intimidate.

Intimidate before Trace.png

BUG STATUS: CONFIRMED - Mechanics (Client)
This post has a replay of the same bug
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Have not seen this reported yet. I found this out during one of the Lunar New Year tournaments in THP. [Gen 9] National Dex AG is EXTREMELY janky when it comes to handling custom bans.

e.g if you run /tour create natdex ag, elim and then /tour rules -allpokemon, +electrode -> What this SHOULD do is ban every single pokemon except electrode. This is not the case. It bans every pokemon obtainable in S/V. Pokemon in the National Dex that are NOT obtainable in S/V are still usable, e.g Zapdos.

NatDex formats have the rule +Past to work how they do. This will take priority over the less specifc -All Pokemon ban. This is how the rules system is intended to work as it stands; you would need to use a different base format for the intended result. :furret:
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