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dump of my notable bw teams for the year + i talk about defiant thundurus specifically. the defiant thundurus sets on pastes have changed a bit from the ones in replays as i began to favor LO + Crunch over Fighting Gem + Sky Drop


Weatherless Moth Balance - DPL7 Week 4 vs DaWoblefet / BW Cup vs Yoda2798

The idea going into the match-up was I generally wanted to be instantly advantageous against the Amoonguss balance teams which I was highly putting DaWoblefet on. At the same time, I wanted to make sure that I had strong answers against Skymin as I recognized that my own usage history can make it look like I'm vulnerable to it. Quiver Dance Volcarona fits within both ideas as it's a great balance breaker and can render Shaymin-S moot at +1. Defiant Thundurus and Expert Belt Cresselia are also attempts at beating balance; the former is handy for getting surprise quick damage on Tyranitar and Heatran, while Cresselia can make sure Amoonguss, Metagross, and Hitmontop can never get too out of hand. Scarf Kyurem-B is there to make sure Scarf Landorus-T is invalidated, and it's also nice for keeping Latios at bay. Jellicent and Amoonguss round the team out as a defensive duo that can generally deal with everything, in particular being key for the match-up against rain; while I do have Cresselia, it's not as reliable defensively due to how its EVswere invested. I typically never use weatherless in BW DOU and this might be the only team I have of the sort within the past three years, but I'd say this is a pretty solid attempt.

Scarf Tyranitar + Keldeo + SD Scizor - DPL7 Finals vs DaWoblefet

This one was also for DaWoblefet but now for the DPL finals matchup. While I still had the balance match-up in mind as it really did feel like DaWoblefet's style, this time I was more wary of how I deal with Kyurem-B on either of its two better sets. I went with SD Scizor, again another set-up attacker as they're good breakers against balance, but also because it's inherently good against a lot of balance pieces such as Latios, Metagross, Cresselia, TTar, and Amoonguss. Keldeo is a curious addition as it's not really common, but I really like it as it can reliably decimate Heatran while still putting heavy pressure on KB and TTar (for Latios); Latios is used in the same vein, except Draco Meteor destroys everything instead. Choice Scarf Tyranitar is there to make sure opposing Latios don't become too problematic, as it's still capable of just nabbing one every time. I'm using fast bulky Thundurus in order to maximize my range in stuff I can Sky Drop, which can be really handy in getting surprise unpins on my attackers. I genuinely like this team as I feel like it's a good attempt at maximizing Scizor while not being too exposed by Heatran and Jellicent.

The Six but it's Defiant Thundurus - BW Cup vs Yoda2798

It's the six. But it has Defiant Thundurus. I talk about Defiant Thundurus specifically later on this post, but in the context of this team I don't think it actually needs Prankster Thunder Wave as the rain match-up isn't that bad, considering it has Jellicent, Latios, and Tyranitar. What the team does appreciate, however, is more aggressive options in dealing with Latios, Tyranitar, Kyurem-B, etc..--iThundurus's handy for taking advantage of what would generally be average matchups into surprisingly daunting pressure and pins, which in turn helps me in positioning with my other 5 which are quite in dealing with a broad range of stuff by themselves already. The rest are pretty simple as they are essentially the default sets.


I have been using Defiant Thundurus throughout DPL and Classic and I can honestly say that it's a real valid set for BW DOU. It's been a generally effective pick from my experience and is basically not a meme.

Thundurus (M) @ Life Orb
Ability: Defiant
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Wild Charge
- Crunch
- Superpower
- Protect
Thundurus (M) @ Fighting Gem
Ability: Defiant
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Wild Charge
- Superpower
- Sky Drop
- Protect

The idea with this set when I first tried it out is that Prankster Thundurus typically baits out stuff like Tyranitar and Heatran, stuff which this particular set can obliterate. Teams usually don't want their offensive stuff Thunder Waved, so they usually send out their slow, bulky stuff which this set can more effectively punish with significant damage. As Prankster Thundurus and Defiant Thundurus essentially have to be dealt with in different ways and with different checks, I wanted to take advantage of this fact by using it to make quick picks, opening up opportunities for other guys; this kind of surprise element for me was valuable, especially since DPL was only a best-of-1.

Still, this set had consistency even with it being within my meta. It's strikingly effective at keeping a lot of key threats at bay with pure offensive pressure, owing to the fact that it's faster than Latios and how its coverage lets it hit a lot of key Pokemon in the metagame super effectively. Wild Charge hits hard enough neutrally as LO Thundurus still has the raw attack to be respectable and it notably hits Jellicent for SE. Superpower decimates TTar and takes a fat chunk out of KB and Heatran. Crunch is literally only for Latios but this is still valuable as Latios is one of the most daunting threats in BW DOU and is almost always in every non-rain team. All of the threats I mentioned here are Tier 1 threats. I've found that teams often just resort to using Intimidate when it comes to dealing with physical attackers, which this set punishes; as long as Thundurus has teammates that can keep Landorus-T from Rock Sliding e.g. Wide Guard Hitmontop, Scarf Kyurem-B, then it can basically wreak havoc on most opposing balance teams.

While it does have Defiant as an ability, a lot of this set's value isn't even about punishing Intimidate. Rather, it moreso comes from how it has the super effective coverage on a lot of key targets in the metagame on top of the fact that it can be a bit of a puzzle to tell apart whether a team has Prankster or Defiant from preview. Defiant Thundurus isn't necessarily a strong (physical) attacker in its own right, but it nevertheless is quite effective, this effectiveness being a product of the metagame. As long as balance teams still look like they usually do, this set should still be quite effective and I definitely recommend people give it a try if an opportunity to play BW DOU comes around.


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Some thoughts on how the BW metagame has shifted over the past few tournaments:

SMB once again shatters the idea of BW being an inconsistent tier with another dominant performance. Only losing a single game in all of BW Cup and only one BW game in Classic Finals, coupled with a string of top 4 placements in past years, SMB has pushed the BW metagame in different ways with his impact in both play and teambuilding. SMB has carved out new niches in Pokemon, such as Choice Scarf Kyurem-B or offensive Ghost Gem Jellicent, in addition to actually building teams. A good player who is able to create independently viable teams is going to do well, and I think a player wise to metagame trends should be analyzing what SMB is doing in BW if they want to succeed in the tier.

Stagnant Rain
Very little has come by way of pushing rain forward in the metagame, with many players in the most recent BW Cup opting to recycle old builds of SMB rain (Genies + Sub Lefties Metagross + Breloom), double Grass rain, or tried and true Whitewater. Seeing only around a 50% winrate overall, it also saw consistently less usage the later the rounds became. Rain isn't bad or anything, but the counterplay available with traditional good BW Pokemon, when combined with experience fighting those same teams multiple times, leads me to rate rain less favorably.

The Rise of Sand teams
Most BW players will agree that Thundurus is one of the best, if not the best mon in the tier. Excadrill has always been floated as a solid option to check Thundurus, being Thunder Wave immune itself. Other metagame trends, such as Metagross's rise in popularity, have been favorable for Excadrill; Excadrill can destroy it with a Life Orb-boosted Earthquake and takes little in return. Heatran's popularity has gone down too, the traditional Substitute Leftovers set splitting for usage with Shuca Berry to combat non-STAB Ground-type attacks. But Excadrill likes Shuca Berry a lot more, since its Earthquake is still able to KO reliably after Stealth Rock and can avoid situations where Heatran with a Sub actually threatens Excadrill. Sand cores see additional modifications with the addition of Thunder Wave Cresselia, which gives Tyranitar Speed control without making it awkward for Excadrill; Cresselia sometimes even goes so far on these teams as to run Timid Nature to outpace Adamant Landorus-T. Cresselia dealing heavy damage to the two major Intimidate Pokemon in the tier, Landorus-T and Hitmontop, gives a natural fit on these teams.

Thundurus's new tool Sky Drop initially captivated my interest quite a lot; one combo I really liked was to EV Thundurus faster than Adamant Landorus-T to combo things like Sky Drop -> rocks and then drop down the target -> U-turn (like against Cresselia). Doing it this way also let you run HP Ice to snipe some Lando; recall that most Landorus-T should be running Adamant for the Stone Edge roll on Thundurus. However, I think that Sky Drop's utility, while cool, is a real moveset cost in a lot of matchups. You always have Thunderbolt and Thunder Wave, and picking just 2 of Thunder Wave / Taunt / HP Ice / Protect was hard enough as it is. I think it's fairly telling that Memoric's physical Thundurus set listed above has Sky Drop merely as an option, where it might seem more natural with the investment given to Thundurus's attack.

General trends and thoughts
  • KyleCole's revival of bulky Conkeldurr has been very interesting to me; drawing on inspiration from Arash Ommati's 2013 Worlds team, a bulky Sitrus Berry set with Drain Punch can let Conkeldurr destroy certain Genie/Heatran builds that would ordinarily rely on it chipping itself with Life Orb recoil.
  • Jellicent is not going anywhere, but the metagame has adjusted well to it. Gone are the days where you can kill one Pokemon and have Jellicent Recover stall the rest. Jellicent sometimes needs to offer more than just the ability to set Trick Room and burn things.
  • Choice Scarf Dragon-types are super cool and super good. Scarf cube and Scarf Latios both can outspeed Landorus-T for a crucial Ice Beam KO and can Draco Meteor other faster Dragon-types. While they aren't fast enough to outpace Kingdra, they serve as solid revenge killers for a great chunk of the metagame, while offering ambiguity if comparing against a more traditional Choice Band cube or Dragon Gem Latios set.
  • Latios's reclaiming of Hidden Power has really let it rise to dominance. Hidden Power Ground Latios is what's caused most Heatran to retreat from their old Substitute habits, as a Pokemon they used to wall now cleanly 2HKOs it and takes little from Heat Wave to boot. Tailwind is still a great slash for Speed control; you can even drop Psychic if you're content Dracoing the things Psychic would ordinarily hit.
A couple newer teams

The first sample team currently offered in BW (the Latios Landorus-T Sub Metagross balance team) was by far one of my favorite BW teams, and I don't think I've ever really quite found a suitable replacement that feels as dominant while respecting current metagame trends. I think it's telling that during Classic, instead of picking one of my own builds vs umbry, I rolled up with SMB rain! Still, here's a couple teams I've been enjoying as of late:

:landorus-therian: / :thundurus: / :kyurem-black: / :metagross: / :jellicent: / :latios:

In a shocking turn of events, a team that contains 5/6 of the previously mentioned team I liked transferred well to another team I liked! marilli's usage of Earthquake Metagross really appealed to me; Metagross has decent enough attack where EQ chip matters on a ton of Pokemon, and you can easily turn from losing to Heatran to beating it with the right plays. The logic is comparable to the transition of Hidden Power Ground on Latios.

:latios: / :landorus-therian: / :hitmontop: / :gothitelle: / :suicune: / :heatran:

Similar to this bulky team originally built by marilli. Swaps Chansey for a Scarf Trick Latios to lock down support Pokemon and enable a Suicune setup. I like leading Latios + Landorus-T to have the option of Scarf Trick + U-turn into Gothitelle, or to potentially catch a Scarf cube by surprise. Latios can be given additional Speed to actually outpace all Scarf cubes if that's something that concerns you (it currently just outpaces neutral Nature Scarf Genesect).


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Now that my DPL and a few other's seasons are over, I'm gonna go ahead and do a team dump from what I used for the 5 weeks of DPL. Was a really fun season with the Squirtles, but sadly wasn't in the cards for playoffs this season.

Week 1: vs Crunchman

Crunch wasn't as versed in BW so I didn't have much of an idea what to expect here as far as what he might bring. From the few replays I saw he had, Volcarona felt like a decent enough bring especially looking at the fact that I hadn't brought Volcarona to a tournament game for a long while. This ended up bring the final build Memo and I slapped together. I probably regret the Detect on Scarfty instead of Taunt, but other that I stand by the team choices here pretty well. Rotom-W just felt like the correct choice since I didn't want to stack too many weaknesses and wanted a decent option for the possible Rain match up. The team was admittedly pretty weak to Skymin, but I also didn't imagine that was gonna be a Pokemon on the radar of a less experienced BW player. Team felt fine for the player match up, but definitely not one of our stronger builds imo

The game felt pretty favorable as long I managed to maintain health on Rotom-W to help check the Suicune. Getting the burn on the Lando-T also helped neutralize it pretty well for me, especially with it being one of his main ways of dealing damage outside of residual damage dealt from Suicune and Chansey. 1-0

Week 2: 1649727127890.png1649727147445.png vs Human

Again Enosh I wasn't too sure what to bring except that I wanted a bulky Water with Toxic. We toyed around with Gastrodon builds, but I never found something I was satisfied with so we built and ended up with what he had. Team was pretty standard outside of HH Latios and Sub for Excadrill.

The game was pretty straightforward after I was kind of ballsy turn 1 with going for Stealth Rocks and Sub in the face of his Excadrill, but I knew worst case scenario here was him getting his attack of breaking my sub but Stealth Rocks felt they were gonna take me a long way this game with the passive damage in tandem with the rest of the team dishing out damage. From the turn 1 play I felt in the driver seat the rest of the game. The 2 misses on Thundurus and burn on the Sub Kyu-B kind of cemented things up and just let me out value the rest of his team. 2-0

Week 3: vs Checkmater

Check always felt like he favored more balance tempo styled teams so I wanted to build a strong offensive 6 that could help break things apart before getting out of hand. I knew I wanted to try busting out Specs Gothitelle here not only as a potential surprise factor, but I felt it could be potentially strong against Chansey and Ferrothorn which had seemed to be rising a bit in popularity. The initial build of the team had Fighting Gem Terrakion over Band Kyu-B, but we kind of just decided it was ultimately a win more Pokemon as it only stacked strengths of the current team instead of diversifying win conditions.

The match up ending up being incredibly favorable, being especially happy to see that Ferrothorn knowing I could snipe it off with Gothitelle. But the way the game ended up playing out, Scizor was just way too much to handle as it honestly felt it wasn't accounted for in building at all. After the lead and letting myself get so much advantage with Swords Dance, I'm really not sure how much better Check could've played this game. Was just a really favorable match up. 3-0

Week 4: 1649728009455.png1649728031466.png1649728074849.png vs DaWoblefet

I knew I wanted to bring something different vs Wob this DPL, and thankfully this is where having Memoric around was gonna help me a lot. I said something about wanting to bring Conkeldurr TR this week, and I was basically pasted this team. I did make a few changes, but I felt pretty good with this balls to the walls style TR for the week.

The team ended up being a great choice in team preview, but looking back on the initial TR turns I had I'm really not happy with how loose I played with letting my Pokemon get whittled down in health. Ended up still playing it down to a close end game that just ended things with a crucial Heat Wave miss that prevented the 2v1 scenario I wanted, but I'd still chalk this one up to sloppy play I think. 3-1

Week 5: 1649728130399.png1649728196067.png1649728207312.png1649728229175.png1649728237109.png vs Frania

This was definitely not the team I was gonna go with initially, but I didn't have a ton of time to prep this week. Ended up loading up with a team that Sam threw together in a past DPL on the Church that I hadn't used before. Team felt solid enough, and let me possibly catch Frania the same way I tried to get Check but never got the chance to. Zapdos was definitely a risky choice, but the sponginess of the Pokemon just made it more appealing over something like Thundurus or Rotom-W.

Loading into the game, the team felt like a fine choice if I could manage to get the Metagross out of the way early. Lando-T was kind of hurting my chances to do it with Excadrill or Tyranitar, so I wanted to try for as aggressive of a lead as possibly. As long as there wasn't an Occa Berry in my way, I felt really good with getting Metagross out of the way barring a critical hit on Latios. Seeing no Protect, Metagross got cleared off the field from the double attack and the game felt really great after that turn. I traded Spore with my Amoonguss, but he ended being Lum so I was in an awkward spot until I saw the Spore was put into my own Amoonguss. Wasn't a huge deal to me, but after some positioning Amoonguss ended up getting a 1 turn wake as well which just ended up cementing my position to win the game. 4-1

Overall happy with how the season went and hope more people can give BW a try instead of just spamming Mono-Dragon or white water when put in the position to play. I definitely tried to be as varied as possible in team choices to make sure I wasn't falling into abusable habits like I tend to build into, but this style definitely doesn't always thrive in non-team tour environments. Some of these teams are likely still fine choices for average tournament play, but do keep in mind some of these comps were built with specific builds and styles in mind. Thanks for your time reading and I hope you learned something from all this!

Shoutouts to Squirtles, and specifically Memoric for believing in me and drafting me this year. Was definitely a fun time building and conversing with all of you. Replays can all be found in this thread here linked in the sprites (Yoda edit)
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Had a good time playing for DPL and figured I'd also post my thoughts in the thread. I ended up having (as forewarned) less time due to things opening back up but I still managed a good number of team iterations (every team was original!) and test matches most weeks. Special thanks to people who spent time to test with me, including shaian, sunrose, yoda2798, JRL, qsns, kylecole, DaWob, Crunchman, and many others. Of course thanks for drafting me, maybe I will be back next year !

Before I talk about the weeks, here are some sets and cores I feel are interesting or useful

Thundurus (M) @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 252 HP / 204 SpD / 52 Spe
Calm Nature
IVs: 2 Atk / 30 Def
- Volt Switch
- Hidden Power [Ice]
- Thunder Wave
- Taunt
This is actually a set I used last DPL. When using Thundurus as part of a defensive component, Volt Switch gives you a lot of potential momentum especially on early turns. There are a lot of contexts/leads where it's obvious the opposing landot is going to U-turn, and this can give you some serious momentum. It can make lategames and the matchup vs Stealth Rocks tougher, but I run Volt about 60% of the time these days.

:bw/conkeldurr: :bw/scizor:
Conkeldurr @ Life Orb
Ability: Iron Fist
EVs: 140 HP / 248 Atk / 116 SpD / 4 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Hammer Arm
- Mach Punch
- Ice Punch
- Wide Guard

Scizor @ Steel Gem
Ability: Technician
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Bullet Punch
- Bug Bite
- Swords Dance
- Protect

I'm partially not very good at using hitmontop and also partially don't like it as much, but I do like this Scizor+Conkeldurr core. Having double-priority is really nice and also I think the only way I could find to make HO really work. I used this core twice - once in week 2 and once in week 4 - big fan overall. Scizor compliments Conk by strongly threatening stuff like Latios/Torn. Obviously be conscious of intimidate.

Chansey (F) @ Eviolite
Ability: Natural Cure
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 Spe
Impish Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Seismic Toss
- Soft-Boiled
- Heal Pulse
- Heal Bell

Heal bell chansey I feel is quite useful. One can run a lot more speed just for faster heal pulse and heal bell if you like, since there are a good number of midrange threats in the speed bracket 136-218 and the HP isn't so important since you already have a lot of it. Having status clearing is super mainly against Thundurus since it lets you play more agressively with things like Kingdra/Latios. It's also nice against toxic and for substitute partners, as some teams' plans against Kyube/Heatran/Metagross is to status it and fight its partner. Also nice interactions with Rest :)

Shaymin-Sky @ Life Orb
Ability: Serene Grace
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Seed Flare
- Air Slash
- Healing Wish
- Protect

Similar philosophy as Pulse+Bell Chansey, believe it or not. For a number of bulky threats like Kyube/Tran/Metagross/Ttar if it goes to 40% or below (esp if statused) people will dismiss it in their game plan, so bringing it back can be quite nice.

Onto the weeks!
Week 1 vs DaWoblefet
:cresselia: :landorus-therian: :thundurus: :heatran: :kyurem-black: :shaymin-sky:
Going into this week I was rather nervous as DaWob is ofc a strong opponent and I'd been out of the doubles tournaments scene for a good while. The idea behind this team was to utilize Twave + Substitute, a combination that [redacted] talked about in XY for a team with Heatran. It also has the Shaymin-Sky set I mentioned above. As far as the week went, I didn't realize that the team was an importable in the thread (even though Yoda had posted it before) and completely didn't see scarf Thund coming. That + I also thought it was HP Ice when it was HP Flying. Sunny Day + knowing I was Sunny Day, and also knowing I was Tbolt when I think DaWob probably expected Volt Switch almost managed to bring it back but ultimately making risky plays turn after another caught me with an EPower on my Heatran.

Week 2 vs Crunchman
:kyurem-black: :conkeldurr: :scizor: :thundurus: :chansey: :landorus-therian:
I practiced with Crunchman a lot before DPL started and always had a good mileage out of more bulky teams/substitute wincons vs him. This one started out with a Kyube+Chansey core which compliment each other nicely, but then became more HO. With Memoric's Thundurus set to snipe Latios, I ended up being pretty happy with this team. Not much to say about the replay other than Chansey OP, and Thundurus gave a ton of mileage.

Week 3 vs Biosci
:landorus-therian: :chansey: :gothitelle: :cresselia: :ferrothorn: :latios:
I was feeling good off the Chansey from last week and went through a ton of iterations of tricktrapping teams, with variants of Cune, Cresselia, Ferrothorn. I actually really liked this and another team that I had, but ultimately decided on this team since it did better in testing. Yoda actually brought Biosci's exact 6 to test vs me, and it also had perish song on the Politoed which made the matchup basically impossible combined with Goth dodging trapping. While we were testing I was doing amazing against every other team other than that one, so I just figured I wouldn't see it and the team would go fine - imagine my reaction when I loaded into my match. Basically the rain lead is way too brutal unless I led what I did, which got abused by Scizor+Amoonguss. Turns out Biosci's sets were different, so maybe it was winnable, if by a long shot. Sad to lose my inexplicably long streak of beating Biosci in tournaments (I think 4 or 5 now??) but oh well.

Week 4 vs Frania
:marowak: :politoed: :kingdra: :scizor: :conkeldurr: :shaymin-sky:
This team started out as a Raichu rain team (inspired by shay) and was helped into some bulkier and more defensive by JRL. JRL wanted to put hitmontop and amoonguss, but I felt more comfortable using conk and shaymin-sky. This week I was actually in Israel and played on my phone so I didn't have that much time to test but I managed to fit in one or two test matches vs Crunchman which made me feel Shaymin-Sky was better. For the game itself the Kyube flinch + some Hydro hits ended up being quite nice, though I think only the first 2 or 3 Hydros were really crucial. I thought Scizor sweeping was a shoe-in on turn 2 but HP Fire gave me a run for my money. Knowing I was specs (and Frania ofc not knowing) really saved me for the turn 2/3 sequence.

Week 5 vs Human
:conkeldurr: :landorus-therian: :thundurus: :kyurem-black: :metagross: :gastrodon:
I really wanted to run some like Choice band Explosion Trick Azelf squad for this week but it really wasn't working very well and I ended up sticking with something standard. This was one of the first teams I built in March before DPL with 3 sitrus berries and lots of absorption of hits. The Kyube set I changed via JRL's suggestion - I never liked Dragon Claw Scarf-Kyube anyways. As far as the game itself I think I'd seen the team somewhere before, but wasn't really sure. I still don't know if it was scarf or sash Mamoswine, but being scarf myself helped the turn 1 predictions and paralyzing his Tornadus was really valuable. Then it was just a matter of sleep-sacking into using sub Metagross and dancing around Hydreigon. Crit U-turn was lucky but truthfully I think I still had it - you can be the judge if you like.

All in all a fun DPL and had a good run! As a parting note I will say that you should always run as *little* speed as you can get away with on your scarf LandoT so you can scout opposing scarf LandoT while hiding your own.
DPL was an amazing experience. Thank you Tenzai for giving me the opportunity to play against some of the best players around.
It sucks that we couldn't pull out the win but that gives me more motivation to strengthen my game and do better next year!
Here are the teams I used in BW for DPL!

W4 vs Human
:bw/bisharp: :bw/deoxys-attack: :bw/volcarona: :bw/kingdra: :bw/thundurus: :bw/conkeldurr:
I didn't know what I wanted to use vs enosh but deosharp was something that got brought up during w1 so I decided to use it myself.
The rest of the mons were brought to deal with amoon (thundy+volcarona) and goth rain (timid kingdra+bisharp) since enosh loves using that archetype. Originally, I had a support set on volcarona but after a lot of test games with yobuddy and crunch, the set felt underwhelming on this team so I ended up changing it to qd with stabs. Conk was mostly filler but it rounded up the team nicely to deal with genies+kyube.
My team probably looked whack to a lot of players but I didn't want all the effort I put into prepping to go to waste so I decided to bring it and it ended up working out! The team is a lot of fun to use but its definitely a glass cannon lmao

W5 vs DaWoblefet
:bw/politoed: :bw/kingdra: :bw/landorus-therian: :bw/hydreigon: :bw/cresselia: :bw/conkeldurr:
Mr. Mish... I was really looking forward to playing against wob. He was undefeated and I was the underdog so I had to prove myself to make a name for myself in bw. I spent several nights analyzing his replays and scouting his teams movesets and items but I couldn't build a team I was satisfied with. It was only my 2nd week playing bw so wob didn't have much info on me and thats when I decided that bringing kingdra again might work. Yobuddy, Crunch, and Nido helped me out a lot to finish out the rest of the team and I was really happy with the outcome. When it came time to playing vs wob, I was not excited because it was a team that liked to para stuff and flinch them to death. smb had used this team vs umbry in classic and wob also used it vs human w3 so I made sure I did my best to play around it. In the end, I couldn't pull out the win but I wasn't upset with my performance. I held my own vs him and it made me realize that wob isn't Ezrael or emforbes. I can definitely get the win against him if we played again.

Semifinals vs Frania
:bw/conkeldurr: :bw/jellicent: :bw/amoonguss: :bw/landorus-therian: :bw/heatran: :bw/hydreigon:
I hate to admit it but Frania is someone I always struggled against. There were a lot of good ideas that got brought up in the team chat to use vs Fran but I ended up deciding to stay in my comfort zone. This backfired in my game and it showed. I felt pretty comfortable using the team in test games but it was really weak to conkeldurr. I knew this too but I didn't do anything about it. Frania exposed me in teambuilding and it honestly sucked. It threw off my confidence in bw and I was questioning whether I was the best option to slot in bw for the lands. Deep down, I always knew nido was our best bw player but he was going to be busy for most of dpl. I had to step up and relieve the stress for my manager and teammates but I failed. I'm sorry i let you guys down.

Finals vs DaWoblefet
:bw/shaymin-sky: :bw/tyranitar: :bw/excadrill: :bw/latios: :bw/thundurus: :bw/cresselia:
I finally get my rematch vs wob. I wanted to play against him so bad because I knew I could pull out the win this time. My team was a mess a couple of days before my game and if it weren't for yobuddy, actuarily, and umbry, no way in hell tiebreakers would've been possible. After my game with fran, I knew I had to do something about my weakness to conk. I wanted to use sand so the original core was skymin/ttar/exca/latios/thundy-therian. After a couple of test games though, actuarily suggested cress and thundy-incarnate to round out the team. It wasn't what I intended but my team turned out to be similar to smbs sand team. Like I mentioned before, I cant make the same mistake again of being weak to conk. The team ended up having 2 psychic types and 2 flying types to deal with with it. Fast forward to gameday and I couldn't fall asleep. I was posting in our team server from 12am-9am gmt-7 with only 2.5 hours left to go until the game started. I overslept and wasn't around to play so nido stepped in for us and he got the win. Ty nido. I cant thank you enough.

After all this, I realized I still have a lot to learn. I've been playing for 3.5 years now and it still isn't enough. I have to keep pushing myself and continue practicing so I don't get left behind. Its a lot of work but I do it because I love playing this game. Thank you again tenzai! You were the only manager that took a chance on me and believed in me. You don't realize how much that means to me and just know that I'll always be here for you as a friend! Thank you to all my teammates as well! ty so much. ty ty ty! I'm so grateful for this experience and you guys made it worthwhile :) I really wish we could've won it together but just know that I'll be looking forward to the day we team up again in the future!

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