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Sorry for being so late with this post.
The Winning team from last week was: Team 8: :Froslass: :Latios: :Scizor: :Garchomp: :Alakazam: :Dragonite: by Finchinator. Congratulations!

This week's challenge is going to be Mew

No rescrictions what set you can use or create. So good luck everyone!

deadline is 7 days from now.
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FIRST BLOOD!!! (Again...)


Mew is a prime example of a mon that sounds awesome in theory but in practice really struggles to stand out. It seems like for any viable team that you can try to fit it on, any other mon can do it better. On Sand Psyspikes Teams, Mew has to compete with Reuniclus, who has Magic Guard, making it much more consistent overall against opposing Psyspam while Jellicent does the Stallbreaking role alongside excellent utility against Smurf HO. Even in HO, Mew isn't too often seen as it faces competition for a Lead Slot against Lando-T, Garchomp and equally as fringe options such as Aerodactyl and Azelf.

But it does have one often underexplored niche: Baton Pass. And now I know what you are thinking, Baton Pass teams aren't the most common in the current meta due to consistency issues, so it isn't surprising why people would be asking "Why use this over Celebi, who also has NP and has better defensive utility?", and that is where Rock Polish comes in. During the making of this team, I was originally planning to make a NP Team in the vein of Ruby Blood's NP Celebi Team, but the discovery of Rock Polish on Mew led me to completely rework the restructure by pairing it with the deadly CM Keldeo.

Keldeo in the current meta has nowadays been gravitating to more choiced variants, especially Scarf, to deal with faster offensive threats such as Volcarona and Alakazam. With this team however, I realised just how potentially brutal non-choiced variants of Keldeo can be if it got a +2 Speed Boost. With 1 CM Boost, Keldeo comes close to nearly KOing Jellicent at full health, as well as completely tearing apart the Latis and Celebi. This is also fairly solid against Rain Mirrors since Tentacruel is often the go-to for walling Keldeo. This strategy is of course by no means consistent (especially with Jellicent and Skarmory being endlessly annoying for BP shenanigans), but it is just so fun to use especially with how destructive Keldeo can be with Mew's boosts.

Edit #1: Didn't really put any thought into Mew's EV spread. I just built this team to showcase the (potentially) broken effects of Baton Pass).
Edit #2: Added Safeguard over Toxic on Tentacruel since this team really doesn't like status. Kudos to Brian from Discord for suggesting this idea.
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:skarmory: :mew: :latios: :dragonite: :scizor: :garchomp:

I decided to create my own Mew SDPass because HO is funny. Lead Skarm gets up quick hazards and can Custap Brave Bird to prevent spin. Mew passes Swords Dance and Barrier boosts to the physical attackers of the team. I decided I wanted a screener and some form of a Keldeo check, so I added a Latios. Memento is a cool move that allows you to setup your teammates easily due to your opponent now being at -2. Dragonite is a DD sweeper that also has nice defensive utility due to Multiscale and resisting Keldeo's STAB combination. Scizor is the Steel type of the team. I went with Steel Gem on it because I don't like being chipped by Life Orb. Finally, a SubSD Salac Chomp to clean up!​


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:Mew: :Landorus-Therian: :Magnezone: :Tornadus: :Latios: :Jirachi:

Tailwind is a more niche playstyle than just about anything else you will see and a fringe use of Mew, which is already a relatively fringe Pokemon as is, but I wanted to give it a go and make my most of it.

Normal Gem SD + Return Landorus-T is a perfect fit here. Below I will attach some calcs, but it is going to always do work with Magnezone and that opens the door for Tornadus and Latios to run rampant. Jirachi ties the team together with a crucial secondary Psychic and Dragon resist while providing Healing Wish to open the door again for one of the aforementioned Pokemon. The Jirachi spread eats 2 Choice Specs Draco Meteor from Latios, the Mew spread eats 1 Choice Specs Draco Meteor from Latios and outruns Landorus-T, and the Magnezone is intended to flip the Rain match-up in your favor as it should kill Ferrothorn behind a Substitute and potentially get +1 speed later, giving you room to collect multiple KOs or sweep outright.
+2 252+ Atk Normal Gem Landorus-Therian Return vs. 248 HP / 20 Def Rotom-Wash: 366-431 (120.7 - 142.2%) -- guaranteed OHKO
252+ Atk Normal Gem Landorus-Therian Return vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Tornadus: 264-311 (88.2 - 104%) -- guaranteed OHKO after Stealth Rock
252+ Atk Normal Gem Landorus-Therian Return vs. 104 HP / 144 Def Thundurus-Therian: 221-261 (68 - 80.3%) -- 43.8% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock
+2 252+ Atk Normal Gem Landorus-Therian Return vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Celebi: 395-465 (97.7 - 115%) -- guaranteed OHKO after Stealth Rock
+2 252+ Atk Normal Gem Landorus-Therian Return vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Gastrodon: 362-426 (84.9 - 100%) -- 43.8% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock
252+ Atk Normal Gem Landorus-Therian Return vs. 0 HP / 4 Def Breloom: 237-279 (90.8 - 106.8%) -- 81.3% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock
252+ Atk Normal Gem Landorus-Therian Return vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Starmie: 226-267 (86.5 - 102.2%) -- 93.8% chance to OHKO after Stealth Rock (keep in mind that Balloon Starmie would wall normal SD Landorus-T)
Didn't post my missy team in time for the ghost comp but I'm here with another sd mew team.

:Jirachi: :excadrill: :magnezone: :garchomp: :latios: :mew:

Main goal of the team is to trap steels and set up an endgame with either drill or mew. The DD lati plus sd mew combo I have shamelessly stolen off TDK after he trounced me in bw cup with a similar team (I'm hoping he posts its because it's some 200iq shit) but basically this lati set does a great job of putting tar at critical health or against rain nuking something and then dding on a tect to nuke something else with a +1 outrage opening holes for other members to sweep.
The drill set is still experimental and I'm sure I'm not the first to try magnet rise drill but the aim is to magnet rise so lando and glisc can't touch you two of drill most common checks.
Chomp provides rocks and nice overlap with drill, while Rachi gives speed control, dragon/psychic resist and utility with h wish.

Smurf mu can be tough but is definitely winnable, saving chomp for volc is a must. Basic rain can be overwhelmed and psyspikes is only really a problem if you can't pressure gastro enough.

Feel free to send me replays if you use the team :pimp:

Since FNH is the goat for doing this, i decided to give these challenges a try since they look interesting and they can help shake off some rust in the bw building department.
Mew is the mon of choice for this week and that brings me back to older and simpler times so i thought i'd keep the team standard to a degree.
I wanted to use the OG taunt + wisp mew set to see how easily it could adapt in recent times since it seems to have a good speed tier and threatens the majority of HO teams running around.
I originally wanted to add spikes to the team since these aid mew in doing it's job quite handily, but i found it hard to fit role compression-wise so i just went with a pretty simple sand archetype.
T-wave tar acts as a glue for the team and helps a lot with psyspam stuff and everything else u already know lol.
Fast rocks gliscor cause i'm a freak and i want to outrun taunt skarm HO leads so that i can keep rocks up and have a fairly positive matchup vs these types of teams.
Drill is almost mandatory alongside mew since spikes are just making it weird to position yourself when u really need to do so.
The drill set is something that me and eden (mostly eden tho) worked on in the past and it's great since u have a spinner still and u pressure annoying matchups like thundy rain and ddnite/gyara offenses that are eager to set up on drill and it adds a back up wincon to the team.
Sunny tran helps a lot with the rain mu ironically and adds a lot of pressure alongside mew and cm latios on opposing sand too.
Should also mention that it's another almost mandatory partner to mew since volcarona can kinda walk all over a team if it sets up on mew(as it naturally should)
CM Dgem latios is in my opinion one of the best breakers in the tier since it can just steamroll through a team if the proper conditions are met(which i think the team does a fine job at making it happening), i opted to go for dpulse + draco here since revenge killing smth as silly as sr lead chomp with draco sucks since u lose a shit ton of momentum and i don't think u need much more than your dragon stabs for this set to work.
Finally there's mew which does what it always did so many moons ago but i decided to make it a tad faster than it used to be, since outspeeding jolly landorus is very big for it.
Tough matchups include Keldeo and offensive waters in general but u have many outs if u play the team aggresively as it's supposed to be played.
Sorry for the long post, I really don't know when to shut up and thank u for the time u spent on reading this.
This is a very cool thread and i really hope it gets more and more active, gl to everyone participating.
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