Gen 5 BW2 OU Teambuilding Compendium

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The idea of this thread is to provide a visual list of what Pokémon does what in the BW2 OU metagame. This will help new and experienced players alike in finding Pokémon that fit their teams when looking for specific roles, as well as help players build more diverse teams by not always using the same Pokémon to fill the same role. Each Pokemon that are on here are on here based on their viability in the OU metagame and their performance of generic or specific (niche, if you will) roles that benefit your team. If you feel there is a Pokemon viable for the roles mentioned below and it hasn't been added to the group, recommend it in your post.

Rules and all that good stuff:
  • One liners are fine here, avoid double posting as per usual
  • Don't shitpost, don't flame, and don't be an idiot.
  • When suggesting things to be added / removed, provide decent reasoning as to why something should be added or removed.
  • Don't nominate unviable mons
Stealth Rock:


Toxic Spikes:



Physical Attackers:

Special Attackers:

Mixed Attackers:

Physical Walls:

Special Walls:

Mixed Walls:

Choice Users:

Setup Sweepers:
Dragon Dance:

Swords Dance:

Calm Mind:

Nasty Plot:

Agility / Rock Polish:

Other Set Up:
(Bulk Up)
(Quiver Dance)
(Shell Smash)


(Bullet Punch)
(Extreme Speed)
(Ice Shard)
(Sucker Punch)
(Mach Punch)
(Aqua Jet)
(Quick Attack)


Magic Guard:

Magic Bounce:


Wish / Healing Wish / Lunar Dance:


Baton Pass:

Roar / Whirlwind / Dragon Tail:


Trick Room:


(Wonder Guard)

Gem Users:

Berry Users:

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I'm not sure if its relevant enough, but under the pressure category you forgot about suicune

Edit#1: vaporeon under the 'wish/healing wish section' could be relevant even though i still think it should be uu.
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Great guide!

Nidoqueen is an excellent Toxic Spiker (and Stealth Rock user) :pimp:

I've found Zapdos to be very decent at walling both physical and special Pokemon, but whether that makes it a mixed wall or not a wall at all is debatable.

Should physical Kingdra really be mentioned? It's very weak and walled by a lot of the metagame, as opposed to the special set which can be a huge threat.

There's probably plenty of discussion to be had after looking at the whole thing, but just a few points for now.


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You should probably add a trick room section with mons like slowking, bronzong, victini, cofagrigus, reuni, and a couple others.

btw, about slowking, I think it makes for a good sp attacker with moves like scald, fire blast, psyshock, etc.
You can argue a lot about what classifies as a mixed wall/mixed attacker etc. so I won't go into those. One thing I noticed you forgot is adding Amoonguss and Tangrowth to the spore/sleep powder section. Nice guide, looks very useful so thanks for making it.
I would make the seep powder/spore section just the sleep section in general and add stuff like toed hypnosis since scarftoed hypnosis is probably one of the most common sleep move user in the meta atm. Also stoutland no longer viable in ou (sandrush+sandstorm ban) :((( ((should be removed from cb portion). Overall cool guide

M Dragon

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It looks really good.

Some things I saw:
a) Cress is also a viable HW user
b) You forgot Spore Amoong, Sleep Powder Tang and Hypno Toed
c) I would probably use a section for Stall Breakers with Taunt, that would include mons like Gliscor, Sableye, Mew, Jelli and Hydra. I think that is a big role you forgot to add (even if you added in Others Taunt + WoW, that does not include mons like Gliscor). I think that adding a section for bulky and relatively fast taunters is a better idea.


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Great stuff, it's a really useful thread so thanks for making it !

As for suggestions :

1) I would've added a "Checks"-section or something
It can be for specific threats (like Volc, Keld, Kazam.. this kind of game turning threats) or just for the most prominent offensive types (like psychic, water, fight, ground, drag).
I feel like it's an important part in building but yea it would def add more work.
2) Also adding a Priority users group, as it's always been a great way to deal with offenses

Some quick things i noticed:
1) I would've added Keldeo as a Ghost Gem user
2) Dunno if it's the right category, but maybe you can fit LOTR Reuniclus, TR Slowking on the "Other set-up" section
3) Same for Gravity Landorus-T
4) Celebi is viable as a HW user
5) Choice Band Ferrothorn, for what it's worth
6) Jellicent as a Mixed Wall maybe? or wherever you see it fitting
7) Whirlpool Lapras as a Trapper, even tho it's more memeish
8) Heatran as a Chople Berry user
9) Gyarados
as a Normal Gem user
10) Gliscor
as a Salac Berry user, see McMeghan's post

Just added some stuff on top of my head, might add other things later
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Good thread SoulWind!

I would add Landorus-T as Yache Berry user (some double dancer sets run it tho eplate or lefties are generally preferred), Celebi as HW user, Victini as Fire Gem user (on OTR set)

furthermore, I would add Trick Room in Utility list, with users as Cresselia, Porygon2, Celebi, Reuniclus, Bronzong, Jellicent, Slowking, Victini, Cofagrigus, and maybe even Smeargle (lev 1), Gallade and Exeggutor (these are not that viable tho, especially Egg).

Trick Room Abusers (or Attackers if you wanna slap TR setters in it too) could be added as well, with more stuff like Conkeldurr, Crawdaunt, Dragonite, Tyranitar, and OTR sets as Reuniclus, Jellicent, Slowking, Victini, Cofagrigus. Maybe Marowak, Snorlax and Rhyperior as well but I feel like they aren't viable enough.

Rain Abusers can be another good option to add, with stuff like Toxicroak, Tornadus, Thundurus-Therian, Jirachi, Keldeo, Starmie, Azumarill, Volcarona by some extent. I feel like other weathers no longer deserve a mention there, since Sand has only Excadrill and maybe stuff that can find in spdef boost something useful, like Terrakion, but Sand Rush ban actually took off too much there. For the same reason Sun has not too many abusers, just Heatran, Victini and Volcarona, but Chlorophyll ban took off main options. Hail isnt so much used and I have never seen really abusers outside from Blizzard Kyurem/Starmie so I won't list it.

I may add something else later if it comes to mind.

1) Ferrothorn can be used with Chople Berry to take Gengar/Alakazam/non-specs Keldeo/non-band Terrakion
2) Although BW has introduced team preview, I believe some mons have still a "Suicide lead" role, therefore they can be listed. Namely: Skarmory, Aerodactyl, Azelf, Mamoswine, Garchomp, Forretress (subpar tho), Terrakion, Mew (normalgem explosion twind), Froslass, maybe Bronzong (normalgem trick room)
3) soon
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Thanks for all your suggestions and feedback, will update the thread with them now!

Keep posting more stuff that comes to your mind :heart:


I replaced the Spore / Sleep Powder section for just Sleeping in general.
Replaced Taunt + WoW users for Stallbreakers including hydreigon, gliscor, etc (basically taunt stuff that came to my mind)
Made a TR section for TR users + sweepers
Removed Stoutland from CB users since it's useless with Rush Ban.
Added Gravity Landorus-T to another setup options. Can't think of other viable Gravity users right now, if someone knows anything else, please tell me.
Implemented all the Gem / Berry users and minimal changes to other sections you suggested.
Will add a Priority list later. Not sure about the "Checks" section but I'll definetely think of it.
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A couple more mons you could add to the sleep section could include smeargle(prob should be under other sections too), jynx, ninetales and gengar(?).

ninetales should go in the nasty plot section as well.

Also a section for items like shed skin (skarm, scizor, ferrothorn, ninetales(?), etc)as well like evolite (chansey, magneton, duosion, etc), rocky helmet (landorus, ferrothorn, garchomp, etc) and air balloon (magnezone, excadrill, heatran, etc) could be nice.

Also since we have a sleep section, would we want one for common toxic/burn/para users? How about regenerator and u-turn/volt switch users?
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Good thread o.o

I'd probably replace Magnezone with Magneton in Scarf users simply because outspeeding Zam is that huge (I'd never use Scarf Zone over Ton personally)

Might be interesting to group specific weather mons together given BW's nature (for example Tentacruel is mostly a Rain mon and Cresselia is mostly a Sun mon)


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OU & NU Leader
Couple things I believe could be added:
- Fire Gem Garchomp (has a niche on the right team and while it's nowhere near as common or consistent as mainstream sets, it does fulfill a pretty cool lure role and it can bluff scarf (or even yache) if played well).
- Virizion can probably be listed as a mixed attacker. I think Virizion is a crappy Pokemon in BW OU, but it does have two sets - SD and CM - and while CM is probably a bit better, SD is still recognized, so moving it from special to mixed might be good.
- I'd add Aerodactyl to physical attackers. This list is relatively inclusive and I don't know if the suicide lead set necessarily counts as an attacker, but it can also use a DPP esque EdgeQuake Taunt Roost set on Sand and I've seen a few people (most recently SteelPhoenix in Summer '15) try this out and it's not too bad.
- Infernape to mixed attackers.
- Chandelure and Empoleon could be added as special attackers. Chandelure is, imo, a bit less viable than Darmanitan on Sun, but it hits on the special side, not the physical side, and it's a bit easier to counter (thanks tyranitar!). Overall, it's not too god, but it's worth including. Empoleon is actually sorta cool on rain, but it's not too easy to fit and fully justify, so I could see this not being included, but it does do fairly well when people do use it.
- Bisharp and Staraptor are Pokemon that could be added, but they're quite bad, even compared to those listed above who are questionable as is, so I'm fine either way here.
- List Zapdos under Baton Pass. Agility pass seems like it could be decent and so does straight sub-pass.
- Sitrus Berry could be listed for Jirachi (SR 3a variant w/ it is pretty decent) and Politoed (I often use it over RestoChesto w/ the right EVs and it does quite well)

That's all for now, I think
Hi SoulWind, thanks for this extremely useful resource. Please consider adding these ones:<br />
<br />
Custap berry: Tyranitar, Politoed
Both have seen usage in Wcop so I thought it would have been nice to nominate them.

Choice Specs: Hydreigon, Starmie
Well this section lists Jolteon, Slowbro and Dragonite so why not adding Starmie and Hydre

Fight gem: Landorus-Therian, Politoed
I faced a Fight gem SP Lando-T yesterday and I have to say it's pretty good at baiting Rotom-W and Skarmory while ohkoing with spikes Ferrothorn for example. Politoed on the other hand gets a powerful nuke to use against Ferrothorn and Passho Tar, while not being locked in Specs (it helps when you already have, for example, a Specs Tornadus in your team).

Sitrus berry: Tyranitar
Sometimes you want to run more speed on your tyranitar by sacrificing some SDef evs, well Sitrus Tar is still able to check Latios while being faster than standard support Chople Tar.

Trick room: Zweilous
Its Outrage is slightly stronger than CB Haxorus' and slightly weaker than CB Kyu-B's. The main selling point this thing has over other TR abusers lies in the fact less prediction is required compared to, say, Conkeldurr, since most of the time you'll just be Outraging things to death rather than guessing which punch move you should use. Victini and Crawdaunt are kinda similar in that regard but they do suffer when put against Fire/Water immunities, while Dragon has no immunities.

Chesto berry: Volcarona
I used to love ChestoRest Volca in 2011 but I have to admit it didn't age very well. I'd add it to the list just because it's so unique and gamebreaking. Less Heatrans carrying toxic / roar definitely helps btw

What about adding a "Double Dancers" section with Thundurus-t, Landorus-t, Terrakion, and Gliscor?
Venomoth could be added to qd/sleeping just for the sake of completeness. It was more relevant when QDpass was legal in OU though.
Scarf Flygon from DP is hardly justified in BW since u-turn and levitate are the only things it has over Scarf Garchomp. Like, you're only resorting to it if your team desperately needs a ground immunity...yet it's still better than Scarf Haxorus in my opinion.
Great guide!

Nidoqueen is an excellent Toxic Spiker (and Stealth Rock user) :pimp:

I've found Zapdos to be very decent at walling both physical and special Pokemon, but whether that makes it a mixed wall or not a wall at all is debatable.

Should physical Kingdra really be mentioned? It's very weak and walled by a lot of the metagame, as opposed to the special set which can be a huge threat.

There's probably plenty of discussion to be had after looking at the whole thing, but just a few points for now.
I'd say physical Kingdra is worth a mention, as D-Dance Kingdra can be a real menace

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