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About the dead leaves color, I live in the tropics so we don't really have autumn leaves, but are they really that red? I thought they were more of golden orange/brown.
They are more of a rust-type colour mainly - though it depends on the tree; For example: Oak leaves tend to be brown/yellow-ish but Maple leaves are red as fuck normally.
Bit of a late finish (although let me know how it can be improved) but here is my idea :)

[Image Size: 640x640]

So yeah, I thought that for a primary flying type, a bird was a good starting point. I tried flying mammals in the vein of Emolga, but failed, so I tried birds instead. This was my idea, and the more I worked on it, the more I liked it. :) I hope you do to!
As soon as I read 'Flying/Fighting' I thought of a bird luchador. I tried to make it sort of chunky to reflect its slight bulk. Here's my design so far. Im not sure about the color scheme though. Its either this or blue and red.



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Opinions wanted:

This is the original colour scheme, which I'm not particularly satisfied with. So, I've been tinkering around with some other colour schemes, which are less classical but possibly more aesthetically pleasing:

Which of the above colour schemes works best? All opinions welcome.

Will add some new poses later (maybe)


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Well I can't use my original concept because of the stat spread. How sad - if only the Sp. Attack and Attack had been switched, it would have been perfect.
But I'm not giving up. I have a new concept:

It's a bird obviously, but it's based off of the Mandarin Duck. This bird is extremely popular in Asian countries.

It uses feather fans as weapons and battle fans really do exist and have been used in real wars. See Tessenjutsu. They are great because they work both offensively and defensively.

Now you may thinking it doesn't look Intimidating at all, but there's where you're wrong:

Actually, aragornbird, I think the old one could still fit the stat spread. Lots of superheroes use special powers, that would lean closer to special attack than attack. They may not have fully been your original concept, but it could still work. And I prefer superbird.
aragornbird: Although I prefer your first design think that it fits the spread, I like this design also. You and SENTRET still have my votes.
Aragornbird: your latest design is by far my favorite! Mainly because it's a duck and you made a duck (the cutest bird ever) into something scary and terrifying and awesome! Props!
I'm just posting to warn you guys that it's almost time for final submissions! Remember that the art poll will go up 24 hours after we decide our second competitive ability! Since we're currently in the voting stage for CAP1's secondary ability, that means you guys have at least two days left to submit final submissions, maybe more depending on how many polls the secondary ability takes to be decided.

Also, artists will be happy to know that we'll do the discussion and polling for the third (flavor) ability after the art has been decided. This way we don't have to worry about flavor abilities changing your art concepts. :)

Just keep this in mind!
suntt123: I'd go with the 2nd one, but take the dark green from the 1st one & change all the light-blue parts on the 2nd to that color & see how it looks.

bob: The 2nd & 3rd ones look a lot better. You could always use the other as the shiny version.

aragornbird: There's nothing saying your first design couldn't fire off an Aura Sphere after a Falcon Punch. I see it using that & Hurricane/Air Slash fairly easily.

I do like the other design, though, too, esp. the Intimidate pose.
Aragornbird please bring back the superhero! He was one of the best posted in the thread and superheros can TOTALLY be specially based with physical defenses. In fact I think a superhero is one of the best ways to pull off a specially-based fighter. Ahhh he was so cool do give him another shot (nothing against the new dude, he's pretty tight but almost looks more physically offensive and frailer than the hero did...just my $0.02).


Ticketmeister, I'm surprised your design isn't getting more love. Frankly I'm surprised no one else thought of a kite because it seems to be an incredible fit for a Flying/Fighter. All I could say is what you already said - the arms look a little weird. And you should add something to make it look more specially based perhaps (although I'm at a loss for what). A VERY cool design.
Aragornbird: Keep the duck, man. That thing is absolutely incredible. Beats out your superhero concept, imo, and is definitely in the top 5 in the thread.
pkmn-taicho 321: I was hoping for some feedback before I made the design final. Especially around the colours, seeing as I wasn't sure what colour to make the design. :)
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