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Final Submission

this is... I'm not exactly sure what it is. I guess it's some kind of pissed off ninja chicken. It's probably looking pissed off to intimidate you. The cloud/hand things are supposed to resemble a scarf. I thought of the clouds as hands because they are somewhat ethereal, and as the pokemon is specially based, would not be able to actually inflict much physical damage to the opponent.

Bohn6CFC: I would thicken the outline, but I'm using a really junky paint copy for macs.


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Oh God time crunch. I'll have my final submission up tomorrow. Here is some supporting material in the meantime.

Honestly DJD, going with the white was/is the best thing to do. The other colors make it look too "Ninja Turtle"-ey, and that distracts from the overall image.
Final Submission

Main design:

So here's my balloon/whoopee cushion sumo wrestler with a slightly more menacing face, a duller color as suggested by KoA, and other minor changes. Thanks to those who commented on it, and to those who may do so in the future! :)

Supporting material:

These pokémon float high above the ground, consuming large amounts of gas, which is their only nourishment. They can move quite fast if needed, by expelling some of those gases like a jet stream through their topknots. While carefree and good-natured, they do love a good fight. When two of these meet, a ritual battle begins. First, an arena is established by delimiting a section of the sky using landmarks (usually mountains) as a reference. Then, both opponents clear their side of the field of clouds by blowing them away. Afterwards, each contender shows off its strength by puffing up to an enormous size and producing loud noises, similar to those of a tuba, hoping to intimidate its adversary. Finally, the real combat begins; it consists on trying to blow the rival away from the limits of the battlefield. To prevent being pushed by their own airstreams, these pokémon must expel air through their mouths and topknots at the same time, which is quite taxing. If no participant is able to get the upper hand, then the loser is the one who runs out of useable gas for its attacks first.
When content, these pokémon produce comical whistles and raspberry sounds, which they often use to startle bird pokémon that pass by.

Finally, an extra picture: A slightly puffed up sumo-mon faces its fellow wrestler and physical counterpart Hariyama. Hmm... I don't think having such broad hands is going to be of help for the latter this time...

PS - to the other artists in this thread: excellent job as usual, guys. There's hardly a design out there I don't like.
Final Submission

Main Design

Terror Bird Pokemon
Yeah Hand-drawing FTW!
Supporting Material
Informal Name: Gangstornis (Gangster+Gastornis)
Dex entry: This Pokemon hunts smaller Pokemon, however it primarily scavenges food. Its large legs only allow it to make short bursts of speed(I.E. Vacuum wave), It will also attack its prey by swinging its huge head generating ripples in the air around it (I.E. Air Slash). Some times trainers of this Pokemon will use it as a steed for medieval style jousting using long lances and this Pokemon's keen jumping ability to dismount the opponent.
Move usage and other supporting Ideas
Dark coloration
Inverted coloration(Full)
Inverted coloration(Head only)
Inverted coloration(Body only)

Motion Studies with Spore™
Stance 1
Stance 2
Stance 3
Stanch 4
Final Submission

Alright, final chance to get some reactions here!

Main Design

Supporting Detail
Rocket Boots here is primarily influenced by the retro fighting robot mech warriors of yesteryear, ala Astro Boy or Mazinger Z. Its main mode of transportation utilizes its large bulky legs, which is able to expel an energetic force able to propel it off the ground. Basically: Flying=Rocket Boots, Fighting=Fighting Robot.

It's main mode of offense focuses around its arm cannons. I believe that the arm cannons are the most important aspect of this design as it allows an immense degree of flexibility concerning its attacks and movepool. It allows it to use a number of different elemental attacks, despite its relatively bland/uncolorful typing of Flying/Fighting. Really, almost all special attacks is a projectile of some sort, and Rocket Boots is able to take advantage of this. It can use typical special attacks common to its typing such as Aura Sphere or Air Slash. However, you no longer have to ask things like, "How is Flying/ Fighting type supposed to use Ice Beam, or ThunderBolt, or Flamethrower, or Energy Ball?" Easy. Arm blasters.

Concerning it's ability, Intimidate is very possible. As you can see in the supporting images labeled Some General Stuff, Rocket Boots would Intimidate other Pokemon by utilizing its HUUUUGE grin, like how Gengar would if it had it (and with a grin like that, I'm surprised it wasn't given Intimidate as a Dream World ability). An alternate to Intimidate has Rocket Boots aim its blaster at the opponent's head. That certainly is nerve-wracking, to say the least. Also, Prankster seems to be a common secondary ability, which also can be portrayed with Rocket Boot's grin. He certainly looks mischievous doesn't he? But if they decide to go with Poison Heal or Cursed Body, O'l Rocket Boots here is kind of screwed (as I'm sure many other entries will be too). But hey, they'll think of some reason to have it.

Supporting Images (I may add more if I can)
Flying: (earlier design)
Full(er) Body View: (Again earlier design):
Some general stuff:
Shooting a beam (probably Ice Beam):
Alternate/Shiny Color (Blue/Black):

Thanks for the suggestions on the colour scheme, guys! I'm currently kinda undecided on which one I prefer (though I'm leaning a little for the one on the right), so a quick poll, maybe?

I'll start working on a final submission pose in the meantime, I guess.
I prefer the left one by far.

Its just, the head that turns me of when merging kinda with the cloud mane.

Something that might look good is if you changed the grey into orange the head red and the "hands" orange on the right one.
MrSuitMan said:
Heads up, but your final submission is breaking the rules. Note the following rules in the OP:
No props, action effects, move effects, environment effects or additional objects can be rendered on or around the pokemon. If a prop is part of the pokemon's basic design (ie Farfetch'd Stick), then it is acceptable.
It must have a distinguishable outline on the entire subject in contrast to the background. No part of the design can be blurred into the background or blended into the background.
bob: Yeah, definitely much better.

KoA: Nice color scheme. Definitely can say I like this one over the other design.

andalite: That's the most unique chicken-related design I've seen so far. Looks good.
@ Paras Hilton

I really like your Robin Hood sketch, but I think you could add a bow and quiver to get an archer feel of it, i wanna see what that would look like.

@ Doran Dragon

You can try that for when there is a Bug-type, but for now, try to make a good Flying type concept too...

@ KoA

Dont you think its kinda looks like a Dark or Ghost type? I mean, I can see that it could have Prankster as an ability, but I cant see it having Intimidate (which is already decided)

@ Bug Maniac Bob

Try changing the color scheme to a tan/bronze for that war gryphon effect.
Yeah I know evolutions are not allowed but this is to Farfetch'd what Alomomola is to Luvdisc

[/URL] Uploaded with[/IMG]

Looks pretty "fighting" to me, and it's got a somehow special aproach, resembling a monk or wizard of some sort. If you ask me, I see this guy firing Aura spheres rather than hitting stuff with the stick. Tell me if you like it or if there are any issues with originality.
SoihearyoulikeSENTRET, your design and concept is awesomesauce. The theme where it takes the opponent's momentum fits the topic perfectly.
Trilobite, I love the design. It looks very shaman-ish. I think it matches the stat spread really good.

Also DjD, I think you should try black around the eyes in stead of white...
I think it would make the eyes stick out more without loosing your black/red/white scheme. I also think putting pokéballs on the wings is worth a try (liek someone said before).

Aragornbird, I love your idea and it looks really nice. But I'm not so happy about the color use. It looks great on it but it's just isn't so pokemon-like.


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Final Submission

Supporting Details

I based this Pokemon off a Sphinx. It uses a mask to hide its frightening appearance from people, as it is docile and not threatening. It removes its mask in battle to intimidate the opponent. It is quite fast despite the bulky appearance and gets on all fours to run, but can stand upright as well.

Supporting Material
Different Pose
Alright, I'll remove the beam. But I'm not sure I'm understanding the second part. What do you mean distinguishable outline? Does mine not have that?
I think I got what you meant. The flames right? They need an outline? Fixed it up for ya.

With a closing note, good luck to everyone who entered!


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@chomzloh: I'd really like either of them, but I guess when it comes down to it.... the one on the right. also, you might want to try adding some more defined cuts near the tail, instead of a fade from the red of the skin to the white of the cloud. I think that this design is great. Either way, you've got my vote!


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Final Submission

Main Design

Supporting Material

CAP1 is an energetic and flexible pokemon. Its thick skin that extends from its arms to its tail not only enables it to glide between tall trees but also to fly in short bursts from a jump on the ground. It is territorial; if it is unable to scare away an intruder by suddenly showing its masked face or by making eerie rustles and whistles in the night, it will confront the intruder and attack.

Its heavy-set body and thick fur absorb hits, and since its arms have evolved for flight and not punches, it has adapted to use its special attack for combat. The bright colors on its fur and its mask become more vibrant as it hones its skills.

Supporting Sketches
andalite that is a terrific ninja rooster cloud chicken! i know it is your final submission but i think if you thickened the outline and smoothed it out it would look a tad more crisp.


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@ KoA

Dont you think its kinda looks like a Dark or Ghost type? I mean, I can see that it could have Prankster as an ability, but I cant see it having Intimidate (which is already decided)
I've already realized that people would try to jump on the "omg dark/ghost type. But I'm fairly confident that the raging whirlwind around it's body and the general color scheme would set it off from those misconceptions.

And as for intimidate, you ever been startled by a strong gust of wind caused by a wind spirit before?

Final Submission

Main Submission:

Apologies for the quality of the final submission, I was rushed to get it done.

--Impmon using aura sphere--
--Different Pose--

Impmon here started off being based somewhat on the legendary pixies from the games with a small body and soft body parts to help steer it away from the physical bias that fighting types nearly always go down. The tied up hair and 'sleeve' arms are somewhat reminiscent of styles commonly seen in fighters and the flying type should be the most obvious. What actual animal this represents is left obscure deliberately and can be played with by the spriters if they want to. The design uses 4 base colours with red being sparse enough to warrent less shades than the others which should be comfortable enough for the sprite artists to use while still being diverse and interesting to look at.

The general personality of this mon should ring clearly through the art posted here. The facial features displayed naturally bend it towards a fierce look which should fit intimitate quite well. The proportions and general smugness also contribute to almost dark quality which gives this design its working name, impmon. Hopefully this all ties together into something that feels like a free loving spirit.

--Side on reference--

(note: may not be actual size)

Diary of a Researcher:
12th Sep, Local Legends
In the deepest forests and caves. The highest mountains and lowest seas. In all these remote and dangerous places there are said to be great gatherings of Pokémon, and within the center of these congregations is said to be a rare Pokémon. That's what the locals have been telling me anyway. Usually these myths have some sort of truth to them and I've heard one of these so called spots in quite near here within the forest. The locals assure me that it'll happen sometime this month, they also warned me to never go near these areas while it's happening. I've got to observe this for myself, find out why these Pokémon gather, I'll just have to be careful.

18th Sep, Camping
The forest is unusually quiet. There's no birdsong or detectable activity in the area around my campsite. Are the Pokémon here scared of me or is it always this quiet? Shame I couldn't take my Pokémon with me, I would have liked the extra protection from potential threats but I'm almost sure Pokémon in these areas react aggressively to trainers. It's the only factor I can find between those lost and those who came out unharmed.

20 Sep, Sudden Activity!
The forest is now filled with noise! I can hear Pokémon all around me calling to each other constantly. It seems like they're getting ready for the event. I have to be careful and scout out the area so I can find out where they'll end up. Not disturbing the wildlife is top priority for the sake of observation and for my own protection. I must not let my presence affect this too much or the data may be invalid.

21 Sep, Experiment Canceled
What I have seen cannot be documented outside this diary. It is far too beautiful and delicate a thing to be released to the world. All information leading to this has been removed. There was indeed a large gathering of Pokémon, of all species large and small within a clearing deep in the heart of the forest. It was amazing to see so many species getting along at once. So many chirps, roars and whistles but one voice rang out clear within the crowd. When I tried to get closer I was caught by a passing Tangrowth and taken to the center. There was the most unusual little creature there, with a fierce expression and flowing hair and tail. There was also a vine weaved net of eggs next to it which was being added to by what I assume are the parents.

This little creature was the source of that voice, that haunting voice. With a single call the area fell silent, all eyes on me. It just stood there, staring at me for what felt like hours then suddenly smiled wide. At that moment, I felt like I was given a gift, I was not only spared but allowed to watch. The little Pokémon took the eggs and flew off to the farewell of all there. It took a while to figure out but the little creature was uniting these Pokémon and taking their young to new lands. This was how so many landlocked Pokémon are mysteriously found all over the world even before people set foot there. This was how all these extremely different Pokémon were able to communicate with other and share their combined knowledge across the land. And as it flew away it let off a long call.

It felt like freedom.

Final Submission

Main Design

Here is my flying haremon in its final version.

Supporting Details:
This pokemon is based on a combination of a circus performer from the turn of the century, an aviator from WWI, and of course, an English Hare. Haremon is always challenging itself to break it's own records and outperform, whether physically or mentally, and as a result it has evolved to be extremely resilient. Its personality is upbeat and humorous, though in battle it is confident and over-competitive nature shows through, intimidating foes. Not only are its oversize ears useful for gliding through the air, but for launching powerful special attacks.

Here is a design for a previous coloration that shows Haremon attacking.
The second move is hurricane, the scanner cut the name off.
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