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Final Submission

Main Entry

Supporting Material
Marooster is based off of a Rooster because of the whole cockfighting thing.
They're advocates of peace, and will only fight when in need, or when a crucial battle will completely throw off the delicate balance of the world.
They're able to sense this of course, as their very souls are infused with the concept of Yin and Yang, and as such, are given immense battle strength when needed, and the ability to know when they're needed.
Marooster are a rarer species of Poke'mon, and only appear once in a while.
Catching glimpse of one, especially when it is in battle, is considered good luck, and will give you the power of a billion men.

I honestly don't have a backstory going for me as everything was going cliche so I just called it there and will submit it as it is.

Extra Goodies
This is the original design that I had and I feel that it would be fun to look at the change that occurred in it's design.

While not a great change, it did change in some other areas dramatically.
Hope you like it!


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Whoops, it's almost time for the final polls. So here's my general color scheme for Hermes-mon. I pretty much settled on everything but the body color, which I am just a bit iffy on. If there are no objections though I will finalize this version by deadline


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I wanted to do a support art piece showing the fighter plane attacking some Unova pokemon. So, I picked a pokemon that is weak to both of this pokemon's STAB's. Here's the Red Baron, laying down a little strafing fire:

"Run, Scrafty! Run!"

Final submission coming soon.

Kevin Garrett

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Final Submission

Main Design

Supporting Materials

This Pokemon is based on a rooster as I thought that would be an interesting choice of species for CAP 1 seeing as though they are used in cockfights. The original design started as a darker rooster with a muscular body, but when the stats were decided to be defensive and specially based, I decided to have thatreflect in the design more. It's body takes the shape of a hurricane. Hurricanes are most powerful around the walls of the eye, which indicates a sturdy body, and the outer bands of the storm, which allow it to fire off powerful special attacks.

It didn't end up how I originally intended it to look and I would have liked to have gotten an earlier start on it so I could have some supporting pictures. The only extra pictures I have are some sketches I did on paper to get familiar with roosters and the step-by-step changes I made to the main design as I drew it in Microsoft Office Word.
DJD, even though it's probably too late to matter, I've finally figured out what about yours is bugging me so much. It's unemotive. I literally can't picture it in any position or with any expression except the one given. I know that other Pokemon have the same characteristic, but that doesn't make it much better. Magnemite/Magneton isn't Sugimori's best work.

Still, best of luck to you and everyone else. May the best design win.
Final Design
Let's see if I can get this image file to work...

Support Material:
He's a Special-Based Fighter!
Prankster ability:

Pokedex description:
This Kite Pokemon is the master of the skies, cruising effortlessly in an up-and-down ungulating fashion. Its large false eyes frighten away most small bird Pokemon. Its sturdy but hollow body makes a whistling sound as it glides.
About the Design:
This Pokemon is obviously based on a fighting kite, but also pulls from Japanese artistic styles(sorta kinda a samurai). I opted to have an additional false face on his chest to coincide with the primary ability, Intimidate.
His arms are hollow tube-shaped kites, like the ones sometimes flown in the sky but much more often seen adorned with goofy faces in front of used car lots. But hey, it looks a lot fiercer on him. Since it is a special-based Pokemon, I figure he could shoot all kinds of laser beams and vacuum waves from his hands, as well as use them alternately for punching.
Best of luck to everyone else as this CAP draws to a close!
@DougJustDoug - I think Scrafty would run better if he pulled them pants up or at least wore a belt, haha. Sagging like me sometimes.

Also, personally I think the colors you have for your design are just fine. I'm picturing other colors, and they just don't look as good on it.
@Ticketmeister - he looked much better with his face up at the top. You can still give him a face sort of design on his body to explain Intimidate (like Masquerain).
so far I like Nastyjungle's and DJD's the best. I like Nastyjungle's concept and artwork a bit more than DJDs, but I think DJD's fits what is already decided about CAP 1 a bit better. All in all though, I love both and I would be happy with either.


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Final Submission

Based off of the Mandarin Duck and the Japanese War Fan

Stylish and graceful, they create fans from their own feathers and use them in combat. Even when fighting, they remain so elegant it's almost like they are dancing. Indeed, they treat battles both as performances and as competitions. They will even begin each battle with a gracious bow.

They don't seek confrontation all the time. If threatened, they will try to scare off the intruder with their flashy fans. If worse comes to worse, they can create fierce whirlwinds simply by twirling their fans. Their fans can also aid in defense by deflecting projectiles and blocking hits.

Supporting Material:
Final Submission

Supporting Material

CAP 1, nicknamed The Flying Fail Whale (TFFW), is a more abstract design that isn't based on anything in particular. It, however, draws roots from the Chinese Yin Yang symbol as well as the Kamikaze, or Divine Wind, revered by the Japanese.

The huge wings are meant for soaring high in the air, and their thickness allows TFFW to block most attacks, be them physical or special, with relative ease. They are also essential in helping it pull of special attacks such as air slash or gale. The undersides of the wings are marked with a spiraling eye-like pattern which are used, along with simply immense size, to Intimidate the opponent in the beginning of a battle. Apart from the huge wings, the paddle-like tail can also be used to deflect hits or deal out shattering blows.

TFFW is a rare species of Pokemon which inhabits only the highest mountains in Unova, soaring through the frigid air. They are said to be a sign of power and luck to any who see them, but are feared greatly by man and Pokemon alike. These solitary species stay in the air all their lives, trailing clouds behind them, and almost never land on the ground.

Other Images

Initial Sprite:
Extra Poses (large image):
It won't. The secondary ability poll doesn't end for another 16 hours or so, and then there's another 24 hour grace period after that for artists to post final submissions before it goes to poll. I'll post in here when we hit the 24 hour mark, don't worry. :)


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Final Submission

Main Design

Supporting Material

Supporting Art

(Click the thumbnails to see the full images)

1. "Run, Scrafty! Run!"
2. Animated work progression from sketch to final submission
3. "Newsreel Shiny" - A possible retro shiny coloring, with a black-and-white newsreel feel

Artistic Inspiration
For this design, I wanted to stay away from "martial arts birds", since there were several really good ones already done by other artists. I went with a "Red Baron Fighter Plane", based on various classic fighter planes and the mystique of fighter pilots and flying aces. The Flying/Fighting typing is perfectly embodied in the concept of true aerial combat.

I drew heavily on the real life Red Baron's Fokker DR1 tri-plane, but also got some inspiration from the Sopwith tri-plane and a few modern fighter planes as well.

I incorporated several airplane elements into the pokemon's morphology. The eyes play on the concept of an aviator's mask, and a classic white aviator scarf flapping in the breeze. The "propellors" are positioned such that they could be tusks in this pokemon's biology, but would of course spin to give propulsion. The teeth in the front are meant to be reminiscent of the engine in the old prop planes, but still clearly be the mouth of the pokemon. The holes in the wings are for shooting a wide array of ranged attacks.

This pokemon design is based on the idea that it is a "Red Baron of the Unova skies". It is the final evolution of a line that has a biplane pre-evo, with normal coloring much like the Sopwith pic linked above. These pokemon fly in big squadrons, but each squadron can have only one fully evolved "Red Baron". Some squadrons have none. The only way a pre-evo "Sopwith" pokemon can evolve into a Red Baron, is to defeat another squadron's Red Baron in aerial combat. I imagine the pokemon would learn the move Aerial Ace, which would be the evolution move for this pokemon (like how Mamoswine evolves on the move Ancientpower, for example). This move signifies that the pokemon is now the ultimate in flying combat -- the move Aerial Ace always hits in combat, and for this evolution it signifies that its aerial dogfighting prowess has advanced to the point where it "can't miss" when targeting an opponent. Thus the pokemon evolves, gets the signature red coloring, and becomes the Red Baron of its own squadron.

Closing Thoughts
Like on almost every CAP, I had a lot of fun making this design. I immersed myself in trying to capture the essence of fighter planes and combat ace pilots. I am very happy with how this design turned out, and I think it fits nicely with most of the competitive elements decided in the other CAP threads. I appreciate all the feedback and support from commenters in this submission thread. Thanks for helping me shape and improve the design along the way. I'm loving MANY other designs posted by other artists, and I'm looking forward to seeing which one we choose!
Final Submission

The main design

Supporting Material
A possible color scheme for the shiny form: Click here
Some reposes: Click here
Some reposes to show this pokemon can be a special sweeper: Click here
The original color scheme: Click here

Explanation of the concept

I started of thinking I really didn't want to make a bird pokemon. It would be way to obvious and really dull.
So I thought further and quickly I came to a vague concept I liked: a fightcloud (the clichée one from the cartoons).
Then I also really wanted to make it be based on a bad-ass cartoon figure and immediatly I thought off the tazmanian devil.
While working on the concept I also added a few references to the greek god hermes, even though it's hardly viewable...​


I'm happy I made this design, it was alot of fun making it. I think it turned out really nice.
I think I managed to make a pokemon that fits the description of CAP1 really good.
My design look bulky, slow but quit offensif. Even though it would rather be assosiated with a physical sweeper, I think with my reposes I let it show that it to look able to blast some strong aura spheres and air slashes too :)
I also think I don't need a drawing to let see that this pokemon has the ability to intimidate other pokemon.
Also prankster should be a good ability for this design since it's based on cartoons.

Hope you like it :)
Final Submission

Main Design

Uploaded with

Supporting Material: This Cloudy-mon is made of clouds and is all stormy and windy, so on the one hand he's light enough to fly through the air, but on the other hand he can hit with the full power of gale-force winds. The thing around his head is a headband, based off of but not made out of a lightning bolt.

When I originally started thinking of Pokemon I could make while incorporating "momentum", I originally thought of speedy type stuff like in Physics. But then I realized that, in the Metagame, its about getting one-step ahead of your opponent and making sure they can't keep up. And so it's like weather, because the weather is never fully predictable and always seems to be one step ahead of us no matter what we do. We can't plan ahead of the weather; we can only wait it out, hide, or buy a coat.

Cloudy-mon demonstrates intimidate by being very stormy and furious; trying to fight a storm is rather intimidating. He demonstrates prankster because the weather has a habit of changing when you least expect it, as if it's playing a practical joke on you.
been on exmas lately so i don't think i'll be getting mine on time, still Aragon's one is definetly a better form of a the concept i wanted to explore and is completly my avorite 'til now
Aragornbird - LOVE IT! The pose really appeals to me. Good job!

Doug Just Doug - I really love your design. Quite possibly my favorite design.
Final Submission

Its fur hardens into flat, lightweight quills which act as feathers, offer protection, and fool enemies into thinking its a large bird of prey. It'll circle an area under its protection, scaring off rivals and predators. It's been a popular subject for totem polls in tribal societies, known for its effectiveness in scaring off enemies.


A backshot of the hulking figure.

Older versions of this concept.
*takes a few minutes to lol at DJD's plane terrorizing a Scrafty*

Seriously, this'll end up THE toughest CAP design poll I'll have to vote on; so many great submissions in here.

Cyzir: Great color scheme; I say keep it.

Ticketmeister: Yeah, I think it was better with the head up top. However, I'd still keep the other face pattern for the Intimidating. Basically, what kalamadude said.

aragornbird: AWESOME color scheme. It's going to be hard for me NOT to vote on this one.

Energy Storm: I know I haven't commented on yours yet, but I do love it. Love the supporting Intimidate pic, too. (Nothing like forcing that damned mole to crap itself.....)
Cartoons! What happened to your concept from the start of the thread?

This is easily one of my favourite designs in the thread, and to be honest I vastly prefer it over your new one. That's not to say that your new one is bad, I certainly enjoy the creative design and execution. But your original design, in my opinion, is very strong in its originality as well, and also has fantastic cuteness and general appeal, and applies very well to the competitive aspects of CAP 1.

The faux-griffon concept is a great one, and applies just as well to the typing as your new design. I also think that the "hood" makes a fantastic medium for Intimidate (in the vein of Masquerain), and should Prankster be selected, the "faux" part of the design definitely fits well (and obviously there aren't any problems if NSA wins). I also think the design fits the Special bias nicely, with its shaman-like appearance.

I hope I'm not coming off as critical; I still think that your new design is a good one, and of course all decisions are up to you here. I just wanted to express how much I enjoyed your older design.
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