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This one ties with the Shrimp and the Jester/Ninja for my vote.

I really think this deserves more attention; it takes the usual croc/gator thing and makes it seem less of a slow, lumbering behemoth and more of a fast attacker.

Also, it doesn't look like the stereotypical tank, but many species of crocodilians have very resilient bodies; much more so than other reptiles. Why do you think they used to make purses and boots out of 'em?


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Scampy I really love both of your designs, and your supporting art is very enjoyable ( A giant crab wearing a garden shed?? How gnarly of you) I can't even decide which one of yours I like more.
The one you just posted has such a sweet concept and the supporting material is awesome again, the way you convey how it uses attacks is super creative too. One thing about the coloured one though, and its probably just me but it looks a little clownish? I thinks its the angle of its little horns and the colour scheme (The contrast between the white eyes and the darkish green maybe) But it looks perfect in the support so I am unsure ha. Also who do you think you are using purple and green? Slap some blue and yellow on that shit. Right now it's clearly poison/grass (I'm kidding the green and purple looks rad)

Other favesies:
Keishinkae (I really liked his last CAP design too!)
I really like Caladbolgs
Harks old and new ones look sweet
Wyverii's I REALLY like the style of, and the colour scheme too. I don't think the Ice type thing just because it's a polar bear is an issue at all, especially with empoleon being a water type penguin.

Those are ones that come to mind right now

I also want to call bullshit on people complaining about blue and yellow colours, electric being the main type and designs having something in common with existing pokes. BULLSHIT
In Hell; The more I look at your design, the more I like it. I love how simple it is, and yet how brilliantly it displays the concept. The idea of splitting the heads and giving them plus and minus signs was perfect <3
Scampy I really love your design, but honestly when I look at the face my head jump instanly goes to Power Puff Girls cause of the face. The only issue I have is that the head and eyes are a little too overlarge, and that they would be better a little more in proportion. Also, I don't really like the purple and green, but thats not really a huge deal.
Here's a rough version of my final design, and an alternate pose and colors of my salamander. I figured it'd be able to get up on it's hind legs and move around instead of remaining on all fours all the time.

I'm baaaaaaaaaack...

After a brief hiatus of three days, I has returned! I have been working on my Basilisk-mon a good bit since ny leave, and currently it looks something like this:

Cut off the whiskers, gave it wrist-blades for both arms, flipped said wrist Blades to give him a more aggressive look, and made the tail independent from the arms. Also gave it the chest a new look, now having a more bony appearance to give it a more mean and lean look.

Tell me what you guys think! I plan on submitting this to pkmn-taicho for digitization within the next day or so, so give me any critiques in the mean time. I also plan on doing random "How my Pokemon whups (Insert Common OU Threat Here)" Art in the coming days to add some more supporting material to this, and if you have a certain Pokemon that you'd like to see get Ice Punch'ed, hit me up. +)
@Scampy: You made it creepier, if I may borrow Cartoons!' expression. I preferred the original tbh. Not bad, not too much better.

@Yilx: Unfortunately I really do not like your new design. It lost a lot of character from my perspective.

@InHell: Fantastic idea. I'll just leave it at that.

@DarthVader: Sorry I did not comment on your newer version a few pages back. I really am not feeling the red. The blue does better, but it's too strong. I think a lighter color would fit better, but I'd simply suggest experimenting a bit. Other than that it looks fantastic. On your second pose I'd suggest removing the weight being place on its hind legs' heels. I'd take a second shot at that simply to get a more reptile feeling, but it's not a huge problem.

@Garchompcounter: It's cute, a bit too human (like Roselia sorta...). Make it more 'creature'-ish and you might have something.
Lemme start off by saying that everyone's submissions are great. There's a few that stand out a lot though, but they've gotten a lot of comments already and I feel like I'd just be reiterating them. That and there's so many submissions overall that I'd end up typing a report trying to comment on them all haha. Keep up the good work everyone!

@Galactic Grunt: The black looks good, and kind of stands out against all the blue/yellow submissions, but honestly, I think with that particular design, the blue really works well =)
omfgyaybbq someone finally commented on mine. ;o; I was starting to feel discouraged after seeing all the awesome in this thread. I totally agree that the black one stands out a lot (and is probably my favorite palette), maybe it could be the shiny version (like Charizard, rivalry go~).

So... this?



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@InHell - I'd love to see a Yin and Yang symbol incorporated into the design somehow. I think it would add even more flavor to the design, and it can make a connection with the + and - aspect of the design. I love how simple your design is, and how effectively it shows the Electric/Water typing.

@GarchompCounter - I'd love to see that design in color. I really like the concept, but without any color it's hard to imagine what you have in mind for what you want it to be. Red and white, kind of like the colors of Seaking, would make a great combination if you ask me, along with maybe some yellow and blue.

@GalacticGrunt - I like this design as well, it too is simple and effective. I'd love to see some supporting material from you along with your design.

@Yilx - I love your design! It's near flawless, and although people are complaining that it looks too depressed, I like that idea because one of the main emotions associated with water/rain is indeed sadness and depression. Maybe some backstory with your design to help people better understand your depressed water pixie?

@Paris Hilton - Bravo. Your design is very good. Plain and simple. Don't change a thing about it color-wise.

@Wyverii - I honestly am disappointed in your design. I like the concept for an Electric Pokemon, but to me there is no water aspect, whether implied or not. When I think of polar bears, I think of Ice, not Water. There needs to be a drastic change in order for me to change my mind about your concept.
@Atyroky: I think it would look best without the body part (so you can add some zapping tentacles or leave it as that). I know that it's a Squid (maybe) but somehow it makes me think of the pipeworm. Add two more suckers!
@Atyroki: it's awesome. (really, everybody should just add capes :P) it's unique, and I just like it's overall body structure. I agree with PuffinHour about adding more tentacles though.
@Yilx - I love your design! It's near flawless, and although people are complaining that it looks too depressed, I like that idea because one of the main emotions associated with water/rain is indeed sadness and depression. Maybe some backstory with your design to help people better understand your depressed water pixie?
I think it's too depressed. Don't listen too me much though. I'm in a sad mood so I want things too be happy around me. I know I'm wierd
Thanks a lot guys, I completely agree with all the criticisms. I'll try out different horns to aviod the clown look, test alternate colour schemes, and shrink the head because damn it's way too huge here (how did I not see that before? Argh). The electrical effects are also waaaaaay too exaggerated so I'll cut them down somewhat too, as well as play around with shading on the water blob so it looks 3D and not completely flat. All in all, sorry for wasting your time with such a shit design haha

Was actually shooting for creepy this time, though! The CAP project always made me think of some sort of laboratory, so I tried to create a Pokemon who looked at home in such an environment. It's certainly not a natural creature, anyway. I've been thinking about possible backstories but ehh I don't know, seems a bit much really.

Anyway I appreciate the comments, so it's time to return the favour. Starting from most recent:

defno16: Cool idea, I'm really curious to see what this guy can do, so will you be posting any supporting material? I like the design, it's natural and doesn't force the Electric/Water typing too hard, simple and charming.

Yilx: Haha, I love how solemn it is, and how it looks so thoroughly disinterested as it casually fries a Scizor to death. The design is pretty spot on, although I'm not sure how well the patterns on the head will translate to a sprite?

Atyroki: Amazing design, the wizard look sets it apart I think, you should keep that. Like I'm just thinking that wizards are often portrayed as both smart and adaptable, which fits well with CAP10's concept.

pkmn-taicho: Fuck Gyarados. <3

Growlachu: Hmm, I won't lie dude, you have a long way to go here. But you have an idea down, now you just need to flesh it out. I think we all need to see a bit more before any further advice can be given.

The Ticketmeister: I like this guy a lot, it's a vast improvement over your first entry. The electrical element is there but not immediately clear, so I think that needs to be your primary objective should you choose to adapt your design more.

Galactic Grunt: Good to see you're getting into the game a little earlier this time, your CAP9 entry came out of absolutely nowhere and didn't really have much time to gain any support :pirate:. Your current entry is pretty neat and the "standard" Blue/Yellow colour scheme looks right at home here. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but the eyes look like + signs which is a cute throwback to Chinchou and made me smile. The pose you have here looks pretty unnatural though-- he's a slender creature who looks like he should be on all fours all the time? I dunno, though, I just think he looks sort of weird leaping.

XandZero2: Mind if I wait to see what Pkmn-Taicho does for your design? Not being lazy, but I'd like to save my comments for the coloured version. :toast:

DarthVader317: Hmm, I like the red colours more, but there's very little indication that it's a water type. Maybe shoot for a more aquatic anatomy? You could thin the tail vertically so it could swim through water (like errr a crocodile tail?), and maybe give him webbed fingers/toes.

bgg1996: A couple of things. The lines you are using should be thinned, it's quite difficult to make out the finer details on your design. The pose is pretty weird because a turtle just shouldn't be able to stand upright like that on flippers. Lightbulbs on the back is both a bizarre and interesting idea, so you need to try to make that your focus when thinking of poses to display your creation. This post has been pretty negative but please please please don't get discouraged by it.

TheGreatestT: Try harder, come on dude. :/

InHell 13: Woah that's such an odd design haha, but it has some great potential. The underlying concept of a dual-Pokemon with positive and negative twins is awesome, definitely keep that. The design of the Pokemon itself though I'm just not feeling, it looks like it would have great difficulty swimming and looks a bit awkward. One big body and two heads (ala Doduo) may work better? Or just have one creature with a split personality maybe? Negative he's passive and laid back, Positive and he flips out into a rage. I dunno lol

GarchompCounter: Ehhhhhh sorta hard to see, it's a bit human-like but that's not always a bad thing. Watch out though, your head is strikingly similar to Gardevior's, which would have quite a large impact on how well your design is recieved.

SEO: I really like this guy. The design is simple but that works perfectly really. There's not much to say because most of your entries strength relies on the solid concept rather than the design of the creature, but I would play around with different proportions of the natural pose to try and differentiate your dude from that blue blob thing in the Sonic games.

Argetlam1: Basing a design on the puffin is new, but your design still needs to differ from the real deal I think. Pokemon like Piplup and Mareep are based on real animals but at the same time are clearly different to them. Take the puffin, think of a concept that fits the Utility Counter and Electric/Water typing, and see what happens.

hark: I'm gonna be irritating and say that I think your original design was better. I guess a jester is just more interesting than a ninja in my eyes. Also, a jester strikes me as a guy who plays mindgames and tricks the opponent, which works well for the Utility Counter concept. Ninja is more stealthy and offensive. Hmm, I'm confident that you can still make the ninja work, but the jester just has more appeal in my opinion.

Aviator99: He's alright, but right now a bit two dimensional. Play around with design elements to make your design more memorable I guess? I'd like to see this guy do well, but you need to just generally work a bit harder on it.

CyzirVisheen: Lampmon is way cooler than the... well whatever Kinesta is. It's such a neat twist to a standard concept. :heart:

I'll comment on others later, man I underestimated how many entries there were in total... which is a good thing, it's great to see so many enthusiastic artists.
thanks for the C&C guys! After taking the night off, and looking at it again, it realized that my design was pretty bland, especially compared to some others around here. So I played with my design, and changed it up.

I kept the overall structure of the swordfish, but I thought that since lightning rods were commonly placed on top of houses or other high buildings, I'd change it to make it look more that way. The "door" on the bottom of its body is just simply markings on its scales, but the "window" above it is actually a fully functioning fin. The lightning bolt shaped fins on the side help discharge the electricity it has stored, if it reached maximum capacity (the same way a lightning rod discharges electricity into the ground). And also, just a quick question, what program/programs are you guys using to make that awesome digital artwork? I figure I'll have to go ahead and make some eventually, so I may as well be prepared. XD
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