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Pravinoz: This is cool; she also looks clearer like this, maybe you could do another post with her posing normally?

mayatraese: I REALLY like where you went with the first design. The 'praying' pose is my favourite, it's simply adorable. Just some clean-up on your main design picture and you've got an excellent design.

pkmn-taicho321: Certainly not what I was expecting when I saw your piece completed, but it's a very cool and unique design nonetheless. The only thing that bothers me slightly is that he seems assymetrical; does he only have one arm?

bugmaniacbob: Definitely much, much better than the first design you posted in this thread. Don't worry about the ectoplasm, I think they fit the design pretty well!

Lucario_Guy:It looks really sweet now that you've fleshed it out properly and cleaned up the design! If you intend to use that picture as your final submission don't forget you have to remove the shadow on the floor, however. Your post reminds me, too, I need to show how my own design looks like from the back...!

I'd stick to the onryou if I were you. You've got an amazing design going already, unless the samurai is just for fun and flavour.

Chomz: I'm more of a fan of the Bamboo ghost myself.

Just another physical move seeing the stat spread now, channeling Hi Jump Kick from Mr. Lee

And also what she looks like from behind. They're petals that look kind of like a ribbon.
pkmn-taicho321: Certainly not what I was expecting when I saw your piece completed, but it's a very cool and unique design nonetheless. The only thing that bothers me slightly is that he seems assymetrical; does he only have one arm?
Yilx I got lazy with the other arm in all honesty, do you think it's a big deal? When I finished I sort of felt that I liked him better with one arms (and I ran out of canvas space). Thinking of changing the painting BR anyways so I'll take that into consideration.


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Final Submission

Final Submission

[Shiny Colouration] [Old Colours] [Old Shiny Colouration]

Supporting Material
[Fire Punch/Ice Punch] [Sacred Fire] [Aura Sphere] [Hi Jump Kick] [Icicle Crash]
[Various Emotions] [Back Pose] [Yandere]

Some might remember the Bleeding Heart and this Flytrap Miko I sketched out from the start. I went with the Flytrap Miko instead not because I'm entering with another pixie but she garnered better feedback from others that I asked outside of th forum. I was rooting (no pun intended) for the Grass/Ghost typing because I felt there were just so many more possibilities than Poison/Dragon or Electric/Poison, not in terms of just flavour but competitively too.

Right off the start I made pumpkins and paintbrushes taboo for myself because I thought that would have been the 'generic plain' kind of design that would appear. (I've been proven wrong by some of the geniuses in this thread.)

I tried to think of how the pokemon would 'Sketch' the move; copying them, mimicking them, reflecting them... then I just happened to be listening to some songs which gave me the inspiration to draw something more eastern-oriental. The bleeding heart mirror came from the same reason.

Onto the design herself, though. First off, I designed her around traditonal Japanese Shrine Maidens (or simply Mikos) and various elements of the Flytrap species; I thought they would make a good candidate for the 'plant' aspect in the grass typing to couple with the ghost typing.

Secondly, I drew some inspiration from my existing Grass/Ghost Fakemon. The last parts of the inspiration came from the music I was listening to.

Thirdly and finally, Nanami Yasuri from Katanagatari contributed quite significantly towards my design of Flytrap Miko. I didn't think about her until about halfway through coming up with a design, though. It was going to be a flytrap ghost of some sort until I suddenly remembered her. It was a good thing that happened. :bread:

From the beginning, I was trying to avoid drawing something feminine in nature because of all of the lolimons I submitted for the previous CAPs, but flytrap miko ended up gathering more positive feedback than the heart mirror did, so I ended up sticking with her and improving her design.

Normal, human shrine maidens are a vessel between the gods and the people; just priestesses. Flytrap Miko offers the same services to her fellow pokemon; channeling the spirits of the deceased to talk to them. She dosen't ask for anything in return... most of the time. The eyes on her skirt and little bush on her head allow her to communicate with the spirits.

In the case that Flytrap Miko does ask for something in return, it's usually a small offering, but smaller Pokemon, especially Bug-types, have to think twice about approaching her during this state. Flytrap Miko are solitary and desire nothing but a single, good friend; she might end up a little too attached to her clients and/or spirits when she helps them.

Unfortunately for them and her, she gets a little crazy when she starts getting attached.

Flytrap Miko might get a little too posessive at times and her six eyes might creep the more faint-hearted out, but all in all Flytrap Miko means well and just wishes to serve as a means of communication between the deceased and the living.

I think I'll summarize and reorganize all the juicy bits of flavor for Kitchenmon by creating multiple one to two sentence dex entries (like in the games) because a lot of the info is completely unrelated. Plus, I need something to make my submission stand out

ENTRY #1: KITCHENMON has three brains. The parts can function independently, but they mainly work together as one to accomplish tasks.

ENTRY #2: KITCHENMON's knife is incredibly sharp and can deal massive damage to foes. The board can be used as a shield.

ENTRY #3: It cuts up vegetables and other plant matter on its board and flings the resulting bits at enemies to perform a wide variety of moves.

ENTRY #4: This Pokémon is very creative, as it was once a chef and two assistant cooks. However, try as it might to continue to produce fine cuisine in the afterlife, its inability to see is a huge hindrance.


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Tea_and_Blues I don't have any sway here, obviously, with making this happen, but I would be interested, if your design is selected, in not designing Prevo(s), and instead making a UU/RU male samurai counterpart.

I would include it as supporting art, but maybe keep this in the back of your mind. Or just PM Dusk and Deck and ask what they think about that.

^ main drawing ^
v back drawing v

....aaaaaaaaaaaaand possible shiny colouration.

Changes were: alteration of body shape to seem less lumpy, and giving it a more exciting front appearance.

@ Mayatraese (sp.?): Upon closer scrutiny of the supporting art for your wilted-lily concept, I find the design to be growing on me: it has an elegant simplicity, and I love the sheer amount of personality you've bestowed upon a simple, bedraggled flower. That's creativity.
Nonetheless, I wonder if it might not be just a bit too simple? I can see Grass and a decent amount of Ghost when I look at it, but perhaps it's missing some slight addition to make it truly distinctive. Great work, regardless.
Final Submission

Final Submission
I've elected to keep the flowers because I like the breakup in monotony, but am using the red undercoat. Also I don't know if I'm allowed, but I realised there was a way to please the green faction: gender differences!
This new supplement art took far too long too. But it feels so good to have done it!

Main Desig

Supplementary Art
Back view and various attacks
Sacred Sword Comic
So to re-iterate, I was stumped for a plant to use to make a grass/ghost that sketched as well, until I realised that paper, being pulped wood, would be suitable, nay, appopriate for a ghost-type; made from dead organic material. From there it designed itself, an origami ghost based on Shikigami, Japanese demons, spirits and minor gods that are summoned and bound to an object (usually paper dolls) by Onmyoji for use as familiars. This Pokemon sketches moves by drawing on its body and folding parts of its multilayered form to fit the attack.
After Mos's submission i feel like i'm tainting a work of art...
anyway, I suddenly had two revised versions of what i wanted in the first place: that swamp-monster feel, and a more traditional design. I completely agree with the blurring, that was basically just me fiddling around in photoshop. I decided on two definite 'forms': A more ghostly, defensive form, and a 'bulky offensive' form. I changed the skulls quite a bit, and still can't decide on the right one: any help would be welcome.

(removed for size)

the first is my offensive mon, and is in a sort of action pose, which was sort of un-intentional but worked out well. I took the form of a bull skull to show brute strength, reflecting CAP's physical nature.

(removed for size)

The second is an outline of what I originally wanted, a sort of spooky willow tree. It looks more bulky and defensive, so could be a better fit.

I still need to find a way to incorporate sketch, but this is still in its early stages.
Feedback much appreciated, especially the swamp monster links, thanks!
Arrggh sorry that will teach me to read the rules more carefully, i'll put the images up again. Apologies Wyverii, sorry for the inconvenience



these are 400 x 400 this time, according to photobucket.


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Mos-Quixote: That is an amazing gender difference! Very much in line with the obvious gender differences in Gen 5 of Unfezant and Jellicent, compared with exclusively very subtle ones in earlier Gens.
Mos, you're concept is still amazing! I love it.

Is the Female-link working right for everyone though? I can't get it to open.

Edit: nevermind, didn't see the link in the second post. *looks*

Edit: WOW, that is a very nice change in design to signify the change in gender. The coloring and facial expressions are great.
srk1214: I honestly didn't notice that! glad that it works!
now to catch up on the last few pages:
Wyverii, MLaRF, Leopiz, tea and blues, umbriel, greg3064, thank you for all your kind guidance, I took it to heart and went with what I like best, which I hope all of you do too :)
ShravanP:you're darn right it was unwittingly done! these sorts of thing fly over my head when drawing mons.
Birkal: THIS IS ADORABLE. he's like Dad from Newgrounds as a corncob!
Yilx: these supplements are just as phenomenal as the actual art! such a professional expression of grace and beauty :D
pkmn-taicho321: Absolutely genius! Ceci n'est pas une plant, but a picture of a plant, breaching the realms of physicality and abstraction. Also I am loving that smarmy grin!
Brilliant. I really like how you spelled out sacred sword on his face. I was expecting him using a sword, but thinking out of the box is really how you achieve. I also like how you incorporated a female version in order to accommodate the green.

It's nice that you're joining the race with a good design. However, I hope you can work fast since the others have sent final submissions. Good luck!


heralds disaster.

Some specimens of CAP 2 carve their own bark to gain power; to better protect their territory. Often, these carvings invoke the images of very powerful or even legendary Pokémon.
Well, I don't see me improving on my design much without ruining it, and it looks like the time where everyone starts putting in their final submissions, so now it's my turn.

Final Submission

Supplementary Material
[Shiny Version]
[Unfortunate Scenario]
[Dat (Shiny) Foliage]
[A Poor Attempt at Sacred Fire]

Considering that this CAP would feature some cliche things like scarecrows or pumpkins (though as Yilx mentioned there are some great designs for those regardless), I decided to try a different approach that no one probably would have thought of. A leaf tornado, or specifically a ghostly being who whipped up a tornado made of leaves. The shiny form would be made of dying/autumn leaves.

I feel that a tornado is perfectly capable of being flexible enough to be either a bulky physical or special type, and could be as fast as it wants, so I was not particularly worried about bulk. To incorporate Sketch, being a tornado, it 'sucks up' the opponent's attacks and spits them out, akin to Megaman (Megaman) or Blue Mage (Final Fantasy) style of fighting.

I personally see the tornado as constantly spinning, but the face and hands remaining relatively normal, but you can see it as you see fit.

The supplementary art (well, the third and fourth ones - the second one I just did because it amused me) is meant to portray how it works; for example, the Sacred Fire being spun out of it's body, as well as seeing what the ghost looks like without its leaf armor (I kind of failed the anatomy there, but you get the idea), as well as what it's shiny sort of looks like.

Good luck, everyone! I'll give feedback on everyone's designs later.
Aura Disciple: He literally couldn't use a sword. The first two panels may not be clear; he's meant to be pondering on how to best use the move, which specifically says that the user slashes with horns.
Gonodactylus: It's a grass-type, it knows sketch, but I can't really see the ghost part, sorry.
Aura Disciple: He literally couldn't use a sword. The first two panels may not be clear; he's meant to be pondering on how to best use the move, which specifically says that the user slashes with horns.
I get the horns and the reason why you did that and the first two panels were perfectly clear. Just that some people go by the name of the attack like sucker punch. Either way, bravo on the art and creativity.
Let me recap it. I love Yilx's design because it's a very unique design, especially how the CAPmon uses Sketch. You can imagine it in a lot of different ways and I like that a lot.

You've come quite a ways and the result is amazing, Yilx. Great job.
Final Submission

Final Submission

Supplementary Art
Holding Hatchet/Without Stump:

"A root-less ghost pokemon that inhabits felled trees, it refuses to con-seed the woodcutting axe it pilfered from unwary lumberjacks. It can store any sort of surprise inside the bizarre dimensional anomaly located inside what appears to be its mouth, and has no qualms about bushwhacking others with the contents if it finds itself at loggerheads. If anyone questions why it has access to Sketch, well.. let's just say its half pitcher plant."

Disqualified for puns.

Don't have time to work on this anymore, so this'll be the final submission! Also sorry for not finding time to post anymore critique, but rest assured all the entries are especially good this CAP!
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