CAP 2 Pre-evo - Art Poll 1

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After many eons of waiting and talking about random stuff, the art submitters and voters arrived at the appointed place at the appointed hour. The excitement rose within their ranks, as they waited impatiently for the art polls to arrive. After all, these would permanently determine what Necturna's pre-evolution would look like. The ATL decided to be the complete opposite of picky and slated all submissions that (to the best of his knowledge) obeyed all of the art submission rules.

However, the art polls apparently were nowhere to be found. A little annoyed, some people decided to search the city for any sign of the polls. Suddenly, a terrible scream rang out, and everyone rushed to its source. The art polls stood there, smirking at the attention that they were suddenly getting, and bugmaniacbob lay face-down on the ground in front of them with a hole in his chest:

  • bugmaniacbob: Was below the minimum length and width of 320x320.
Absolutely horrified and disgusted, tennisace yelled, "How dare you! How dare you hurt our friiiiieeeeennnnnds!"

One of the art polls gave the very matter-of-fact response: "Oh, we were just doing what we were programmed to do. After all, there was a minimum size requirement in the rules. I'd hope that your friend wouldn't be too offended by this.

"By the way, I am called Art Poll 2. This large, imposing one is Art Poll 1. One question, though. How did you know we would arrive?"

Rising_Dusk responded, "Um, of course we knew you would arrive. It's part of the proc-"

Wyverii cut him off and whispered to him, "DUDE! Don't tell him about our ability to break the fourth wall!" She then turned to Art Poll 2. "Why don't you MAKE us tell you! ...But on an uninhabited island far away that just happens to exist for the convenience of this story. (Wait, damn it.)"

"Oh, do you really expect to defeat us? You don't even know how many of us there are! It's kind of weird to think about it." Not wanting to stretch this obvious parody out too far, however, Art Poll 2 complied. "Fine, I'll follow your lead, 'Wyverii'..."

Wyverii was shocked. How did a mere art poll know her name? How did these polls even get here without anyone noticing? Confident she'd find the answers to these questions eventually, she led the art submitters, voters and polls out of the city, while Deck Knight was tasked with bringing bugmaniacbob back to, uh, idk, Theorymon's lab or something, to recuperate.

After arriving on the aforementioned island, everyone prepared for the battle that was to occur. Art Poll 1 was to fight the heroes first. The combatants were:

The ATL made a brief announcement:

"This is a multiple bold vote poll, which means that you can vote for as many entries as you want to in no particular order. I've reiterated some rules for this vote below so that everyone knows exactly what's going on. These rules were shamelessly taken from CAP 1's art threads.

  • Do not bold any text other than your votes.
    The script we use to count the votes looks at bolded text, and ignores all other text. You can still write other non-bolded things in your post, but don't bold them or it will mess up your vote.
  • One artist name per line.
    Do not list multiple votes on one line.
  • You may vote for as many artists as you want.
  • Spell the artist name exactly as it is spelled below.
    It is not case sensitive, but please remember that your vote will not count unless it is the artist's name spelled correctly. (e.g. "Cyzir_Visheen" is not CyzirVisheen)
"Good luck to everyone! You have 48 hours to vote."

The ATL seemed more concerned about watching the battles than about the safety of his friends.


Ok I finally have a cleaned up version. Let me know if there is anything that may need.

Edit : Final submission
Quanyails; said:
Final Submission

(I rounded the head oh-so slightly from my last update. :P)

Again, my inspiration:

My design started out in the spriting stage, actually; I wanted a pre-evolution that resembled Necturna in color and origin, but not too close as a supposed 'mini-Necturna'.

Inspiration came from the idea that Necturna's head resembled a bonnet. Why not make a simpler headpiece in the form of a hachimaki--a band around the head, of Japanese origin, sometimes decorated with flowers, representing spirit? That's quite a wonderful way to pull all those elements together!

I added the two vine-horns to make it look girlish (as pigtails), slightly evil (as horns), and plant-y. :P It's a contrast from the single vine of its evolution, and a nod to pokemon evolution where certain features don't just 'grow' to its next evolution, but change altogether.

As for the body: those eyes should've been included somehow, so I settled for a single one on its torso. The arms are reminiscent of those long sleeves of Necturna/a miko, with those red dots from the head of the Necturna. Mixing and matching different aspects, but not just shrinking Necturna for a pre-evolution. :)

Why must the deadline be so soon? Oh well. Off for three days without internet, so this is my final. I hope it's uniqueness will pull it to victory.
If there are any problems with my submission, let me know now. I will not have internet tomarrow or the next day.
Final Submission

Lengthened the stem slightly, and fixed one of the spikes. Barely noticeable, but one becomes picky about that sort of thing.
ecology comic:

I'm sorry to all of those people who wanted more drastic changes, but I simply don't have the time to make detailed alternate concepts! Best of luck to all successful entrants!

(Actuallly it seems that using dropbox lets changes to existing links happen without incident, so no need to mention that the two pictures are exactly the same ;))
FINAL SUBMISSION Alternatively, final something else.

Okaysohifolks, I was gonna get around to givin' more beedfack, but suddenly, two weeks to finish three major assignments. Pretty great!

Best of luck to everypony involved!
Final Submission

Good luck to all the artists!
Final Submission

It's based on sundews.
Hope you like it :)
Final Submission

I can't really change anything so yeah...I hope this gets votes so i did something to help CAP!
Main Design

Supporting Material
supporting art

For this design, I wanted to go for a teen Necturna, complete with attitude. The flytrap on her back is like a giant bow and foreshadows the more intimidating flytrap-dress of Necturna. The eyes in her air resemble innocent hair clips from far away.
Final Submission

Sliding at the last minute; true Birkal style ;)

Although my design isn't as unique as some of the others, I really wanted to keep rooted in the cool flavor that Necturna already has. I wanted to make something that was cute, yet still spooky. The eyes on the dress and the thorns signify the creepy aspect of it. Yet, I would describe her as angelic; her thorns are shaped like angel/butterfly wings!

I also like the idea that the pre-evo Anticipation ability means something. I was also shooting for a Necturna pre-evo that looked naive and innocent. It's like she has some "seeing" powers, but can't fully use them yet. Perhaps Necturna passes down the ability to foresee future events!

Best of luck to all submissions!

Pre-evo so far

Typing: Grass / Ghost
Abilities: Anticipation / (Telepathy)
Base stats: 49 HP / 55 Atk / 60 Def / 50 SpA / 75 SpD / 51 Spe


Banned deucer.

Birkal's looks a little too cute to be a ghost... but, then again, how could anyone not vote for something so adorable?


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wow where did that come from

Theorymon what the hell did you do to me, why am I breathing like Darth Vader


EDIT: Wait a minute you just compared me to Yamcha

now I'm more offended than ever


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So, I mostly want two things: I want the grass type to be obvious (as ghost is much more apparent in most of them), and I want to be able to tell that it is the prevo just by glancing at it. Almost all do the first part well, so I mostly voted based on the second. I know there are Pokemon like Magikarp, Remoraid and Trapinch whose evolutions are so different from them that you would never be able to put them together without knowing before hand, but those are the exceptions, not the rule. It always seems to me that we have a natural tendency to go for the exceptions, but as this is for flavor, I think being able to instantly recognize it as related makes it most realistic. I think these three do the best job of that.

Oh, and I like cute things too.

EDIT: After looking a bit more I added in DarkShiftry. It is a little hard to make out due to the image quality, but I do think it fits both conditions I stated above, and should not be overlooked just because of image clarity.


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paintseagull's is absolutely fantastic and is pretty much everything we'd want in keeping the relationship between Necturna and its pre-evo in check.

Birkal's is also really really awesome and it's possibly the most adorable thing ever, but I worry about the Ghost typing.

Mos-Quitoxe's is in the same boat, really. I just can't stop seeing it as a Bug / Ghost typing. It's still pretty spectacular, though!



A lot of them are pretty good, but these two stand out the most to me because I don't think that they took the easy way out by just making a smaller, cuter Necturna. I think that they put much more creativity and originality into their designs.

I'd rather not have mini-Necturnas. Too many similarities to Necturna's specifics don't work so well. Traits can carry on, but not a direct parallel.


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I know that this is a design poll, and not necessarily a test of actual execution. But these three stand out to me as not only the best executed, in terms of professional quality, but also as designs. I do think paintseagull's is the best, but I have to give Birkal credit for making SUCH A GOOD cutemon. Mos' work is always amazing and was at the top of my list for both Scratchet and Necturna, but in this case, I have reservations. Still too good to not get my vote here though.
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