CAP 23 Playtest Tournament [Round 4 - See Post 94]

gonna have to call for activity, scheduled for late friday or 1 PM sat, was on from 7 on friday, 12 on sat and as much as I could today to get it done, didn’t see my opp on at all. Would love to play but between rehearsals, hw and tests and work mon-wed is nearly impossible for me to make.


requesting activity. Contacted my opponent last tuesday and he hasn't replied (hasn't been on smogon since December).


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Requesting activity, Reviloja753 failed to show up at our scheduled time on multiple occasions
We had scheduled

times? News to me. Heck, my opp didn’t say shit in response to my profile post.

I fail to see how I “didn’t say shit” when I clearly stated I’d be on both times (in friday’s case, try to be because work) which I was and then some (sunday).

edit: heal ninja’d me I blame Ipad cropping /s

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