CAP 23 Playtest Tournament [Round 4 - See Post 94]

We had scheduled

times? News to me. Heck, my opp didn’t say shit in response to my profile post.

I fail to see how I “didn’t say shit” when I clearly stated I’d be on both times (in friday’s case, try to be because work) which I was and then some (sunday).

edit: heal ninja’d me I blame Ipad cropping /s


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I didn't show up at the scheduled time; unexpected irl stuff came up and then I forgot about the match with a big school project. If Funbot28 wants to reschedule I'm happy to do that, or if he can prove he was on at the scheduled time then it'd be clear that I was the only one of the two of us who forgot about the match.


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HeaL's busy tonight, so I'll be taking over as your host for this round.

snake_rattler and Funbot28, snake_rattler missed the scheduled time, but Funbot28 you never called activity or responded to HeaL's earlier tag. Since you never called activity or otherwise confirmed you made the schedule time, Funbot28, I determined who moved on through a PS! coinflip.
Same as Round 2, randomized brackets through Challonge.

SHSP vs Dj Breloominati♬
Career Ended vs EpicUmbreon29
Rat With Wings
vs cbrevan
Drew vs Heaven Jay
vs snake_rattler
hoblaph vs KKirby
Trace vs mxmts
Marjane vs Betathunder

Deadline is Thursday January 18th. Schedule your matches as possible and make sure you play before the deadline. Good luck![/user]
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Sorry to say but have to call activity - haven't seen she for the past two days. Constantly been checking:mad:
well considering 1- your free time is something like 2 am-6 am my time it's a little hard to be on (read: impossible for a student), although ive been trying to be on as long as I can (checking in at 2-2:30 am) and having school the morning of, and 2- you don't seem to have made any effort to be on for any of my availability as far as I can tell from being on again, as much as I can from my noon onward, I don't know if this equals an act call.

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