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This is a post to update the CAP community on the progress of the 3D models for CAP25!
Our modeling team is organized and hard at work. I'll update this post as they progress.

Please do not pester these folks for updates or WIP images, they are very busy! We may be treated to WIP images as stages are completed, but there's no guarantee. Please be patient as we wait for this demanding project to be completed.

CAP 25g
Ortho:     Magistrum  [WIP]
Mesh:      StephXPM or QxC4eva
UV:        StephXPM or QxC4eva
Texture:   spooktune
Rig:       Zephias
Animation: Zephias
Render:    QxC4eva
CAP 25f
Ortho:     Yilx       [DONE]
Mesh:      Nyasu      [WIP]
UV:        Nyasu
Texture:   Cretacerus
Rig:       Nyasu
Animation: Nyasu
Render:    QxC4eva
CAP 25w
Ortho:     pip        [DONE]
Mesh:      pip        [WIP]
UV:        pip
Texture:   Reiga
Rig:       Zephias
Animation: pip or Zephias
Render:    QxC4eva


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In case anyone was wondering how the modeling is going for our anniversary CAPs, 25f's model is complete!

Polycount: 4928
Absolutely Amazing! I figured it would be one of the more complicated ones (well to be honest all the 25 mons are complicated) so this is incredible.
In case anyone was wondering how the modeling is going for our anniversary CAPs, 25f's model is complete!

Polycount: 4928
That looks pretty cool. I'm looking forward to seeing the textures on our fire-lizard.

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You fellows have been working on these models much faster than I expected! Nyasu and pals, you've been doing an excellent job with the chameleon so far. Good luck getting everything done in a timely manner as well.


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Here's the finished version of StephXPM's model, sitting at 6082 polys / 13584 triangles

along with some other things
Credits to Clawed Nyasu!
Special thanks to Pipotchi for some of the UVs


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have some tasty textures for Caribolt made by your good pal spooktune

I want to give the modeling team a huge compliment for making such a beautiful elk and especially for translating the yellow highlights from the artwork into striped ridges on the back spikes. I wasn't sure how you were going to pull that off, but you did a phenomenal job and it looks fantastic!

I think Caribolt's nose should be a bit less reddish to match up with Magistrum's artwork (and the orange color on the Irish flag). I think in-game its going to read as a red Rudolph nose. Anyway that's a nitpick, great job!
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