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some more support art for my cap. it shows how it can use its arms to attack physically and explains the changes in the lower legs i made. it also shows it in flight and how it stands on land.


Psycho Bug update!

A couple of people told me that our first draft was oddly asymmetrical, looking a bit like it had two right limbs but only one or no left limbs. Some people were also worried that it didn't scream "Bug!" enough. This update attempts to address both concerns, the first more directly and the second incidentally by bringing more limbs to the forefront. We're still looking at adding small antennae, but I'm having trouble finding a pair that I don't think distracts from the designs current elegant simplicity.

Also, we now have some supporting artwork for Weak Armor! This is a link:

As I explained before, the idea is that Psycho Bug goes through periods of sanity and insanity. During its periods of sanity, it wraps itself up in an adhesive silk, forming a cocoon that looks like a straightjacket to protect itself from other and others from itself. Some Psycho Bugs, however, those with Weak Armor, don't do a great job of wrapping themselves up. Attacks against these Psycho Bugs loosen the restraints of the cocoon, damaging both Psycho Bug's defense against others and others' defense against Psycho Bug.

I do not believe that No Guard requires any visual indications. As far as I'm concerned, Psycho Bug's insane movements are justification enough. I'm currently in communication with the artist to work out some possible supporting artwork for Illusion.

EDIT: Where are my manner!? I've given so many people feedback on #cap that I've forgotten not everybody goes there. Unfortunately, there are way too many entries to comment on all of them, but I will definitely comment on all of the ones that I like:
aragornbird - Yours is definitely my favorite of the Egyptian-themed designs because of its relative simplicity. I also definitely prefer the newer version to the older one (which looks like a cute prevo, by the way!). My major complaint about it is that I don't think it tackles the Psychic typing as obviously as I'd like, but there are very few entries at all that do.
Birkal - As I've mentioned before, I'm not really into the whole magic angle, but I actually really love your Magic 8 Ball Beetle. Despite being called "magic", I see it as more of a general fortune-telling device. The design is very cute and very creative. The only problem is that it needs some explanation behind how it'll pull off Illusion, and I'm skeptical that it can be done in a way that doesn't seem like a stretch.
Calad - I LOVE LOVE LOVE your latest design with the cute little dowsing rod antennae. It even still looks a bit extraterrestrial like your second design, and I just generally like alien Pokemon. Definitely go with this design. My only criticism wold be to make the wings look a bit more functional, but only if it doesn't get in the way of the adorableness.
Cartoons! - I'm actually really mad at myself for not commenting on this before, because it's a fantastic design with a fantastic story. I don't really have any criticisms at all other than that it could use some explanation behind Illusion, which could be a problem considering that it already has some great story that I wouldn't want to see compromised.
Chomz - Simple design, fits perfectly. I guess I don't have any real problem with it other than that it doesn't seem to stand out. It's a psychic bug, and that's about it. Maybe give it a bit of a story? Alternatively, I'm really surprised that I haven't seen any blindfolds in any of the submitted art. It doesn't seem like a stretch at all for that bandanna it has to become one, and I think that could give it a bit of an edge.
Doran Dragon - I like this one, along with a bunch of the others that I'm commenting on, because I'd still be able to tell that it's psychic even if it's coloration were completely different. It sticks to stereotypical psychic colors without using that as an excuse to stop, which I appreciate. It's also hard to argue with those great incense-antennae.
DougJustDoug - I've already given you all of the feedback that you probably need over IRC. I'm just commenting here to reiterate that I think it's a great design with a great inspiration. It's a very clever concept, and I hope that it does well. As is the case with some of the other designs that were started before Illusion, though, it seems like it might be difficult to justify without distracting from the rest of the back-story?
DugoutCanoe - I like the idea of the abdomen looking like a chair, and I think that this design could go far, but one thing that's really bugging me (no pun intended) is the stance of the legs. I get that they're supposed to look like chair legs, but the stance looks a bit awkwardly wide. It might help maybe to go with a full four legs?
JojoX3 - I feel like this is getting overlooked, which is a shame, because I think it's very original. Please keep developing this. I especially would like to see something a bit less basic done with the central body, but only if it doesn't distract too much from the mirror wings. Maybe make them a bit less transparent? That way the final submission pose could just cover the body and leave it mysterious?
Kadew - I think that this design is really cute, and what I'd LOVE to see would be gender differences. My general stance on gender differences is "Don't" because they're usually so poorly done. Basically, I think they're "go big or go home", and this is definitely an opportunity to go big. Plus, if this wins, then I won't have to raise hell when people suggest it be female-only.
Mos_Quitoxe - I've told you all that you need to know about my opinions on IRC, but I'm just going to comment to reiterate that I think the idea is brilliantly creative and a fantastic way to showcase all of the selected abilities without resorting to the mystical. It's not "pretty" or "neat", but it's not supposed to be, and I can appreciate that. Only problem? I don't see much if any of the psychic typing visually. With a design concept this uniquely creative, it's hard to have to say that, but I do want from this CAP a design that looks more obviously psychic than what GameFreak comes up with.
Quanyails - Still looking great. I'm not entirely sure even how to comment on it beyond that other than to say I liked the older version better without the "warts", but I like what you've done with the wings on the newer one. The supporting artwork looks great, by the way! I'd love to see more of it.
Rocket Grunt - I feel a bit of kinship with this one because we both went with something more dark. The big issue that this one runs into is the whole Illusion thing and how to fit that in there, which is a shame because the design is otherwise gorgeous, morbid as it is. I'm not sure how I feel about the giant mouth on the caterpillar's torso, but I'd love to see the concept in general experimented with.
Teravolt - I really like this design, and I'm afraid that it looks like a lot of people have forgotten about it. I think that the turban turning into huge antenna-arms is very cool. The crystal ball tail could maybe use some work not to seem quite as tacked on, but that might just be me.
ToxicPhox - So what's going on with this design? It's the only one of the "hive mind" "ant queen" concepts that I like, but we haven't seen any more since the initial post? Is this still happening? Because I think it has potential.
Yilx - Last but not least, I've already told you over IRC what I think. I liked the Violet Moth a lot more than I like the scorpion. I think it was better at getting across the Psychic typing visually, and I also think that it did a much better job of representing Illusion and No Guard. The Scorpion is a bit better at representing Weak Armor, but all insects have exoskeletons, so I wouldn't worry about that.
You have no idea how much I absolutely love the psychobug. Like, really, it's a wonderful concept. I just wanna hug it and make it mine. It's like a grim-dark version of butterfree. Send my regards to the artist.
If I may throw my two cents in...

Teravolt: Your design is defiantly way up the list. As has been said before, your design contains enough adorableness to be endearing, but still looks cool enough to be considered a design worthy of an OU Pokemon. Conveys both typings really well, and a creative concept in general. Kudos to you.

Another creative idea, my only issue is that a scarab beetle brings to mind bug/ghost before it does bug/psychic. Maybe tack on some legs to look as though it isn't constantly floating to help? Other then that I love what you did with it.

CyzirVisheen: Wormhole :D I've always been a sucker for puns, which may be why I'm so in love with your design. I would love to see it fully fleshed out and in color.

Yilx: While it's very obvious that you're an EXTREMELY talented artist, your scorpion design looks too much like a bug-shaped mech with a bit of psychic thrown on, and the other one reminds me to much of a bug-typed version of Gardevoir. Both of your designs remind me of Digimon too much for my liking, but I just wanted to say how phenomenal your art is.

KoA: Easily my favorite design so far. Original idea, excellent artwork, conveys both typing's pretty well. My only issue was with the awkward-looking abdomen of your earlier drafts, but you seemed to fix that, so good on you! ^_^

DougJustDoug: Bookworm! More puns! Cool idea but maybe you can rework the tail so it looks like the tail is part of the quill and not just holding it?

Mos-Quitoxe: Great concept, original idea, showcases both typings and the abilities really well, not to mention badass-looking...but I can't look past the fact that this Pokemon is covered with the dead pieces of OTHER Pokemon. Corpse collecting seems a bit dark for a Pokemon, even a CAP one, though with thinks like Yamask out there this is probably a moot point.

BlueConcept: Remember what I said about "endearing yet awesome?" This spider fits that to a T. My hat (or should I say glove) goes off to you, good sir. Great design, great idea.

Asylum Rhapsody: I really enjoyed how you incorporated the mind into the psychic type and not just magic. The inkblot wings are fantastic. The only issue I have is the head, which seems a little...plain looking. Maybe experiment with antennae?

Good luck to all of you :)


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Hey all, I've been trying to streamline my design and make it more badass as well as respond to some critique. Came up with this mock-up, let me know what you think! The original (which has some details/better colouring which would also transfer to this new body shape) is here



The very best...
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Final Submission

This design is based off of a Seraphim, a higher angel whom harnesses six wings. Two for covering its head, two for covering its body, and 2 for flight (This mimics the insect's dormant pose.) The insect has 3 pairs of floating armored wings which it freely controls with its psychic powers.

The armor acts as protection when at rest and attacking, as the body inside is very vulnerable. However, by manipulating the pieces, they can be used for brute force as well. It occasionally takes very risky plunges from high altitudes to spear enemy pokemon, although precision is required as it is left in a vulnerable state should it miss. Even though this attack is called "Megahorn", it's been likened to a sort of "Divine Judgement from the Heavens", as the attack comes from so high and so unexpected.

Supporting Art

Springing to life from its dormant state:

Using Megahorn: (Aka Divine Judgement of the Heavens)

In conclusion: I really enjoyed this CaP. I enjoyed this design and feel it adds a lot to the table and is flexible enough to work on both offenses. The floating armor acts as both a means of defense and attack.

Best of luck to the others!


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Gentlemen, the time has come. From now until 48 hours hence, you must prepare your Final Submission (to all the specifications in the OP!), for the judgement of the unforgiving CAP community.

There have been no fewer than 70 (!) entries this time, but there can be only one winner. So... get those submissions tidied up and post them. Remember, you only have to post your artwork (remember size limits, clear lines and white background!) with "Final Submission" at the top. If you want, you can also add supporting material. But what matters most is that all-important main design - remember that I will be slating every legal entry. So get them in quickly.

Good luck to you all.


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Final Submission time!

Supplementary artwork:
Alert! The enemy has taken our intelligence!
Weak Armor + Hair + Tornadus
Illusion and Delibird torment

  • CBMeadow: Ah, you can't please everyone, which is the main dilemma you and I have. Go with what you prefer. :)
  • D4rk3r: Neat colors; purple or blue work either way, and that fur is quite luscious. Looks fine as an entry that can go with the defined attributes so far.
  • Calad: Heeey, I had dowsing-fork antennae. D: Ah, either way, I think this design looks quite young and not too much like a final evolution. x.x One of the clairvoyants, I figure, will net you a good response.
  • Mos-Quitoxe: You know, I was thinking if the unarmored bug will be a better idea than this one. ._. I grow wary of using other pokemon in such a fashion for such a design.
  • XDaylon: Hmm, well, like Aragornbird's design, it's quite floaty and flying-type like. Don't let that get you down, though! The supplementary art proves otherwise!
  • Kadew: Heh, interesting Illusion supplement, but it does look a bit forced (okay, I can say hypocrisy as well). On the other hand, the Weak Armor one has hilarious use of expressions!
  • Cretacerus: Ohmygoodness that is adorable. :D I just don't think it's what this CAP is looking for, though. Your design's won my heart, but not my mind.
  • DougJustDoug: I don't suppose the feather could be incorporated into the design a little more? o.o I'm not sold on it.
  • Yilx: Fancy. Might be tricky for spriters, but I do like how solid the design is, especially with the stat build and abilities.
  • Salamachine: Ah, you don't have to make it look feminine. In fact, I think that'd harm you because of another feminine CAP. I liked the previous one, but there's still that issue of making it buggy. :/
  • JesusJudd: Make sure not to call your design by anything else in the submission, as that'd poll-jump. I can see the Bug typing in that, but I see Steel more than Psychic as the other typing.
  • Lord Jesseus: Hmm... well, if you could incorporate aspects of the design better, I'd give you more of a positive opinion. Technology usually goes to Electric or Steel as a typing.... Sorry.
  • noobiess: Ah, make the geek quick, as time's coming to an end! :) Your current design is simple but it works.
  • Steampowered: I suppose--of course, Psychic is a hard type to portray. I still see Fighting rather than Psychic, though; what else could Metagross be if not Psychic as its other typing? :/
  • amelt: Ah, your name... Anywhoo, other than that, I think you'd need to add a little depth and/or shading for it to be artistically sound. I expect your newly-drawn results with anticipation!
  • Doran Dragon: I have to comment on yay, shaded outlines! But dah, that leg hasn't changed! Ah, well, at least the design works nicely and I can see all three abilities, especially with the pose you've given it.
  • Flummoxen: Oh, neat, another mosquito. Okay design, but too floaty for me. Nothing too spectacular compared to other designs. :/
  • Asylum_Rhapsody: One of the unique designs I like; the origin behind the design makes quite a bit of sense; it doesn't rely on text to imply its intention! Nice incorporation of all of the parts; I give your artist my complements.
  • Zee-V70: A bit too contrived with those markings, in my opinion. :/
  • paintseagull: I think I know why I'm not wholly brought in by the design; I think a third color will make it pop out rather than have it so similar. Bring those shiny wings back. :P
  • KoA: Daaah, those antennae are still lopsided. I'm still peeved at that even if everything else is okay. XD
Final Submission

I based the design off the idea of a spider inhabiting a magician's old, used glove. Imagine this thing being roughly the size of one's hand and flying through the air/walking on the ground/hanging from trees or its web as if it were an extension of an invisible magician's arm.

Supplemental Artwork:
Spider using Psyshock, Zen Headbutt

Thanks for the compliments earlier in the thread.
Still VERY much a WIP, extremely subject to change.

Basing my idea off a Queen ant that psychichly dominates weaker pokemon/mindes/(it's Pre-vo). Hivemind sort of thing. Feedback/suggestions are highly appreciated!!!
Completely awesome, I thought it could use some more advertising. Also... is this still a WIP?

And good job on all these amazing artworks, everyone !


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I've been busy with other things, so I haven't been able to work that much on mine. But I'll definitely turn in something before midnight tomorrow
As for me, these following are my tops for the design of this CAP. I also say, that since the CAP has such a massive BST, we should probably look towards the direction of a Pokemon that has the awe-inspiring/legendary look that most Psuedo legendaries seem to carry, and not towards things that are reminisant of the clever-but-not-so-strong- Kricketune.

Aragornbird: Easily one of my favorite, as I think it captures that look of the massive power of CAP possesses as well as its Psychic and Bug aspects. And the Egyptian style screams "ancient and mysterious power" too me

CBMeadow: This design, too, captures the aspects of power, bug, and psychic very well. But in a slightly different way. Instead of going down the normal fully evolved-winged Bug route, it stays within the realms of caterpillars and to some extent centipedes. I think based on the design it could very well be a contender

KoA: Obviously a top contender, it captures nearly all aspects of our CAP perfectly. My only big issue is that to me, it looks more Ghostly than Psychic, but that is just my opinion. Maybe a different color scheme that involves a little more purple and less grey? Still, it is an amazing design

nov: I feel this is a great design, right up there with KoA's design. It is different that it didnt focus on simply worldly definitions of magic or that of witch craft and wizardry, but instead took a more ancient religion idea and focused on the power of the cosmos. I feel this one of the best designs to embody what we want for our CAP. Its only problem is that I can't see how it can portray Weak Armor as effectively as something like KoA or Aragornbird, but overall and amazing design that should be seriously considered.

Yilx: More specifically, the top design of the two submitted. That one to me has most of the aspects we look for in this CAP. Again, I cant see how it can capture Weak Armor, but it effectively captures aspect like Illusion and large amounts of legendary power that it makes up for this one defect.
Final Submission

Supporting material:

The idea is based off of a Shaman that unceasingly prays to the cosmos. They are born with a natural affinity for the night and the stars. It uses its mysterious wings to attack, defend, and amplify its psychic power. Should it need to use its hands, it will only use two at most at any given time, even if it means getting seriously injured, as it cannot stop praying to the sky or its link to the cosmos will be severed forever and its wings will go transparent. (sort of like Charizard's flame). This is all just a bit of backstory, but its obviously up for change.



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Final Submission

Final Submission

Variants with Illusion have very tough shield-weaves that they use to project a false image and hide themselves from view.

Those with Weak Armor have brittle shields that can shatter easily, revealling sharp claws that aid heavily in forward movement.

Finally, those with No Guard will extensively use the "Obelisk" on their tail for pinpoint accuracy, foregoing their shields for actual claws. However, this also makes them very easy targets due to how easy they are to hit while aiming with their "laser scope".

Megahorn on Celebi

I didn't have much time to work on this one, sorry. Shout out to everyone who offered their help and comments on my design!
Yilx: Your concept and design is incredible - the one critique I have is that the lighting of your image makes your CAPmon look very metallic. Specifically the highlights give the impression of a highly shiny, reflective surface. Obviously this is only a nitpick, but I do get more of a Bug/Steel vibe looking at your CAPmon.
Final Submission:

I'm happy enough with this version--while I don't think it'll win, it was fun to work on! Pretty much all of the final designs look great, and I'm excited to see how it'll work out.

I also fixed the outlines so it's not so blurry. It'll work fine on any background now! You can check that out against a darker background here:

I have no idea how this thing uses Weak Armor... :\
Final Submission

I wish I could have been more invested in this CAP but sadly I have been super busy. Not entirely happy with it but I figured I'd just throw my idea out there. You can use your imagination to fill in the supporting artwork! :D
!Note to all artists making submissions!

Please make sure your artwork is legal. If you're not sure about something err on the side of caution. Check the rules in the OP next to your main submission and take everything there literally.

Common mistakes:

Making your background transparent, or adding any colour. Make sure it's pure white.

Making your outline bold and clear. If you do not what counts as bold and clear make it black. The lighter the outline the higher risk you have of being taken out the slate.

Check your dimentions. Read the rules in the op.

Also, some call outs here

SoIheardyoulikeSENTRET: Fixed.

Orivexes: Your outlines are blurry and in a very grey area for the outline rule. Edit: now it has a transparent background. It must be white.

nov: You appear to use a photo of space in your cape. "3D media and photos are not allowed."

These are the only final subs I see with problems.
I don't understand, could you explain where the blue is? Is it the whole background that is slightly off white in the blue direction? I reuploaded and editted my submission after using the paintbucket tool to fill the background with white, but I can't tell the difference. I'm sorry I don't understand where the blue is. I would really like to fix it so that I don't get disqualified.


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I've added an extension to the deadline for sake of some artists who are struggling to meet the current one due to IRL issues and other such things. You now have 48 hours from the time of this post to finalise and post your Final Submissions. Hopefully this will give people enough time to get their submissions to the appropriate stage without rushing, or at least make people feel less pressured.

Please don't interpret this as an excuse to only post your Final Submission right before the deadline. Remember that you can always edit your Final Submission once it has been made.


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I don't understand, could you explain where the blue is? Is it the whole background that is slightly off white in the blue direction? I reuploaded and editted my submission after using the paintbucket tool to fill the background with white, but I can't tell the difference. I'm sorry I don't understand where the blue is. I would really like to fix it so that I don't get disqualified.
There was a smudge of blue in the background, but you seem to have fixed it now. If you couldn't tell, it looked like this (I just surrounded the blue with a red outline). Looks great; love the design =)

So as not to make this post pointless, I thought I'd give you an update. I've chosen to work on my hatbug design! I will miss the pool beetle, but I think this is for the best. Here's a quick sketch I've been toying with this afternoon:

Obviously still needs a lot of work, but I've been tinkering with the proportions and color scheme. I did the "paintseagull" thing and made a color scheme myself, so I hope you all enjoy that, haha. I appreciate any feedback that you guys have!
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