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Wow i thought i didn't realise everyone was gonna use the word 'avian'

Anyway here's my submission: Avyiron

A mixture of Avian and Iron.

Wasn't sure how to spell this but i wanted it to be pronounced Ay-Vee-Eye-On. Possibly Aviron would be better. I wasn't sure.


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WIP: Ironclave
Pronunciation: iron + klave (rhymes with "rave")
IPA: /aɪərnkleɪv/

From ironclad (a kind of heavily-armoured warship which is similar to a frigate) + Aves (the biological class birds are in). The real singular of aves in Latin is actually "avis", but I went with "ave" for the ending instead because it sounded better.


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V4Victini / Deck Knight / Oglemi

Frigideer/Frigadier/Frigateer is my favorite name in the thread so far. I definitely agree with DK that Frigadier is huge improvement over V4's spelling. But I think Frigateer is probably the best name of all three. I list it with the other two, because I kinda think this should be one name submission. Maybe not, but you three + CAP mods probably need to sort this one out.

Magistrum's Cawmodore is wonderfully creative and I absolutely love it spoken, but seeing it written looks awkwardly off-putting. Still a fave of mine though!
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Captain + Tern (a kind if seabird)
Pronounced CAP-tern


Hull (the outer body/belly of a ship) + albatross
Pronounced Hull-BA-tross

Kinda partial to the second one myself...

Base Speed

What a load of BS!
Since my initial idea of Ancaw has already been taken (twice)


Lead + Admiral

It's supposed to be clever because "Lead" can be both the metal (being dense, I'm guessing at some point in history people have made anchors out of it) or a reference to it leading people with it's high military rank.

What do you guys think?


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My problem with Leadmiral is that my initial instinct is to pronounce it as "Leedmiral" and I didn't even think of lead-the-metal until seeing the description.

Names I do like include Cawmodore and Frigateer (which is the best spelling for sure on account of not looking like "Frigidaire").

Etymology: Frigate + Goon

I am genuinely surprised this hasn't been submitted already, because it fits in lots of ways. First and foremost, obviously this is a frigatebird and it looks it, so carrying that into the name is good. Secondly, the word goon indicates a type of attitude, an attitude of take no prisoners and punch and fight your way through sticky situations. Sometimes goons are hired thugs, sometimes they are lackeys, but they're all scrappers and tough as nails. I think that suits the attitude in the art and the type of CAP being made at large. Lastly, a goon bird is short for a gooney bird, which is an albatross, which carries many similarities to a frigatebird. The combination of the two words together really fits the CAP, and plus, it's a simple name, so I like it a lot (and doesn't have and major crazy spelling issues).

Either way, cheers.. And it's nice to be posting in CAP again.


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IMO Frigadier > Frigateer > Frigideer

And as such, I'm loving Frigadier and Cawmodore.


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Anyway, I'd like to suggest Boombern.

The "boom" comes from the concept of Belly Drum, mostly, but also applies to the Navy inspirations in the art if you take "boom" from an explosion.
"bern" is a cross between "bird" and "stern," which is the back of a boat. It can also be taken from tern (a bird) but terns are pussies.

sea + brawl

Rhymes with seagull.
"Sea" for the nautical theme.
"Brawl" since he/she is looking for a fight.


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Respelling of Corsair, a nautical privateer and also the name of a famous fighter plane which is, of course, Flying/Steel!

also considering

Commandair (Commander + Air)

But I like Korsair a lot better because it is simple and easy to figure out, which I like in pokemon names.
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(Gular pouch and Galapagos)

Galapagos is where our frigatebird friends are commonly found, gular pouch is their throat pouches as well as linking to Belly Drum.

(Drumming and Bird)

<srk1214> (but seriously someone should submit Druminbird)
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So far, I'm really liking Quanyails 's Captavian, Magistrum 's Cawmodore, and DougJustDoug 's Korsair. I like Frigadier, but here's my problem with it: it's only one letter different than Frogadier (émon)). I don't like being that close to another pokemon. I just don't think that name would work. So with that, I have another idea for a name:


Brig + Brigand + Brigadier + Avian

I really like this name, and think it fits the concept well; at first I was going with brigand and avian and I just figured brig and brigadier count too lol. I also still like Anchair; i think it fits well.
The two ideas I was rolling around in my head were something having to do with the gular pouches or a play on the word brigand or some variation of it. I should have known I would be beaten to both of those.
My favorites so far are Corsavian, Cawmodore, and Frigadier.

From Fregatidae, the family to which the Frigate bird belongs and the term "Anchors aweigh" used by sailors

Pronunciation: FREG-uh-way

IPA: frɛgəweɪ
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Not a fan of the "Frig" names, as pronouncing that is ugly to me. I like the "Caw" names, however. Lots can be done with that. Here's my more serious name suggestion that I like for its simplicity and brute-sounding pronunciation.


Caw + Anchor

Pronounced as the word "conquer," as this bird is the conqueror of the high seas.
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