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Okay, I'm going to have some fun with this step.


Pronunciation: SEFF-ih-rawk.

Seraph+Roc. Seraph referring to angels, as this Pokemon soars with the angels in the high skies, and Roc refers to the legendary bird from Arabic mythology. You can guess the double entendre here, hehe.

I'll add in a couple more as they come to mind.
Okay, I got one:


Pronunciation: ga-RAY-duh

The name comes from Garuda, a large bird from Hindu and Buddhist mythology, and Raid/Raider, because 1. Frigate birds steal food from other, smaller seabirds, and 2. Because another name for frigate bird is pirate bird, and pirate were raiders.
Jeez I've spent way too much time thinkung abiut this. Currently I have two ideas:

Admiralloy (Ad-mur-AHL-oy)
Admiral + Alloy. Admiral is the highest naval rank and an alloy is a refined combination of metals.

Aermiral (AIR-mur-ul)
Admiral + Aero. Pretty straightforward.

I like both of these names, but I think Aermiral sounds smoother.


Pronounced CRAAD-mih-ruhl
crow + admiral

Pronounced al-SAHY-urn
From Alcyoneus (a figure from a Greek myth explaining why crows came to be black) and stern

Pronounced PARE-a-dur or pare-RAID-ur, I can't decide which sounds better
percussion + raider. The -dor ending invokes condor, and also it looks better.

Alcyern is my favorite... I was going to list others in the thread that I liked, but there are too many. :pirate:
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WIP (2)


Drum + Dramatic

Pronounced: "DRUM-at-tic"

So named because of the effect CAP6 will have on battle. Worked in #cap with some members to finalize.
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Well, here goes something:
Corsaerial or Corsairial

Like Quanyails' Corsavian, it comes from Corsair, another term for a privateer, and avian. The spelling will depend on whether we want to stress the naval theme or the avian theme, its up to the community. If this gets cut out, I guess i know which name i'm voting for instead!


Frega from the scientific name for frigatebird, Fregata

Alloy from online thesaurus a mix of metals, symbolizing dat steel type.

Pronounced: FREG-uh-loy
IPA (why does this exist): frɛgəlɔɪ


Lacepede from Bernard Germain de Lacépède, who gave the frigate bird its scientific name

Ore from ore, symbolizing Frigatebird's Steel typing.

Bonus: first syllable of lacerate, which is a very threatening word, and threatening words are good for things meant to destroy the opponent's team.

Pronounced: LASS-uh-pee-dore (like the word door)
IPA: ugh no later
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Anchor (like on its beak, and can be considered the "anchor" of the team) and edge.
Feel free to change the spelling if you want.

EDIT: Achoridge looks a LOT better, thanks paintseagull!
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Gonna post a WIP here:


Etymology: Navy (Derives from the Pokémon's naval theme) + Frigate (This Pokémon is a Frigate Bird)

Pronunciation: "nay-vee-gat"
IPA: I will learn how to do this soon...

I basically wanted to combine the species of the name with its theme. It just so happens that it also looks like a misspelling of Navigate as well, which also ties into the naval theme a bit as well.
Here are my three WIP's... Any feedback would be appreciated, especially on the D in Drum/Rumbuckler.

Ballastian - Combines Ballast with Avian. Ballast means any heavy material carried on a ship to provide balance. I figure the bird's steel parts could be considered ballast on the "ship" (his body).
Fowlor - Fowl combined with Sailor, it's pretty straightforward.
Rumbuckler - This one started as Drumbuckler as a nod to Belly Drum, but it sounded smoother without the D, so it is a subtle nod to Belly Drum and the pirate's drink of choice: rum. That combined with swashbuckler gets you Rumbuckler!

I like the name Frigadier, but I think it should be noted that Frogadier is soon to be released in XY, which for me makes it a little late to use the name.
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Phonetically identical to Conrad, with the 'Caw' pun everyone seems so fond of.

Reference to Joseph Conrad, who authored Heart of Darkness. Good sailor name


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Admiral o' Avian

lets make this the first CAP to have an apostrophe
with 16 characters...

throwing support behind Navygate, Captavian, Cawmodore, Ancaw, Frigateer, Captern and Commandair

Frigate Birds are actually related to Pelicans and are sometimes called Frigate Pelican so I'm thinking something like Nautican or Pelicanaut.
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pronounced: "Gull-oh-wore"
IPA: gʌlɒwɔ:r

Man-o-War birds, thought a hyphenated name would stand out (similar format to Will-O-Wisp). Gul from Gulls and the Gular sac on its chest. Considering Gull-O-War, Gulowar, Gullowar, which seems best?

Navita (Latin for sailor) + Talon

I love to put things from other languages into my names (mostly greek since I can read it and latin for the same reason) and I looked at navita and thought of anything that would flow from it and thought of talon.

Pronounced: nu-VEE-ta-lin
lol I just realised navi could refer to navy but I will stick with the latin
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Admiral + mistral(a regional wind in France)
Trying to keep with the sea-bird theme, while still making it sound somewhat military-ish.
I got another one:


Pronunciation: baw-KUH-neer

Name comes from Bawk, which could be roughly classified as onomatopoeia for a noise a bird makes, and Buccaneer.
Okay, well I'm going to make this my "official" post for my nicknames, after coming up with a third one...


IPA: BrIgeIvi:In

I think this one is my favorite, and that's why I listed it first. It is a combination of brigand, brig, brigadier, avian, and even frigate a little, I guess. If I had to pick one to finalize, right now, i would choose this one. I really like it (:.

IPA: ænkʰeɚr

I don't love this one, but I don't hate it. It is a combination of anchor and air.


IPA: Bʌkʰɑniɚr

This is my new one. It is a combination of buccaneer and caw. I'm thinking about switching the spelling to add a K right after the C, or adding a second C.

What do you guys think? Which is your favorite? What should I change?
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IPA: Pikɒl

His peaking hat is a feature that i haven't seen anyone else mention, and so i mixed this with the word brawl. Unintended side effects of this where the word "Caw", and the similarities to Peacock. But both birds have bright plumage for finding mates, so i didn't think of it as a deal breaker.
I have two WIP names right now:

Gustern : Gust + Stern (nautical term for a location on a ship). Also invokes Tern (a type of sea bird)

Fregale : Frigate (genus fregata, also Frigate is spelled fregat/fregata/fregate in other languages) + Gale (a term for a category of strong winds, often used in marine forecasts). Also invokes Regale, as a boastful sailor would do after a wild adventure at sea

With my names I wanted to make people think of a hardy sailor out to sea, with nautical words and weather words.



toxicroaker Navitalon doesn't really flow, sounds awkward

Karxrida Maybe Achoridge, with ridge instead of edge? I'm not sure I'm sold on it this way either but it looks better I think

Its_A_Random If it's pronounced Navygat it should be spelled as such (This applies to other people with -gate at the end of their names!). Maybe even a corruption of that spelling to make it look nicer?

Harle hah.. I like both Ballastian and Rumbuckler... maybe referencing Rum is inappropriate though... the other's probably safer.

Aurist Gulowar is by far the best spelling and one of my favourite names in the thread :)

MrGiggleBiscuits Armiral sounds good!

@BaseSpeed if it's pronounced "led" it should be spelled as such. try reworking the spelling

DougJustDoug Korsair is pretty cool :)
Okay, why did my first WIP disappear? Here we go again, my ideas:


Frigatross: frigate + albatross (FRIG-a-tross)

Nauticaw: nautical + caw (NAW-ti-caw)

Anchrow: anchor + crow (ANK-row)
WIP 2:
Avian + Frigate

I kind of like this idea more, my only problem is it looks weird and sounds better said than read. Wondering if I should change this to Avigat (a-vee-gat) or something similar
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