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IPA: 'frɪgeɪs

This combines Frigate, the warship for which the irl bird is named, and ace, a top military aviator. This one has more of an Air Force than a Navy feel, and it doesn't stay true to the actual pronunciation of Frigate (ˈfrigit), but it rolls off the tongue nicely and incorporates CAP6's mastery of the skies, while still including its naval roots.
v Old Idea. Not using. v
Navita (Latin for sailor) + Talon
Old idea. Not using. ^


Talon + Navy
My last critique was that it did not flow. So I went with a similar-yet different name. This name uses navy instead of navita since it will flow better, more viewers would understand it, and it sounds very similar to my original. I still wanted to keep the talon part as it just seems to fit it.

@ paintseagull I don't think gust, gale, or any wind really seems to fit it since it is physical and wind seems to imply something special. But I think that the names sound great when they are said and that they seem like awesome ideas
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Aquila + Quill + Lord [for an intimidating name]
@ Aquila and Quill to represent its bird form and Lord to symbolize its high ranking captain design, steel typing and ability of Intimidate. And I think it suits the Design really nicely.

Magnificent Frigatebird [Specie] + Albatross[Cross specie]
@ both names derived from known Sea Birds and the mix of their names sounds intimidating and strong; that represents the Capmons nature and persona.

A mix of captain,tern,and the kaw noise from a bird, it kinda sounds like the ermagherd girl pronouncing captain
EDIT: sparky young i see yours, this isn't meant to copy it
brass + cassowary

warble + alloy

lead + admiral

Just a note on Frigadier, the second evo for the new water poke is named Frogadier. Far too similar imo.
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I was granted permission to resubmit my name,


Corsair + Key. Alternatively, the Japanese word for airplane, hikouki.

Lemme give a story on this because some people might not buy the name.

Although I didn't participate in this CAP, for some reason, the term Corsair came into by head. Perhaps it's because of the -air behind it, and the somewhat piratelike appearance of this bird. So I thought I could make a name out of that.

The first thing I wanted to do is keep the name simple. In the past CAPs I've always erred on the simpler side of things (except for movepool, rofl. IM SORRY DOUG FOR THE KRILOWATT MOVEPOOL) and this is no exception. I came up with a couple of names to go along with that, such as Corsavia and Corsecret, but I decided that they're both trash.

Maybe I'm the only person in this world that sees a key on this CAPMon's beak. I thought a key was pretty clever since it was intended to use otherwise unknown moves. I threw in -key in Corsair and it became Corskey. The name sounded familiar, and then I remembered Admiral Korski. I thought this was a funny coincidence, so I held on to the name.

I was playing one game of LoL as a champion named Corki last night and fed horribly. However, this got me thinking - perhaps Corkey would be a great name for it. Perhaps this does sound like a ripoff, but Corkey was mostly my own thought with a little bit of the actual Corki in it. It was also convenient that the Japanese word for airplane is hikouki. While this CAPmon is not an airplane by any means, the steel/flying typing and its association with electricity (volt absorb), gave me a somewhat mechanical image of the creature.

After flipping back and forth between Corskey and Corkey, I decided on the latter after imagining this Pokemon use a corkscrew attack.
Thx for the support on Gulowar! More opinions from people? Gul-O-War vs Gulowar vs Gullowar vs Gull-O-War

well ffs. apparently i submitted too early. someone steal my name or something.
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This is the one I'm going with, just waiting for Final Submissions to open.


A combination of "Frigate" as in frigate bird, and "albatross", a bird of prey.

Pronounced: "FRIG-a-tross"
IPA: frɪgʌtrɔːss


mindless philosopher
Minor nitpick: strictly speaking, the albatross isn't a bird of prey.

So far, the names that really stand out to me are Corsavian, Frigateer, Cawmodore, Cawnchor, and Frigale. I question why there are so many names derived from those of birds other than the frigate bird (an albatross I could sort of get, but crows, eagles, and cassowaries make no sense with this theme).
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Expressing my utmost approval of Corsavian, Cawmodore and Magnatross. Also Navygate's not bad.
While I appreciate the idea behind all those "gull" or "-gale" names, I feel that the "l" sound takes away the strength that Steelbird-mon should have.


i want it...


Hindenburg + Bird (in case that wasn't obvious)

Has to choose between Intimidate and Volt Absorb, also will probably learn gravity. Also this CAP's only weakness is fire


Bombardier + Bird (again...)
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This thread is now open for Final Submissions!

Final submissions posted earlier than this post are disqualified.

I'll close this thread at the end of the weekend. (Sunday eve or Monday morning eastern time)

This doesn't mean you can't still post wips and give commentary! I would like to see more discussion here.
Final Submission


IPA: BrIgeIvi:In

Brigavian is a combination of Brig, Brigand, Brigadier, and Avian. I personally really like it, and hope everyone else does too!


Who let marco in here????
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Final Submission


Pronunciation: Cor - key

Corsair (pirate) + key (beak looks like a key. Yes i know it's an anchor). Alternatively, the Japanese word for airplane, hikouki.
Final Submission


Corsair + Avian

Pronounced: "Core-SAY-vee-un"
IPA: kɔ́rseɪviən

It appears people prefer Corsavian more than Captavian, so I'll be submitting this one. If someone else really wants Captavian in the polls, he or she is free to take it for his or her final submission.

Sorry about the short comments: I've been preoccupied by sprites and studies.

  • Birkal: The addition of 'caw' to 'captain' makes the word transition unusually, though the name is visually pleasant. Pokemon names can by clunkier, so with that in mind, Cawptain works well.
  • Clankenator007: Not bad. I'd rather have the root words be more distinguished than blended with an alternation of sounds from one word and another. A frigate bird isn't a falcon, of course--even if pokemon names might skew the oriign of the design, I would prefer a name that better fits it.
  • Sonic The Hedgedawg: Aerdmiral would be my choice among the two, but I find the look of the name awkward. 'Ae' is an unusual conjunction of letters, and that can't be helped when you're using 'Aero' as a root word. Still, Aerdmiral is good! It gives a sense of the design's origins in both flavor and typing.
  • DarkSlay: I can see 'turret' as a navy word, even if I now associate it with the Portal series. The combination of 'albatross' and 'turret' work well in terms of syllable emphasis. I wish it wasn't similar in structure to Forretress, though.
  • jynx KB: I like Navian. :) Simple yet informative. Maybe too simple for some. Naviary reminds me of Braviary, of course.
  • V4Victini: Frigideer sounds like an Ice-type deer more than a Steel/Flying frigate bird. Converting the hard 'g' sound of 'frigate' to the soft 'g' in 'frigid' loses the etymology. It also reminds me of a certain refrigerator brand. :P
  • SecondStarmie: Peacocks and peafowls don't exactly fit a frigate bird, though. D: That's a detriment to having foreign birds in a name, even if it's unintentional. It's creative in the root words it uses, though the 'peafowl' I see doesn't work as well.
  • Todd: Keelhawk is definitely my favorite, even if the frigate bird isn't a hawk. The word just fits so well! :)
  • Midnight Show: Harbird has a nice sound to it! I like that one most. 'Rancor' in 'Ranchor' doesn't add to the name, I'd say, and just makes it repugnant to me. Bullydrum emphasizes Belly Drum a tad too much.
  • Leggo_My_Legos: I like Ferrigate, but both names aren't my top choice. :/ Ferrigate feels inanimate without a greater reference to the bird, and Tungstenaut is too long. Why tungsten as a choice of metal versus something like iron or steel?
  • Magistrum: Cawmodore. XD It gets a tickled thumbs up fro me. Aviarmada is all right, but Cawmodore is much more pleasant syllabicly.
  • Hollymon: Bucawneer has a nice ring to it. Anchaw looks like it has a soft 'ch' rather than both word's hard 'c'. 'Ancaw' loses 'anchor'. :/ Admairal isn't bad, either. Admiral, air, and perhaps a hint of mail are blended well without losing the root words.
  • Deck Knight: I don't see the use of 'spar' as a root word for the name. o3o Probably a vestige from Kadew's hoplite. A frigate bird doesn't seem like it spars as it does commands from a ship.
  • srk1214: I like the incorporation of 'doldrum' in your names. 'Goldrum' is my favorite of the three,, but that is partially because 'dole' and 'scold' don't have as much of a relation to the frigate bird.
  • topher4167: Brigavian is cool! The 'br' feels more pirate-y than my names, and the root words work very well. :) Anchair looks like 'an chair' to me when the syllables don't match. Didn't Hollymon also have Bucawneer as a name?
  • Sgt.Moose: Not bad. Not my first choice, though, since the blend works but isn't extraordinary.
  • Objection: I like the incorporation of the word 'brass' in the name. :D I think of a literal version of the term 'military brass'. :D The name looks a bit odd with those 'ss's doubling as the start of 'sail'/'sailor', but I could see 'assail' in the name and that may work!
  • B.Reinquist: I can't see 'frigate' in your name. :/ Gate, of course, is a separate word, and replacing 'fri' with 'fly' removes the 'frigate' origin. 'Fligate'?
  • Spork: Similar to Hollymon, 'Ancaw' loses 'anchor' in its etymology.
  • vyomov: Okay? It's rather generic compared to the design of the frigate bird. :/ Perhaps if we went with ferraferra's emperor penguin, it would make sense, but I would choose a name closer to frigate bird's design than one about a regal bird.
  • The Leprechaun: Not bad. Describes the bird well, implies the navy origins of it, and flows well as a name. :)
  • Fuzznip: Belair was one of the more clever silly name submissions. :P The name components do fit the frigate bird, but it's recognizable as something outside of CAP. As for Cawnchor: The sound of 'caw' doesn't work that well with 'anchor', but it does for 'conquer'! ...Only, navies don't really 'conquer' seas as they keep them at peace, right? Pirates, moreso. Slightly confusing, though nicely composed.
  • Homeslice: I thought of 'administrate' and 'admire' in your first name, which may or may not help the name. Not a bad name otherwise, but I'd rather have a word that's more related to birds instead of navies. Aviat looks like it'd be incorrectly pronounced. And of course, 'Aviate' would just be an actual word. Keep trying. :/
  • Nyktos: I was wondering if someone would use ironclad ships in name submissions. I like how they're metallic, yet naval, but not overly so. I like it. :D
  • Oglemi: It's been brought up that variations of "frigate" + "buccaneer" sound like Frogadier. :/ Decent name otherwise, but not with that in mind.
  • Sparky Young Upstart: I thought about using terns in names, and they're on the same level as other seabirds. I'm okay with the names, though if I had to choose, I'd personally pick one that as more directly associated with frigate birds.
  • Base Speed: I like the name! 'Ea' with its two pronunciations is clever when the pokemon fits both definitions. :)
  • Rising_Dusk: <3 I respect your etymology and description. 'Goon' makes me think of a Dark-type, even if the image you're trying to portray with the bird is that it's a scrappy fighter.
  • Arcticblast: I like your incorporations of thematic material without being overly overt in explaining Belly Drum. I could see 'bern' incorporating 'tern', though that's not necessary to the portmanteau. Boom has a sound to it that fits the swell bird. :P
  • wdistance: This sounds mor Arghonaut than frigate bird, if only because it, at first glance, looks generic. 'Seabrull' would make 'seagull' more apparent, but 'brawl' less so.
  • DougJustDoug: Going simple with both names. :D Interesting etymology for 'Korsair'. 'Commandair' feels like a name that blends words easily because one word is short and adds well to other words (e.g., 'fly' for CAP 4), which makes it a tad off-putting, but I have no criticism for it beyond that. I am slightly more fond of Korsair, though.
  • Eagle4: I thought Gularpagos was unusual at first, but I've been warming up to it. The syllables flow and the root words work. :)
  • Arkaious: If it was more of a crow, I'd like the name more. :/ It's with the other names that are decent but not my first choice because the bird isn't a frigate bird.
  • LimaPro643: There's something charming about how you mixed 'fregatidae' with 'aweigh' in your name. :D It has a nice rhythm and fits the bird very well! I like this one because of its neat-o composition and above comments.
  • P2X7: I think you're stretching the birds that fit CAP 6. :/ If it was an eagle or roc or even an albatross, 'garuda' would have more of a semblance of fitting. A frigate bird doesn't exactly invoke a large and mystic birrd, though. Bawkaneer is much better in regards to that.
  • Deoxymoron: I believe Aermiral is similar to other names submitted. I like that name compared to Admiralloy, though, since it's a portmanteau that presents both parts of the frigate bird: typing and design origin.
  • Torterragatr: A frigate bird is not a crow or condor, and I wouldn't, honestly, take these names over names that had closer etymology to the design's origins. :/
  • Deck Knight: Ah-hah. Cute, though probably not a name that CAP's looking for. Maybe for Zracknel's. XD
  • Aquaking: The difference between your name and mine is the part of speech the latter word of the portmanteau belongs to. 'aerial' is an adjective, and 'avian' is a noun. 'Avian' defines a character more than 'aerial', wouldn't you say? I'm not saying your name is bad (then I'd be criticizing Corsavian :U), but that is something to keep in mind when conjuring names.
  • ghana.7: Fragalloy is decent. I might suggest changing it to 'Fregulloy' for extra seabird-iness, but that would just be arbitrary. Lacepedore feels like one of those names that stretches to fancy Latin (even if its not) to convey an obscure trivium.
  • Karxrida: Anchorage?
  • Its_A_Random: It works. Wish that a lot of these names, including yours, has 'frigate' more obvious, since the syllables don't match when it's blended with other words.
  • Harle: Fowlor is cool, albeit short. :P Others are also neat, but I think I've gone through enough names so that they're only 'good' and not 'outstanding'.
  • Wolgfang: Why Conrad? The relation seems tenuous at best and I would use another 'caw' name before this one.
  • Torkoals: Sounds a bit like Birkal's Cawptain, doesn't it? The name works, though it's a bit more corrupted than Birkal's root words.
  • Aurist: Not bad. Only if CAP 6 was a gull would this fit better. :/ It's quite fitting for a navy bird, though!
  • MrGiggleBiscuits: Drummander is a very nice blend of the root words, though it's explicit in referencing Belly Drum. I'd choose that one if it weren't for that. Armiral is neat, however. Reminds me of 'Armird', Skarmory's Japanese name, that blends 'armored' and 'bird', except with words that fit a frigate bird more.
  • toxicroaker: Talon... okay. The name works, though I personally wish it were blended more.
  • Cretin: Reminds me of Homeslice's name, though with those root words alone, I could imagine a wind god or air force member (seeing 'administrate' instead of admiral).
  • andre3391: I see 'hostile' in that mix of letters. :P I don't think the mix works as well as Arghonaut's 'argh', though. I'd also personally lean toward the navy side of frigate bird than the pirate side.
  • paintseagull: Another good user of the blend of 'stern' and 'tern'. :) Both names are about even with my preferences; Fregale is more so because it doesn't incorrectly label the bird (but I'm relatively okay with seabirds in names, compared to other, non-seabirds).
  • Dr. Koga: 'chm' is a bit of a clunky mix of sounds in your name, I must say. :/ I'd take a name that blends the sounds better over this one.
  • The Steam Punk: Frigatross blends well, and it expresses a bird I see more in the design than Nauticaw or Anchrow. 'Frigate' has the frigate bird in there and 'albatross' for an additional seabird that does not exactly fit but does not harm the name, either.
  • Koorutheguru: ouob I like the root words, their blend, and their representation of the CAP.
  • Cheeno: Both Aquilord and Magnatross make me think of regal birds. May be okay for a high-ranking naval officer, though it's slightly tangent from my personal preferences.s
  • RODAN: D:
  • Lovebite: Base Speed had Leadmiral, too. o3o That is the name I like the best, even if it's been mentioned previously.
  • Jibaku: The main thing I'm not fond of in the name is 'key', since, well, the beak is an anchor, not a key. :/ I don't really mind the LoL reference, but it doesn't add much to the name.
  • Crux: Bombirdier. :P
  • Aurora: Good, but not outstanding name. Fits.
  • SubwayJ: 'Vole' makes me think of those little rodents more than a French verb. Maravian makes me think of more concepts closer to the CAP! Other than your root words, 'mara' reminds me of 'marine', which would fit well! I'd choose that one.
Final Submission


A combination of "Caw" + "Commodore"

Pronunciation: Com-mo-dore
IPA: ˈkäməˌdôr

Easy to the tongue, and disambiguation comes from both a common bird sound and a pretty high navy rank (basically a ship squadron commander). The pronunciation still stays the same as Commodore albeit a slight change in spelling using "Caw!", which I think is this name's main charm.
Final Submission


Lacepede from Bernard Germain de Lacépède, who gave the frigate bird its scientific name, Ore from ore, symbolizing Frigatebird's Steel typing.

Pronounciation: LASS-uh-pee-dore (like the word door)
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Final Submission


A combination of Gular Sac (The "belly" for our CAP) and Galapagos, the islands which the Frigatebird is commonly situated in.

Pronounced: "gull-AH-pa-goss"
IPA: gʌlɑɚpəgɒs
Final Submission:


Pronunciation: BAW-kuh-NEER

The name comes from Bawk, which could roughly be described as onomatoepia for the noise a bird makes, and Buccaneer, as this CAP's design has a notable focus on sailing/the Navy.
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