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Final Submission


Portmanteau of "brass" (the metal the buttons and maybe the beak appear to be made of) and "sailor" (the nautical profession embodied in the design), also with "assail" in there.

Pronunciation: brah-SAIL-er
Final Submission


Ballast (heavy material carried on a ship for balance) + Avian

Pronunciation: "buh-LASS-tee-an"

I think it's a name that is equal parts classy and baddassy... Badasstian, heh. The design looks tough, but elegant, so I went with a name that was both of those things. He could just as convincingly dine with nobility as he could rob them blind in a fit of rum-induced kleptomania.
Final Submission


A combination of "hull" (the main body of a ship or vessel including the deck, sides, and bottom) and "albatross" (a very large oceanic bird).

Pronounced: hull-BA-tross
Final Submission


Combination of "Navy" and "Aviary." Also includes "knave" and "air." References both types, as knave is associated with knights, and aviaries are made of metal. Also rhymes with "scary" which includes Intimidate. Knave also brings to mind a rouge/scoundrel personality.



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Final Submission


Scold + Doldrums + Drum. CAP 6 looks pretty domineering as a captain and might scold its underlings. Doldrums is a naval term about wind. And obviously, CAP 6 is using Belly Drum.

Pronounced: SKOLE-drum
IPA: skoʊldrʌm
Final Submission


Caw + Anchor
Pronunciation: CON-ker (conquer)

A simple, brute-sounding name that holds weight to its pronunciation to imply the big belly and how it conquers the high seas in which it inhabits.
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Final Submission


From ironclad (type of ship) + Aves (birds).

Pronounced: iron - klave (rhymes with "grave")
IPA: aɪərnkleɪv

Ironclads were similar to frigates, but unlike the frigates came before them they had armoured hulls. You could say that they have the same relationship to frigates as our CAP has to frigatebirds. Also the inclusion of "iron" draws attention to its Steel typing. "Ave" is not the real singular of Aves but I decided it sounded better than other options.
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Final Submission


From Yo-ho-ho (a common Pirate Saying) + Steel

Pronounced: Yo-ho-STEE-li-o

The bird has the ferocity and drastic schemes (Belly Drum) of a Pirate. It is Steel type. Yohostelio is fun to say and invokes the image of the bird.
Final Submission


A combination of "Sea" and "Brawl".

Pronounced: sea-BRAWL

Rhymes with seagull.
"Sea" for the nautical theme.
"Brawl" since he/she is looking for a fight.
Final Submission


Portmanteau of "Aero" (Greek prefix pertaining to flight) and "Admiral" (A high ranking naval officer; the commander in chief of a fleet)

Pronounced: "AIRD-mer-uhl"
IPA: ˈɛərdmərəl

While I feel that Admaero may have rolled off the tongue a bit better, and certainly, while saying it, youu can clearly hear the root word "admiral" hidden inside the word, the word visually obscures that reference too much. It just doesn't look very pretty.


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Final Submission


captain + talon

pronounced: cap-talon

It looks like a ship captain. I also noticed its large talons. Therefore: Captalon.


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Final Submission


Inspired by the albatross bird, which looks pretty similar to our CAP and is also a seabird, along with "snare," as in snare drum. Snare drums give off a very metallic sound, so it fit for a giant Steel bird that uses Belly Drum. Snares are also traps that are used to capture birds, so it kind of goes along with the idea of our CAP injuring itself with Belly Drum.

Pronounced: TROSS-snair
IPA: trɑssnɛr
Final Submission


A combination of "Frigate" as in frigate bird, and "albatross", a large bird.

Pronounced: "FRIG-a-tross"
IPA: frɪgʌtrɔːss
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Final Submission


Pronounced: FRIG-a-TEER

Name comes from the Frigate bird, which the CAP art closely resembles, and buccaneer to match the captain's garb it wears.


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Final Submission


Combination of "seraph", referring to CAP6 flying with angels, and "Roc", a legendary bird of Persian mythology. Also contains a humorous double entendre.

Pronunciation: SEFF-i-roc


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Final Submission


A combination of "Caw" + "Captain".

Pronounced: "cop-tain"
IPA: kɒptən

A pretty simplistic combination of two easily understood words. I've always preferred the names that don't take themselves too seriously. Due to this CAP's boisterous nature, I imagine it having a name that's instantly recognizable.


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Final Submission


A combination of "Hindenburg" + "Bird".

Pronounced: "HIN-duhn-burd"
IPA: hɪndənˌbɜrd

Has to choose between Intimidate and Volt Absorb, also will probably learn gravity (not poll-jumping, just based on original concept post). Also this CAP's only weakness is fire.
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Final Submission


Etymology: A Combination of "Navy" + "Frigate"

"Pronounced: NAY-vee-gat"

Basically, I wanted to combine Navy & Frigate together to create a name that could also represent a corruption of Navigate, which ties into the nautical theme of the name, & the design. I initially had Navygate, but after getting feedback from here & on IRC, I decided to change to Navigat, since it a) the "i" looked cleaner than the "y", & b) because I was going for the "gat" pronunciation, the "e" was chopped off, also getting that corruption I was looking for.
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Final Submission


Drum + Dramatic

Pronounced: "DRUM-at-tic"

So named because of the effect CAP6 will have on battle. Worked in #cap with some members to finalize.
Final Submission


From Fregatidae, the family to which the Frigate bird belongs and the term "Anchors aweigh" used by sailors

Pronounced: FREG-uh-way
IPA: frɛgəweɪ

Anchors aweigh! I feel this name suits the bird and its firecracker amount of energy and determination. Easy to pronounce and it flows well.
Final Submission


From "Marauder" and "Avian"

Pronounced: "muh-RAY-vee-un"

Marauding seems like an entirely plausible task for this CAP, plundering other mons of their treasure. Additionally, the "Mara-" section of the name is somewhat reminiscent of "Marine" another fitting designation for our CAP!
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