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My idea is Nimbus. In Classical Mythology, it is a cloud that surrounds a deity when he or she is on earth. It is also a common term in meteorology.
I am happy with the result.


Ohm (because Bulky [a unit of electrical resistance] so it's Electric) + Ryu (the Japanese word for dragon)
It sounds good and is very logical.
My idea is Nimbus. In Classical Mythology, it is a cloud that surrounds a deity when he or she is on earth. It is also a common term in meteorology.
Awesome idea, I think it is limited to some artwork, but it's not a big problem, most of the best artworks have clouds :)
Raivern! Haha that's a brilliant name! Definitely my favourite so far.

All the others are okish apart from Spiffy, which sounds like a fashion pokemon, and Thundragon, which is just Too obvious.
Mjolnir, the Hammer of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder

Probably the only non combination name submitted upto now!

(Pronounced mi-yoll-neer)

(pronounced "REE-oh Suh-VARR")

Ryo/Ryu (Japanese for dragon (duh)) + Biot-Savart. Both have silent t's.

The reference is a bit obscure, but it seems very appropriate, especially if one of the more streamlined designs gets picked. Also, the spelling can be changed to better reflect the pronounciation if people think it necessary.
That's hilarious, but I think it's too clever for something like this.

I rather like KoA's Styrm.


(Pronounced Dray-Bo-Are-Ay if you are finicky about pronouncing latin correctly)

The name comes from latin. It combines Draco (dragon), and Reboare (thunderous).
I'm going to agree with others and wait until the art decided. In the mean time here's a name that could fit all the art :
Volgon(Voltage + Dragon) Pretty simple.
I'd like to voice my support for seantyler's Raivern... I dunno, it just clicks for me. I'd totally go with tennisace's Spiffy, but I like the names to make SOME sort of, if obscure, sense.
My god! SO many good names already so far! Untill the art poll is determined, though, I will post Thundrake (Thunder+Drake) as my contribution. (just to be clear, I thought of this one before reading the rest of the entries).

This one will possibly be changed by the time the Art polls are somewhat decided....

Combination of Xolotl, the Aztec god associated with lightning and death, and volt, to make it short and sweet.


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The first syllable is for

Impregnable -able to withstand attacks (due to bulkiness)
impossible to "take by the storm"

The first syllable depicts its bulkiness while the -ria at the end is to shorten it and make it flow.

Tesla Ray and Dragon combined.

Many great names and mine seems weak but may as well put it out there.
Kung Tjock

It means "King Fat" but would translate into Fat King in swedish.

Mostly thinking of its Bulkiness (Tjock = Fat) and because dragons usually is royal-like creatures (Kung = King).
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