CaPmon Sprite Revamping

I dislike Kitsunoh's sprite, it is nothing like the original one, unlike the others.
I really like Colosshale though, and I would like that Kitsunoh didn't have a Pre-evo, something like Absol so there is no monotomy in the evolutionary lines.
It's already set in stone that Kitsunoh is part of a 2-Stage line, and Nohface is his Prebo.
It has been quite some time since work was put forth in this thread. Anything before this point is old and may be inaccurate.

Now that we've got a stable future in a working simulator we can start putting work back into the sprites. Our top priority is to get all front and back sprites done for every CAPmon, including pre-evolutions. This should go before everything else.

Thanks to the animation feature in Pokemon Showdown we are also looking for animators! Animation is no longer a passing fancy here and will help battlers experience our CAPs! Feel free to take our finished sheets and animate them. I will also see to getting them put into cutsheets for easier animation at some point a long with guidelines, but that will be mostly after all the sets are finished.

I am working on Voodoom and will work on Nohface afterwards. Check the updated OP for unfinished and untaken projects!
O.K, Wyveril, this may cause a bit of a stir, but I actually prefer Kitsunoh's sprite where he is crouching on all fours. It shows the more animal side of Kitsunoh, I think. Anyway, please can you respond! (Sorry for me being late on this post, I had skimmed through just now)
The is no sprite where Kitsunoh is crouching on all fours. If you are talking about the original version it's leaping forwards. It was changed since the pose was too dynamic for the purposes of animation, thus doesn't fit in with the other 5th gen sprites.
Sorry Wyverii, maybe I didn't explain myself clearer. Here's the creator and what page it is on:
IC34 Page 4

Sorry again! Also, I got the warning notification, but it was unable to show the warning. Have I accidentally broken a law or something? Pls respond!
IC34's sprite is of poorer quality and was never finished. It's also sitting, not crouching.

It received no feedback from the community at the time. Silence usually means that the sprite is not notable. Doran Dragon's sprite however got some traction and support from the community behind it.
Yes Wyverii, all I am saying though is that I prefer that sprite to Doran's as it was more animal-like. But I can still go with Doran's sprite!

Doran Dragon pre-evo Kitsunoh for the win. I think Wyverii's is, in my opinion, and no disrespect intended, ugly. I don't think it shows Kitsunoh's skull and horror well. Sorry Wyverii!

Doran Dragon


We have the technology.
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Hiya! I know we are incredibly busy with CAP3's art polls and whatnot, but I've been doing a bit of scouting for people to help animate CAP's Gen 5 sprites. I know a community that features a lot of members that use Flash, so they can make animations pretty easily. I gave them Krilowatt's pre-evo as a test drive to see how they do. I got this as a response within a few hours:

Haha, I think it's a little over the topic for a Pokemon sprite, but it at least shows off the technical abilities that these people have. What is most helpful to them is to have a cut out sheet of the sprite. Wyverii graciously made one for the pre-evo of Krilowatt, which I gave to the animators. I think that if we are going to attract animators, having more of these cut sheets would be an excellent idea. I know that a lot of your spriters are really busy, but I just wanted to throw out there that if we want this stuff animated, cut ups are our best bet.

EDIT: He just did the shinies right now for kicks, lol. And to clarify, I'm not saying that we should use this sprite; it does break the normal standard of a few "idle" animations followed by a "rare" animation, but that isn't the point. I'm just commenting that it's a lot easier to entice animators with cut ups. Having those on hand would be awesome.



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Necturna parts for Birkal's animators:

I have that box of extra teeth because the teeth do overlap each other when the dress's pieces are put in the correct locations. The teeth should over that. :P

Put together, they look like this:

And then there's my own animation that'll never be used but I want to show:

Cutsheet for Rev. I can get a shiny version up if it's needed, it'll only take a few minutes. There's a frame of animation for the hanging bandages. Hopefully it'll look alright.


An additional lower bandage frame has been added, the other frame has also been changed a bit. I've also cut the elbows on the arms.
If people are missing a program capable of clean rotation for their animations, then graphicsgale is a good choice.

The free edition doesn't allow you to save .gifs, but you can make your frames in them, check the animation and then use a .gif editor of your choice to arrange them.
Soooo.... I decided to try out an animation, this one is for Stratgem (did I spell that right?)

anyhow I hope you guys like it, I think the weakest part about it is the arm slice/swings. Comments and criticism appreciated



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Steampowered, looks great! I think the arm swings could be improved if you only had one or two swinging, and maybe offset them a little. For example, have the left arm swing, then midswing start the right arm swing animation. Also the swing animation could have a few more frames.
It also looks really weird how all of the tiny pebbles move in different directions every time. It would probably look nicer if they moved more consistently.
I like Steampowered's sprite a TON, but my only criticism is that the pebbles are relatively mechanical because they pretty much only move up/down/left/right. I think having them move randomly would improve this sprite greatly.
Actually, I would like it if they (the pebbles) kind of moved in the same general direction as the arms they were near. I'd always been under the impression that they kind of loosely formed a body together? idk

But yeah if you could incorporate paintseagull's idea about the arm swings, I think that would be terrific. Anyways, as a whole I really already like it a lot. Kudos


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I think the 'slicing' animation should have a little less order to it; it currently looks mechanical and not very slice-like. Timing is an issue to make it look like it's striking rather than having it look like a hinge, twitching. The floating rocks could have a little more natural (read: no straight speed) movement. Also, the head tilt could look a little less arbitrary. :/ (Criticism... D:)
Update: I'll be leaving real soon, and I don't think I'll find another time to work on this, so I thought that I would touch up and finalize the animation today

the normal and shiny fronts are done

Anyhow that's it
Thanks for the work steampowered.

I'm going to stick work on Mollux here. Bolded things are finished, italics are being worked on.

Todo list: front animation, front shiny animation, back animation, back shiny animation, animated icon

40 frames, 38kb size each. There's been a few tiny changes to the main sprite to make animation smoother such as making the shine on the shell a slightly off white, nothing that's really detectable. I left parts of the rotations a bit choppy to help simulate the DS's sprite rotation.
Wow, I think that's an amazing animation! The one thing is that I don't think lava lamps move that fast IRL, so maybe that could be slowed down a bit?
So I tried out a quick Voodoom animation, it has 14 frames and is a lot smaller than my Stratagem animation. They are running at different frame rates, the Stratagem animation is 0.07 seconds per frame while this one is at 0.1 seconds per frame. Tell me which one feels closer to the real game. Also, I made no "rare" animation for Voodoom, I don't think that he really needs it but if others disagree I'll make a "rare" animation where he stomps his feet.

Edit front shiny done


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