Circus Survivor Season VII - And the winner is...

At the last tribal council, Takes Azelfie was voted out by the tribe, becoming the 4th member of the jury.

F9 Free-For-All Mafia Draft [24 + 48 hours]
Players will send in private bids to the hosts on a number of mafia powers. The player with the highest bid for a power will be able to use it in the proceeding free-for-all alias-based mafia game. The hosts will not reveal which alias received which powers. By default, every player starts with one Bullet Proof vest that will protect them from one night kill. In order to gain money to bid, however, players must count in a private counting challenge; the number they count to will be the amount of money they have to spend, with an absolute cap of 10,000 mafia bucks to spend per player (if a player counts to higher than 10,000, they will not earn more mafia bucks than 10,000). If they make a mistake in their counting, they must go back and edit it to fix it. If counting is not properly edited after a mistake, then the player’s money becomes equal to the last number they successfully counted to before making a mistake.

If there is a tie for the highest bid on any item, them all players involved in this highest bid tie will gain the power.

The game will have day cycles for lynching aliases in which players (not aliases) argue/vote which alias should be lynched and night cycles for assassinating aliases. The last player standing wins individual immunity. If the game ends in a tie between multiple players, a tiebreaker will be revealed. The game will start on Night 1, then go to Day 1, Night 2, Day 2, etc (night comes before day). In order for a lynch to count, more than half of the available votes must go onto a single alias; if half or less than the votes are on a single alias, then there will be no lynch.

Upon someone being lynched, their role powers will be revealed to the playerbase. Role powers will not be revealed if a player is assassinated.

Bidding/Counting will last 24 hours, and the mafia game will last 24-48 hours afterwards, with each night or day cycle ending as soon as all actions are in or as soon as a hammer drops.

Powers/Nightly Actions available for bid (you may bid on multiple role powers):

Alias Detection Silver: Target an alias and learn the castaway’s name who has the alias
Alias Detection Gold: Target a castaway’s name and learn their alias
Additional Bulletproof vest #1: Survive another assassination attempt
Additional Bulletproof vest #2: Survive another assassination attempt.
Additional Bulletproof vest #3: Survive another assassination attempt.
Gun #1: Gain the ability to target an alias for assassination. Cannot bid on more than one gun.
Gun #2: Gain the ability to target an alias for assassination. Cannot bid on more than one gun.
Gun #3: Gain the ability to target an alias for assassination. Cannot bid on more than one gun.
Gun #4: Gain the ability to target an alias for assassination. Cannot bid on more than one gun.
Gun #5: Gain the ability to target an alias for assassination. Cannot bid on more than one gun.
Gun #6: Gain the ability to target an alias for assassination. Cannot bid on more than one gun.
Gun #7: Gain the ability to target an alias for assassination. Cannot bid on more than one gun.
Gun #8: Gain the ability to target an alias for assassination. Cannot bid on more than one gun.
Silver Doctor: Gain the ability to protect one other alias (not yourself) from being assassinated per night.
Gold Doctor: Gain the ability to protect one other alias and one other player (not yourself) from being assassinated per night.
Strongman: Gain the ability to kill aliases who have 1 layer of protection or less (still must have bought a gun to be able to kill an alias). If a targeted player has multiple BPV, one BPV will be used up and destroyed but the player will still live. If a player has a BPV and is also protected by a doctor (or two doctors), the player’s BPV count will go down by one but the player will still. If a player is protected by two separate doctors and has no BPV, the player will not lose a BPV or die. If a player is protected by only one doctor and has no BPV, the player will die.
Silver Role Cop: Learn all role powers of a targeted alias.
Gold Role Cop: Learn all role powers of a targeted player.
Roleblocker: Block one alias from performing any actions during that night. The same alias cannot be roleblocked in back-to-back nights.
Doublevoter: May send in two votes to lynch an alias during the day; one vote is public in the thread, the other vote is private and send to the hosts.
King: If this player survives to the last four players left in the game, they alone decide which one of the final four players is lynched during the first day that this power is applicable. If multiple died the previous night and less than four players are alive, the king still may decide which person to lynch. This power can only be used once.
Rufflet Praiser #1: This player will survive the first time that they have the majority of the lynch votes. Does not stack with #2. Does not protect against the King’s lynch.
Rufflet Praiser #2: This player will survive the first time that they have the majority of the lynch votes. Does not stack with #1. Does not protect against the King’s lynch.

Priority of Night actions:

Roleblock > Information Roles > Protection Roles/Strongman > Guns.

All guns will shoot bullets at the same time, so two unprotected players aiming at each other will both die.



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Umbreon was voted out.

F7 Balanced Hackmons Creation Tournament [24 + 48 hours]

For the first 24 hours, players will “create” their own Pokemon legal for Balanced Hackmons as long as nothing banned in OU is used. The stats/typing must be taken from an already existing Pokemon that is tiered as RU or lower, but the ability and moveset (only 4 moves) may be chosen by the player submitting it. Essentially, you’re picking an RU or lower mon and changing its ability and moves. After the creation stage, the hosts will axe any mons deems completely broken, and the players will then have 48 hours to compete in a round robin tournament.

Players will battle each other in a standard OU battle (using Balanced Hackmons format), with the 7 newly designed Pokemon being usable (only OU legal mons plus the 7 newly designed mons may be used). You will be playing under the OU banlist + clauses, just in the BH format with the 7 new mons. In order to prevent cheating, players must give an import of the teams that they’re using to the hosts before they can battle their opponents. The player that racks up the most wins will gain individual immunity.

You are not allowed to communicate with others as you create your mons. Once the tournament starts, strategy talk, battle practice, ghosting, etc are ALL banned between players and between players/nonplayers. This is a solo challenge, not a group challenge.


Mafia Champion
All right, so what just happened was completely fucked up

Regardless of how HeaLnDeaL you thought the f3 jury challenge should’ve been handled, live or non live, how scheduling should’ve worked, Hannah clearly got the short end of the stick here. That’s not your fault, host errors happen, so you redo the challenge in a way that preserves balance.

But you don’t call my friend an “emotional drama queen” for asking to be involved in the f3 jury challenge.

You’re a sad host of an online forum game who doesn’t realize that this is something that each player has chosen to do as a group for fun. Attacking my friend in such a way for a game where nothing is at stake is so fucking wrong

I’ll leave the game. You can fuck right off


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The above is such a mischaracterization of the overall situation that it's quite offensive, but hal's comments themselves are always offensive and yet he finds a way to get away with it every time. I did not call your friend an emotional drama queen for asking to be involved in the f3 jury challenge. Hannah said she would be available for a challenge at a certain time, so I scheduled for a challenge at that time. Her schedule changed and I didn't realize it when I declared the new challenge time and I wasn't told that she picked up a new shift at work until after the challenge was over. It was a genuine lack of knowledge of her situation that I had no way of knowing about, and when she got lippy with me about it being unfair that she missed the challenge, I pointed towards quotes where she said she would have been available at the time. Now, what happened was I was trying to schedule for two different challenges and trying to figure out everyone's weekend availability, and after the first of the two challenges happened, hannah thought that was it and that there wouldn't be another, so she took that new shift at work. She didn't know about the second challenge, I didn't know about her schedule change, and it overall was an unfortunate mis-scheduling where neither of us could have known. I don't fault hannah for her schedule change, but I was annoyed with the tone of how she initially handled bringing it up after the fact since she seemed rather pissed and wanting to blame me before I even understood that her schedule had changed. Hannah had forfeited a number of past challenges as well, so it was unclear to me that she even wanted to participate in this one until it was already over.

I have no ill will towards Hannah, and while some of her in-game actions have annoyed me, I have no problem with her as a person outside of the game. I've apologized to hannah and talked to her about this issue, and she did not take offense in the same way hal did by any means. My understanding is that one of the spectators shared the quote with hal, and that hal then reacted accordingly above. I was not making an out-of-game personal character judgement, hannah did not take it as such.

Hal has a history of responding strongly and passionately with forum posts. His above post is a great example of this, and I think the circus community is deeply hurt when so much attacking of other people, especially at a highly personal level, occurs. He has personally attacked me and a few players this season and throughout the two seasons that I hosted with him as a player, I have had numerous thoughts of modkilling him but have not done so to preserved the integrity of the game. I am definitely not the only person on these forums who dislikes hal's attitude both inside and outside of games and I am not the only person who "boycotts" games he plays in. That said, hal was invited to this game by Whydon fair and square. I'm sorry to hannah and anyone else, but I think hal's and the leaking spectator's responses here characterized the situation poorly.

apricity because I think you have deeply misunderstood the situation and especially hannah's reaction to it, I'll give you 12 hours to decide to rejoin the game if you wish. If you don't want to, that's no skin off of my back. In any event, I seriously wish that you would stop calling people out in games you play and treating them poorly just because you think you're "smarter" or because your mafia reads are better or because you see things as microagressions, etc.

For the spectator who leaked stuff, I can understand your concerns, but characterizing a player's feelings and leaking that to another player or to a member of the jury is not fair to anyone. I don't know who did it, but it is not fair to anyone. Hannah didn't want this, so you're causing more harm than help. Hannah can reply on her own, so let her do so instead of taking ownership of her feelings, and I'm completely fine if she says what she wants to say on her own, even if what she says isn't entirely what I have perceived and outlined here.

EDIT: For those who don't know, Hannah was given a chance to do the challenge, as well.
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Summary of the gamestate since the F7 challenge post:

Trace won the F7 immunity challenge. Hal was voted out.

AJ won the F6 challenge, which was Super Smash Flash. Trace was voted out.

AJ won the F5 challenge, which was 2048. Viper was voted out at AJ played a hidden immunity idol on Hannah.

AJ won the F4 challenge, which was three steps. 1) catch 100 Pokecord mons. 2) solve a shibe flash card style memory game. 3) Win 30 matches in all of OU, UU, Monotype, and LC. RADicate was voted out.

AJ won the F3 "Juror Removal / Extra Vote" Challenge, which was solving a jigsaw puzzle while being distracted by an in-channel check at least once every three minutes.
You guys both need to grow up.

It's so fucking irritating to have this shit come up every time - making small shit a huge deal because you don't like each other. We fucking get it. I don't know why over a year later this is still something that's causing non-issues to become huge drama points; I mean I know what it stems from but I don't understand why we can't solve this problem or come to some sort of understanding.

I know nobody actually wants to address the issue because no one actually takes steps to do something tangible to address the problem. Is it not obvious that neither of you make things better by taking these subtle shots at the other? Let's not pretend one person is at fault more than the other - both of you are at fault.

I will literally sit in discord and mediate a conversation between you two to hash out some sort of solution. I will sit in voice chat and mediate while you guys use the text chat. Or someone can talk to a moderator which I literally suggested a year ago when this first became an issue. But acting like we're all powerless and we need to fight for public opinion by making posts reminding everyone about a problem that literally maybe three people actually know all the facts about is not the way to go.

Let's fucking work to solve the problem or admit that we can't solve it and move on with our lives. Life is too fucking short for this.



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Welcome to FTC. The three finalists have all replied with incredibly eloquent opening arguments. Here they are:

ajhockeystar said:
Hey guys. I’m sure we can all agree this has been a crazy game, and so I’m really fortunate to be sitting here alongside two great people. As much as I like them and have gotten closer to them over this game, I really do feel like I’m the best candidate to win this game. One big controversy about this game, of course, is OG, and how much the people in the group have been carried by it. Well, I believe that I’m the one who has been least carried by it. Come the swap, there were 6 OG members on the New Pikachu tribe, and 1 on the New Eevee tribe - just me. It was shaping up to be an old Pikachu vs old Eevee showdown, but then Snype quit after the first loss, putting me in a bad spot. I then worked to establish a relationship with Josh. Come the next loss, he told me the others wanted to vote me, but he lobbied to keep me, and so Mikaav was sent home. During the next tribal council where Umbreon played the idol correctly, I lied to Josh right before tribal council saying he was going home in hopes that he would convince them to misplay their idol. After the votes were revealed, he had lost all trust in me. Then, the twist happened, leaving Hannah and I exposed. It was inevitable that one of us would go home, but I knew I had to do something to save us. Umbreon immediately approached me and told me to throw the challenge and give him immunity in exchange for me voting Josh out. I agreed, but remained cautious.

I then found this idol clue: and knew it could save me at the very least, but if Umb was lying, all they needed to do was split the vote and we were screwed still. Hannah and I then worked on repairing our relationship with Josh. It worked, and he informed us of Umb’s real plans. He convinced the others that one of us could be carrying the vote steal that rssp had, and convinced them to all vote me. The other half of the plan involved me completing 333 battles (and some really weird Dunsparce battles) the day before a final, so that was fun. I finished it and played the idol on myself successfully, saving both Hannah and I. I put everything I had into this game, especially compared to the other two. I knew there would be a target on me for winning the last game, so I did my hardest in the tribal challenges so people would keep me around. 798. That’s the number of Pokémon battles I won for this Survivor game. (Yes, I added them all up.) Who knows how many I lost. I almost picked up the slack for Josh who tried to throw the trickshots challenge too - I did my 200 randbats and got to 76 out of 100 OU wins that Josh was supposed to do, but then the other tribe finished. I also won 5 individual immunities, most notably including one where I stayed up until 8am - something I’ve literally never done until now.

(Side note - when I had my 15 minute conversation with the chosen juror, they mentioned that I relied on immunity wins to get to the F3. Hannah-Oddish-myself was a group of 3 that was sticking together, and Trace was the target at F6 anyways, meaning I was never in jeopardy. The only immunity win that mattered was F4, since RAD and I were the only two doing the challenge, and had he been immune, the 3 of us would have had to figure something out.) Of my co-finalists here, Hannah wanted to get voted out at F5 but not quit since she wanted to be on the jury, so I threatened to idol her, and she also mentioned self-voting at F4 to go to fire making so she could get voted out. There were many challenges which Oddish just didn’t do. I was always playing to win and always working my hardest - something the other two can’t say. Last game you got the AJ that carefully played the middle and planned everything as best he could. This game you got the AJ that put everything into the game. I hope you can all respect the way I played. Thanks for reading.
Oddish said:
I don't really know how these things work and I've never been good at expressing myself. I'm not really sure I can talk about my game in a positive manner without it sounding disingenuous. As a player, I can't think of anything I did to particularly stand out. I lacked Aj's and Hannah's charisma and connections, I wasn't a challenge or social threat, I didn't win a single immunity or idol, and as the game went on and my mental state worsened I kind of emotionally detached myself from the game all together. I can't really lie about why I'm here because we all know why. I got lucky being in the big group. I think the only positive thing I can say about my game is that I tried to be as kind and honest as possible when I could but I definitely slipped up and had to lie to some people. In particular, I'd like to apologize to Cleo, who didn't deserve to be voted out as early as they were and only ended up in that position because of some stupid beef with Laurel. That vote was whack and it should've never happened. My apologies go out to inferno and jalmont as well, since they wanted to get a group together during tribal swap but we unfortunately had our own plans. I'm also sorry to Umbreon, who I clicked with pretty early and enjoyed talking to but ultimately had to betray. Not to mention radicate, who I feel like I had something of an f3 with, along with hannah, back on the original pikachu tribe but that kinda fizzled out once merge happened. I'm sorry rad, our chat just sorta died and by the time we got to talking again, hannah, aj, and I had already sealed the deal. I can't really justify anything I've done here. I can only hope there's no permanent hard feelings here.

I always felt undeserving of this position but I didn't want to quit a survivor game twice. I attempted to hint that anybody could vote me out at any time but for some reason, people were adamant about keeping me in. Even when I expressed my concerns about being in the FTC without ever actually having done anything of note, I was told that I could try spinning the narrative to say that I was proof that a person didn't have to win/do challenges to get to the end, as if that was part of my plan all along but. It wasn't. I really did come into this game wanting to play and just have fun and I'm disappointed that I let my emotional state affect my play yet again. I guess if nothing else, I'm honest? I don't know how much that matters, if it even does at all, but it's kind of all I have going for me. I guess if I wanted to I could spin this narrative into a sort of "despite how awful I was feeling, I somehow pulled through and resisted the urge to quit" but...that's not particularly impressive either, especially not in conjunction with my performance. I'm not sure how long these are supposed to be but I think I'm done. There's not really a whole lot to say here.

Dedications that I said I would do in case I "win": - Drookez. Poor guy was snubbed an invitation. #iwinweallwin #sheepswillriseup - Whydon. You really went through it this game. I'm amazed you manage to hold your sanity together (at least outwardly) as a host. - Wolv. Just because he's cute. - Rad. Because told me to (and deserves to be in this FTC more than I do lol.) - Jeffrey from Curacao. - I think there was supposed to be someone else but I forgot??? Sorry mystery person. - WAIT I THINK I JUST REMEBERED Azelfie you were bro this game. I got kinda upset with you because of puzzle hunt but I wouldn't hold a grudge over that, you're a good dude. All in all, it was fun while I was kinda sane, and I don't necessarily regret it. I just wish I did more. I really did enjoy my time at first. OG pikachu tribe was the best


p!catch litwick

a disgrace to mankindBOTToday at 8:03 PM

Congratulations @Oddish! You caught a level 28 Litwick! Added to Pokédex.

Get out of here litwick
Anyway yeah that's it

Hannah said:
Literally open it with “finals suck real speech coming soon”

finals suck real speech coming soon
ajhockeystar Hannahh Oddish.

rssp1 JALMONT Hilomilo Take Azelfie EpicUmbreon29 trace vooper 3P1K

All talking about the game for the jury/finalists will only happen publicly in this thread from now on. Have fun, spread a lil salt if needed, but please be respectful to people's character outside of the game.

If you're not a juror or finalist, don't post in this thread until ftc is over.
"p!catch litwick

a disgrace to mankindBOTToday at 8:03 PM

Congratulations oddish! You caught a level 28 Litwick! Added to Pokédex.

Get out of here litwick
Anyway yeah that's it "

if my ftc questions didnt determine my vote this wouldve won my vote automatically btw
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Thanks for posting, I didn't want to clog up this incredibly active FTC with my questions.
ajhockeystar : How many more Pokémon battles would you have done if heal lost your replays?
Hannahh : If you could play evades or do homework, tell me why it would be evades in a paragraph.
Oddish. : How many knives from your collection are you willing to use on the jurors to ensure their votes?
@all three: How big is your bonk?

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