Cops & Robbers (Mafia)


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11:00 P.M. Paris, France, 10 Years Ago

The city was quiet. Autumn was just around the corner. A thunderstorm, however, hung in the close perimeters of the city. Everyone was asleep…well almost. Shadows leapt across the dark alley walls. A cat screeched in the distance. All the while, a family in a small house was just falling asleep. The shadows leapt closer and closer towards the house. One of the shadows pushed a beggar aside; the beggar fell into a puddle. The shadows gained speed.
Inside the small house, the father suddenly felt as if danger was beginning to close in. Quickly, he ran to a painting of one of his ancestors, pulled the painting aside and started to dial the combination to a hidden safe. The safe opened, and in no time whatsoever, the father grabbed what seemed to be a cane with a hooked, metal end. Suddenly a shadow covered the moonlight that shown through one of the windows in the house. The shadow broke the glass. The father suddenly was at an alert. It leapt into the house, and following it, were four other shadows. The father turned on the lights, and there stood five scoundrels: none other than the Fiendish Five. Led by the evil mastermind, Clockwerk, they attacked the father.
Sly, hearing all of the sudden commotion peeked out of the crack to his bedroom. There he saw his father, in locked in a melee with the Fiendish Five. To his horror, his mother had jumped in too. He felt the need to help, but knew in his heart not to do anything. He quickly understood that he was in danger. Quickly packing what he could, he suddenly saw something slide under the door and into his room: the Cooper cane. This family heirloom must’ve flown out of his father’s hands. He knew now that if he stayed, he would be killed. Sly swiftly made his way to the window, and hopped out onto the windowsill: hopefully, the family genes would kick in, and he would be able to make his way to safety onto the city streets.
Then, taking a deep breath, he jumped.

Meanwhile, in another part of the world, probably somewhere deep underground or somewhere nefariously evil, an evil mastermind was hatching a plan. Instead of obtaining money by legitimate means, he preferred taking the world hostage by asking for a million. No, a HUNDRED...BILLION...DOLLARS. Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah...muahahahahahahahahahahahha...muahahahahahahahahahahaha (not to be confused by huehuehuehue...)!!! However, he knew that his archnemesis, that one sexy and raunchy British secret agent, could foil his plans, and he put forth a massive order for various Virtucon creations. It was time for world conquest yet again.

10 Years Later

Tsar of Russia’s son, Acklow de Ruski, was walking along the city streets of Russia. He noticed a French newspaper article:
“Lately, all of Europe’s finest detectives and law enforcement found themselves in a pickle. Somebody was stealing priceless artifacts and expensive belongings left and right! Thus, a coalition was formed to find out who these thieves and burglars were. This coalition is known as “The European Police”. These men and women are dedicated to finding out who are these fiends, and are being sent to bring them to justice. It is known by the very few bystanders of heists have heard the whispered name, “The Band of Thieves”. Apparently this was a sophisticated group of thieves and scoundrels. However, this does not matter to the European Police at all, as their goal is to eliminate the criminals. Another group, however, more open to the knowledge of the public is “The League of Extraordinary Criminal Minds”. Due to these threats, the European Police have decided to help protect “The Rich and Famous”. We hope that by the end of the next few weeks, the heists will have gone to a halt and that the bandits behind all of this mess will have been either jailed, hung or killed.”
As de Ruski put down the newspaper, suddenly a bullet went through his shoulder, and he quickly lost consciousness. Some of the bystanders noticed a letter that he was carrying. The police quickly inspected it and released the letter to the public before the prince recovered. It read:

Acklow said:
Dear Acklow,
You are Acklow de Ruski.

You are the Prince of Russia. You have been known to be a bit more kindly than your father, but still retain much of his characteristics. You have much power, and though the leader of the Fiendish Five, Clockwerk, has threatened your kinsmen again and again, you are indifferent, and will do whatever it takes to maintain balance in the Empire of Russia.

At Night, you may send Acklow a PM titled, “Night/Day x-Execute USER with the might of Mother Russia”. This will cause the User to quake in such great fear that he/she will die before the guillotine even chops off his/her head.

At Night, you may also send Acklow a PM titled, “Night/Day x-Exile USER from the Russian Empire.” You will kick USER out of your country because he is a rotten peasant and doesn’t deserve to even live.

You are carrying the Imperial Seal. This allows USER to enter the game to fill a slot that was emptied by another USER. This item cannot ever be consumed after any usage, because it is a freakin’ Imperial Seal. You can’t eat seals.

You are allied with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Hosts. You win if the Fresh Prince of Bel-Hosts arrest all living criminals.”
After reading the letter, you discover the fact that killing people is not a win condition. However, killing is possible, and you quake in fear at the thought of your own precious self being mutilated and left decomposing in a nearby trash container. As you begin collaborating, you discover that a new form of voting is available. A person can be “Arrested” instead of lynched.

1. If you are arrested or killed, you may not talk to anyone else about the game. If a user is arrested/killed, any items that user was holding go to random members of the village. If a user is jailed/killed while holding an item, each item that user was holding (if any) will be randomly distributed among those who voted for him/her.

2. The game starts N0. During this time, you may not paste any part of your Role PM anywhere. You may begin sharing Roles D1. Day periods last 48 hours or until a majority is reached. Night periods last just as long or until all PMs have been received. Please stay active and do not force me to sub you out.

3. You may send in only one action per night, unless otherwise specified by your Role PM. This includes using items, or passing items (see rule for passing items for more specifics).

4. You can paste things told to you by the hosts. You may fake logs. Do not take pasting of a host conversation as definite proof, these can be faked. If you want to fake a log, feel free to PM the Co-host for assistance. Impersonation of a host or another user, however, is banned at all points. Please do not attempt to impersonate in any way. No screenshots of anything related to the game allowed.

5. There are three basic votes in this game: “Vote <USER>”, “Bail <USER>”, and “No Vote”. When voting, you determine whether or not a USER becomes arrested. Arrested USERs are effectively kidnapped until the village “bails” any USER out. Bailed USERs return to the game with the same role but will not have any items. A No Vote is just another way to stall the day vote when there is any uncertainty. The highest priority vote type is the standard vote, followed by the bail vote, followed by the no vote - in the case of a tie.

6. Priorities are set and will be kept secret. Don't even ask about them.

7. There are items in this game. You may hold any number of items at any time, unless otherwise specified by your Role PM. Note that at night, you may pass items to any number of users by sending a PM titled “Night X-Passing <item(s)> to users <1>, <2>, <3>, and/or <4>.” Essentially, you may pass any and all items you possess to any users you desire, but that will count as your night action that night. You may not pass items during the day. As a clue, passing items has the lowest priority.

8. The IRC channel for this game is #ffm. Acklow and Walrein MUST be informed of any IRC channels or spreadsheets/whatever else you create for this game. My e-mail is, for spreadsheet purposes.

9. If a role PM and the rules clash in something, the role PM takes precedence.

10. This game is slightly experimental.

11. Please talk to me during the game, it will make for a better postgame.

24. Rule number 24 says you must obey rule 24. If you do not obey rule 24, there will be consequences.

12. If you are willing to be a sub for the game in case you do not get selected, you may mention that in your signup post.

13. There is no cardflip in this game. If a user dies or gets arrested, it will be noted in the update but their role information will not be included.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.

Player List

Steven Snype/Ditto

GeneralSpoon (D1)
Lady Salamence (D2)
YAYtears (D5)
Quagsires (D6)
Hydrattler/kingofkongs (N6)
penguin344/Layell (N7)
Aura Guardian (D7)
Blackhawk11 (N8)

Spiffy (N3)
theangryscientist/Empoof (N4)
Agape (N5)


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Role PMs will go out in around 10 hours or whenever Walrein can do the dirty deed. This is because I'm going to work today and Walrein is who know's where.

Please read the rules in the meantime...


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Several announcements:

1) IRC is not an option for communication. It is a requirement. If I do not see you on IRC within the next 24 hours, I will sub you out for another player.

2) N0 ends in 24 or so hours. So send those actions in!!!!


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4:00 A.M. London, United Kingdom

As the dawn approaches, the street of London begins to stir. The few early birds seem to be getting into their cars for work. Big Ben restlessly begins to mark the time with its infamous bell song. A baby wails in the distance. It isn't long after the minor commotion ends when suddenly a voice is heard over a loudspeaker:

Voice said:
The voice strangely enough sounds very familiar. Familiar so much so that if you could remember who the voice belonged to, then you wouldn't be thinking it was familiar. In any event, it was just enough to wake you up from your sleep...or what little of it you had. It was quite a difficult night. Sleep seemed to avoid you, it didn't wish to induce you in a coma. Quite sad.

Probably the biggest reason you didn't sleep was because it was said on the news that the stock market was unstable. That would be bad news to you if something did happen that night. As you get out of bed and walk to your front door, you open the door and pick up the newspaper lying on the doormat outside the doorstep. With so many references to a door, it is quite unusual if it was said that a dormouse ran past your front step. You sigh as you look at the headlines:

"Thief with NO HAIR spotted running away from crime scene in Newport."

"Hooligan seen taking important belongings from someone in Bath. Perpetrator had a MILD NATURE."

What a ruckus. First thing in the morning and it looks like thieves are running rampant in the United Kingdom. This was bad news indeed for you since you are rich AND famous. They could be coming for you!!!

Suddenly you hear a noise upstairs. A window shatters and someone jumps down onto the street. You notice that the person had DARK HAIR as they ran away from your house. You put your face into your palm. It must've been a burglar and they must've just stolen something. You turn around and walk to the telephone. After dialing the number, you hear a voice on the other line:

"May I help you?"

"Why yes, I'd like to report a robbery."

"Well before you do, we'd just like to let you know that there has been a kidnapping. Spiffy has gone missing. But we'll dispatch a group of police to your house very soon."

You sigh. The nerve of criminals. They're running rampant in the streets and getting away with petty crimes as these. What could be done? It was time for the citizens to take matters into their own hands. You call up many of your friends who call up other friends. Soon a large crowd gathers in front of your door. It was time to find those criminals and bring them to justice.



I am always tired. Don't bother me.

Since I may as well say this to the public, but if you didn't get by the flavor in the update, Spiffy has been kidnapped. He cannot speak to anyone at all by any means. You can say things about him in chat but he is not allowed to respond. You also cannot target him with your votes during this time either.

You may begin voting. You may also share role PMs
Hi, just some observations from last night.

I attempted to use my action on Snype last night, and before I could get results back, my item had been stolen. Either A) He has some role that causes anyone targeting him to lose their item (sounds more like a mafia-type role) B) I was hand picked to lose my item (seems unlikely as this is my first game and therefore not a threat)
Anyway,lynch Spiffy.

Steven Snype

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I'm not going to bother to respond to that claim due to how farfetch'd it is, but I would like you to review the basis for your claims and tell me how common the role you suggest that I have is and compare that to how common a thief is in past Smogon games.
Hi. Yes, I'm on the European Police team. I did not send that announcement, but I did request it from my "twin."

Here is my claim. I copied it directly from the role PM I was sent, and the copy over messed with the lines, so I manually fixed those. Also, I've edited some sensitive stuff out
Walrein said:
Dear Aura Guardian,
You are Carmelita Fox.

You have dark hair and a serious nature.

Being famous for your escapade and criminal catching affairs while on the hunt for the elusive thief, Sly Cooper, you have been called into action by the European Police. Your skills and assets are very valuable to their mission, and as such you are determined to prove your worth.

It is a good thing you always carry your rusty trusty shock pistol to take care of criminals. You will be using it in your mission the criminals of Paris by sending a PM to Acklow and Walrein labelled, “Night X - Shooting USER with shock pistol.” You will shoot your shock pistol at USER, preventing USER from stealing items from other people.

You also have a good eye for finding thieves, being a fox and all. As such, if you ever spot a thief, you can send a PM to Acklow and Walrein labelled, “Night X - Caught a USER red-handed.” You will discover USER’s appearance and whatever items USER may be holding.

You know that there is another person who is a part of the European Police who has <SNIP>. If only one of you sends a PM at night labelled, “Night X - Lay down justice on USER,” you will <SNIP>. If both of you send this pm, this action will fail.

You are holding a <SNIP, along with description>.

You are a member of the European Police. You win if you kill all the criminals.
I have made contact with my twin, and would like everyone to either claim to me or simply tell me they are not one of the European Police. My final power, lay down justice, is a temporary kidnap. I'm not going to paste what the exact details of it are for all to see, though.

In the mean time, No Vote
I'm stepping up to lead the rich and famous

Walrein said:
Dear Hydrattler,
You are Prince Harry.

You have dark hair and a brave nature.

The monarch-next-in-line, you are the heir to the throne of the long lived British Dynasty. Some say you have bad teeth-aw fuck I don't even know what I'm talking about. It doesn't matter anyways because you are Rich and Famous and that isn't a problem a man of noble blood even needs to worry about. Let the peasants deal with that.

Unlike most people that are wealthy, you are secretly a pack rat. You enjoy holding onto everything you get your hands on. <SNIP>

You are holding a pair of Eyes. They seem to be glaring at you. You can use these eyes to augment your vision; in doing so you can PM Acklow and Walrein, "Night X - Pierce USER with 20/20 vision.". You will be able to discern USER's appearance. You also know that if the Eyes fell into the wrong hands, it could very well be used for malicious purposes.

You are a member of the Rich and Famous. You win if you arrest all living criminals.
what i would like is for the other rich and famous to contact me. and also Vote GeneralSpoon
Might as well post my role. Not like it matters anymore.

Dear CabooseFTW,
You are Steve Jobs.

You have no hair and a sexy nature.

iknow that your icreation is one of the imost iinovative in the iworld. Being a iself-righteous iprick yet an igenius, you ipretty much are iawesome. imean, who can iblame you since you imade such an iaddictive iproduct? That's why the iRich and the iFamous want you to iwork for ithem.


You are a member of the Rich and Famous. You win if you arrest all living criminals.
Okay, it is probably pretty obvious at this point that I am not a member of the Rich and Famous.
I am a member of the Band of Thieves. League of Extraordinary Criminal Minds
please contact.

Granted, I am mostly harmless, so please look for a better target to jail :)

[17:42] GeneralSpoon we know the Rich and Famous need to jail us all
[17:42] GeneralSpoon presumably they lose if we win
[17:42] Acklow they lose if there are no robbers alive to jail

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