Cops & Robbers (Mafia)


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
K due to excessive difficulties, I need yet another sub. Because fuck the police.

Let me know if you want to hop on in on the pain train. This game is fun guys, can't have you ruining it because you all leave on me. ;___;

Extending the deadline until tomorrow morning (i.e. another 14 or so hours). I need actions from everyone and if I don't see you on irc, I am subbing you out as well. No hesitations.

If you are in Durak Mafia, don't hesitate to sub in, I welcome all scumgood men with open arms!! :D


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
A siren rings in the distance. Clearly, the night did not go easy for some. What more, it seems like your attempts to find out who the criminals were behind the multiple thefts from the night before left you slightly disconcerted due to the failure to achieve results.

On the other hand, something significant did happen:

A thief with a Serious nature made a robbery attempt as did another thief with a Sexy nature. Finally a burglar with Dark Hair was seen running away from your house...

Unfortunately, it was said that on the morning news, the anchor reported that RaRe555 was arrested because of being suspect for one of the robbery attempts from the other night.

vote hydrattler

ok so im pretty positive hydrattler is a bad guy, not a rich guy

i had talked with him a bit ago on irc, and were going to clear him using my power

Walrein said:
Dear Lady Salamence,
You are Andrew Johnson.

You have dark hair and a serious nature.

When people think of the worst president in history, they think of George W. Bush. When they think of the second worst president, they think of you. Luckily you are not the worst president because if you were you'd do something worth impeaching over... Oh wait, you were impeached... Damn.

Having been one of the worst U.S. Presidents in history, you have become working as an underground vigilante. You are like a Robin Hood for the Rich and Famous, taking things from the poor and giving them to the rich because, well, because you can! This is why you can PM Acklow and Walrein, "Night X - I will take one item from USER and give it to the rich!". You will pick their pockets while they're busy impeaching you and will take one item they are holding. Due to the fact you are still a bit inexperienced, you will leave behind a trace of your appearance in the update.


You are a member of the Rich and Famous. You win if you arrest all living criminals.
So I was going to steal the Eyes from him to prove both me and him. He said yes. Later, I get a message saying
Hydrattler said:
well, GS is a Band of thieves, and i think hes trying to pass the shark with lasers to dr evil (slight guesswork based on the austin powers storyline) unless i say otherwise, steal from General Spoon N1
i send him a message saying i think it's suspicious he'd want me to go after some other guy based on a simple storyline claim, even to have me not prove him and me
he sends me back this
Hydrattler said:
ok then, being the idiot i can be, i asked you this before i remembered that if hes arrested he'll lose the item, so the plan is stick with stealing from me, and vote for Generalspoon when you get the chance
so i send in my action to steal from hydrattler when he sends me this
Hydrattler said:
due to some info i found out (which i'll happily tell you over irc) im almost certain of our team, and if im right. its 8v2v3v3 (again, i'll explain to you over irc) so stealing from me to confirm us isnt as important now, what i need most is for you to steal from YAYtears.
I told him to come on IRC, then, when he went offline, sent him this:
Lady Salamence said:
well you didnt come online and im going offline so im just gonna say

with very few exceptions, confirming your role is actually very important and i will not be changing my action (currently pointing at you) without extreme circumstances
i got no response and never saw hydrattler on irc. then i get this from acklow
Acklow said:
You failed to steal anything from Hydrattler.
so yeah, im positive hydrattler is a bad guy
I find it odd that the Rich and Famous would even have a thief in the first place when it's obvious the Robbers (people that are STEALING things) are the enemy...

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For a game where IRC is mandatory, we have a fantastic village leader as the last time he was sighted on IRC was 5 days ago.

I'd like to question why stealing an item from someone would make any role appear to be clean.
I think Hydrattler's arguments are very valid, stealing from GS a no-brainer, stealing from Hydrattler instead insane (yeah I agree) and village leaders being silent only smartness. Hello there Band of Thieves thief.

Yes I am protecting Hydrattler by jumping the gun. Deal with it, but if the numbers are as Hydrattler guesses, you have no chance against us.

Vote Lady Salamence
Also all of the previous Rich and Famous claims (as well as my role PM) have had some sort of justification for being allied with the Rich and Famous, but Lady Salamence's does not.

Hydrattler's Flavor said:
The monarch-next-in-line, you are the heir to the throne of the long lived British Dynasty. Some say you have bad teeth-aw fuck I don't even know what I'm talking about. It doesn't matter anyways because you are Rich and Famous and that isn't a problem a man of noble blood even needs to worry about. Let the peasants deal with that.
CabooseFTW's Flavor said:
iknow that your icreation is one of the imost iinovative in the iworld. Being a iself-righteous iprick yet an igenius, you ipretty much are iawesome. imean, who can iblame you since you imade such an iaddictive iproduct? That's why the iRich and the iFamous want you to iwork for ithem.
Lady Salamence's Flavor said:
When people think of the worst president in history, they think of George W. Bush. When they think of the second worst president, they think of you. Luckily you are not the worst president because if you were you'd do something worth impeaching over... Oh wait, you were impeached... Damn.
This flavor format may not be consistant with every Rich and Famous though, which is why having Hydrattler actually active on IRC to confirm/deny these suspicions would be very handy...

And WTF Village Thief????

Vote Lady Salamence

EDIT: Agape sucks for ninjaing me.
Vote Lady Salamence

Based on the information that I have, I believe this is a decent vote. There are probably better votes, but this is decent. However, a word of caution on role PMs:

[20:51] <Blackhawk11> question: did you and walrein write role PMs separately (like without a single precise template)?
[20:58] <Acklow> I wrote them myself but mostly without any precise template. I may have mixed it up here and there to throw people off because you can't expect everything to always be concise
Walrein said:
Dear BlackHawk11,
You are Abraham Lincoln.

You have dark hair and a mild nature.

Freedom is all you think about when people ask you about you jaw and beard. There's no doubt that you are one of az's undiscovered ancestors. Emancipating and proclaimating, it's @ll about luv & freedom 2day! You are considered one of the best presidents in U.S. history and as such the Rich and Famous asked you to join their ranks, which obviously you did.

<item snip>

You are a member of the Rich and Famous. You win if you arrest all living criminals.
Hey guys, I'm taking charge. I've been working with Hydrattler since D1 and in his absence I'll be coordinating our plans.

If you claimed to Hydrattler, I know who you are, and I know what you did last night. Please forward me result PMs if you got one. I don't expect many. Also, if you have not shared your full role PM with Hydrattler, now is a great time to PM me your full role.

I will answer questions about my snipped item or anything else on a person by person basis via IRC. I'll be there for the next 4 hours while also doing homework.
I have received information that RaRe555 is 100% rich and famous. This means that we can bail him out of jail and have him on our team. For more info, PM me. Conversely, I have grown more certain that LS is indeed bad. I would like to hear some opinions: we can either bail rare out of jail today, and leave LS on the prowl for another night, or we can arrest LS today and wait on rare.


Yeah so after tons of discussion, we're gonna continue arresting LS. Thanks everyone who participated.
I'd rather jail than bail because jail keeps rare safe from kills and it's uncertain that rare is rich and famous after all. Just my two cents :)


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
And with that, everyone surrounds Lady Salamence. One of you (not mentioning any specifics), walks up and pulls out a stun gun. Lady Salamence puts her hands in the air in surrender. The person with the gun grabs her arms and puts handcuffs around her hands. She is then driven away to the local county jail.


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