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Hoo boy. Got a bunch of things to take care of this update.

FIRST OFF: The following information should have been included in the End of Night 1 update, but freakin Acklow dropped the ball. ATTENTION ACKLOW: KNOW WHAT YOUR OWN DAMN ROLES DO
random information found posted on the internet that night said:
Dear GeneralSpoon,
You are Bentley.

You have no hair and a mild nature.

The Band of Thieves would be lost without your genius. You are a genius in a wide variety of topics, from engineering to technical to explosives to video games. Yes, you are a true nerd at heart, but in reality Sly and Murray require your nerdiness in order to succeed in heists. As such, you are an important member in the Band of Thieves.

Due to your massive IQ score, you require little to no effort to research the proper techniques in getting around your foes when they surround you. As such, you carry a crossbow with special darts that paralyzes your targets which you shoot by sending Acklow and Walrein a PM labelled, “Night X - For my dart is the dart that will pierce USER.” USER will instantly be put to sleep by your dart and will be unable to speak the following day.


You are a member of the Band of Thieves. You win if the Band of Thieves assemble all <snip>.
SECOND OFF: kingofkongs has subbed in for Hydrattler.

And now for the actual update:

Rather than awaking to the sound of police sirens, the rich and famous denizens of Paris hear naught but the sound of Walrein ranting angrily about something or other into the cool morning air. You sweep the grounds and check the newspaper, but your initial findings appear to be holding strong: no one was killed or arrested the previous night.

And now it's day time. Will another individual be thrown into the slammer? Or will a former outcast walk free? Join us on our new hit game show...




fuck it just go vote somebody

Results going out now.


a half-remembered maladaptive daydream
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All results out.


Agape has been kidnapped.

Three thieves were seen last night. The first two had no hair and the third had a serious nature.

edit: I'm a moron.

Vote idiotfrommars nope

I'd like a claim from you. If you don't claim I have no problem arresting you.

To everyone else, don't get any sort of majority until I say otherwise, also keep forwarding me your night results.
ifm talk to spiffy. everyone else, spiffy is going to decide what to do tonight seeing as i have to work past deadline: either we bail rare or we arrest ifm tonight.
Yeah I talked to ifm for a bit and he basically made excuses that can't be proven one way or the other (irl issues etc.)

He claimed to have a very anti-village (in my opinion) item that probably doesn't exist.

Plus he claims to have been inactive but I have seen him on IRC multiple times in the last week and still never claimed to Blackhawk.

So yeah everyone should vote to arrest ifm.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Since I'm lazy as fuck, I suppose I'll just say this:

You all arrest idiotfrommars.

It is now Night 3. It ends in 48 (or more) hours.

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