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Pet Mod Crossover Chaos Expanded - Part II

Slate #8

Congratulations to Earth-Chan, Cookie Butter, and myself for winning with Earth-Chan, Iskandar, and Ten Million Fireflies!

It is in the tradition for Crossover Chaos to have slates representing special occasions, and I might as well extend that to occasions that aren't even vaguely festive! Here in this special coronavirus-themed slate, the bonus will be applied to characters who spread disease, characters who fall ill, and also doctors I guess! Show your character fits the slate like this: **Great Unclean One*

The slate ends on March 30th. Have fun!​

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Pokémon: Peedy the Parrot
Type: normal/flying
Ability: Symbiosis/Download/Pickpocket
Moves: Chatter, Brave Bird, Instruct, Thunder Wave, Wild Charge, Pluck, Peck, Covet, Leech Seed, Drain Punch, Giga Drain, Mega Drain, Roost, Foresight, Detect
Stats: 70/105/80/55/80/110[BST 500]

Reasoning: Peedy the Parrot was one of many Microsoft agents available, to help people who didn't understand how these new fangled personal computers worked. Now he's a relic of a bygone era and in no way would be available outside of Microsoft Agents to be downloaded as spyware or anything. Also he's software designed to look like a bird, I think electric flying is fitting here. In terms of his moves I had to get creative since his traits are that he likes listening to music and eating crackers.

Peedy the Parrot evolves into Bonzi Buddy using the Dubious Disc

Pokémon: Bonzi Buddy
Type: Normal/Dark
Ability: Slow Down/Download/Pickpocket
Slow Down: Whenever this Pokemon is on the field the opponent's speed stat is lowered by one stage.
Moves: Chatter, Brave Bird, Instruct, Thunder Wave, Wild Charge, Pluck, Peck, Thunder Punch, Thunderbolt, Knock Off, Dark Pulse, Toxic, Will-O-Wisp, Curse, Drain Punch, Sing, Leech Seed, Giga Drain, Mega Drain, Foresight, Detect, Future Sight, Roost, Windows Destroyer, Trojan Breach, Jokes, Facts, Browse, Spam

Windows Destroyer-It's a dark type brick break
Trojan Breach-|Dark|80 Power|100% Accuracy|16 Max PP|The user recovers 50% of the damage dealt|
Jokes-|Normal|Status|90% Accuracy|16 Max PP|The user tells a joke so bad that it gives the target a random status effect
Facts-|Psychic|Special|75 Power|100% Accuracy|16 Max PP|The user informs the target so much that the user feels smarter and superior for owning the opponent with facts and logic. It raises its special attack by 1.
Spam-|Dark|Special|25 Power|100% Accuracy|48 Max PP|It hits the target 2 to 5 times.
Z-Move: OS Eradicator|Dark Type|185 Power|Required Move Windows Destroyer|Lower's the opponent's stats by 1 stage each
Stats: 70/120/50/120/50/90[BST 500]

Reasoning: Okay so Peedy the Parrot is not so innocent as two fucks named Joe and Jay Bonzi took Peedy and used it for their own avatar of their own software, that was free. They would later sub out Peedy for the purple ape of infamy because then microsoft couldn't sue them. Thus the link between Peedy and Bonzi is formed, however Bonzi Buddy was notorious for both Adware and Spyware, some even saying it was a back door for Trojans. It basically fucked up your computer badly, and that's not even going to the fact that BonziSOFTWARE got sued because of Bonzi Buddy. You see the funny purple monkey really appeals to children, and Bonzi Buddy took information indiscriminately. The end result was them having to pay 75,000 dollars in fines because they violated COPPA. Anyway the best I could do with them stealing information was draining health, hence the draining moves, I mean if this stole any personal information your life might be over anyway so it sorta fits. Foresight and Detect refer to its search feature, Future Sight for scheduling, and of course it has some new signature moves based on its other functions. Lastly, Windows Destroyer, AKA the thing most people actually know Bonzi Buddy for. You see some stupid swede would tend to use our purple friend to help destroy various Windows versions from 94 to 10. If not for this one swede no one would probably give a shit about Bonzi Buddy.

Pokémon: SCP-294
Ability: Analytic/Filter
Moves: Hydro Pump, Scald, Hydro Cannon, Water Spout, Muddy Water, Surf, Waterfall, Water Gun, Bubble, Bubble Beam, Steam Eruption, Eruption, Lava Plume, Sludge, Acid, Acid Spray, Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Tar Shot, Apple Acid, Leech Life, Venoshock, Red Tears, Hot Cup of Tea, Fire Extinguisher, Thunder Wave, Will-O-Wisp, Toxic, Yawn, Discharge, Magma Storm, Literally every other liquid move we have between V1, V2, and Expanded, Liquid Nitrogen, Molten Metal
Liquid Nitrogen-Ice type scald clone but with a 20% chance to freeze instead.
Molten Metal-A steel type scald clone
Stats: 100/60/107/110/107/70[BST 544]

Reasoning: Okay so this is a fucking coffee machine that can produce any liquid. T-Wave, WoW, Toxic, and Yawn are there to represent effects of certain liquids be they neurotoxins or just a hot cup of chamomile tea. Now you may wonder, why the fuck does it have 70 speed if it can't move. Well the speed is more so based on how fast it can get people's drinks. I figured base 70 speed would work for your average coffee vending machine. In terms of abilities analytic seemed to fit since it can analyze the situation and filter because coffee filters, and also because it does have to filter through its database to see if it can produce that liquid. Something like Thomas Jefferson's Blood it cannot produce.

Pokémon: Steven Universe
Type: Normal/Rock
Ability: Dauntless Shield/Friend Guard/Paragon
Paragon: The pokemon takes 3/4ths damage from moves of its own types, and from dark type moves.
Moves: Life Dew, Transform, Seismic Toss, Dark Lariat, Flying Press, Body Press, Shield Throw, Behemoth Bash, Power Gem, Diamond Storm, Growth, Grassy Terrain, Detect, Fleur Cannon, Body Slam, Hyper Voice, Stored Power, Heal Bell, Cosmic Power, Bulk Up, Calm Mind, Bubble Shield, Encourage, Defense Song, Strong Song, Lucky Song, Get Beefy Song
Bubble Shield-A rock type protect clone that reflects 25% of the damage that would have been taken
Encourage-Normal|Status|Max 16 PP|Heals an ally for 50% of their max HP
Defense Song-Normal|Status|Max 16 PP|Raises the user and allies' defense by two stages
Strong Song-Normal|Status|Max 16 PP|Raises the user and allies' attack by two stages
Lucky Song-Normal|Status|Max 16 PP|Raises the user and allies' critical hit rate for a few turns
Get Beefy Song-Normal|Status|Max 8 PP|Raises the user and allies' attack by one stage while also healing them for 50% max HP
Stats: 100/110/120/100/70/95 [BST 595]

Reasoning: Steven is the child of a man and a rock, and is also essentially an alien prince. He's now 16 and full of mental issues since trying to help rehabilitate an entire species of rocks does that to you. Anyway some moves are based on his actions in the show, that would work for pokemon, other moves are based on what he does in games, namely the songs, heal bell, and fleur cannon.

Pokémon: Pet Rock
Type: Rock
Ability: Sturdy/Simple/Novelty
Novelty-it's a Mirror Armor clone
Moves: Rock Polish, Power Gem, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Rock Throw, Rollout, Defense Curl, Rock Tomb, Rock Blast, Stealth Rock, Accelerock, Charm, Sand-Attack, Geomancy, Captivate, Covet, Attract, Bide, Endure, Encore, Ancient Power, Fake Out, Facade, Roost, Sand Tomb, Pay Day, Memento, Shore Up, Surf, Fling, Taunt, Toxic
Stats: 100/100/100/100/100/5 [BST 505]

Reasoning: Alright so we need more rock types so why not include a literal fucking rock. You may argue that this isn't a character, but it was sold as a toy in the 70s for a dollar so that's good enough for me. Anyway the rock moves are self explanatory, Charm, Captivate, Covet, and Attract come from the novelty of the pet rock fad. Encore is because somehow this shit came back in 2012, Roost is due to its nest. Shore Up, Surf, and the sand moves come from the origin of these rocks as they're from Rosarito Beach. Pay Day comes from the fact that they made at least 4 million dollars for the six months they were popular. Memento and Ancient Power come from the power of Boomer Nostalgia. Fling and Taunt come from the fact that in the book it lists some commands that a pet rock could never do, and an attack command which was the owner throwing the rock at someone. Toxic comes from the fact that boomers had to ingest lead or something to willingly ask their parents for a fucking pet rock.
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Pokémon: Ajimu Najimi
Origin: Medaka Box
Type: Normal/Fighting
Ability: Sealed: Huge Power
Unsealed: All Skills (Does nothing outside of battle, but it's replaced with a random ability every time she switches in, except for those which are signature moves. However, it also signals the user's ability upon switch-in, and this can be surpressed.)
Stats: Sealed: 100/50/50/50/50/50 (350)
Unsealed: 100/100/100/100/100/100 (600)
Notable Moves: All TMs and TRs, X-Copy, Metronome.
Reasoning: OK, we're trying this again. Parody villian thing I guess from a parody shonen manga. I would go all out, but we can still hold back. Sealed is here because she does have that, but she does have Huge Power for the fact that's she still strong even under the most heavy of restrictions. Unsealed, however, does have All Skills, letting her have any ability at once. However, she does have to tell you her ability and every move she has. She does have every TM/TR for the Multiple Skill User trait, and has X-Copy and Metronome to get and use moves that aren't TMs. Sketch no because....we don't want anything else with Shell Smash or whatever may be wrong here. Normal is the type because that's probably the closest to typeless without resorting to the ??? type, and Fighting because stronk.
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Pokémon: ???? (Walpurgisnacht)
Origin: Puelli Magi Madoka Magica
Type: Steel/Flying
Ability: Heatproof
Stats: 180/50/180/110/80/70 (670)
Notable Moves: Air Slash, Attack Order, Autotomize, Avalanche, Blizzard, Clear Smog, Counter, Curse, Dark Pulse, Defend Order, Earthquake, Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Flash Cannon, Gear Grind, Gyro Ball, Hail, Hurricane, Icy Wind, Incinerate, Inferno, Iron Defense, Kinesis, Leaf Tornado, Lucky Chant, Mystical Fire, Ominous Wind, Rain Dance, Rapid Spin, Rock Blast, Rock Slide, Sandstorm, Shadow Ball, Shift Gear, Spikes, Stealth Rock, Tailwind, Taunt, Telekinesis, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Topsy-Turvy, Weather Ball, Whirlwind, Will-O-Wisp
Reasoning: I'll let this do the speaking:

"I know we probably have too many Steel-types, but I've also noticed there are a lot of physical attackers currently in PCMons; something like 3/4s are some kind of speedy, hard-hitting physical or mixed sweeper. Now, imagine that Blissey and Skarmory had a baby, and that baby was a vaguely humanoid flying super-fortress who descends from the heavens for the sole purpose of raining terror and destruction upon these sweepers while they weep and struggle feebly in the ruins of their once-glorious cities.

I actually had to nerf Walpy's bulk a couple times during the initial design process; with only one weakness to Electric and 180/180/80 defenses, even premier threats like Choice Band Iron Fist Iron Fist or Choice Band/Specs Blossom (if it ends up being legal without being nerfed) can only barely hope to 2HKO it with their STABs, and it can burn them back, set up hazards, weather, or tailwind, or, since many of them are relatively frail Fighting-types, retaliate with surprisingly fearsome Hurricanes and Gyro Balls.

Like with Charlotte, there were a few moves that I was tempted to give it, but held back on to avoid making it overpowered; in the former case, the likes of dragon dance and mean look, and in this case, any form of recovery, switching moves, or trick room.

It may still be overpowered! Please give feedback~ "

Yes, straight from Pop Culture Mons on the Gen 6 Pet Mods thread. I did buff the Special Attack and Speed to make it not as min-maxxed/weak basically a final boss.
ticktock this is the second time you've done this can you like, stop

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Pokémon: Runners (The Last of Us)
Type: Bug
Ability: Poison Touch/Swarm
Moves: Leech Life, Bug Bite, Fell Stinger, Knock Off, Sucker Punch, Night Slash, Infestation
Stats: 40/75/45/50/40/50

Reasoning: The Infected are humans who have been infected and subsequently mutated into horrific new forms by the Cordyceps Brain Infection. Runners are the first and weakest stage of the Infected who have just recently entered their transformation. Bug for being a parasite inside a human. Poison Touch for being infectious. Swarm is because they are most dangerous when in large numbers. Movepool is STAB mixed with dark moves.

Pokémon: Stalkers (The Last of Us)
Type: Bug
Ability: Poison Touch/Swarm
Moves: Leech Life, Bug Bite, Fell Stinger, Knock Off, Sucker Punch, Night Slash, Infestation, Pursuit, Attack Order, Defend Order, Heal Order, Lunge, Venoshock, Giga Drain,
Stats: 80/110/65/85/65/85

Reasoning: Stalkers are the second stage of the infection. They have the vision and speed of Runners, with the ferocity of Clickers. Type, ability, moves are all the same.

Pokémon: Clickers (The Last of Us)
Type: Bug
Ability: Poison Touch/Swarm
H. Ability: Echolocation - Clickers lock on to target after hitting them with Sound-Based moves.
Moves: Leech Life, Bug Bite, Fell Stinger, Knock Off, Sucker Punch, Night Slash, Infestation, Pursuit, Attack Order, Defend Order, Heal Order, Lunge, Venoshock, Giga Drain, Hyper Voice, Bug Buzz, Boomburst, Echoed Voice, Roar, Screech, Snarl, Supersonic, Perish Song
Stats: 110/140/80/100/80/90

Reasoning: Clickers are the third stage of the Infected and take roughly a year to reach this stage of infection. They have had prolonged exposure to the fungus, and now possess strength that significantly surpasses the average human. Echolocation and Sound based moves are from it being blind due to fungal infection taking over their face, and using echolocation to compensate.

Pokémon: Bloaters (The Last of Us) I.E. Mega Clickers
Type: Bug
Ability: Echolocation - Clickers lock on to target after hitting them with Sound-Based moves.
Stats: 110/150/120/110/120/90

Reasoning: Bloaters are the fourth, rarest, and most dangerous stage of infection as they take the longest to develop, taking years to reach this stage. Echolocation as the beast is still blind. Stat boosts are mainly defensive.
Last I checked The Last of Us is a video game. This is expanded.

Pokémon: Dr. Freeze
Type: Ice
Ability: Refrigerate
H. Ability: Sub-Zero - During harsh sunlight, a Pokémon with Dry Skin will lose ⅛ of its maximum HP at the end of each turn. During hail, a Pokémon with Dry Skin will regain ⅛ of its maximum HP at the end of each turn.
Moves: Icicle Crash, Ice Beam, Sheer Cold, Frost Breath, Icy Wind, Icicle Spear, Haze, Outrage, Sucker Punch, Fake Out, Pursuit, Night Daze, Tri-Attack, Throat Chop, Thrash, Recover, Disable, Spikes, Protect.
Sig. Move: Ice Age | Ice | Status | 20PP | 100% Accuracy | Target heals 100% of their health and gains 1 stage in both defensive stats, however it also freezes the target.
Stats: 100/70/115/135/125/85

Reasoning: Dr. Victor Fries was an accomplished cryogenicist whose beloved wife Nora was stricken with a fatal degenerative disease. Fries placed her in suspended animation while searching for a way to cure her, which is where Refrigerate comes from. But GothCorp's CEO Ferris Boyle stopped funding the research—and Nora's life—and pulled the plug, triggering an accident that transformed Fries' body into a cold-blooded form that must always be kept at subzero temperatures; at normal room temperature he will die, which is where Sub-Zero comes from. Ice type, because obviously. Movepool is mostly STAB moves. Outrage, and Thrash is from his rage and descent into villainy due to his funding for his research of a cure being cut. Disable is from his boss fight from Arkham City when he freezes anything you use to hit him. Ice Age represents what he does to his wife.


Pokémon: Chopper
Type: Normal
Ability: Healer/Adaptibility
H. Ability: Protean
Moves: Growth, Tri-Attack, Hyper Voice, Chatter, Growl, Double-Team, Confuse Ray, Bounce, Double-Edge, Crunch, Ice Beam, Freeze-Dry, Ice Punch, Icicle Crash, Flamethrower, Heat Wave, Fire Blast, Fire Punch, Flare Blitz, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Thunder Punch, Close Combat, Mach Punch, Horn Leech, Hammer Arm.
Stats: 90/90/90/90/90/90 (Normal Form)
Stats: 75/150/75/150/75/150 (Kung Fu Point)
Stats: 150/75/150/75/150/75 (Guard Point)
Stats: 120/120/120/120/120/120 (Monster Point)
New Item: Rumble Ball - One use item, changes Chopper into another form.
Reasoning: Normal becuase he was a normal deer with a Human-Human fruit. Healer because he’s a doctor. Adaptibility and Protean because his entire fighting style is changjng forms. Growth is because he grows using the rumble ball. Horn Leech and Hammer Arm are for Horn and Arm point, respectively. Kung Fu Point is the offensive form. Guard Point is the defensive form. Monster Point is the ultimate form.
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Doraemon the ou staller.png

Pokémon: Doraemon (He has been a doctor before, so he fits the slate bonus)
Franchise: Doraemon
Ability: Aerilate | Trace | [HA] Abekombe's Touch (Inverts the stat changes of all active species at the end of each turn)
Signature Moves:
Denkomaru Combat (Physical | Electric | 120 BP | - Accuracy | 5 PP | Close Combat clone)
Solidify Light (Status | Ice | - BP | 95 Accuracy | 5 PP | Freezes the target, also removes all type immunities the target may have; Z-Power effect: Raises Speed by 2)
Reflecting Mantle (Status | Normal | - BP | - Accuracy | 10 PP | Basically Protect, but status moves that can't be blocked (Infiltrator or otherwise like Stealth Rock), are bounced back in the same fashion Magic Coat would; Z-Power effect: Raises Defense by 2)
Z-Move: Turnover Dynamite (Special | Flying | 200 BP | - Accuracy | - PP | Must know Explosion, also inflicts a Rainbow status (See Fire Pledge + Water Pledge effect) on the user's side)
G-Max Air Cannon (Flying | - BP | - Accuracy | - PP | Signature G-Max move, Flying type move-based, as a side effect it summons Tailwind on the user's side)
Moves: Aeroblast, Magic Coat, Attract, Pain Split, Heart Swap, Shadow Ball, Shadow Sneak, Flamethrower, Gust, Defog, Hurricane, Thunderbolt, Blizzard, Rain Dance, Thunder, Ice Beam, Explosion, Protect, Healing Pulse, Recover, Bind, Soak, Hydro Pump, Scald, Liquidation, Amnesia, Encore, Hypnosis, Gravity, Transform, Minimize, Whirlwind, Wish, Hyper Voice, Mud Bomb, Psychic, Telekinesis, Teleport, Earthquake, Decorate, Attack Order, Sticky Web, Block, Drain Punch, Iron Head, Zen Headbutt, Flash Cannon, Dazzling Gleam, Camouflage, Mirror Coat, Hammer Arm, Circle Throw, Superpower, Close Combat, Topsy-Turvy, Trick, Dig, Volt Switch, U-Turn, Tailwind, Rapid Spin, all TM/TR and Tutor moves, all the custom moves above
Stats: 120 / 80 / 105 / 105 / 65 / 60 (535 BST)
Reasoning: Doraemon is Steel/Flying type because he's a robot, meaning that he's entirely made of metal stuff and so on, Flying, while easily out of place at first, comes from one of his main gadgets (The Takecopter) allowing him to fly and his signature weapon (The Air Cannon) firing a blast of air.
Aerilate comes from his ability to turn normal things flying around in multiple ways, also to back up his STAB options.
Abekombe's Touch comes from one of his gadgets, the Abekombe, which simply inverts whatever it touches, turning it into an entire ability to grant an unique niche as a passive setup punisher that is downright better than PrankHaze.
Trace comes from certain gadgets such as the Kikai-ka-ki, allowing him to copy an ability of a target.

Lastly, for the movepool:

Aeroblast comes from his main weapon, the Air Cannon, Magic Coat and Mirror Coat come as lower variations of his signature move, Reflecting Mantle, Attract comes from multiple gadgets he can use that do this, Pain Split comes from the Substitution Gun, which does this, Heart Swap comes from his Swapping Rope, which does the same thing as Heart Swap in the anime, Shadow Ball and Shadow Sneak come from the Shadow Ball gadget (Shadow Sneak) and the TM, Flamethrower comes from a gadget that is a simple but strong Flamethrower, and multiple other gadgets apply for the rest of the movepool. Shift Gear comes from his body being full of gears, which he can enhance with the Amplification Gas, signature moves are named after the gadget they're based on, and stuff like U-Turn, Volt Switch and Trick come from TMs and Tutor moves, and the reason Doraemon gets all TM/TR moves is because, well, funnily enought, TMs are basically a thing already in Doraemon's universe, and he can learn any of them thanks to the device that also justifies him holding the Trace ability, and TRs aren't too different either, as we all know.

Doraemon @ Leftovers
Ability: Abekombe's Touch
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spd
Impish/Bold Nature
- Reflecting Mantle
- Solidify Light/Wish/Superpower
- Volt Switch/Denkomaru Combat
- Flash Cannon/Superpower
This set aims to let Doraemon shut down with ease setup sweepers then bring down momentum to the team, the passiveness can be avoided if you abuse Superpower and Denkomaru Combat

Doraemon @ Leftovers
Ability: Aerilate
EVs: (Depends on the movepool, see below)
(Insert a nature that lowers Sp. Defense and raises something else)
- Shift Gear
- Iron Head/Flash Cannon
- Return/Hyper Voice/Last Resort
- Roost/Earth Power/Flamethrower/Earthquake/Flare Blitz
This set fits best in more offensive teams, directly taken from that one Pinsirite Magearna set in M&M

Same as above, but...
- Explosion/Recover
- Sticky Web/Whirlwind
- Stealth Rock/Spikes
- Toxic Spikes/Rapid Spin
This set allows Doraemon to be a viable suicide lead, and potentially can be used again if you really want to thanks to Whirlwind like Skarmory

Barney the OU monstar.png

Pokémon: Barney the Dinosaur (Barney has been a doctor before too, so he fits the slate bonus)
Franchise: Barney & Friends
Ability: Grassy Surge | Unaware | [HA] Magic Jars
Signature Ability: Magic Jars (On switch-in, this Pokemon summons Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Sandstorm or Hail according to the held Rock item (Damp Rock for Rain, Heat Rock for Sunny Day, Icy Rock for Hail and Smooth Rock for Sandstorm). This ability also renders the user immune to powder moves and damage from Sandstorm or Hail (Just like Overcoat). If the user holds no item, an item that isn't any of the before-mentioned ones or can't replace the current weather (Desolate Land (Harsh Sunlight) and Primordial Sea (Heavy Rain) for example, on switch-in), Barney triggers a Cloud Nine effect on the switch instead, removing the weather's effects while being active).
If Deerling or Sawsbuck is around on Barney's switch and he's able to trigger a weather, Deerling/Sawsbuck will change form according to Barney's called weather:
Spring: Rain
Summer: Sunny Day
Autumn: Sandstorm
Winter: Hail
Moves: Star Bits (See Rosalina), Celebrate, Hold Hands, Attract, Soft-Boiled, Wish, Weather Ball, Heat Wave, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Mystical Fire, Earthquake, Earth Power, Moonblast, Substitute, Minimize, Teeter Dance, Psychic, Psyshock, Telekinesis, Whirlwind, Teleport, Sparkly Swirl, Defog, Bulldoze, Stomping Tantrum, Draco Meteor, Hail, Sandstorm, Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Twister, Play Rough, Moonlight, Morning Sun, Decorate, Baby-Doll Eyes, Charm, Mud-Slap, Grass Knot, Grassy Terrain, Surf, Tailwind, Blizzard, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Hurricane, Powder Snow, Icy Wind, Ice Beam, Aurora Veil, Court Change, Ancient Power, Bite, Crunch, Knock Off, Leer, Tackle, Odor Sleuth, Lick, Trick, Obstruct, Lovely Kiss, Nature Power, Energy Ball, Creature's Kindness (See The Asset), Sing, Calm Mind, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Roost, the following custom moves:
Signature Moves:
I Love You (Special | Fairy | 60 BP | 100 Accuracy | 15 PP | Pursuit clone)
You Love Me (Status | Fairy | - BP | 100 Accuracy | 5 PP | Attract, but it works regardless of the target's gender, can only be used once in the same fashion as No Retreat (Aka, Barney has to switch out to be able to use it again); Z-Power effect: Raises all stats by 1 (except accuracy/evasion))
Stats: 90 / 75 / 55 / 100 / 150 / 70 (540 BST)
Reasoning: Barney is a Dragon/Fairy type out of being a dinosaur that abuses sparkles, which are often related to Fairy types.

Grassy Surge comes from Barney often turning the surroundings filled with plants with his imagination.
Magic Jars comes from Barney's episode 1-2-3-4 Seasons, in which Barney manipulates the weather to play with the kids.
Unaware comes from how he can often ignore what the kids are doing.

Now, for the moveset:
Celebrate comes from Barney often doing parties and all, Soft-Boiled, Wish, Telekinesis, Psychic, Whirlwind, Defog, and Sparkly Swirl come from Barney being able to abuse sparkles/light for this sort of purposes to a degree, he can also blow well, all Ground type moves come from Barney being able to do earthquakes by jumping, Teleport comes from Barney being able to... teleport (He does this quite often), Teeter Dance comes form Barney being able to make others dance alongside him, Baby-Doll Eyes comes from the "Doll" form he can access, which he does in every episode, Minimize comes from Barney being able to change the size of things (Evasion clause bans this anyways) and Weather Ball comes from Barney's weather powers. Stuff like Court Change comes from Barney being able to change terrain back to what he likes, this being one of them, Hold Hands is self-explanatory, Creature's Kindness comes from Barney's imagination powers being able to be used in this way, such as the time he pushed an egg into immediately hatching, Obstruct comes from how much he likes giving a hug, moves like Odor Sleuth, Leer and Crunch come from the dog Barney can summon if he so desires, Stockpile and related moves come from Barney being self-aware of his overweightness out of eating too many pistachios, and it goes like this for other moves, oh, and stuff like Trick comes from Tutor moves and so on.

Barney the Dinosaur @ Ice Rock
Ability: Magic Jars EVs: 248 HP / 4 Def / 252 Spd
Calm Nature
- Blizzard
- Sparkly Swirl/I Love You
- Heat Wave/Creature's Kindness/You Love Me/Roost
- Aurora Veil
This set aims to take advantage of Hail for as long as possible, supporting the team with the weather, cleaning status effects and/or setting Aurora Veil then switching out with Creature's Kindness, supporting whoever comes in

Same as above, but Barney holds an Smooth Rock:
- Weather Ball
- Sparkly Swirl/I Love You
- Earth Power
- Creature's Kindness/Roost
This set aims to support sand teams, as it can be expected

Same as above, but Barney holds a Damp Rock:
- Weather Ball
- Sparkly Swirl/I Love You
- Hurricane
- Creature's Kindness/Roost
This set aims to support rain teams, as it can be expected, checking with ease Grass types in his path thanks to Hurricane and sheer bulk

Same as above, but Barney holds a Heat Rock:
- Weather Ball
- Sparkly Swirl/I Love You
- Earth Power/Star Bits (Rock)
- Creature's Kindness/Morning Sun/Moonlight
This set aims to support sun teams, and does the job pretty well.

Barney the Dinosaur @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Grassy Surge
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Spa / 252 Spe
(Nature depends on your needs)
- Sparkly Swirl
- Creature's Kindness
- Trick/Energy Ball/Giga Drain
- Court Change/Trick
This set brings momentum fairly often and team support in most moves, EVs may be changed depending on the team

Barney the Dinosaur @ Leftovers
Ability: Unaware
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Def / 252 Spd
Bold/Calm Nature
- Sparkly Swirl
- Whirlwind/Creature's Kindness
- Obstruct
- Wish
The most passive set, but also pretty great in stall teams

Barney the Dinosaur @ Leftovers
Ability: Grassy Surge/Unaware
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Def / 252 Spd
Bold/Calm Nature
- I Love You
- You Love Me
- Calm Mind
- Roost
Barney forces the opponent to be in love with him by using You Love Me, then uses I Love You to trap it Pursuit style, while healing every now and then to setup on it if possible, shines a lot with hazard support

Culexus the OU soloer.png

Pokémon: Culexus Assassin (Their mere presence can cause seizures, so the slate bonus fits here)
Franchise: Warhammer 40K
Ability: Perish Body | Intimidate | [HA] Pariah Gene
Signature Ability: Pariah Gene (If this Pokémon is a Culexus Assassin, it triggers a Neutralizing Gas effect (while also being announced in the same way on switch-in) and sets a Substitute on switch-in, the user loses 25% of HP from it, if the user wouldn't be KO'd from that HP loss, otherwise the Substitute segment is omitted. In addition, the following moves can't be selected (As if they were Disabled) while this ability is active for anyone else than the user or someone else with this ability:

Court Change, Disable, Double Team, Mind Reader, Perish Song, Safeguard, Wish, Mystical Fire, Sacred Fire, Will-O-Wisp, Focus Blast, Sacred Sword, Secret Sword, Life Dew, Origin Pulse, Aura Wheel, Thousand Arrows, Thousand Waves, Ancient Power, Aurora Veil, Quiver Dance, Dragon Dance, Clangorous Soul, Flower Shield, Aromatic Mist, All Psychic and Ghost type moves, with the only exceptions being Photon Geyser and Moongeist Beam (Also their signature Z-Move variants), Moves boosted by Mega Launcher (Except Dragon Pulse and Water Pulse) and Protect-sort moves (Exceptions being Baneful Bunker, Spiky Shield, Mat Block and Obstruct))
Signature Moves:
Psyk-out Grenade (Special | Dark | 70 BP | 100 Accuracy | 20 PP | Uses the target's Special Attack in damage calculation, +15 BP for each stat boost the target may have, also ignores the target's stat changes, blocked by Bulletproof)
Etherium Shift (Status | Ghost | - BP | - Accuracy | 10 PP | King's Shield clone, but also sets up Substitute if an attack is blocked, the user loses 25% of health in the same way as if it just used Substitute if a Substitute is made)
Moves: Dark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Foul Play, Disable, Torment, Fake Out, Knock Off, Roost, Detect, Astonish, Confuse Ray, Embargo, Heal Block, Spirit Shackle, Nasty Plot, Bulk Up, Nightmare, Night Shade, Payback, Punishment, Spectral Thief, Power Trip, Stored Power, Shadow Claw, Shadow Sneak, Night Slash, Snarl, Snatch, Spite, Substitute, Sucker Punch, Taunt, Thief, Fling, Switcheroo, Magic Room, Parting Shot, U-Turn, Strenght Sap, Phantom Force, Sacred Sword, Slash, Teleport, Memento, Swords Dance, all the custom moves above
Stats: 60 / 95 / 30 / 95 / 15 / 142 (437 BST)
Reasoning: Culexus Assassin is Ghost type because of the way it maniplates souls with its sheer existence into them ceasing to exist, which also explains Pariah Gene preventing the use of "standard" Ghost type moves, and Dark typing comes from the darkness they can opt to use to do their duties fairly often, and yes, they are glass cannons, which is why even Toxapex can OHKO if it doesn't watch out.

Perish Body comes from those touching him dying out of their soul simply ceasing to exist
Intimidate comes from how they can intimidate even far stronger foes out of their abilities greatly limiting/halting their options
Pariah Gene comes from the gene all Culexus Assassins hold, which is the main thing behind this ability, working in a pretty unique way to reference it in a balanced yet still somewhat flavorful way.

Lastly, for the movepool:

Most Ghost and Dark type moves come from ways Culexus can use his abilities and all of that, signature moves are self-explanatory, the main way they bypass far stronger opponents is by a combination of skill and using their powers against them, Sacred Sword comes as one of the weapons it may choose to wield, Swords Dance and Bulk Up come as TM moves, and the rest is self-explanatory, preventing usage of even more things and so on.

Culexus Assassin @ Leftovers/Focus Sash
Ability: Pariah Gene
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Psyk-out Grenade
- Roost/Strenght Sap/Memento
- Parting Shot/U-Turn/Knock Off/Memento
- Etherium Shift
This set fits on all sorts of teams depending on the moves you choose, Memento sets go to Hyper Offensive, pivoting moves go in balance and stall, and the same applies to recovery, partnering well with Wish clerics as it can quickly lose health from its ability and signature move, quickly removing setup sweepers if needed, doing some utility if possible, then pivoting out or doing Memento

Same as above, but:
- Spectral Thief
- Power Trip
- Stored Power/Roost/Strenght Sap/Shadow Sneak
- Etherium Shift/Shadow Sneak This set aims to punish setup sweepers even further and make their boosts backfire even more, just make sure to keep the Substitute healthy if you can, because the poor bulk turns this easy to revenge kill.

A setup sweeper set can also be made thanks to Spirit Shackle, Sacred Sword, Swords Dance and priority in Shadow Sneak, however, that set faces competition with Mimikyu, who isn't as easy to revenge kill

I'm very sorry, but oh well, I had to
Peedy the pedofart.png

Pokémon: Peedy the Parrot
Adaptability | Trash Compaction (Removes all hazards on switch-in and the user is immune to them) | [HA] Prankster
Chatot's entire movepool plus Discharge, Charge, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Electric Terrain, Electroweb, Signal Beam, Air Slash, Volt Switch, Me First, Copycat, Reflect, Light Screen, Trick, Conversion, Conversion 2, Instruct, Brave Bird, Parting Shot, Thunder, Hurricane
Stats: 100 / 40 / 80 / 80 / 80 / 110 (490 BST)
Reasoning: Peedy is an Electric/Flying type out of its relationship with data and being a bird that can fly, this stat spread how it doesn't do things physically most of the time, while also being the BST low enought to show that you shouldn't judge how viable something can be only from the BST.

Adaptability comes from how much it can adapt to multiple sorts of enviroments (Aka, PCs), Trash Compaction from how it gets rid of needless files on your browsing and all of that, and Prankster comes from his jokester nature.

Lastly, for the movepool:

Getting all of Chatot's movepool is reasonable as it's a parrot, much like Chatot, Electric type moves come from TMs and basic STAB, Conversion and Conversion 2 come from how it can adapt to multiple sorts of digital enviroments, Reflect and Light Screen come from how it can "protect" your data, Intruct comes from how it can instruct stuff on the PC, Brave Bird is obvious, Signal Beam comes from a tutor move, the same goes for Trick, and Copycat and Me First come from how it ripped off other brands for its own benefit. Lastly, Parting Shot comes from it being able to say some words to you and so on on a similar way when it leaves.
Peedy the Parrot @ Light Clay
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 4 Spd
Bold Nature
- Reflect
- Light Screen
- Volt Switch
- Chatter/Heat Wave/Taunt
A pretty simple set that basically combines Grimmsnarl and Tapu Koko into a single set, fits best in Hyper Offensive and Balance teams, the former needs more offensive EVs, however

Same as above, but with the Trash Compaction ability and Leftovers:
- Discharge
- Heat Wave
- Chatter
- Roost
Trash Compaction acts as a free Heavy-Duty Boots, while also removing all hazards on the switch-in, giving momentum and freeing a moveslot to not have to run Defog, this set fits more in defensive/stall teams

Peedy the Parrot @ Electrium Z
Ability: Adaptability
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Volt Switch/Thunderbolt
- Chatter/Taunt/Volt Switch/U-Turn
- Heat Wave/Hidden Power Ice
- Roost/Taunt
This set brings competition to Tapu Koko by being able to hit harder than it back in Gen VII, as Adaptability is still as good now, unlike Electric Terrain

Same as above, but with Choice Specs/Choice Scarf:
- Volt Switch
- Chatter
- Trick
- Hidden Power Ice/Heat Wave
Yet another set ripped from Tapu Koko, just watch out from Ground types, although now you can switch into an Earthquake with no problem

Same as above, but with a Normalium Z:
- Thunderbolt
- Heat Wave/Hidden Power Ice/Chatter
- Roost
- Conversion
This set allows to wallbreak pretty well, but this set is easy to wall, and losing the Flying type can be risky, so keep this for late-game

Same as above, but with Life Orb, Adaptability or Prankster are the best options here, unless you lack hazard removal support, in which case go with Trash Compaction:
- Thunderbolt
- Chatter
- Heat Wave/Hidden Power Ice
- Nasty Plot
Confuse something with Chatter, proceed to setup on it, then when the chance comes, attack, this set isn't that good as an sweeper, however, so you'll often be best switching out when a revenge killer appears.

Bonzi Bonanza.png

Pokémon: Bonzi Buddy
Judge Master (On switch-in, reveals the entire moveset, item and ability of the current opponent) | Gorilla Tactics | [HA] Prankster
U-Turn, Belly Drum, Slack Off, Roost, Stuff Cheeks, Body Slam, Body Press, Heavy Slam, Taunt, Thunder Wave, Encore, Sucker Punch, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Parting Shot, Power Whip, Vine Whip, Rest, Banana Toss, Reflect, Light Screen, Thief, Knock Off, Night Slash, Flare Blitz, Curse, Wild Charge, Electric Terrain, Thunderbolt, Surf, Baton Pass, Orbit Out (See Earth-Chan), Conversion, Conversion 2, Power Trip, Splash, Hold Hands, Celebrate, Pursuit
Stats: 110 / 80 / 110 / 30 / 80 / 80 (490 BST)
Reasoning: Bonzi Buddy is an Electric/Dark type out of its relationship with data and being a nasty monkey that likes to steal your data.

Judge Master comes from how he spies out your information, Gorilla Tactics out of how he can behave against a probem sometimes, and Prankster comes from his jokester nature.

Lastly, for the movepool:

Moves like U-Turn and Flare Blitz come from TM/TR/Tutor moves and so on, Belly Drum from how he can play with his belly, Slack Off, Roost and Rest come from how he may rest if you leave him there for too long, Surf comes from him being able to surf, Body Slam and moves like that comes from how he can potentially slam his body, Stuff Cheeks comes from how he can eat his banana, moves like Thunderbolt and Thunder Punch come out as basic STAB, and the same goes for stuff like Night Slash, Reflect and Light Screen comes from how he can "protect" your data, Vine Whip and Power Whip comes from how he can come in, Orbit Out comes from the planet he holds, Splash, Hold Hands and Celebrate comes from what he has done in the books, and the rest is similar to Peedy.

Bonzi Buddy @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Judge Master
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Thunder Punch
- Sucker Punch/Knock Off
- Trick
- Parting Shot/Orbit Out
Bonzi Buddy just comes in, then pivots out or stays to attack or trick his Choice Scarf on the foe

Bonzi Buddy @ Salac Berry
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Thunder Punch
- Sucker Punch
- Flare Blitz/Banana Toss
- Belly Drum
This set works best in late game, try to stay healthy, as usual

Bonzi Buddy @ Choice Scarf/Choice Band
Ability: Gorilla Tactics
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Thunder Punch
- Knock Off/Sucker Punch
- Flare Blitz/U-Turn/Parting Shot
- Orbit Out
Bonzi's movepool is just low enought to force him to have to run like this, so overall, this set is outclassed by Galarian Darmanitan unless you really want "special" pivoting and sudden utility in Knock Off

Bonzi Buddy @ Light Clay
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Impish Nature
- Reflect
- Light Screen
- Knock Off
- Parting Shot
This set fits best in Hyper Offensive teams that need dual screen support for some other setup sweeper.

Bonzi Buddy @ Leftovers
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Impish Nature
- Knock Off
- Banana Toss
- Pursuit
- Thunder Wave
This set is meant to annoy all sort of opponents while staying healthy, it's fairly passive, however
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The personification of panic buying and hoarding toilet paper
Pokemon: Pale Man
Pan's Labyrinth

Form: Unseeing

Ability: Gluttony, Stakeout, Slumber
Slumber: Pale Man-Unseeing is treated as asleep (same effect as Comatose) but cannot use any attacking moves. If any move targets this Pokemon, changes form to Pale Man-Pursuant.
Notable Moves: Recover, Nasty Plot, Curse, Recycle, Thief, Imprison, Pursuit, Knock Off, Thrash, Acupressure, Play Rough, Torment, Sweet Scent, Draining Kiss, Spirit Break, Double Edge, Belch, Toxic, False Surrender, Feint Attack, Hone Claws, Snatch, Bite, Crunch, Stockpile, Spit Up, Swallow, Dark Pulse, Foul Play, Night Slash, Sucker Punch
Stats: 88 / 50 / 112 / 50 / 128 / 82 (510 BST)

Form: Pursuant

Ability: Avarice
Avarice: No Pokemon on the field can switch out. Pale-Man-Pursuant can only use attacking moves.
Notable Moves: See above
Stats: 88 / 128 / 66 / 136 / 66 / 116 (600 BST)

Reasoning: The Pale Man slumbers in his lair of opulence surrounded by lavish amounts of food. The Pale Man has no need of this food since his diet consists of imaginative children who have unfortunately stumbled into his presence but his greed and avarice will not allow anyone to even touch it. He is a creature who only consumes and destroys so that others cannot have. The only way the Pale Man can see is through his eyes, which he must hold in his hands only ever seeing what is in arm's reach. Despite the luxury of his surroundings, he does not utilise any eating utensils but just uses his hands. This means while he is eating he can only see what he is consuming and cannot see nor comprehend what is happening elsewhere. In our coronavirus stricken world the Pale Man's lair would be filled to the brim extra soft, two ply and would take on the form of a middle-aged woman with a cropped hair cut screaming that she is entitled to the whole, last pallet of toilet paper while I stand around with a worried look on my face as I am down to my last roll since I am a normal person and only put toilet paper on my shopping list when I take the last roll out of the packet.

Cookie Butter

formerly the someone
is a Pre-Contributor
Pokémon: Mayuri Kurotsuchi
Typing: Ghost/Poison
Ability: Pressure | Regenerator | Gooey
Stats: 105/30/75/95/75/85 (465)
Signature Moves:
Growth Serum (90 BP | Poison | Special | Can target user. If the target is the user or an ally, this move restores 1/2 of its maximum HP, rounded down, instead of dealing damage.)
Physical: Cross Poison, Sacred Sword, Shadow Claw, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, Leaf Blade, Slash, Bullet Punch, Mach Punch, Counter, Metal Burst
Special: Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Shadow Ball, Spacial Rend, Giga Drain, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Dark Pulse, Magic Coat, Acid Spray, Belch, Hidden Power
Status: Recover, Purify, Sunny Day, Recycle, Haze, Taunt, Toxic
Mayuri Kurotsuchi can change into Mayuri Kurotsuchi-Shikai if it knows Growth Serum.

"Rip, Ashisogi Jizou!"
Form: Mayuri Kurotsuchi-Shikai
Ability: Neural Blocking - Slashing moves have a 50% chance to paralyze the target if they land.
Stats: 105/60/95/125/95/85 (565)
When holding Godly Cells, Mayuri Kurotsuchi-Shikai can change into Mayuri Kurotsuchi-Bankai.
When holding Modified Godly Cells, Mayuri Kurotsuchi-Shikai can change into Mayuri Kurotsuchi-Modified Bankai.

"Bankai: Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou"
Form: Mayuri Kurotsuchi-Bankai
Ability: Deadly Neurotoxin (Same as GLADoS from CCV2): Changes the weather to Toxic Clouds. This damages Pokémon for 1/16th of their HP at the end of each turn, unless they're Poison, Ghost, or Steel-type, or have the abilities Poison Heal or Immunity. Lasts for 5 turns (8 if Toxic Rock is held).
Stats: 105/60/135/135/135/95 (665)

"Modified Bankai: Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou: Matai Fukuin Shoutai"
Form: Mayuri Kurotsuchi-Modified Bankai
Ability: Protean
Stats: 105/100/105/165/105/85 (665)

  • Typing: Ghost/Poison for being a shinigami (death god) that's also a mad scientist (and doctor) and fights mostly by using toxins.
  • Moves: Besides the obvious Ghost and Poison moves, there are also slashing moves because the shinigamis fight mostly with swords. Mayuri is also an expert in spells called Kido "demon arts" which come in varied elements. Mayuri can also go from one dimension to another with portals, thus Space Rend. He also modified his arm to work as a rocket punch, so I gave him punching moves.
  • Abilities: All shinigami can apply pressure with their... spiritual pressure, so it gets Pressure. Mayuri speficailly is known for body modifications, his regeneration is amazing, thus Regenerator. As a last resort, he also can turn his body into liquid, so Gooey.
  • Mayuri can unleash his power by activating Shikai, his katana becomes a sword-trident thing that paralyzes anyone he stabs.
  • Like other shinigami, Mayuri's strongest form is his Bankai. His Bankai is a giant baby that releases poison clouds.
  • Unlike other shinigami Mayuri modified his own Bankai to adapt according to his needs. His modified Bankai changes to exploit the opponent's weaknesses, after Mayuri has gathered enough information about the enemy.
Pokémon: **Eren Yeager**
Typing: Fighting/Psychic
Ability: Titan Shift/Regenerator/Solid Rock/Telepathy (like Own Tempo Rockruff)
Signature Ability: Titan Shift - Sets a Substitute on switch-in, the user loses 25% of HP from it, if the user wouldn't be KO'd from that HP loss.
Physical: Close Combat, Circle Throw, Storm Throw, Vital Throw, Seismic Toss, Counter, Reversal, Drain Punch, Zen Headbutt, Crunch, Stomping Tantrum, Skull Bash, Stone Edge
Special: Future Sight, Psychic, Final Gambit
Status: Bulk Up, Recover, Wish, Healing Wish, King's Shield, Iron Defense, Autotomize, No Retreat, Stealth Rock, Spikes, Command (See Orc Eye of Gruumsh)
Signature Move: Coordinate Control - Psychic-type, Heal Bell clone with +3 Priority.
Stats: 120/110/110/50/90/90 (570)

Form: Eren Yeager-War Hammer
Typing: Fighting/Rock
Ability: Titan Shift/Regenerator/Solid Rock/Rough Skin (like Own Tempo Rockruff)
Everything else is the same

Reasoning: Gets bonus because Titan shifters get an illness that make them die in 13 years.
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I've officially made new subs for this bread moron as many times as I have done so for Void Termina

Pokémon: **Honoka Kosaka**
Origin: Love Live! School idol project
Type: Normal
Ability: Unaware / Dancer / Huge Power
Stats: 100/45/70/100/70/100 (485)
Notable Moves: Boomburst, Sing, Snow halation (see SiIvaGunner), Feather Dance, Teeter Dance, Swords Dance, Slash, Sacred Sword, Night Slash, Leaf Blade, Solar Blade, Dazzling Gleam, Work Up, Rapid Spin, Slack Off, Curse, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up, Wood Hammer, Sunny Day, Weather Ball, Defog
Reasoning: Some idol dumbass who likes bread. Normal-type because what else would she be. Unaware because she's a dumb stupid idiot, Dancer and dancing moves because she does in fact dance, Huge Power and Wood Hammer because she lives in a Japanese sweets shop and is shown making mochi at one point (Huge Power is "Chikaramochi" in Japanese, and it appears its distribution is a pun - its most prominent users are rabbits, and rabbits pound mochi on the moon.) Decent HP because she's a fatty (assuming you trust Umi Sonoda's word more than your own eyes), decent Speed because her official stats have her reflexes rated with 4 stars. Boomburst because she made a noise that was mistaken for an explosion. Sing because she does that, Snow Halation because she sings that. Sword moves because she's really good at kendo in the manga. Dazzling Gleam because the µ's Second-Years collectively are Light-elemental and use a light attack in their crossover appearance in Granblue Fantasy. Work Up is "Cheer Up" in Japan so that fits. Rapid Spin because she does do that at one point. Slack Off and Curse because zzz sleepy. Stockpile gang because she consumes the food. Sunny Day, Weather Ball, and Defog are from that one time she got a bunch of rainclouds to go away by shouting at them.

(fits slate by virtue of falling ill after working out in the rain like the absolute fool she is)
Rio Futaba.png

Pokémon: Rio Futaba
Franchise: Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Ability: Analytic | Explanatory (On switch-in, tells the Abilities and items of all active opponents.) | [HA] Magic Guard
Moves: Hot Cup of Coffee, Potion Throw (see Plague Knight), Sludge Wave, Sludge Bomb, Clear Smog, Venoshock, Psychic, Psyshock, Dazzling Gleam, Giga Drain, Mystical Fire, Scald, Gastro Acid, Cosmic Power, Gravity, Trick Room, Wonder Room, Magic Room, Magic Coat, Calm Mind, Light Screen, Reflect, Haze, Will-O-Wisp, Confuse Ray
Stats: 80 HP/40 Atk/40 Def/100 SpA/200 SpD/40 Spe (500 BST)

Hot Cup of Coffee |
| 24 PP | Has -3 priority. Heals 50% health. A Pokémon making contact with the user before the heal is burned.
Rio Futaba @ Black Sludge
Ability: Magic Guard
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 SpD
Calm Nature
- Cosmic Power / Calm Mind
- Hot Cup of Coffee
- Scald
- Toxic

Rio Futaba @ Flame Plate
Ability: Analytic
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 SpD
Modest Nature
- Calm Mind
- Psyshock
- Sludge Wave
- Mystical Fire
Reasoning: Futaba is a scientist, who helps Sakuta deal with different cases of Adolescence Syndrome, which acts like a disease. She also suffers from it herself at one point. She provides scientific explanations of Adolescence Syndrome, connecting it to spatial phenomena. High Special Defense comes from helping to counteract Adolescence Syndrome. Futaba is into chemistry and is sometimes portrayed as holding chemicals, giving her Poison-type. As for Psychic-type, she is described as the Logical Witch, and is sometimes portrayed as a witch, while also possessing intelligence. This includes knowledge over the aforementioned spatial phenomena. Being a "witch" gives her good Special Attack, and Magic Guard as a Hidden Ability. She likes coffee a lot, and her other moves are mainly spatial/witch/chemistry stuff.
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Considering the theme, and because BOFURI finished airing this week, what better timing for...

Pokémon: Maple (from BOFURI: I Don't Want to Get Hurt, So I'll Max Out My Defense)
Type: Steel/Poison
Ability: Oblivious / Unaware / Filter
Stats: 42/10/255/10/255/10 | 582 BST
Signature Moves
  • Hydra: Poison, Special, 30 BP, 100% Acc, 10 PP | Hits 3 times, with each hit having a 30% chance of inflicting toxic poison. This attack hits Steel-types through their immunity, but it cannot poison Poison- or Steel-types.
  • Seeping Chaos: Poison, Physical, 70 BP, 100% Acc, 10 PP | Adds half the user's Special Defense to Attack before damage calculation. Hits Steel-types through their immunity.
  • Commence Attack: Steel, Special, 100 BP, 90% Acc, 5 PP | Uses the user's Defense instead of Special Attack in damage calculation. Takes a turn to charge if the user is not Mega Evolved.
  • Devour: Steel, Other, 5 PP | Priority +4. Protects the user from harm. If an attacker makes contact, then it loses half its current HP. Fails if the user is Mega Evolved.
  • Paralyzing Shout: Steel, Other, 100% Acc, 10 PP | Paralyzes all adjacent foes. Fails if the user is Mega Evolved.
  • Loving Sacrifice: Flying, Other, 5 PP | The user, Maple, sacrifices 50% max HP to set up a five-turn, user-side field effect. While the effect is active, Maple herself gains a Magnet Rise effect, while allies' Defense and Special Defense are changed to match hers. Additionally, if Maple is on the field in Doubles/Triples, then she takes all direct damage on her side. The effect ends early if Maple faints, Gigantamaxes, or Mega Evolves. Fails if Maple is Mega Evolved or doesn't have the HP to spare, or if the effect is already active on her side.
Other Moves: Counter, Flash Cannon, Aeroblast, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Aura Sphere, Energy Ball, Dragon Pulse, Vacuum Wave, Steel Beam, Protect, Toxic, Baneful Bunker, Substitute, Endure, Taunt, Ally Switch, Follow Me, Hyper Beam

Form: Maple-Gigantamax
G-Max Move: G-Max Atrocity - Poison | Priority +1. Adds half the user's (Special) Defense to (Special) Attack before damage calculation. (Stats correspond, unlike in the case of Seeping Chaos.) Hits Steel-types through their immunity.

Form: Maple-Mega (Stone: Maplenite)
Type: Steel/Flying
Ability: Speed Boost
Stats: 42/10/255/100/200/75 | 682 BST (+90 SpA, -55 SpD, +65 Spe)

Reasoning: Maple is the avatar of a VR MMO newbie who committed to maximizing her defense but became fortunate enough to acquire all sorts of crazy skills and earn a reputation as the most notorious player of New World Online.
Steel because she wears armor, Poison because she learns her first major skill (Hydra) by defeating a venomous monster. Her mecha form (Mega) is Flying-type because it has a mechanism capable of keeping her afloat. (See also: Celesteela) Oblivious comes from her staying happy-go-lucky despite the craziness of her campaign, Unaware from her "Zero times anything is still zero" mantra, and Filter from the resistances that she gains through her monster appetite (in the most literal sense possible). 42 is the HP value that she has when she starts the game, 10 is the lowest non-zero number with a 0 in it, and nothing says maxed out like 255. (New World Online has Strength, Vitality, Agility, Dexterity, and Intelligence. No distinction between physical and magical defense.)
Her skills other than Hydra include Provoke (Taunt), Devour, Paralyzing Shout, Cover Move (Ally Switch), Cover (Follow Me), Stout Guardian (Endure), Venom Capsule (Baneful Bunker), Wooly (Substitute), Loving Sacrifice, Seeping Chaos, Atrocity (G-Max form+move), Counter, Machine God (Mega), Deploy Armaments (special arsenal), and Commence Attack.
Loving Sacrifice gives Maple a Magnet Rise effect because she gains wings as part of the skill. Her G-Max move has extra power and priority because Atrocity grants Strength and Agility bonuses (and G-Max forms don't traditionally offer stat boosts except HP, which is also boosted by Atrocity). Speed Boost and stats of her Mega exemplify her maneuverability with the downside that all the extra gear would logically make her more prone to magic attacks.
Slate #9
Anything Goes

crossover chaos disease slate gang.png

Congratulations to Mygavolt, Ninetales Dragons, and Bmw6446 for winning with Maple, Rio Futaba, and Dr. Freeze! Mygavolt gained the title Christmas Comeback Crisis and Ninetales Dragons gained the title Cross Epoch.

Can you believe someone tried to sub a character with nothing to do with the actual theme, just the event the theme was based on? Wacky and wild. No theme this slate. Also, this slate marks the halfway point to the (possible) doomsday.

The slate ends on April 13th. Have fun!​
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"Using terror to shackle someone hand and foot is the bond of a family! Unless you fix that basic misunderstanding, you'll never get what you desire!"
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Series: Demon Slayer
Pokémon: Tanjiro Kamado
Type: Water/Fighting
Ability: Justified/Intrepid Sword
Hidden Ability: Conflagrate - Normal-type moves become Fire-type moves and grow 30% stronger, i.e. Fire-type Pixelate
Moves: Swords Dance, Sacred Sword, Close Combat, Liquidation, Waterfall, Slash, Return, Aqua Jet, Quick Attack, Knock Off, X-Scissor, Cross Poison, Psycho Cut, U-Turn, Protect, Wide Guard, Charm, Sing.
Sig. Move: Constant Flux |
| Physical | 60 BP | For every consecutive turn that this move is used by at least one Pokemon, this move's power is multiplied by the number of turns to pass, but not more than 5.
Z-Move: Dance of the Fire God - Converted from Constant Flux using Fatherium Z. | Fire | Physical | 240 Base Power
Stats: 100/125/100/50/90/120
Reasoning: Water because he uses the breath of water technique. Fighting because of his just nature and ability to empathize with seemingly anyone, even demons. Justified also comes from his just kindness, he fights with respect and dignity, even against demons. Intrepid Sword cause he's a sword user. Conflagrate and his Z-Move are for spoilery reasons. His movepool is mostly STAB attacks with slashing attacks stacked on. Protect and Wide Guard are from his undying desire to protect those close to him, especially Nezuko. Constant Flux is his strongest style as of now, a constant attack that increases in power with each rotation, eventually creating a strong final slash. His stats show how he fights, he uses breath of water to boost his strength and agility, mostly relying on that alone in his fights. Sing is for spoilery reasons that relate to Nezuko.

View attachment 212280
Series: Demon Slayer
Pokémon: Nezuko Kamoda
Type: Fire/Dark
Ability: Regenerator/Moxie
Hidden Ability: Daughteru - Cute Charm, only the effects are doubled
Moves: Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Heat Wave, Fire Punch, Overheat, Fire Lash, Dark Pulse, Sucker Punch, Pursuit, Taunt, Knock Off, Brick Break, Throat Chop, Close Combat, Inferno, Will O Wisp, Flame Burst, Superpower, Sludge Bomb, Acid, Acid Spray, Giga Drain, Drain Punch, Minimize, Growth.
Sig Move: Blood Burst |
| Special | 90 BP | Super effective on Dark and Ghost Types.
Stats: 113/99/100/90/110/54

Reasoning: Fire/Dark as she's a demon with pyrokinetic abilities. Fire also represents a spoilery ability she gets. Regenerator as her body is immortal and regenerates at an insane rate, to the point of regrowing limbs and organs. Moxie as her strength can grow by eating humans, technically she hasn't demonstrated that ability herself, and hopefully won't in the future, but there's no reason that she wouldn't be able to. Daughteru because she is one of the most adored characters in a show filled with lovable, adorable heroes. Her Movepool is mostly STAB attacks with fighting moves thrown in. She usually battles with brute force and surprise attacks above all else. Draining and Poison moves represent her demon abilities as well. Growth and Minimize her ability to change her size and height at will. Blood Burst represents her fire powers, the ability to ignite her blood that is outside her body, turning them into engulfing flames. However these flames only affects other Demons and Blood Demon Arts. Her stats are smaller than her brother as she relies less on skill and more on her natural, or unnatural if you think of it, powers. Namely, her enhanced regeneration and brute strength.

View attachment 212281
Mega Type: Fire/Dark
Mega Ability: Regenerator
Mega Stats: 113/104/135/95/135/84
Reasoning: When Nezuko or Tanjiro are in a serious pinch, Nezuko can give in to her demon nature to unleash a demon transformation that ups her fighting abilities immensely, at the cost of becoming more demon-like. All of her stats increase, but her powers stay relatively the same with the exception of being able to stand in sunlight, something no demon is capable of doing, and a power Muzan himself wants really badly. So far, the only way she could revert back to normal is to have someone (most likely Tanjiro) sing her a lullaby.

When I heard that they were after my buddy... I couldn't do anything!! I didn't do anything!! If I don't act now... forget being a hero, I'm not even a man!
Hero Costume

Series: My Hero Academia
Pokemon: Eijiro Kirishima
Type: Fighting/Rock
Ability: Sturdy/Rock Head
H. Ability: No Guard
Moves: Earthquake, Stone Edge, Close Combat, Earth Power, Crush Grip, Storm Throw, Circle Throw, Agility, Ice Hammer, Hammer Arm, Wood Hammer, Drain Punch, Mega Punch, Dynamic Punch, Sucker Punch, Mega Kick, Heavy Slam, Bullet Punch, Protect, Bulk Up, Wide Guard, Head Smash, High Jump Kick
Sig Move: Red Gauntlet | Rock | Physical | 90 Base Power | 30PP | 100% accuracy | Breaks Reflect and Light Screen.
Stats: 85/90/159/30/123/88
Reasoning: Fighting/Rock because he’s super hard and a top physical fighter. Sturdy and Rock Head are from his hardening quirk. His hidden ability No Guard comes from his fighting style. He doesn’t dodge attacks, he barrels through them. Movepool is comprised mostly of STAB and physical attacks. Red Gauntlet is his signature move.

Mega Type: Rock/Fighting
Mega Ability: No Guard
Mega Stats: 85/120/180/30/150/110
Reasoning: Red Riot Unbreakable is his ultimate move. Eijiro reaches his maximum hardening level by turning his entire body extremely hard and rugged, leaving him with a monstrous appearance and practically invulnerable to most forms of attack. His type, and ability are the same as Kirishima's fighting style doesn't change much.

"It's only been a brief while since our conversation has commenced and yet already we have been made apodictically cognizant of your personality, redolent as it is of a turd getting steamed in a sewer."
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Pokémon: Denki Kaminari
Type: Electric
Ability: Static/Volt Absorb
H. Ability: Indiscriminate - All non contact moves hit everyone on the field.
Moves: Iron Head, Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, Volt Switch, Wild Charge, Knock Off, Dark Pulse, Power Trip, Taunt, Flatter, Charge Beam, Zap Cannon, Signal Beam, Energy Ball, Psych Up, Thunder Punch, Nasty Plot, Stored Power, Snarl.
Stats: 75/50/75/150/90/145

Reasoning: Denki Kaminari. Electric because of his quirk Electrification, which allows him to absorb and discharge mass amounts of electricity. For Static, here's a direct quote from the Mha wiki: "With his Quirk activated, Denki gains a defense mechanism that shocks those who touch him, leaving them slightly paralyzed." For Volt Absorb, he can absorb electricity as much as he can discharge it, something that came very in handy recently in the manga. Indiscriminate references his supermove and core drawback, he can't aim his attacks with support gear. Most of his movepool is electric type attacks. Dark types are also abundant, referencing him being the fandom's most likely culprit to be the U.A. traitor, said concerns only being relieved in the two last chapters. Stored Power also represents how his quirk works. Stats are that of a Special Sweeper.

"I'm the Grim Reaper."

Pokémon: Scarlet
Type: Dark/Ghost
Ability: Sturdy/Justified
H. Ability: Reaper - Every time she KO's an opponent, she recovers ⅓ of her health.
Moves: Sucker Punch, Shadow Force, Throat Chop, Knock Off, Thief, Night Slash, Superpower, Sacred Sword, Behemoth Strike, Leech Life, U-turn, Giga Drain, Drain Punch, Swords Dance, Shadow Sneak, Shadow Claw, Recover, Glare, Wild Charge, Leaf Blade, Psycho Cut, Guillotine, Outrage, Frustration, Thrash, Agility, Horn Leech, Dragon Dance.
Stats: 100/105/150/50/120/60

Reasoning: Upon a young woman's death, she loses her memories and is taken directly to hell. There, she not only meets the devil, she is informed that she was one of the worst sinners there were, and is given a choice: either become one of his grim reapers, or be sentenced to the ninth circle of hell, a complete void lacking in any of the five senses. To avoid this fate, she agrees. Dark because she's a demonic serial killer commissioned by the literal devil. Ghost because she's technically just a soul and a demon shoved into a meat puppet. Also she died at the start of the story. Sturdy and her huge defenses come from her insane durability, being able to run and fight with an arm and leg ripped off. Justified as she only kills sinners, though that excuse gets really blurry early on. Reaper as she gets a full regen every time she gets a kill, although that would be a little more broken then necessary. Movepool is mostly STAB and slashing attacks. Also draining attacks because of Reaper. Outrage, Frustration, Thrash, for she gets really pissed off at how grey and uncomfortable this job gets.
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Pokémon: Metamorpho
Franchise: DC

Ability: Metamorphose (Whenever the user uses a move, the move's type is added to their typing. If the user already has the move's type, nothing happens. The added type changes each time a move of a new type is used.) | Regenerator
Moves: Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Head Smash, Diamond Pickaxe (see Steve), Iron Head, Meteor Mash, Bullet Punch, Gyro Ball, Heavy Slam, Iron Tail, Smart Strike, Hammer Arm, Wood Hammer, Power Whip, Night Slash, X-Scissor, Psycho Cut, Shadow Claw, Dragon Claw, Shadow Punch, Poison Jab, Drill Peck, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Fire Lash, Ice Hammer, Fly, Megahorn, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Knock Off, Brick Break, Leaf Blade, Razor Shell, Sacred Sword, Super Fang, Drill Run, Brave Bird, Flame Charge, Rock Polish, Autotomize, Iron Defense, Bulk Up, Acid Armor, Cotton Guard, Spiky Shield, Growth, Recover
Stats: 120 HP/115 Atk/155 Def/50 SpA/50 SpD/40 Spe (530 BST)

Metamorpho @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Atk / 252 Def
Impish Nature
- Cotton Guard
- Recover
- Spiky Shield
- Iron Head

Metamorpho @ Assault Vest
Ability: Metamorphose
EVs: 252 HP / 220 Atk / 36 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Brave Bird
- Wood Hammer
- Stone Edge
- Meteor Mash / Bullet Punch
Reasoning: Metamorpho is an Inhuman that shapeshifts. He can change different parts of his body into any material. He can turn them into simple objects or complex structures. He can also enlarge parts of his body, or create new structures on it. His body appears mostly rocky, with some metal. Metal is also something he commonly turns into. He has various methods of regeneration.
Enchantix Bloom.PNG

Pokémon: Bloom
Franchise: Winx Club

Ability: Dragon's Flame (The user's Dragon- and Fairy-type attacks have a 30% chance to burn.) | [HA] Calm Hover (User is immune to Ground-type moves. Their Special Defense is raised by 1 at the end of each turn.)
Moves: Fusion Fire, Dragon Fire, Dragon Pulse, Dazzling Gleam, Draining Kiss, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Heat Wave, Inferno, Air Slash, Psychic, Psyshock, Extrasensory, Calm Mind, Roost, Will-O-Wisp, Barrier, Light Screen, Reflect, Telekinesis
Stats: 105 HP/55 Atk/75 Def/120 SpA/120 SpD/125 Spe (600 BST)

Fusion Fire |
| 20 BP | 16 PP | 100% | Hits 2-5 times.
Dragon Fire |
| 95 BP | 24 PP | 90%

Bloom @ Life Orb
Ability: Dragon's Flame
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Hasty Nature
- Flamethrower
- Dazzling Gleam / Dragon Fire
- Psychic
- Calm Mind

Bloom @ Light Clay
Ability: Calm Hover
EVs: 252 HP / 72 SpA / 180 SpD
Modest Nature
- Light Screen
- Reflect
- Roost / Will-O-Wisp
- Draining Kiss / Flamethrower
Reasoning: Bloom is the Fairy of the Dragon Flame. She uses the power of the Dragon's Flame, which came from an actual dragon. Her magical attacks are firey in nature. The form shown is her Enchantix, which is one of three forms she currently uses. When Bloom first unlocked her Enchantix, she rose into the air as she was surrounded by energy. Some of Bloom's magical abilities are telekinesis and forcefields. Fusion Fire is an attack where she fires multiple beams, and Dragon Fire is a beam that's shaped like a dragon.
Butterflix Bloom.PNG

Pokémon: Butterflix Bloom

Ability: Dragon's Flame | [HA] Levitate
Moves: Aura of the Dragon Flame, Dragon Fire, Bug Buzz, Signal Beam, Dazzling Gleam, Draining Kiss, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Heat Wave, Inferno, Air Slash, Psychic, Psyshock, Extrasensory, Calm Mind, Roost, Will-O-Wisp, Quiver Dance, Barrier, Light Screen, Reflect, Telekinesis
Stats: 105 HP/55 Atk/75 Def/120 SpA/120 SpD/125 Spe (600 BST)

Aura of the Dragon Flame |
| 16 PP | Has +1 priority. Burns an attacker if they make contact this turn.

Butterflix Bloom @ Heavy-Duty Boots
Ability: Dragon's Flame
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Hasty Nature
- Quiver Dance
- Dazzling Gleam / Draining Kiss
- Flamethrower
- Psychic / Psyshock
Reasoning: Butterflix is one of three forms Bloom currently uses, which is associated with butterflies. Aura of the Dragon Flame is a spell she's used in Butterflix form, where she gives herself a firey aura.
Sirenix Bloom.PNG

Pokémon: Sirenix Bloom

Ability: Dragon's Flame | [HA] Levitate
Moves: Dragon Punch, Dragon Fire, Surf, Scald, Dazzling Gleam, Draining Kiss, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Heat Wave, Inferno, Air Slash, Psychic, Psyshock, Extrasensory, Calm Mind, Roost, Will-O-Wisp, Rain Dance, Aqua Ring, Soak, Barrier, Light Screen, Reflect, Telekinesis
Stats: 105 HP/55 Atk/75 Def/120 SpA/120 SpD/125 Spe (600 BST)

Dragon Punch |
| 75 BP | 24 PP | 100% | Uses the target's Defense stat when calculating damage.

Sirenix Bloom @ Life Orb
Ability: Dragon's Flame
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Hasty Nature
- Flamethrower
- Dazzling Gleam / Surf
- Psychic
- Calm Mind
Reasoning: Sirenix is one of three forms Bloom currently uses, which is associated with mermaids. Dragon Punch is a spell she's used in Butterflix form, where she shoots fire in the shape of a fist.

Pokémon: Ernie the Giant Chicken
Franchise: Family Guy

Ability: Anger Point | Iron Fist | [HA] Reckless
Moves: Chicken Fight, Mach Punch, Drain Punch, Close Combat, Dynamic Punch, Brick Break, Counter, Low Kick, Power-Up Punch, Hammer Arm, Brave Bird, Drill Peck, Fire Punch, Fire Lash, Shadow Punch, Knock Off, Bullet Punch, Double-Edge, Bulk Up, Roost, Defog
Stats: 200 HP/110 Atk/85 Def/30 SpA/30 SpD/85 Spe (550 BST)

Chicken Fight |
| 12 BP | 24 PP | 100% | Hits 6-10 times. Is punch-based. Each hit has 33% recoil.
Ernie the Giant Chicken @ Black Belt
Ability: Reckless
EVs: 200 HP / 252 Atk / 56 Def
Adamant Nature
- Chicken Fight
- Brave Bird
- Double-Edge
- Roost

Ernie the Giant Chicken @ Protective Pads
Ability: Anger Point
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Close Combat
- Brave Bird
- Bullet Punch
- Roost
Reasoning: Ernie is known for getting into "chicken fights" with Peter Griffin. The fights are long and usually cause lots of property damage. Punches are used a lot in every chicken fight. Both Ernie and Peter are able to live through an insane amount of damage, not just from each other, but from their environment.
Cat Valentine.PNG

Pokémon: Cat Valentine
Franchise: Victorious

Ability: Simple | Unaware | [HA] Own Tempo
Moves: Cube Fist, Bibble, Comfy Cross, Fake Out, Hyper Voice, Quick Attack, Rapid Spin, Earthquake, Play Rough, Dazzling Gleam, Draining Kiss, Sucker Punch, Mega Punch, Power-Up Punch, Drain Punch, Jump Kick, Bounce, Psychic, Zen Headbutt, X-Scissor, U-turn, Amnesia, Calm Mind, Encore, Sweet Kiss, Lovely Kiss, Confuse Ray, Thunder Wave, Role Play
Stats: 75 HP/75 Atk/40 Def/80 SpA/122 SpD/75 Spe (467 BST)

Cube Fist |
| 40 BP | 32 PP | 100% | Hits twice, without triggering effects that activate on contact.
Bibble |
| 16 PP | Heals the user a random number of times from 3-7, with 10% of total health being healed each time.
Comfy Cross |
| 24 PP | The user can't switch out, except with moves and items that switch out the user. Damage the user takes is reduced by 20%.
Cat Valentine @ Leftovers
Ability: Unaware
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 SpD
Calm Nature
- Comfy Cross
- Bibble
- Calm Mind
- Draining Kiss

Cat Valentine @ Assault Vest
Ability: Simple
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Power-Up Punch
- Earthquake
- Play Rough
- Rapid Spin
Reasoning: Cat is easily the dumbest member of her group, and is often doing silly things without considering if they make sense or not. Cube Fist comes from when she was contained as a mental patient as a hospital, with cubes on her fists that she used to punch. Bibble is her favorite snack, which she is addicted to. Comfy Cross comes from the way she sits on couches and chairs. She gets Hyper Voice and Encore because she sings, and Earthquake because she's experienced an earthquake. She has Play Rough, Sucker Punch, and punching moves because of when she surprise punched Tori. She has Jump Kick and Bounce because of Jupiter Boots. She gets X-Scissor because she carries scissors with her, Confuse Ray because she can be confusing in general, and Role Play because she acts. She has kissing moves because she kisses multiple times in the show.

Pokémon: Nancy Drew
Franchise: Nancy Drew

Ability: Inventory (Contact moves will steal the target's item. The user can hold up to eight items, but only the item in the primary slot has an effect. The user can only come into the battle with one item, which is in the primary slot. If the item in the primary slot is removed, the next item in the inventory will replace it. Moves that target the user's item will target the item in the primary slot.)
Moves: Select Item, Speech Bubble, Hyper Voice, Slash, Fake Out, Fling, Dark Pulse, Night Slash, Thief, Shadow Ball, Shadow Sneak, Shadow Punch, Psychic, Psyshock, Extrasensory, Zen Headbutt, Psycho Cut, Moonblast, Force Palm, Surf, Waterfall, Liquidation, Crunch, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Icicle Crash, Ice Shard, Ice Punch, Icy Wind, Power Gem, Head Smash, Bone Rush, Hurricane, Air Slash, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Fire Punch, Flame Charge, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Charge Beam, Thunder Punch, Wild Charge, Discharge, Ancient Power, Counter, Mirror Coat, Curse, Roar, Moonlight, Stealth Rock, Tailwind, Whirlwind, Sandstorm, Thunder Wave, Will-O-Wisp, Charge, Switcheroo, Trick, Encore
Stats: 160 HP/70 Atk/70 Def/70 SpA/70 SpD/80 Spe (520 BST)

Select Item |
| 64 PP | Switches the item in the primary slot with another item she holds.
Speech Bubble |
| 64 PP | 100% | Sound-based move. The target's item, Ability, and moves are revealed.

Reasoning: Nancy Drew is a detective. In the games, she solves mysteries by collecting items and putting them in her inventory, and talking to suspects, which is represented by a speech bubble. Ghost and Dark moves are from her being represented by a silhouette in the games, while Psychic moves are from her intelligence. Other moves reference specific games:

  • Secret of the Scarlet Hand: Force Palm
  • Danger on Deception Island/Ransom of the Seven Ships/Shadow at the Water's Edge/Sea of Darkness: Water moves
  • Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake: Crunch, Roar
  • White Wolf of Icicle Creek: Ice moves
  • Legend of the Crystal Skull: Power Gem, Head Smash, Bone Rush
  • Trail of the Twister: Hurricane, Air Slash, Whirlwind, Tailwind
  • Alibi in Ashes: Fire moves
  • The Deadly Device: Electric moves
  • Curse of Blackmoor Manor/The Captive Curse: Curse
  • Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon: Moonblast/Moonlight
  • Tomb of the Lost Queen: Sandstorm/Ancient Power
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