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Slate #6
Evolution Revolution

Congratulations to myself, Ninetales Dragons, and Bobsican for winning with SCP-743, Beatrice Rappacini, and Naofumi Iwatani! No titles have been gained this slate.

I suppose this is something of an unconventional slate theme, since it relates to Pokémon mechanics directly. But regardless, the vast majority of Crossover Chaos submissions, regardless of version, are single-stage. As such, this slate's bonus will be handed to subs that include one "species" that evolves into another. Being able to tell whether or not a character fits the slate will be easier than normal, but regardless, you may indicate they fit the slate like so: **Pawn**

The slate ends on March 2nd. Have fun!​
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Pokémon: Anakin Skywalker
Type: Psychic
Ability: Limber / Anger Point (Sheer Force)
Moves: Psychic, Zen Headbutt, Psyshock, Focus Blast, Aura Sphere, Vacuum Wave, Close Combat, Submission, Acrobatics, Low Kick, Outrage, Stomping Tantrum
Z-Move: I Hate Sand: 190 BP | This move is also super-effective against Ground-type opponents
Stats: 75/100/75/105/70/130 | BST: 555

Reasoning: Anakin Skywalker is a Jedi that would soon turn into Darth Vader. Psychic type because Jedi are pretty much Psychics thanks to the Force. Anger Point because he frequently gets cranky during the prequels, Limber because Anakin is athletic, able to do high jumps. Sheer Force because he is strong and he has the Force.

*Evolves at Level 24 while burned*

Pokémon: Darth Vader
Type: Psychic/Steel
Ability: Full Metal Body / Intimidate (Sheer Force)
Moves: Psychic, Psyshock, Zen Headbutt, Focus Blast, Aura Sphere, Vacuum Wave, Close Combat, Submission, Acrobatics, Low Kick, Outrage, Stomping Tantrum, Flash Cannon, Heavy Slam, Dark Pulse, Knock Off, Throat Chop
Z-Move: I Hate Sand
Stats: 75/80/105/125/100/70 | BST:555

Reasoning: Darth Vader has the Scyther-Scizor style of evolution where he and his pre-evolution share the same BST. However, Darth Vader has access to more moves, and has the Steel-typing to grant it numerous resistances along with a poison immunity. Full Metal Body because Darth Vader is a cyborg, Intimidate because many people, Rebels and Imperial Army alike, fear Darth Vader. He also gains Dark-type moves becauss he has turned to the Dark Side.

Pokemon: Cell
Type: Bug/Fighting
Abilities: Regenerator/Sturdy/Zenkai Boost (see Vegeta)
Stats: 80/75/45/60/65/70 (395)
Moves: Kamehameha (see Goku), Big Bang Attack (see Vegeta), Flash, Double Team, Signal Beam, Hyper Beam, Leech Life, Throat Chop, Bind, Wrap, Knock Off, Dark Pulse, Aura Sphere, Close Combat, Recover, Protect, Taunt, Torment, Fly, Sucker Punch, Brick Break, Nasty Plot, Mach Punch, U-Turn, Iron Tail, Acid, Harden, Low Sweep, Swagger, Flatter, Work Up, Acrobatics, Dragon Rush, Double Edge, Quick Attack
Overview: Cell is the ultimate creation of Dr. Gero, a bio-organic life form designed to constantly gain power and become perfect. In particular, Cell is made from the cells of Goku himself, Vegeta, Nappa, Piccolo, Frieza, and King Cold, and the observation of each of the fighters in question means he is familiar with their techniques. This means he receives the techniques from all of them, as well as characteristics from them (Piccolo’s regeneration for Regenerator and Recover, Frieza’s capability to survive even while heavily injured for Sturdy, and Zenkai Boost from the Saiyans) However, this here is Cell’s Imperfect form. While Cell is certainly not outclassed in this form, he’s still able to get punched around by Android 16, Piccolo, and is reliant on absorbing a large number of life forms for the sake of power. However, absorbing Android 17 turns Cell into an even greater threat.


Pokemon: Semi-Perfect Cell
Evolves From: Cell
Type: Bug/Fighting
Abilities: Regenerator/Sturdy/Zenkai Boost
Stats: 95/100/65/70/75/75 (480)
Moves: All of the above, Barrier, Self-Destruct
Overview: One step closer to full power, yet still not quite there. It should be noted that Barrier is from absorbing Android 17, and Self-Destruct is gained in this form because Cell was in this form when he resorted to it. This form can use Eviolite, but we all know which form this guy is known for.


Pokemon: Perfect Cell
Evolves From: Semi-Perfect Cell
Type: Bug/Fighting
Abilities: Regenerator/Sturdy/Zenkai Boost
Stats: 110/120/90/95/95/90 (600)
Moves: All of the above, Instant Transmission (see Goku), Teleport, Telekinesis, Rock Tomb, Stone Edge, Rock Slide
Overview: Perfect Cell, the form attained after absorbing both Androids 17 & 18, is the final form of Cell. In this form, Cell utilizes Frieza’s telekinesis more, which is why it’s given here. He also uses it to carve stone, and considering Frieza is known for pulling terrain to attack the foe with, I think Perfect Cell probably could do so as well. Finally, Cell gains Instant Transmission after self-destructing by absorbing more up-to-date cells from Goku, which gives him access to the technique. Overall, Cell is intended to be a strong pivot option with STAB U-Turn and Regen to give himself longevity and his team momentum.


Pokemon: Puppy Clifford
Type: Normal
Abilities: Pickup/Early Bird
Stats: 25/40/35/30/45/55 (Total: 230)
Notable Moves: Tackle, Bite, Growl, Lick, Endeavor, Crunch, Play Rough, Play Nice, Work Up, Baby-Doll Eyes, Facade, Return, Frustration, Tail Whip, Howl, Odor Sleuth, Snarl, Echoed Voice, Round
Overview: Back before Clifford the Big Red Dog was big, he was actually the runt of his litter. Clifford was smaller than the average dog, even for a puppy, and his stats and moves reflect his small size. His abilities are like those you might see on a simple, early game Pokemon, with Early Bird being pulled from Houndour. His moves are all what you would expect a puppy to be able to do. Of course, Clifford has a very big change in his future...


Pokemon: Clifford
Evolves From: Puppy Clifford (Max friendship)
Type: Normal
Abilities: Huge Power/Early Bird
Stats: 130/75/87/50/93/75 (Total: 510)
Notable Moves: All of the above + Heavy Slam, Body Slam, Body Press, Stomp, Double Edge, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Rollout, Giga Impact, Hyper Voice, Roar, Rock Climb, Strength, Crush Claw, Bulk Up
Overview: Clifford is mostly defined by being really, really big. So, to add on to the moves you would expect a dog to be able to do, moves you would expect something large would be able to do were also added. Huge Power is because he’s literally huge. Clifford can go with either Huge Power for immediate, powerful damage or Early Bird and Bulk Up for some early wake up Rest tactics.
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Pokémon: Kid Flash
Franchise: DC

Ability: Motor Drive | Idolized Flash (If the user switches to a Pokémon with higher Speed, their Attack and Special Attack are increased by 1.)
Moves: Time Flash, Thunder Punch, Wild Charge, Mach Punch, Poison Jab, Extreme Speed, Quick Attack, Thunder Wave, Flash
Stats: 50 HP/85 Atk/50 Def/52 SpA/50 SpD/160 Spe (447 BST)

Time Flash |
| 90 BP | 16 PP | 100% | Works like Phantom Force.

Reasoning: Motor Drive perfectly reflects what happened to Kid Flash; he was struck with lightning, and gained super speed. The other Ability is because the Flash that already existed was Kid Flash's hero. Chemicals were involved in the accident, which is where Poison Jab comes from. Every Flash has a lightning motif going for them. Time Flash represents Kid Flash being able to run through time.

Kid Flash evolves into Flash.

Pokémon: Flash

Ability: Motor Drive | Vibration (The user is immune to Normal- and Fighting-type attacks.)
Moves: Time Flash, Speed Steal, Speed Armor, Thunder Punch, Wild Charge, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Discharge, Mach Punch, Brick Break, Drain Punch, Superpower, Poison Jab, Sludge Wave, Shadow Punch, Phantom Force, Bullet Punch, Hurricane, Air Slash, Fly, Extreme Speed, Quick Attack, Thunder Wave, Flash, Defog, Whirlwind, Tailwind, Recover
Stats: 80 HP/100 Atk/80 Def/75 SpA/50 SpD/240 Spe (625 BST)

Speed Steal |
| 8 PP | 100% | Lowers the target's Speed by 1. If this is successful, the user's Speed is raised by 1.
Speed Armor |
| 32 PP | Raises the user's Defense by 2.

Flash @ Red Card
Ability: Vibration
EVs: 252 HP / 40 Atk / 220 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Tailwind
- Speed Steal
- Recover
- Extreme Speed / Drain Punch

Flash @ Choice Band
Ability: Vibration
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Thunder Punch
- Extreme Speed
- Poison Jab
- Drain Punch
Reasoning: Flash is even faster than before, able to surpass the speed of light several times over. One of his techniques is vibrating his body, which makes it intangible. He can do several things with speed, like stealing it from others, or creating armor around himself. His regeneration also works at super speed, allowing him to heal instantly. He can create winds by spinning his arms around.

Pokémon: Kid Gwen
Franchise: Ben 10

Ability: Magic Bounce | Magic Guard | [HA] Analytic
Moves: Psychic, Psyshock, Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball, Air Slash, Signal Beam, Thunderbolt, Discharge, Surf, Water Spout, Magic Coat, Trick, Disable, Telekinesis, Whirlwind, Defog, Thunder Wave, Grassy Terrain, Haze, Flash, Leech Seed, Coil
Stats: 51 HP/67 Atk/51 Def/100 SpA/100 SpD/90 Spe (459 BST)

Kid Gwen @ Eviolite
Ability: Analytic
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 SpD
Modest Nature
- Psyshock
- Dazzling Gleam
- Thunderbolt
- Surf
Reasoning: Gwen uses magic, making use of a variety of spells, while also having intelligence. Here are some of the spells she uses:
  • Appendaga Regoria: Telekinesis
  • Aquata Risa Spackwata: Water Spout, Surf
  • Camouflat Vaporis: Haze
  • Discombobulus Negatum: Disable
  • Emocha Objectia: Signal Beam
  • Galeas Disruptus: Whirlwind, Air Slash, Defog
  • Illuminatus: Flash
  • Merchucus Verditis: Thunderbolt, Discharge, Thunder Wave
  • Reanima Verdanica: Grassy Terrain, Leech Seed
  • Twista Combititus: Coil

Kid Gwen evolves into Gwen Tennyson.

Pokémon: Gwen Tennyson

Ability: Magic Bounce | Magic Guard | [HA] Calm Hover (The user is immune to Ground-type moves. Their Special Defense is raised by 1 at the end of each turn.)
Moves: Somnus, Super Theca, Psychic, Psyshock, Extrasensory, Zen Headbutt, Dazzling Gleam, Shadow Ball, Air Slash, Hurricane, Signal Beam, Thunderbolt, Discharge, Thunder, Thunder Punch, Surf, Water Spout, Waterfall, Liquidation, Power Whip, Bullet Seed, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Focus Blast, Brick Break, Seismic Toss, Circle Throw, Counter, Earth Power, Mirror Coat, Magic Coat, Trick, Disable, Light Screen, Reflect, Barrier, Telekinesis, Teleport, Gravity, Calm Mind, Whirlwind, Defog, Tailwind, Thunder Wave, Grassy Terrain, Haze, Flash, Leech Seed, Coil, Iron Defense, Stealth Rock
Stats: 72 HP/80 Atk/72 Def/125 SpA/115 SpD/90 Spe (554 BST)

Somnus |
| 24 PP | 100% | Ensleeps the target.
Super Theca |
| 24 PP | 100% | Disables the target's Fire-type moves until they switch out. The target is healed of a burn.

Gwen Tennyson @ Leftovers
Ability: Calm Hover
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 SpD
Calm Nature
- Leech Seed
- Somnus
- Haze / Flash
- Psychic

Gwen Tennyson @ Leftovers
Ability: Magic Guard
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Hasty Nature
- Calm Mind
- Psychic
- Surf
- Earth Power

Gwen Tennyson @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Magic Bounce
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Hasty Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Psychic
- Earth Power
- Focus Blast
Reasoning: Gwen can use even more spells than before, while also having general control over mana, being able to form constructs with it. She also practices martial arts.
  • Facio Gravis: Gravity
  • Fabecio Kai: Earth Power
  • Tur-bo: Hurricane
  • Sinnyu Invisibus: Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Stealth Rock
  • Tempestus Impaetus: Thunder
  • Abaeo Exorior: Teleport
  • Vorcess Nebulae: Mirror Coat
She uses Somnus to cause sleeping, and Super Theca to put out fires.

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Pokémon: Jar Jar Binks
Type: Water/Flying
Ability: Klutz/*Simple*
Moves: Acrobatics, Gunk Shot, Bounce, Aqua Jet, Liquidation, Aerial Ace, Power Whip, Lick, Dive, Hydro Pump, Muddy Water, Surf, Soak
Stats: 60/80/50/50/50/130 [BST 420]

Reasoning: Jar Jar Binks is an idiot through and through. He's not a skilled fighter but he is somehow incredibly acrobatic and aerodynamic. The water type comes from the fact that he's amphibious and is fairly comfortable underwater as well as on the land. However against the odds this idiot became a senator ...

Jar Jar Binks evolves into Senator Jar Jar Binks

Pokémon: Senator Jar Jar Binks
Type: Water/Dark
Ability: Charisma/*Huge Power*
Doubles the user's special attack
Moves: Same as Jar Jar plus dark pulse, sucker punch, hyper voice, bestow, power trick, power split, nasty plot, false surrender, obstruct, parting shot, power trip, knock off, quash
Z-Move: Dellow Felegates-190 Power| Requires either dark pulse or false surrender|raises all the stats of the user by 1 stage.
Stats: 90/60/90/60/90/125 [BST 515]

Reasoning: Senator Jar Jar Binks is responsible for amassing the power Palpatine gets and so this plays on the theory that Jar Jar was either a sith lord or in cahoots with Palpatine for him to gain so much power and cause the plot of the original trilogy to happen.

Pokémon: Orc
Type: Dark
Ability: Intimidate/Hustle
Moves: Slash, Night Slash, Fury Cutter, Work Up, Sucker Punch, Dual Chop, Fling, Beat Up, Brutal Swing, Obstruct, Pursuit, Knock Off
Stats: 60/90/70/30/60/70[BST 380]

Reasoning:Orcs are generally weak enemies faced early on in most adventures. They aren't designed to be overwhelmingly powerful by any stretch of the imagination but are a fair challenge for a party of level 1 or 2. This reflects in their stats as they are pretty mediocre. Likewise their movepool is shallow, since they're weak melee fighters that lack the skills players would have. They are not tough in the slightest. However we can remedy this via an evolution at the price of an eye

Orc evolves into Orc Eye of Gruumsh

Pokémon: Orc Eye of Gruumsh
Type: Dark/Psychic
Ability: Intimidate/Long Reach
Moves: Slash, Night Slash, Psycho Cutter, Fury Cutter, Work Up, Sucker Punch, Dual Chop, Fling, Beat Up, Brutal Swing, Hyper Voice, Earthquake, Clangorious Soul, Chatter, Growl, Howl, Bug Buzz, Clanging Scales, literally every other sound move, flash, mystic fire, Swords Dance, Detect, Obstruct, Pursuit, Knock Off, Guidance, Resistance, Command, Bless
-It's a psychic type decorate clone
Resistance-It's guidance for defense
Command-Psychic|Status|16 Max PP|It's a protect clone, but it also disables the move the user was going to use on the target.
Bless-It's a psychic swords dance clone that effects both the user and its on field allies.
Stats: 80/130/100/50/80/75[BST 515]

Reasoning: Here we have a stronger version of the orc, and it'd be great if we had a doubles mod. It's a shame we don't. Anyway you might be wondering a few things like why does it get access to every sound move ever, mystic fire, and earthquake. Well that mostly comes from one spell, Thaumaturgy, a useful cantrip that does all sorts of little things. Mostly create sound and amp up the sound of your own voice. I know earthquake doesn't make sense to get it from thaumaturgy but let me extend some creative liberties here. Even then getting access to every sound move with 50 special attack isn't doing much for it. However that secondary psychic type comes from its new abilities gifted to it by Gruumsh. Gruumsh is a cycloptic orc god who is worshiped fervently by the orcs. The orcs are incredibly zealous and once they sacrifice an eye, Gruumsh gives them divine powers to help out their fellow orcs.

Pokémon: Peedy the Parrot
Type: normal/flying
Ability: Symbiosis/Download/Pickpocket
Moves: Chatter, Brave Bird, Instruct, Thunder Wave, Wild Charge, Pluck, Peck, Covet, Leech Seed, Drain Punch, Giga Drain, Mega Drain, Roost, Foresight, Detect
Stats: 70/105/80/55/80/110[BST 500]

Reasoning: Peedy the Parrot was one of many Microsoft agents available, to help people who didn't understand how these new fangled personal computers worked. Now he's a relic of a bygone era and in no way would be available outside of Microsoft Agents to be downloaded as spyware or anything. Also he's software designed to look like a bird, I think electric flying is fitting here. In terms of his moves I had to get creative since his traits are that he likes listening to music and eating crackers.

Peedy the Parrot evolves into ??? using the Dubious Disc

Pokémon: Bonzi Buddy
Type: Normal/Dark
Ability: Slow Down/Download/Pickpocket
Slow Down: Whenever this Pokemon is on the field the opponent's speed stat is lowered by one stage.
Moves: Chatter, Brave Bird, Instruct, Thunder Wave, Wild Charge, Pluck, Peck, Thunder Punch, Thunderbolt, Knock Off, Dark Pulse, Toxic, Will-O-Wisp, Curse, Drain Punch, Sing, Leech Seed, Giga Drain, Mega Drain, Foresight, Detect, Future Sight, Roost, Windows Destroyer, Trojan Breach, Jokes, Facts, Browse, Spam

Windows Destroyer-It's a dark type brick break
Trojan Breach-|Dark|80 Power|100% Accuracy|16 Max PP|The user recovers 50% of the damage dealt|
Jokes-|Normal|Status|90% Accuracy|16 Max PP|The user tells a joke so bad that it gives the target a random status effect
Facts-|Psychic|Special|75 Power|100% Accuracy|16 Max PP|The user informs the target so much that the user feels smarter and superior for owning the opponent with facts and logic. It raises its special attack by 1.
Spam-|Dark|Special|25 Power|100% Accuracy|48 Max PP|It hits the target 2 to 5 times.
Z-Move: OS Eradicator|Dark Type|185 Power|Required Move Windows Destroyer|Lower's the opponent's stats by 1 stage each
Stats: 70/120/50/120/50/90[BST 500]

Reasoning: Okay so Peedy the Parrot is not so innocent as two fucks named Joe and Jay Bonzi took Peedy and used it for their own avatar of their own software, that was free. They would later sub out Peedy for the purple ape of infamy because then microsoft couldn't sue them. Thus the link between Peedy and Bonzi is formed, however Bonzi Buddy was notorious for both Adware and Spyware, some even saying it was a back door for Trojans. It basically fucked up your computer badly, and that's not even going to the fact that BonziSOFTWARE got sued because of Bonzi Buddy. You see the funny purple monkey really appeals to children, and Bonzi Buddy took information indiscriminately. The end result was them having to pay 75,000 dollars in fines because they violated COPPA. Anyway the best I could do with them stealing information was draining health, hence the draining moves, I mean if this stole any personal information your life might be over anyway so it sorta fits. Foresight and Detect refer to its search feature, Future Sight for scheduling, and of course it has some new signature moves based on its other functions. Lastly, Windows Destroyer, AKA the thing most people actually know Bonzi Buddy for. You see some stupid swede would tend to use our purple friend to help destroy various Windows versions from 94 to 10. If not for this one swede no one would probably give a shit about Bonzi Buddy.

Pokémon: Genie
Ability: Technician/Magician/Imposter
Moves: Wish, Transform, Teeter Dance, Swords Dance, Sing, Hyper Voice, Hyper Space Vortex, Psychic, Moonblast, Cosmic Power, Future Sight, Psyshock, Dazzling Gleam, Bulk Up, Minimize, Magic Powder, Teleport, Mystical Fire, Double Team
Stats: 100/80/70/110/90/120[BST 570]

Reasoning: Genie is a force of magic and as such psychic and fairy make the most sense for him. On top of that he's pretty quick and well because this is a Robin Williams character he does a lot of impressions, specifically in the 3rd movie. He basically has extreme cosmic powers that let him do whatever the fuck he needs to do, so most of his moves come from that. Of course after the second movie he gets a nerf from phenomenal cosmic power to semi-phenomenal cosmic power, so I'm not going to give him every single move in the fucking game. Also the evasion boosting moves are merely on there for flavor.

Pokémon: SCP-294
Ability: Analytic/Filter
Moves: Hydro Pump, Scald, Hydro Cannon, Water Spout, Muddy Water, Surf, Waterfall, Water Gun, Bubble, Bubble Beam, Steam Eruption, Eruption, Lava Plume, Sludge, Acid, Acid Spray, Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Tar Shot, Apple Acid, Leech Life, Venoshock, Red Tears, Hot Cup of Tea, Fire Extinguisher, Thunder Wave, Will-O-Wisp, Toxic, Yawn, Discharge, Magma Storm, Literally every other liquid move we have between V1, V2, and Expanded, Liquid Nitrogen, Molten Metal
Liquid Nitrogen-Ice type scald clone but with a 20% chance to freeze instead.
Molten Metal-A steel type scald clone
Stats: 100/60/107/110/107/70[BST 544]

Reasoning: Okay so this is a fucking coffee machine that can produce any liquid. T-Wave, WoW, Toxic, and Yawn are there to represent effects of certain liquids be they neurotoxins or just a hot cup of chamomile tea. Now you may wonder, why the fuck does it have 70 speed if it can't move. Well the speed is more so based on how fast it can get people's drinks. I figured base 70 speed would work for your average coffee vending machine. In terms of abilities analytic seemed to fit since it can analyze the situation and filter because coffee filters, and also because it does have to filter through its database to see if it can produce that liquid. Something like Thomas Jefferson's Blood it cannot produce.
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Pokémon: **Alexander the Great (Fate/Grand Order)**
Typing: Electric
Ability: Cute Charm / Zeus Thunder
Zeus Thunder: Every time Thunder is used, Bulk Up is also used.
Moves: Thunderbolt, Thunder, Wild Charge, Nuzzle, Spark, High Horsepower, Stomping Tantrum, Stomp, Double-Edge, Secret Sword, Bulk Up, Attract, Captivate, Swords Dance
Stats: 90/60/90/60/90/90 (480)
Evolves into Iskandar after maxing out Attack and Defense through Zeus Thunder in a battle.

Pokémon: **Iskandar (Fate/Zero)**
Typing: Electric/Fighting
Ability: Charisma / Sand Rush
Charisma: Power Spot clone
Moves: Same as above + Return, Via Expugnatio, Close Combat, Beat Up, Lunge, Smart Strike, Bulldoze, Earthquake, Sandstorm, Magnitude, Sand Tomb, Smack Down
Signature Move: Via Expugnatio: Fighting-type Return clone, 20% Paralysis chance.
Z-Move: Ionioi Hetairoi (210 BP | Fighting | Physical | must know Via Expugnatio | Field effects (including unremovable ones like Aestus Domus Aurea and Unlimited Blade Works from CCv2) are cleared, and Sandstorm is set up. This move is affected by the user's Charisma if it has it.)
Stats: 120/110/120/70/110/40 (570)

Reasoning: Alexander, the prevo, debutted in a game. However, Iskandar, the evo, debutted in a book and came almost a decade before Alexander.
Rest is WIP
Pokémon: Hollow Ulquiorra
Typing: Ghost
Ability: Battle Armor
Moves: Shadow Ball, Hyper Beam, Teleport,
Signature Move:
Evolves into Ulquiorra Cifer
Pokémon: Ulquiorra Cifer
Typing: Ghost
Ability: Regenerator
Signature Move:
Reasoning: B
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Pokémon: Slime Rimuru (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)

Type: Water
Ability: Trace/Intimidate
H. Ability: Great Sage - Making contact with an opponent will give Rimuru info on one move at a time, can be used four times.
Moves: Transform, Mirror Move, All TMs.
Sig. Move: Predator | | Physical | 50 BP | If this causes the targeted Pokémon to faint, the user's will gain a two stage stat boost depending on the highest stat the target had. If it was HP, Rimuru heals half his HP.
Stats: 95/60/80/75/80/60

Reasoning: Rimuru was your average guy in the human world until one day he got stabbed to death and woke up as a slime in another world. After getting a new name from Veldora Tempest, the Storm Dragon, he started his journey to explore and eventually take over the world. His water typing comes from his slime body and mainly using water attacks at the start. Trace and her insane movepool comes from Predator, his ability to copy the abilities of anything he eats. Intimidate comes from Menace, a skill Rimuru used quite a bit at the start. Great Sage is basically his help menu, giving him info on everything he gets his hands, or slime, on. His stats are rather low but fairly bulky for a first stage.

Evolves by using Predator on a legendary pokemon.

Pokémon: Human Rimuru

Type: Water
Ability: Thick Fat/Conflagrate - Normal-type moves become Fire-type moves and grow 30% stronger, i.e. Fire-type Pixelate
H. Ability: Great Sage - Making contact with an opponent will give Rimuru info on one move at a time, can be used four times.
Moves: Transform, Mirror Move, Predator, All TMs.
Stats: 105/70/105/85/105/70

Reasoning: This is the form Rimuru gained after absorbing Ifrit and Shizu and also making a promise to find the demon lord that brung her to this world and enslave. Thick Fat comes from his thermal resistance, a complete immunity to heat and cold in the series. This was how Rimuru beat Ifrit. Great Sage for the same reasons as Slime Rimuru. Water because despite the new form, he's still a slime. Conflagrate as he ate Ifrit, the Conqueror of Flame. Movepool stays as large as ever. His stats are top tier for a middle-stage pokemon. An eviolite would make the mon nigh indestructible.

Evolves by using Predator on 1000 pokemon.

Pokémon: Demon Lord Rimuru

Type: Water/Dark
Ability: Regenerator/Protean
H. Ability: Raphael - Making contact with an opponent will give Rimuru info on their moves and abilities.
Moves: Transform, Mirror Move, Predator, All TMs. Sketch can be used once.
Stats: 110/70/120/110/120/100

Reasoning: Rimuru became a Demon Slime after his Harvest Festival, where he used 10,000 souls of an invading army to evolve. A Dark type has been added to represent his ascension as a True Demon Lord. Regenerator is his Infinite Regeneration, the ultimate evolution of a slime regeneration properties. Protean represents the numerous skills and powers he has, and his control over all of them. Great Sage is upgraded into Raphael, Lord of Wisdom, an ultimate skill that boosts the power of Great Sage by an insurmountable measure. Movepool is given Sketch to further increase the variety of Rimuru's near godlike power. Stats are mostly defensive, but Special Attack is hardly weak. This mon is supposed to represent Rimuru's powers. Namely, being a near invincible monster that can fire off seemingly any attack.


Pokémon: Tomura Shigaraki
Type: Dark/Ghost
Ability: Technician/Intimidate
H. Ability: Unstable - All attacks have 1.5 Base Power, but he’s confused all the time.
Moves: Knock Off, Taunt, Lunge, Nasty Plot, Swords Dance, Foul Play, Sucker Punch, Switcheroo, Dark Pulse, Shadow Punch, Shadow Ball, Destiny Bond, Curse, Toxic, Confuse Ray, Outrage, Protect, Double Team,
Sig Move: Decay | Dark | Physical | 150 Base Power | 30PP | 60% accuracy | OHKO if it gets a crit.
Sig Move: Decay Wave | Dark | Physical | 120 Base Power | 30PP | 60% accuracy | Hits all opponents. OHKO if it gets a crit.
Stats: 110/90/75/80/85/115
Reasoning: Dark comes from him being the main villain of the story and generally a psychotic monster. Ghost comes his disheveled zombie look and in particular his early design. Technician because in spite of his mental instability, he is actually quite intelligent. He was able to deduce the flaw of Aizawa’s quirk very quickly and pulled a fast one on Chisaki, despite the latter being...reasonably more stable, and having a mind reader as a right hand man. Intimidate because he simply looks like a terrifying villain, even without the severed hands of his family on him. Unstable as he is insane from his accidental murder of his family. Also his goal is to literally destroy the world. Decay is his quirk, arguably one of the most deadly quirks in the series, and also one he can’t control, thus the poor accuracy. Stats are via his lanky frame and only being rather fast being his greatest feat. High HP from his determination, which is almost as great as Izuku’s. Best demonstrated in the fight with Gigantomachia, who has been hunting and continuously fighting him for 48 hours straight with only three hours for Tomura to rest. For over a month no less.
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Rinnosuke Morichika

Pokemon: Rinnosuke Morichika
Origin: Curiosities of Lotus Asia
Type: Normal
Abilities: Fixing it Up (Frisk, but his item will also gain the positive effect of the opponent's item. It can stack up to 8 times, counting duplicates.) / Prankster
Stats: 122/50/90/50/90/122 (444)
Moves: Master Spark, All status moves except for Shell Smash as well as other signature moves, Pay Day, Sacred Sword, Deploy Missiles, X-Scissor, Knock Off, Night Slash, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Double-Edge, Ice Beam, Hurricane, Rock Slide, Psychic, Sludge Bomb, Seismic Toss, U-Turn, Volt Switch, Scald
New Moves: Master Spark: Normal, Special, 100 BP, 100% Accuracy, 10 PP, Type depends on the SECONDARY typing of the user. Hits all opponents in a Double Battle.
Overview: Ah, a Touhou character in Expanded. That's new. Well, here's Rinnosuke, the all-knowing shopkeeper of Kourindou. Obviously being a half-human, half-youkai hybrid, he's Normal type. For his ability of knowing the use of the item (to a great extent) and his crafting skills, his ability shows that. For stats, I grabbed them from Labyrinth of Touhou 2 and doubled the Defenses (and buffed it even more), which does seem to fit his status as a lackluster fighter. Speaking of which, he's mostly packed with status moves, but he does have a few damaging moves, including Master Spark. He made the Mini Hakkero for Marisa, so I guess he could use it. Mostly the items could him using artifacts from his shop as the attacks, so I guess it could make sense for the unorthodox moves of his. However, since he's really unable to use them (or at least well), he's got really low offensive stats.
Compeditive Analysis: Well, I can't really do this well, but from what I see, he's basically support incarnate. Having access to Prankster and almost every good status move in the game, including condition setting, stat boosting, HP recovery, debuffs, Wish, and hazards, among others, he's practically a walking support machine. Fixing it Up can also give it stackable buffs to at least improve his work. His Speed is also quite decent and has good bulk. However, he is massive Taunt bait thanks to the low offensive stats, despite the wide offensive movepool, and also is still weak to the many Fighting-types thanks to the resistant-less Normal typing.
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Pokémon: Anti-Sonic
Type: Normal/Dark
Regional Variant: of Sonic
Ability: Technician/Prankster
Moves: Quick Attack, Extreme Speed, Sucker Punch, Fake Out, Coil, Rollout, Baddy Bad, Assurance, Beat Up, Brutal Swing, Dark Pulse, Darkest Lariat, Fling, Foul Play, Dragon Dance, Automatize, Knock Off, Nasty Plot, Parting Shot, Payback, Power Trip, Quash, Thief, Acupressure, Barrage, Bide, Chip Away, Crush Grip, Dizzy Punch, High Jump Kick, Double Hit, Double Slap, False Swipe, Follow Me, Fury Swipes, Judgement, Me First, Tackle, Take Down, Tailwind
Z-Move: N/A
: 50/60/60/45/45/85

Reasoning: I wanted to give Sonic a regional variant that evolved into a separate mon in the vein of Perrserker and Sirfetch'd, as well as give Archie Sonic some love, may it rest in peace. Anti-Sonic is a Dark type due to being an evil variant of Sonic, and edgy to boot. Priority moves are a must, but with a brutal twist. However, it seems to be missing a few things, and has some low stats (but can use Eviolite).

EVOLVE to Scourge at Level 35


Pokémon: Scourge The Hedgehog
Type: Dark/Psychic
Ability: Prankster/Berserk/Speed Boost
Moves: All Anti-Sonic Moves plus Uproar, Bind, Comet Punch, Conversion 1 & 2, Dizzy Punch, Disable, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Guillotine, Head Charge, Headbutt, Superpower, Laser Focus, Mega Kick, Mega Punch, Metronome, Pound, Protect, Psych Up, Secret Power, Hidden Power, Sonic Boom, Strength, Hyperspace Fury, Knock Off, Night Daze, Punishment, Topsy-Turvy, Snatch, Agility, Amnesia, Confusion, Extrasensory, Heal Block, Magic Coat, Psyshock, Psychic, Imprison, Mirror Coat, Psycho Boost, Psychic Shift, Psystrike, Psywave, Teleport, Speed Switch
Z-Move: Z-Anarchy Blast: Using the power of the Anarchy Beryls, Scourge blasts the area around him with energy! 120 BP, leaves Psychic Terrain behind. Psychic moves turn into this move.
Stats: 80/100/85/100/85/95

Reasoning: Hail to the king, baby! Completing the Normal/Dark sets as well as adding a tricky side with Psychic typing and a more technical movepool, Scourge turns into a smidge of a glass cannon, sporting more in his Attack stats than Defense. Setup mons are this man's best friend, and Z-Anarchy Blast can further assert his dominance by leaving Psychic Terrain behind.
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Pokémon: C. Round
Type: Normal
Ability: Klutz/Pickup
Moves: Struggle, Flail, Bounce, Tackle, Bide, Belly Drum, Block, Body Slam, Celebrate, Chip Away, Covet, Headbutt, Lock On, Pound
Z-Move: (Optional)
Stats: 20/30/35/30/35/25

Reasoning: C. Round is very much like Tyrogue and Magikarp, where you have to live with the bogus for a little bit in order to get the stronger Mon later. However, even now it's got a movepool that doesn't immediately doom it to the depths of EXP Share, and has base stats mostly in the 30s, as well as a Typing that doesn't forsake it too much.

EVOLVE to K. Round at Level 20 or higher with King's Rock equipped

Pokémon: K. Round
Type: Normal/Steel
Ability: Pickup/Flash Fire
Moves: All C. Round moves plus Swords Dance, Dragon Dance, After You, Attract, Barrage, Baton Pass, Boomburst, Court Change, Double Slap, Double Edge, Encore, Endure, Feint, Focus Energy, Focus Punch, Focus Blast, Growth, Harden, Hold Back, Lucky Chant, Metronome, Minimize, Play Nice, Play Rough, Payday, Stomp, Swagger, Thrash, Uproar, Anchor Shot, Double Iron Bash, Rollout, King's Shield, Gear Up, Iron Defense, Magnet Bomb, Meteor Mash, Smart Strike, Teeter Dance, Revelation Dance, Fiery Dance
Z-Move: Z-Crown Boogie: K. Round unleashes the funk, causing everyone to dance! Status move; Increases all stats by 1 stage (including accuracy and evasiveness), locks all other mons on the field to use Teeter Dance for 1 turn; User and its allies immune to confusion for 1 turn. Replaces moves affected by Dancer.
Stats: 60/85/90/80/100/60

Reasoning: Once the boi grabs the crown, he bulks up, grows, and boogies down! K. Round is a decent Tank, Flash Fire covering the mon's biggest weakness. Z-Crown Boogie is a unique move, making the "move lock" properties of moves like Outrage into a status effect of sorts; K. Round mixes a funky, dance-based movepool with moves based on it's actions and a decent stat pool to become an all-rounder of sorts with it's own funky twist.
K.Round and C.Round are for V2 not expanded, since they come from a video game. Wait until voting is done for V2 to submit these bad boys.
i've had this guy ready for a while so now might as well be the time to sub him

"Useless, useless!"

Pokémon: Dio Brando
Origin: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood
Type: Ghost/Ice
Ability: Vampire* / Sturdy / Intimidate
*Vampire: Draining moves have 1.5x power, but takes 1/8th max HP damage at the end of each turn in sunlight.
Stats: 130/100/50/70/50/100 (500)
Notable Moves: Vaporizing Freeze*, Leech Life, Ice Punch, Freeze Dry, Shadow Punch, Close Combat, Sucker Punch, Dragon Rush, Poison Jab, Gunk Shot, Liquidation, Sludge Bomb, Hydro Pump, Recover, Hypnosis, Taunt, Stone Mask (see Kars), Nasty Plot, Screech, Roar
*Vaporizing Freeze: Ice-type Status, 10/16 PP. Blocks damage from contact moves, and freezes anything that makes contact. Bypassed by Fire-type moves. Fails when used in succession (like Protect).
Reasoning: Jonathan Joestar's adoptive brother, rugby partner, and vampiric archnemesis. Ghost because undead and Ice because ice powers. His signature ability is vampire stuff, as is Leech Life. Sturdy because he managed to survive an attack that would have normally disintegrated him by decapitating himself. Intimidate because even Speedwagon is afraid. Vaporizing Freeze is his signature technique, letting him freeze anything that touches him. This is done by vaporizing his body's moisture, hence Freeze Dry. Ice Punch, Shadow Punch and Close Combat because he boxed as a kid. Sucker Punch because... uh... it seemed like something he would do. Dragon Rush is because its description is "The user tackles the target while exhibiting overwhelming menace", and Dio does indeed exhibit overwhelming menace. Poison and Water moves because of the Space Ripper Stingy Eyes. Recover because of his vampiric regeneration. Hypnosis because he can hypnotize people, like he did with Poco (and does more later on as DIO). Stone Mask because he owns one and used it to turn both himself and some random guy on the street into vampires. Nasty Plot because he does do that. Taunt because MUDA, MUDA, MUDA! Screech and Roar because WRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Dio Brando evolves into DIO in any underwater location with a fainted Jonathan Joestar in the party

Pokémon: DIO
Origin: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
Type: Ghost/Fighting
Ability: Vampire / Scrappy / Intimidate
Stats: 115/135/90/70/70/120 (600)
Notable Moves: As above + The World*, Steamroller, Power Whip, Grass Knot, Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Mach Punch, Roar of Time, Teleport
*The World: Fighting-type Status, 5 PP. Prevents opponents and allies from moving, and timed effects (such as weather and terrain) from progressing, for 2 turns. -1 Priority. (If DIO on his own isn't banned from 'OU' for whatever reason this move probably should be)
Reasoning: Dio Brando after being down too long in the midnight sea (and stealing Jonathan's body from the neck down). Loses Ice for Fighting because he stopped using his ice powers and has (known Fighting-type) Jonathan's body. Scrappy because that's the designated Stand user ability I guess. The World is his Stand, which in addition to its great strength and speed, can stop time. Steamroller because he briefly uses a steamroller as a weapon. Power Whip and Grass Knot because he briefly uses a Hermit Purple-like Stand. Psycho Cut and Night Slash because knives. Mach Punch because The World punches really fast. Roar of Time because WRRRRRRRYYYYYYY and also time powers. Teleport because he uses his time stop in a similar fashion.

↓↓↓Evolves when levelled up holding Mandalorian Helmet↓↓↓
"Stop whining. Before you really get me irritated."
Pokemon: Young Boba Fett
Star Wars

Ability: Sniper, Emergency Exit

Notable Moves: Blaster Shot, U-Turn, Agility, Barrage, Magnet Bomb, any projectile/weapon-based TM/TR

Stats: 57 / 74 / 63 / 47 / 51 / 84 (376 BST)

Reasoning: Boba Fett was a clone of the bounty hunter, Jango Fett, though unlike the army of clones created for the Republic army, Boba Fett was raised by his 'father' in the art of bounty hunty. He became a trained killer and adept on getting out of tricky situations from a very young age. After witnessing his father's death on Geonosis, Boba vowed to avenge him and thus began his journey to become one of the most infamous bounty hunters in the galaxy.

Pokemon: Boba Fett
Star Wars

Ability: Sniper, Mandalorian Armour
Mandalorian Armour: Moves that do not make contact deal 1.2x damage, damage taken from moves that do not make contact reduced by 0.8x.

Signature Item: Mandalorian Helmet (grants +1 crit ratio of holder/protects holder from critical hits)

Notable Moves: Mini Rocket Launcher, Blaster Shot, U-Turn, Agility, Iron Defence, Barrage, Magnet Bomb, Anchor Shot, Flamethrower, Sky Attack, Fly, Acrobatics, Roost, any projectile/weapon-based TM/TR
Mini Rocket Launcher: 120 BP | 90% Accuracy |
| 5(8) PP | Accuracy reduced to 50% against Flying-type targets | does not make contact

Stats: 88 / 125 / 104 / 58 / 72 / 95 (542 BST)

Reasoning: Boba Fett is a bounty hunter who doesn't say much but his actions and feats have granted him legendary status and singlehandedly kept the memory of Madalorians alive and well throughout the Galaxy. From capturing elusive and high profile targets such as Han Solo, surviving the wrath of Darth Vader and going toe-to-toe with Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett has proven time and time again that he a force to be reckoned with. He even covered the slight plot hole of Darth Vader knowing he had a son. Boba Fett wears his signature, steel-plate Mandalorian armour, which is capable of shrugging off blaster fire and withstanding lightsaber attacks. His arsenal of weapons contains powerful blasters, a wrist mounted flamethrower and rocket launcher, a variety of bombs, grappling hooks and of course his Jetpack.
I tried subbing this in the original Crossover Chaos but couldn't. Here's my submission.

Pokémon: Alpha Hydranoid
Franchise/Origin: Bakugan
: Dragon/Dark
Special Ability: Indigo Nightmare: boosts the power of dark/dragon moves by 33%(Dark/Fairy aura clone)
Notable Moves: Death Trident, Draco Meteor, Dragon Claw, Outrage, Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Fire Blast, Earthquake, Crunch, Iron Tail, Recover

Signature move: Death Trident:

Dark Type move: 30 Base Power. Hits 3 times.

: 91/111/80/135/80/103

Reasoning: Arguably one of the most powerful bakugan in the series especially under masquerade, the stats of a pseudolegend has fair flavor. For hydranoid's typing I think it's extremely self explanatory. He is a dragon and a darkus bakugan so I think dragon/dark was a very obvious choice to give. I gave him death trident as that is one of his signature attacks and it hits 3 times because he shoots 3 blasts from all 3 heads. Other dragon/dark moves are added as well just because. The rest of the moves really were just added to fill in the whole as to whatever stabs can't hit. Iron tail is a powerful albeit inaccurate coverage for fairies, and flavor wise, it was one of hydranoids previous forms most common ways it defeated opponents. The flavor for recover hydranoid can regrow its heads should he lose one. For other moves I'm not really sure what too really add besides fire blast or earthquake. It's ability is based on one of its signature abilities that boost its g power so I gave it a dark aura effect. If that boost is too much I will nerf it down.

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Bmw6446's Rimuru
Depressed Gay's Orc
Pika Xreme's Dio
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Pika Xreme's Dio
Cookie Butter's Iskandar

i could have voted for vader but i can't allow myself to vote for a sub that doesn't even specify what move its z-move is based on

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