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Obligatory Early Meta Lillikoal!


This team is pretty straightforward, aiming to exert offensive pressure from its many different synergies and keep the opponent from getting comfortable.

:lilligant-hisui: This mon is such an upgrade from its base form. Outspeeding (even at adamant if you are greedy, but jolly is way better to outspeed base 100s out of sun) and OHKOing Booster Bundle is epic. Solar Blade + Close Combat are great STABs that hit a lot of the tier for solid damage. After You is obvious for the synergy with Torkoal, but here is a replay of me using it to pair with Diancie to win an endgame. I opted for Encore > Sleep Powder for consistency and a bit of surprise factor, but Sleep Powder probably has higher upside overall.

:Torkoal: Torkoal does the stuff it always does. TR is strong right now and this chunks or OHKO's most of the big threats.

:Flutter-Mane: On this team I've mostly used Flutter for its obscene breaking power to trade mid-early game and punch holes into the opposing team. The spread lives 252+ Jet Punch from Palafin Hero, which is pretty arbitrary but I've been loving the bulk, allowing it to trade with Chien-Pao + Dnite stuff way easier, as well as take stray spread moves well. Speed outruns Lando-I here but I play around with Flutter's spread a lot. This mon is probably broken tbh, very easy to abuse and definitely the most splashable mon in the tier. It feels like you are playing with a handicap if you aren't using it.

:Chien-Pao: Another simple mon. It kills things and makes Dragonite kill things even more. Pao+Dnite will probably always be strong in early metas while things settle as its very consistent offense with generally linear counterplay.

:Dragonite: Dragonite is generally the main cleaner for this team, picking off opposing pokemon that have been weakened by spread moves from Torkoal, Flutter Mane, and Diancie. Dragonite is also pretty decent in a pinch defensively, ground immune and water/fire/grass resistant is very nice.

:Diancie: This slot was originally Cresselia with the Chien-Pao slot being Ursaluna, but I hate how passive Cresselia is. Diancie is easily the best TR setter imo as a lot of the counterplay right now is with taunt on frail mons like Tornadus which hate to stay in on Diamond Storm. This was tera-water for a while for Urshifu-R but with Sun and Flutter it hasn't been as much of a problem as I expected, so flying for the Ursaluna + grass type matchups has been better.

I expect this team won't be as good once people start accounting for Cheems Dnite more and Flutter Mane gets banned(?), but for now it has been really solid for me both on ladder and in tournament.


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I'll post my Lillikoal too!


Basically just a really aggressive Tailroom team that hits both extremes of the Speed spectrum, with Torkoal at rock bottom and Lilligant at the top with boosts from both Chlorophyll and Tailwind.

Armarouge and Ursaluna are the main offensive core of the team and are EV'd to be useful both in Tailwind and Trick Room. Armarouge outspeeds up to Iron Bundle in Tailwind while Ursaluna outspeeds up to Landorus-I or so.

So yeah it's basically just pick whichever speed control gives you the best matchup and go from there. Lilligant has a lot of viable sets imo but I prefer Close Combat > Solar Blade since being able to actively threaten opposing Chi-Yus as well as Tyranitar is really nice. After You is just so much fun to use with not just Torkoal, but also Ursaluna and Armarouge. You don't even need Chlorophyll up to do that either, since even without it 339 is just such a nice Speed tier to hit in this meta.

Here's a bunch of replays of varying quality that basically show this team in action, hope y'all enjoy the team! :torky:
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this team is part of a fun framework i've been cycling through that can lead to directions in balance/bulky offense, and the better style (atm) of HO.

This particular team was intended to have a favorable matchup into the basc rain and HO goodstuffs teams that seem to be the most popular. Double sash in particular makes it really easy to pick up surprise KO's, as well as stall out trick room turns.

General Notes:
Torn set is so we dont autolsoe to urshi in tw after amoon dies. lives banded ss and helps chip with helmet. since we're slow i opted for tera dark so opposing torn can't taunt us if we come in later than turn1. outspeeds eleki in twind

Tera chiyu is v important vs rain so try not to waste it on something else

FM spread creeps things creeping urshifu and i adapted general bulky spread i was using in reg c

you're able to get up rain more often than you think so thunder on eleki on flutter has made a fun tech

lot of sets on the team are flexible. i've also toyed around with tera ghost eleki+covert cloak, more offensive flutter, av urshifu etc.

^^some other iterations pictured for inspiration if the framework seems fun to you


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Lilikoal hype!
:torkoal: :landorus: :indeedee-f: :diancie: :chi-yu: :Lilligant-Hisui:

This was inspired by an old ss team nido-rus gave me. Instead of having lilligant act as an after you support, it is geared towards full offense paired with sun boosted heatwaves from chi-yu. I don't really want to go too in depth with everything as it is pretty straightforward and is similar to the ones already posted. I just wanted to jump on the lilikoal train haha. Most fun thing to note is torkoal is eject button to make liligant work a bit easier.


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lillikoal hype train

Archetype feels significantly more real with Lilligant-H outspeeding Booster Bundle. This is a more Trick Room focused team than the ones posted above, with 4 quite slow mons. I've found that this is sustainable considering how well Cress sets up Trick Room multiple times. Hands is still The Guy and still performs at a surprisingly high level given the amount of Pokemon introduced in Home that beat it.

252+ SpA Charcoal Tera Fire Torkoal Eruption (150 BP) vs. 252 HP / 0 SpD Ursaluna in Sun: 438-516 (94.3 - 111.2%) -- 68.8% chance to OHKO

this is the funny calc that justifies running Charcoal on this. 93% to KO after burn damage as well.

I typically do not like no bulk Flutter but found it was very important for this team to have the best possible matchup into the Flutter mirror, and sacking it early for wallbreaking can get you enough tempo to set Trick Room.


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Rank 1 Choice Band Hoopa Team
:Hoopa-Unbound: :Chien-Pao: :Tornadus: :Flutter Mane: :Chi-Yu: :Urshifu:

I’ve always been a fan of Hoopa and wanted to see how it could do on a fast hyper offense team, so I threw together a few solid mons and an interesting Hoopa set and it turned out rather well, getting rank one on ladder as well as winning me my blt game this week. Enjoy and be careful of trick room teams lol.

This is actually tied to be one of the strongest physical attackers in the game, and next to Chien Pao it does absurd damage. Tera Poison Gunk shot can cover several weaknesses as well as provide an even stronger offensive tool than Hyperspace Fury (provided you hit). Knock can prolly be changed to drain punch or something but personally I like the option of not having to lower your own defense to click a dark move.

Cloak torn is busted, at first I preferred sash but not having to tera to avoid fake out is super nice in so many matchups. Taunt is also really strong on it to cover this teams shaky tr matchup somewhat.

:Urshifu: :Chien-Pao:
Really strong physical core with double sash to bail you out in a lot of situations, Rapid Strike Urshifu can just wipe through a lot of stuff with tera water and in my opinion is pretty much as strong as the banned Single Strike version.

:chi-yu: :flutter mane:
Pretty standard scarf and specs set, these two are almost obligatory on tailwind teams and probably shouldn’t be allowed together lol.

Some Replays
Rank 1 Game
Gunk Shot is cracked when you hit
BLT game

full trick room offence

ape is there to get anger point going with frosslass
terra water for the resistances i think its bad because eq is your main dmg and you threaten to get kod by rillaboom also regielekie but it helps against grounds the best one is probably fire for the nice resistances (fairy for flutter steel is nice too grass fire for torkoal wich is a huge threat) still ice resistance for frostlass anger point.

frostlass runs the scarf i had sash on it but i wouldn‘t die to my eq if that happens it can be better at activating anger point but it is worse at giving cresselia a safe switch in. cresselia is the bes mon on this team it enables everything max phys def is nice because of the huge amount of physical attackers that threaten it. you will mostly click Lunar blessing and trick room but ally switch is great this move wins games. protecting your ursuluna your ape is so important because it instantly threatens a ko back.

glasstrier deals with flying types but i am not to happy with it rn icicle crash misses waaaay to often it also deals with grass types wich are a major problem too

slowking is weak to eq wich sucks and it doesn‘t really do anything either so it s kinda bad but it helps somtimes
i was thinking about switching it out for bronzong wich would have multiple nice traits screens for exaple Levitate wich is awsome for eq spam then the obvios trick room and now the best thing about it Gravity gravity solves the flying type problems completley but leaves it open to dmg itself
252+ Atk Guts Ursaluna Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 4 Def Eviolite Bronzor through Reflect: 213-253 (66.9 - 79.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
(bronzor is tankier than bronzong bronzong is better for better dmg also it can hold mental herb)
only with reflect it won‘t ko so you need to set it up on a protect for exaple
sash breaking could be important so you can oh ko with glastrier and luna/ape

overall this team did good and i will test it with bronzong rn

for those who wonder
+6 252+ Atk Primeape Earthquake vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Glastrier: 245-289 (60.6 - 71.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
so you can bring that in when you gravity
protect every other turn
+6 252+ Atk Primeape Rage Fist vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Cresselia: 278-328 (62.6 - 73.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
not a good switch in
but could come in clutch
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I might as well throw my hat into the ring with a Trick Room team involving Avalugg-Hisui.

:avalugg-hisui: :iron_hands: :ting-lu: :amoonguss: :oranguru: :hatterene:

Standard Avalugg-Hisui set. Life Orb + Strong Jaw for maximum damage output while also having flexibility, with Tera Ghost to avoid Close Combats and to be able to stomach Bullet Punches and a Make It Rain. Feel free to go with Tera Dark if you love STAB Strong Jaw Crunch and hate Sableye.

Assault Vest Iron Hands to maximize overall bulk while hitting hard with STAB CC, Drain Punch, Thunder Punch, and Ice Punch for coverage, with Tera Flying to help in the Ursaluna matchup as much as it possibly can.

Ting-Lu helps patch up Avalugg-Hisui's special bulk as well as also helping make Iron Hands bulkier, with emergency Tera Fairy to help with the Fighting matchup.

Standard Amoongus set, Pollen Puff for healing, Clear Smog for clearing stat boosts, Rage Powder and Spore to be annoying.

Oranguru is there to Trick Room and Instruct spam, with Yawn as a backup sleep option.

Hatterene is also there for Trick Room + chip with Dazzling Gleam, Psychic for Amoonguss, and Healing Wish to carry Avalugg-Hisui or Iron Hands to late-game.

Is it good? Probably not. Is it fun? Yeah.
It is clear the mods don´t want me around, so I´m leaving, I spent some time making these nice teams for OSDT, so hopefully someone can make use of them, cus I won´t. If anyone wants to keep in touch with me in the future pls contact me on Discord soon, cus Commander Beta will die shortly (the online me, not the IRL me for those who worried).

This ended up looking a lot like qsns´ sample by mistake, but aside from borrowing the Ursaluna set it´s original.

Ursaroom trial (

Kleavor and Sneasler deserve more love, also use scarf Basculegion, I´ve just realised I had swift swim on bascu xd, switch that xd.

Hyper Offense (

Agility Enamorous-Therian deserves study.

Enamorus-Therian (F) @ Weakness Policy
Ability: Overcoat
Tera Type: Fairy
EVs: 24 HP / 252 SpA / 232 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Agility
- Springtide Storm
- Draining Kiss
- Protect
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Hey all! Figured I'd share a really cool Hyper Offense team I built around Kleavor since I think this mon is very good into the current meta and I want to see more of it! This is gonna be a fairly detailed rundown of the team that pushed my ladder rating to the highest it's ever been, cracking the top 15 on the DOU leaderboard.

:chien-pao: - :rillaboom: - :arcanine-hisui: - :kleavor: - :tornadus: - :volcanion:

:kleavor: is the centerpiece of a team I call Cheem's Rock Collection, almost always taking a positive lead matchup to a plethora of metagame staples. Stone axe OHKOs tornadus while setting up rocks which will annoy many offensive teammates, especially sash users and will generally annoy any screens teams with :Grimmsnarl: providing free rocks setup. Tailwind is an option to surprise foes and get the upper hand into bulky or other hyper offensive teams, X scissor cripples :cresselia: and :Indeedee: leads wishing to set trick room, leaving all :cresselia: sets in KO range for any of Kleavor's teammates and does the same to most common setters aside from :Diancie:. And finally U-turn allows kleavor to escape unfavorable lead matchups and come in later to act as a constant threat, tera ghost blocking fake out attempts. I often pair it with :Rillaboom: for fake out support in the lead role or Tornadus to get the tailwind train rolling quickly. I've often found that players will opt to fake out Kleavor over Tornadus, either expecting Tornadus to tera ghost or have covert cloak. The Speed evs outspeed specs :flutter mane: and :chien-pao:, with the spillover Evs invested in HP to be able to take 2 hits from :tornadus:'s Bleakwind Storm among living other things.

:arcanine-hisui: Cheem's Rock Collection contains many a familiar face to the metagame, and one less familiar one: Hisuian Arcanine. :arcanine-hisui: access to Rock Head gives it the strongest rock type attack in the metagame, capable of blowing away pesky genies and most neutral hits away in a single devastating strike. but it has much more going for it than that, as access to fire stab allows it to constantly threaten everyone's favorite glue mon, :Rillaboom:, and Extreme Speed access allows it to cosplay Extreme Killer Arceus just as Dnite does next to :Chien-Pao:. :arcanine-hisui: has a few solid traits going for it over :Dragonite:, however, boasting a much better matchup into :flutter mane: thanks to it's fairy resistance and ability to hit hard without relying on Tera Normal Espeed, and being able to make use of its 7 resistances and decent bulk reasonably well into predicted u-turns, fake-outs and other normal moves and ever-present Flying hits from opposing :Tornadus:.

:chien-pao: An extreme-killer's best friend, chien's been on top of the metagame littered with genies and a certain bear who really don't appreciate taking ice stab attacks. I don't really need to explain what this thing does, you all know what it does, but I will say that chien helps this team's matchup into trick room a good deal, being able to stall out a few turns with focus sash and protect and hitting hard with Sucker and a paired up :arcanine-hisui: ready to Espeed things to death if it needs to.

:rillaboom: Fantastic glue mon that packs a punch and a deadly surprise. Tera rock is available to turn the tides on fire, ice and flying hits that might threaten it and hit back HARD with tera blast. Rilla is an essential defensive backbone on this team, being the main pokemon to do switches and pivoting and providing ever so essential fake out support, and grassy to enable :Volcanion: to be an additional bulky fallback in otherwise nightmarish rain or :palafin: matchups. 52 speed evs to outspeed uninvested :Landorus-Therian: sets that might threaten to U-turn on you with momentum, and likewise outspeed many other rillabooms for the same reason.

:Tornadus: Covert cloak may be all the rage but with it's rise has come the opportunity to bluff and go for something potentially more valuable. Focus sash buys tornadus an extra turn and potentially an extra tailwind in many situations, and with teammates like :kleavor: threatening huge damage and rocks in a single move or :rillaboom: being able to outspeed other common fake out users in the lead slot, Tornadus is free to do it's job more often than not and provide good cleanup damage on top.

:volcanion: A bulky terror, Volcanion greatly improves this teams otherwise atrocious matchups into common rain teams and water priority spammers like adaptability :basculegion: and :palafin:. It can slot heavy slam over earth power or drop tect to run AV with it to hit common fairies hard and I've found it a boon into trick room, able to eat hits and stall out the trick room timer while also being able to threat many common trick room abusers like :Diancie:, :Ursaluna:, :torkoal: and :armarouge: with it's water stab, provided it gets the chance to use it. Minimum speed is helpful to underspeed :Armarouge:, :Cresselia:, and :indeedee: .

TL/DR; Overall this team follows the :Tornadus: Hyper Offense formula with a twist in the pokemon used, opting for :arcanine-hisui: over a more standard :dragonite: and using :Kleavor: as a fast and dangerous lead that offers surprising utility and gets the jump on many common pokemon in the tier right now. A couple of bulky threats in :rillaboom: and :volcanion: provide essential defensive resources while being able to keep pace with the rest of the team offensively and keep the momentum going. It has a fun theme going for it and the strength and synergy to put down just about anything it comes across.
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I've been recently going Psycho Mode with this team.

:Thundurus: :Sneasler: :Ting_Lu: :Farigiraf: :Grimmsnarl: :Roaring_Moon:

Basically, the goal with this team is that Swagger + Mirror Herb / Lum Berry feels good, and my brain produces endorphins when I click on an opponent and the move does, as I quote from a famous modern-day philosopher, a lot of damage.

:Thundurus: is defensive utility, speed control, and Swagger enabler.

:Sneasler: is the main draw. Swagger + Mirror Herb basically makes Sneasler into a killing machine that can only be outsped by Scarf :Regieleki:, with Tera Flying to do a lot of damage with Acrobatics.

:Ting-Lu: is here because of course it is. Softens the blow of special attacks, so :Sneasler: and :Roaring_Moon: can sweep. Also has Heavy Slam to do away with any pesky Fairy-types and Ruination to soften opponents up for the aforementioned duo.

:Farigiraf: basically says no to :Chien-Pao:, :Scizor: and :Dragonite:, helps take blows with Ally Switch, and uses Helping Hand to, again, help do a lot of damage.

:Grimmsnarl: is here to make screens and also help set up Swagger plays.

:Roaring_Moon: is the last-resort Dragon Dance sweeper. Lum Berry is very crucial to not be put to sleep, paralyzed, burned, or, more importantly in regards to this team, not be confused by Swagger so you do a lot of damage.

Keep in mind that, since this is a Swagger team, you either live or die on the 90% Accuracy and if your opponent has a lot of Dark-types or not.
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The Baxcalibur team everybody wants

:heatran: :ting_lu: :gyarados: :baxcalibur: :amoonguss: :flutter_mane:

I always liked baxcalibur and tried various sets of it, av tera fire/poison, dragon dance; but i never tried swords dance ice shard, so i decided to build around it "for fun".
...and like some "for fun" things, it ended up being really good.

So, I started with sd baxcalibur and with these calcs:

252+ Atk Life Orb Tera Ice Baxcalibur Ice Shard vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Flutter Mane: 221-260 (88 - 103.5%) -- 25% chance to OHKO

+2 252+ Atk Life Orb Tera Ice Baxcalibur Ice Shard vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Ursaluna: 520-614 (112 - 132.3%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Since it was a roll on flutter mane i decided to add stealth rock ting lu, which also provided a great wall and makes special attackers doing less.

:ting_lu: + :baxcalibur:
Then i changed the spdef stats of baxcalibur in order to tank specs chi yu with vessel of ruin up if you tera ice.

I added gyara, an intimidate and the main form of speed control of the team.

Funny calcs:

252+ SpA Thundurus-Therian Wildbolt Storm vs. 196 HP / 252+ SpD Vessel of Ruin Gyarados: 312-372 (82.1 - 97.8%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

The next mon is Amoonguss a redirector, a sporer and also a focus sash breaker thanks to the rocky helmet.

Then Av tran because a bulky steel that can terastalize grass and wall a lot is never bad.
And finally flutter mane, which might seem strange with ting lu but it's a fast, strong, special fairy attacker which the team needeed.

Hope you'll have fun with this

P.S. except of the gyara and baxcalibur spreads the rest are kinda standard


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hi everyone, im here to share a very sus team that is actually pretty fun. got pretty high on my alt NaySoup because i went through an identity crisis and i am now the villian who hates soup


(ok i used the screens sample a couple 2 times but dont sue me cuz i did ladder with my actual team a majority of the time :p)


This team revolves around two offensive tailwind setters in Kleavor and Enamorus. Both hold Focus Sash because you really need to match Tailwind vs Tornadus teams. We take the speed control further with Icy Wind Qwilfish, Booster Speed Flutter, and Scarf Bascu. It might seem a little overkill but imo having the speed advantage is super important in this metagame.

:enamorus: I originally wanted to build a team around an AV contrary superpower set, but ended up with what i have now. My problem with AV was that even with the item I never seemed to be living enough hits, and there were alot of times where I desperately craved protect and tailwind. And so we have this sash tailwind physical enamorus, which can actually wipe the floor on a few matchups with its defense boosts + tera steel.

:qwilfish-hisui: Qwilfish-Hisui i think is less "unconventional" than enamorus, because its kinda getting some attention. anyway its bulk with eviolite and intimidate is pretty tanky, and has the key move Taunt as well as Tspikes. I can see Barb Barrage being useful, but as I kept using it it just felt like if i didnt poison 50% of the time, the 60 bp was lackluster. Gunk Shot, while it was inaccurate, still got me some pretty chunky damage. this spread is entirely slider evs except it outspeeds uninvested lando i think

:heatran: LO Heatran is pretty juicy, I know av has been picking up on popularity, but i decided that i just wanted damage. Heatran is ur Tera candidate 80% of the time, and also has max speed which is kinda fun when you get to pick off unsuspecting 0 evs palafin, and also pretty much gurantee that you are faster than opposing heatran.

:kleavor: admittedly I wasnt a believer in this mon when it first came out, but Penter got me on the train and after some laddering I realized it was pretty amazing. Stone Axe is a really good move, X-Scissor is good into Cresselia and grass types, Protect and Tailwind are solid utility options.

:flutter-mane: :basculegion: your two ghosts are your main cleaners. prioritys are really the main enemy of these guys, but you can outplay with tera or intimidate support from qwil.

1) :diancie: Diancie under TR, and/or supported by screens just kinda wipes this team. usually you have to get rocks and tspikes up before this thing comes in, taunt and pray they dont have mental herb on the turn u taunt it. basically just chip it down and dont let it trick room
2):palafin: just make sure you save tera for heatran, keep bascu healthy, get intimidates off and you'll be alright

REPLAYS: a roomtour finals vs NinjaSnapple, using an earlier version of the team with only a few moveslot changes (shouldnt have risked them being mental herb cress but at the same time i was paranoid about missing gunk shot ) ladder game where I got to break through 1800

go out there and hit all your gunk shots :) enjoy
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hiya everyone. recently ive been dipping my toes into this tier and been having a great time on ladder. i just wanted to share some of the teams that i have been using that got me pretty high up on the ladder.

Screenshot 2023-06-27 7.24.38 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-06-27 7.24.46 PM.png

(click the sprites for the pokepastes)

Abomasnow iron bundle aurora veil offense
:abomasnow: :iron bundle: :kingambit: :chien-pao: :dragonite: :arcanine:
i got the inspiration for this team from a vgc team i saw in a cybertron video. i started off with the aurora veil iron bundle + weakness policy abomasnow combo. i just stole the abomasnow spread from the cybertron video tbh and used a standard bundle spread. i then decided to add on a kingambit to benefit from aurora veil aswell as pair pretty nicely with iron bundle which can take out alot of the pokemon that threaten kingambit. i then just threw on chien pao dnite because they are a really good core right now and synergised well. chien pao benefits from the hail defense boost and boosts up all of my physical attackers moves. since i have defiant kingambit i thought it allowed me to run multiscale dnite. with the current 5 i thought flutter mane and iron hands seemed like a pain to deal with and arcanine helped patch up those holes pretty well.

common leads: :iron bundle: + :kingambit: - :abomasnow: + :iron bundle: - :kingambit: + :dragonite:
threats to the team: :iron hands: iron hands is still annoying for this team to face, normally you have to deal with it with dnite stomping tanturm or just overwhelming it. :flutter mane: + :indeedee-f: / :tsareena: the team relies pretty heavily on priority to deal with flutter mane so if they have something to block your priority attacks sometimesthings can become a little awkward.

Lava plume chi-yu and heatran balance
:chi-yu: :heatran: :iron hands: :flutter mane: :palafin: :rillaboom:
the idea for this came from seeing just how much damage assault vest heatrans heat waves after a flash fire boost do. i wanted a way to proc my own heatrans flash fire and scarf chi-yu with lava plume seemed like a pretty perfect fit to me. chi-yu is a very strong standalone pokemon and i think a scarf set makes the matchups into alot of common pokemon like chien pao and flutter mane much more favourable. just being able to outspeed them and throw off super strong fire moves is really handy. the chi-yu spread outspeeds +1 adamant great tusk. for the heatran i wanted to go with a more offensive item than assault vest since i wanted this to be one of the main damage dealers for the team alongside chi-yu so i went with the charcoal item. being able to use protect is also super helpful for a lot of positions. the problem with charcoal heatran over assault vest is that it doesnt have as good a matchup into opposing flutter mane. i patched up this weakness with a assault vest tera fire heavy slam iron hands. iron hands is just a super useful offensive/defensive pokemon providing fakeout and great bulk aswell as a flutter mane check. the spread on this allows it to OHKO max hp palafin with wild charge aswell as max hp heatran with close combat. the rest of the evs are just dumped into bulk. i went with rillaboom next because i wanted a pokemon to help sure up the teams major weakness to ground types. grassy terrain allows everything to take earthquake much more easily and rillaboom is just a generally good pivot pokemon that can also deal huge damage with wood hammer. i went with a sitrus berry taunt set because i was afraid of trick room teams. the ev spread lets it outspeed 8 speed palafins while hitting a jump point in attack and surviving chien pao ice spinner from full. i saw this really interesting flutter mane set on ladder and wanted to try it out. i think it paired well on the team because rillaboom was able to activate its grassy seed and it is also a good partner for chi-yu. often i found flutter mane and chi yu getting sweeps late game. i made my set tera water because i was still sorta afraid of palafin. i added on a palafin of my own to fill out the fire water grass core aswell as for some strong priorityfor being able to pick off opposing flutter manes and chien pao aswell as just being another pokemon that can clean late game and break in the midgame. palafin has haze incase opposing set up gets out of hand.

common leads: :iron hands: + :heatran: - :rillaboom: + :palafin: - :heatran: + :chi-yu: - :chi-yu: + :flutter mane:
threats to the team: :landorus: landorus incarnate is a scary pokemon to face especially in tailwind but you can generally handle it alright with some combination of scarf chi-yu, rillaboom, flutter mane and tera grass heatran. always save your tera for heatran into lando i. :basculegion: every pokemon apart from heatran and palafin on this team can deal huge damage to basculegion so try and remove it fast if possible. tera ghost chi yu can also snipe it with dark pulse. basculegion is pretty tough for this team but its definitely doable if you outplay.

Psychic seed iron hands and garganacl semi-room
:indeedee-f: :garganacl: :iron hands: :flutter mane: :iron bundle: :amoonguss:
watching memoric and spurrifics game where memoric used bright powder garaganacl got me thinking about alternate items for garganacl. i did some calcs and found out with + 1 spdef you can live three specs flutter mane moonblasts while also ev'ing to not get 2hkoed by rillabooms wood hammer. thus the idea for psychic seed garg was born. obviously i started off with garganacl and indeedee. thinking about more physically defnesive pokemon that would benefit from a psychic seed iron hands came to mind.i went with a set of drain punch fire punch swords dance and protect. this set allows me to break pokemon such as amoonguss and landorus therian that a thunder punch set could not do, tera fire also allows it to not get burnt by arcanine and resist flutter mane and chi-yu's attacks. swords dance iron hands also loves indeedees redirection support which allows it to set up swords dances much more easily aswell as redirect spores and absorb them with safety goggles. indeedee also provides trick room support incase you are in a position where you can sweep under trick room with iron hands or just get off fast spores with amoonguss. amoonguss is a second redirector aswell as a check to palafin and a spore bot :blobthumbsup: . amoonguss is a secondary way of setting up iron hands with pollen puff and rage powder support. it also exerts alot of pressure on its own with spore. the idea of a full trick room team didnt really appeal to me so for the last two pokemon i added iron bundle and spec flutter mane. iron bundle is nice speed control for specs flutter mane aswell as being an offensive threat in its own right and dealing with water, fire and grass type pokemon very nicely. specs flutter mane and iron bundles main weakness in my opinion is the large amount of strong priority options in the format. being on a psychic terrain team solves this issue for them and lets them spam their strong attacks without being interrupted by pesky sucker punches and extreme speeds.

common leads: :indeedee-f: + :flutter mane: - :flutter mane: + :iron bundle: - :iron hands: + :indeedee-f:
threats to the team: :landorus: again landorus is a big threat to this team, the best way of dealing with it is iron bundle. if the opposing team is pairing their landorus i with tailwind then often times you might want to use iron bundle in trick room. even though it sounds counterintuitive for iron bundle to be in trick room ive found this to work out alright in some cases. :chien-pao: / :rillaboom: these pokemon can use ice spinner/grassy surge and remove your terrain so the opposing team can freely use their priority moves. preserve indeedee in these matchups.

These are the main teams i have been using to climb the ladder. i hope people have fun with them. thankyou for reading this if you got this far and have a nice day :sphearical:


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BLT X Team Dump (7-1 on winning team)
Had a pretty epic experience on Rufflets this season, was a ton of fun and built some pretty heat teams. The first 3 teams from this season were pre-Home, so I'll just post them under a spoiler tag. Massive shoutouts to sundays and bage1 for help building and testing this season, thanks for putting up with my wacky and random team ideas!
Week 1 vs Xrn
:Garchomp: :Grimmsnarl: :Gholdengo: :Gyarados: :Altaria: :Iron Hands:
Around late pre-home I was really not a fan of the metagame but I discovered that AV Gholdengo traded extremely well into a lot of stuff, so I built around that and added some other stuff around it. Altaria, while it sounds like a meme, was great at neutralizing sun and rain teams, while also being an extremely bulky tailwind setter that could roost against physical attackers and win from some hilarious positions. In the actual match, I lost my Garchomp to Ice Punch Iron Hands, but then proceeded to cheese the game back with some timely crits (I'm pretty sure only one mattered). Not my proudest victory but a lot of the ideas held up pretty well.

Week 2 vs The Cheesen One
:Cinderace: :Hatterene: :Iron Hands: :Indeedee-f: :Houndstone: :Spiritomb:
Here I wanted to use some kind of tr team, so I brought back Spiritomb one last time and in the process discovered that AV Fluffy Houndstone was super bulky (which ended up saving me in the match). I also realized that Cinderace was actually somewhat useable, it has a decent speed stat and with banded uturn it was really helpful into a lot of stuff and fit pretty well. Team performed pretty well in the match, a few of my bulkier mons got some clutch survivals and was able to bring home the victory.

Weel 4 vs Raf
:Pelipper: :Talonflame: :Palafin-Hero: :Chien-Pao: :Tsareena: :Dragonite:
This week I decided I really wanted to use offensive Talonflame. Due to the Gale Wings nerf I figured special was maybe more the play, so I decided to try a rain build with choice specs priority Hurricanes. I built several priority modes into the team as well as a Tsareena for hazard removal and a positive matchup against other priority teams. My Chien-Pao got heat wave burned and killed through its sash in the early game but thanks to the hilarity of hurricane confusion I was able to capitalize on karma and win the game anyways lol. I really liked this team it was a lot of fun to pilot.

Finally, Post Home (the actually relevant stuff)
Week 5 vs Sanjay
I already posted this team and it became a sample, but it is now outdated since Urshifu got banned. If you're curious you can check out what I wrote here. This team can be easily modified by putting Dragonite over the Urshifu slot and I've actually ended up playing against that a few times.

Week 6 vs Fey
:Qwilfish-Hisui: :Wo-Chien: :Ting-Lu: :Palafin-Hero: :Gholdengo: :Rillaboom:
Easily my favorite team from this tour. I realized early this week that I hadn't built around Qwilfish yet, and after some prelimary builds with Rillaboom and bulky set up sweepers like Spectrier I realized it was actually a super fun mon to use. I passed the idea to Bagel and he and I terrorized ladder with it for a few days, catching the notice of a few users:



This was also when I realized just how good Bulk Up Palafin was with proper support, and it pretty much carried the actual match. Hazard stack with Qwilfish and Ting Lu was also fun, although I'm not as much of a fan of that strat now with recent meta trends like the rise of Basculegion.

Week 7 vs SMB
:Mew: :Landorus-Therian: :Palafin-Hero: :Rillaboom: :Flutter Mane: :Chi-Yu:
This week I really wanted to continue using bulky set up strategies, and this week I turned my head to nasty plot Chi-Yu with grassy seed. It's a super fun set that came in clutch in the match. I'm also a super big fan of Mew on this kind of team structure, its just quite bulky and being able to tailwind and use wisp and snarl to reduce damage is super nice while also having pollen puff to support teamates. Landorus is super nice for utility and further damage reduction with Chi-Yu, while Palafin and Flutter Mane are just two of the strongest Pokemon in the format. This team is super solid, both me and Bagel had some good wins with it.

Semifinals vs Chris
:Roaring Moon: :Rillaboom: :Scizor: :Zapdos-Galar: :Mew: :Flutter Mane:
This week I decided that I really like the idea of Roaring Moon, and with Grassy Seed and Acrobatics it can become really bulky and hit things super hard with acrobatics. For the last move I went with roost for some epic recovery but it could be throat chop or something in case you want an attacking move other than super strong flying stab (provided you tera, which is one downside of this team). Since Roaring Moon loses to Flutter without teraing, Bagel and I thought it was a great idea to throw scizor on here to handle it easily. We also noticed a weakness to intimidate, so we threw on Zapdos to counter that a little bit. However, in the actual match neither of these fears actually came into play, although those two mons still put in work. This is a super fun team but it's probably not the most consistent of the teams in the post since it does happen to use four DUU mons (Mew shouldn't be duu but still lol).

Finals vs Raf
:Dragapult: :Chien-Pao: :Volcanion: :Flutter Mane: :Great Tusk: :Dragonite:
I got inspired by seeing tera blast ghost Dragapult on the NAIC vgc stream and had to try it out here since it seemed like a lot of fun. Team felt generally solid but kinda ran out of time and learned the hard way that nothing on this team could beat tera water Diancie. I also got significantly unlucky in this game but I don't think it really mattered, the matchup was really bad anyway and I ended up taking my one loss of the tournament at the worst possible time (luckily my team clutched up and we won anyways).

Hope some of these teams are useful to people, if you're voting in the suspect vote ban on basculegion pls :)


Banned deucer.
Since legion is now banned and I'm waiting in an airport bored I figured I'd share the rain team I made that found success vs Genone, Single Thunder, and Nido-Rus in osdt. This is mostly for historical sake as the amount of good teams I make are next to none, and with sv dou feeling like "my earth bending," I am quite proud that I made something decent without having community presence most here have access to. Rain is an archetype that is pretty hard to innovate with and I imagine this will only be more true with another rain abuser getting axed.

Teal Rain
:pelipper: :basculegion: :tsareena: :tornadus: :palafin: :Iron hands:

Building Process
:pelipper: :basculegion:
Right away I wanted to use legion. It was my favorite pokemon added with home as I really loved the way its animation looked. Bonus points for being viable. The paste has it set to choice band, but original paste used Goggles and I would alternate between the two to throw off opponents. I wanted to try damp rock pelipper. Damp Rock can be particularly annoying to teams that don't have a way to reset weather. You sacrifice immediate momentum in exchange for long term momentum. In theory this is cool but I found myself wanting Eject Button more often and wouldn't recommend damp rock in future builds.

:tsareena: :tornadus:
Tsareena was the thing that really made this team good. It paired really well with legion, protecting it from chien-pao and kingambit sucker punches, as well as acting as a reliable taunt user that wasn't blocked by Tera Dark. With legion getting banned I don't think I'd recommend using this as it's a bad pokemon that just so happened to protect a very good pokemon. Tornadus was just for additional speed control but tbh I'm with smb and think tornadus is a terrible pokemon and probably won't use it again.

:palafin: :Iron hands:
Palafin was star of the show imo. Banded Tera water palafin just nukes everything and is basically an urshifu rapid strike. I'm pretty sure it did around 70 to a cresselia behind screens despite being at -1. Banded palafin should be tried on more builds besides rain imo. Hands was just added because I wanted something that hit volcanion and it can act as a "check" to Flutter Mane.

But yeah. Team was good. Hopefully(?) I can build something just as great. Thanks for reading, bye.
Hi everyone, this is my first time posting a team on smogon so please forgive me if I make any mistake! I've been laddering a lot since the past few days and somehow hit rank 1 with a very spicy team that i built

I wanted to use a balance core, so I started using cresselia more and more and i really liked it.

:kingambit: :cresselia: :landorus-Therian: :Flutter Mane: :rillaboom: :volcanion:

:kingambit: Kingambit (M) @ Black Glasses

Ability: Defiant

Tera Type: Dark

EVs: 252 HP / 236 Atk / 20 Spe

Adamant Nature

- Kowtow Cleave

- Sucker Punch

- Swords Dance

- Protect
This mon is a menace in singles, i wanted to try it out after watching yoda'a kickoff finals game. I've seen some people running supreme overlord on it, but it's significantly worse than defiant in doubles. I'm running standard black glasses.

With tera dark, after a single hand this mon has a full-sweep potential given there's no iron hands on the other end. It's also known that it's a lot easier to set up sd with gambit with the help of its teammates. The recent rise in lando-T usage makes this mon even better. I've been running some speed on it to out-speed other kingambits.

This is a perfect example showing how strong kingambit can be.

:cresselia: Cresselia @ Mental Herb

Ability: Levitate

Tera Type: Poison

EVs: 252 HP / 120 Def / 136 SpD

Calm Nature

IVs: 0 Atk

- Lunar Blessing

- Trick Room

- Ally Switch

- Ice Beam
Cresselia is the glue of this team. Lunar blessing is a busted move, protecting your allies from status moves is huge and with trick room it also gives you speed control allowing kingambit and other slower mons to sweep under it। I've chosen ice beam as a coverage move on it for the landos and dnites running around (assuming they didn't tera) and it can do massive damage to them and also can chip amoongus/rilla and other tera grass mons eg.heatran

When tanking hits from them

It's ev spread allows it to live dark pulse from specs chi yu

252 SpA Choice Specs Beads of Ruin Chi-Yu Dark Pulse vs. 252 HP / 136+ SpD Cresselia: 372-440 (83.7 - 99%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

Remaing evs for hp and defense for it's role as a wall in this team. Tera poison is weird option but it works fine for me.

:Flutter Mane: Flutter Mane @ Choice Specs

Ability: Protosynthesis

Tera Type: Fairy

EVs: 96 HP / 244 Def / 48 SpA / 8 SpD / 112 Spe

Modest Nature

IVs: 0 Atk

- Moonblast

- Shadow Ball

- Thunderbolt

- Dazzling Gleam

Fm is the mvp of this team, no doubt it is a tier 1 mon. it has a great typing and stats and it's really solid into the most common archetypes with the only major drawback being it's low defense. But with some investments there you can surprisingly tank a bunch of stuff. It's speed is to outspeed lando-I and rest of the evs are into bulk and speed and lastly tbolt is a nice option for water and/or flying types.

Here are some calcs

-1 252+ Atk Rillaboom Wood Hammer vs. 0 HP / 224 Def Flutter Mane in Grassy Terrain: 211-250 (84 - 99.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Grassy Terrain recovery
252 Atk Sword of Ruin Chien-Pao Icicle Crash vs. 0 HP / 196 Def Flutter Mane: 211-250 (84 - 99.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO
252+ SpA Flutter Mane Shadow Ball vs. 80 HP / 0 SpD Flutter Mane: 228-270 (84.1 - 99.6%) -- guaranteed 2HKO

:Landorus-Therian: landorus-Therian @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Intimidate
Tera Type: Water
EVs: 252 HP / 36 Atk / 8 Def / 100 SpD / 112 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Stomping Tantrum
- U-turn
- Stealth Rock
- Taunt
Lando is back and it's amazing, intimidate and decent bulk, while still have amazing base 145 attack. I made my lando bulky with stomping tantrum as a coverage option, u turn for pivot and rocks. Taunt is very good in the meta rn with all the amoongus and cresselia running around and its also give you a way to prevent rocks from opposing lando, While lando isn't max speed but it should be faster than most bulky landos.

:Volcanion: Volcanion @ Assault Vest
Ability: Water Absorb
Tera Type: Ground
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
Quiet Nature
- Steam Eruption
- Heat Wave
- Earth Power
- Heavy Slam
Volcanion has a amazing synergy with cresselia. With its great special attack and top of that av for bulk can take advantage of trick room cos it's a slow bulky mon. While also give you a secondary mode without trick room cos volcanion is solid itself
Four attack av works fine great with it. While heavy slam ohko's most bulky flutters.

:Rillaboom: Rillaboom @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Grassy Surge
Tera Type: Fire
EVs: 200 HP / 124 Atk / 144 Def / 40 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Wood Hammer
- Fake Out
- U-turn
- Protect
And the last mon is rilla , it's still good without grassy glide whatsoever. I opted for a odd spread but it works fine for me. Fake out , u turn and wood hammer are standard moves on it. Although i choose protect as a last move, as my team only had one protect but also couldn't find a better move, also it always an attack from chien pao.
252 Atk Sword of Ruin Chien-Pao Icicle Crash vs. 200 HP / 144 Def Rillaboom: 330-390 (84.3 - 99.7%) -- guaranteed 2HKO after Grassy Terrain recovery.
Thanks for reading
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Hi, here are the two teams I used to go 6-3 in OSDT (gj I actually threw the 6-1)

I stole this team from bage1 bc I wanted to try some balance teams and this was the first team I was sent in #competitive. Tried it for my r3 OSDT games and knew this was my type of team. I've always been a fan of semi-room/balance and the amount of flexibility and versatility this team had was super nice. Volc/Diancie feels like such a great duo to pilot and covers so much together, definitely carried me a lot. Whole team is super well constructed and covers each other really well, reminded me of SwSh DOU and another balance team that I overused back in SwSh (thanks Memoric)
I would often switch Moonblast and Body Press on Diancie depending on what I was feeling that day, although Body Press always seemed quite nice to combo with Diamond Storm (if I got lucky with boosts lol). I experimented with AV Lando which felt quite solid as well, but Rocks Sitrus always went a long way in lengthier games. Also Taunt Rilla is the GOAT

The only thing I like more than semi-room is fullroom! I actually made this team myself so you know its bad. The team has 4 TR setters to try to abuse using double TR on slower turns to refresh TR turns while nuking the opponent on turns they do choose to attack. imo this team is much less consistent than the one above, but its more of my style and requires less brainpower for me to use. Torky is my fav and I love just clicking Eruption. Once again we see the Diancie/Volc duo, its just so good everywhere.
Originally had Iron Ball Tusk instead of Volc as a Rhyperior replacement as I was mostly copying off two another SwSh teams I used a lot [Team 1 | Team 2 thanks Paraplegic for this one :)] but it didn't feel like it was doing enough in every game even with Proto boost. Eject Button Indeedee was also very cool tech to get a free pivot into a sweeper.

Both teams I felt like I was struggling against Basc/Palafin and Water Gholdengo a lot, tried some wacky teras to get around it but didn't get too much success, oops (probably skill issue)

Playing OSDT was super fun, got back into DOU while somehow got farther despite trying a lot less with stronger competition which is kinda funny. (Thanks again bage1 for carrying) Not too sad about not cutting, definitely on me for not caring enough to make/test/familiarize myself with new teams. ggs to all my opponents and gl to everyone in top cut!


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Posting my sorta iconic (not really) Garganacl team.


This was legitimately the very first team I've built for post-DLC, during Round 2 of OSDT against Spurrific. I haven't actually played any post-DLC SV at that point, so much of what went into this team was theory and a metagame read from what I saw after watching a lot of the R1 replays.

The thesis of this team being built was: Garganacl seemed really well-positioned into the metagame at the moment! At the time, of course, Basculegion was legal, and Garganacl was a wincon that Basculegion just couldn't remove not only because of the massive Defense it can accumulate, but also because of how its ability Purifying Salt effectively makes it resistant to Last Respects. At the time, IDBP Goodra-H + Screens + Cresselia was also popular, and in these compositions Goodra-H was also often Tera Water; Garganacl has these matchups dead to rights as Salt Cure is a really powerful tool in these bulky, defensive match-ups as it lets me play a winning game through value as the constant chip damage forces a lot of recovery out of them, which costs tempo and PP. Garganacl was just a really strong option into the slow, value-oriented Cresselia comps of the time. Salt Cure even outright punishes Tera Water, as 25% chip damage every turn was just not playable for opponents, and it also even punishes Palafin as well. With Garganacl, Palafin users weren't allowed to play the game.

Even without Basculegion, this team is kinda fine? The match-up against Iron Hands can be somewhat weird, but I digress. Still, this team is good against Kingamit as well because Garg beats that. If I were to describe what this team somewhat struggles with, it's Tera Grass AV Heatran; it's a bit hard to remove, and it pressures Garganacl quite well. What this team isn't weak to is Rillaboom; with one Iron Defense, Rillaboom shouldn't beat Garganacl and at most you only have to respect Taunt, so trying to force one safe Iron Defense in Rillaboom match-ups is often what you're looking for.

Trivia: Team naming is themed around Yu-Gi-Oh!'s Tearlaments Spells and Traps

:sv/flutter mane:
METANOISE (Flutter Mane) @ Booster Energy
Ability: Protosynthesis
Tera Type: Fairy
EVs: 152 HP / 252 Def / 104 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Shadow Ball
- Moonblast
- Trick Room / Taunt
- Protect

Every good team starts with Flutter Mane, and this team is no exception. It just fulfills a really valuable role at being a threatening fast attacker that pins everything else in the metagame, with the high Speed really valuable for applying pressure and relieving opposing pressure from teammates. It's just a really great breaker in general, too!

I chose to run a REALLY bulky Flutter Mane because, with a Special Attack boost from Booster Energy, I feel like I could just... not run Special Attack? lol, it's still really strong anyway and the damage is enough for what I want it to do. The massive Defense lets me play VERY disrespectfully against a good number of physical attackers, and this particular set was noted to actually live a Wood Hammer from Rillaboom in a real game. Trick Room is there to occasionally reverse TR, but also as a valuable tool in Tailwind matchups for just outright winning the game. The team is also slow enough (Amoong, fat CB DNite, Volcanion, Garganacl) that I can situationally just TR for self-gain, but I don't usually need to do that. I've used Taunt once or twice, to outright stop setup like SD and TR, but it's only valuable because I revealed TR and it's unexpected.

The EV spread itself is just maximum Defense and as much HP I can have while having enough Speed for Landorus-I. I was confident I wasn't gonna run into anything faster that mattered (I didn't). I lose the tie into Chien-Pao, but they're often Sash or LO Sucker anyway so I was fine just not trying to beat that. Modest with that much Speed still allows me the Special Attack boost from Booster Energy.

:sv/chien-pao: :sv/dragonite:
GRIEF (Chien-Pao) @ Focus Sash
Ability: Sword of Ruin
Tera Type: Dark / Ghost
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Ice Spinner
- Sucker Punch
- Sacred Sword
- Protect

HEARTBEAT (Dragonite) @ Choice Band
Ability: Multiscale
Tera Type: Normal
EVs: 192 HP / 252 Atk / 64 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Outrage
- Extreme Speed
- Dragon Claw
- Fire Punch

Grouping these two together because they work together to form the core of the team that's about forcing a hole through the opponent's team. While the main idea of the team was a stally wincon, it's still valuable for me to have good breakers because: 1) I can't exactly win every game through Garganacl; and 2) having good breakers means I can force trades which would give Garganacl space to operate. These two are basically the default for Sash and CB; the Dragonite was speed creeped for qsns's Rillaboom lol. They do the normal PaoNite things, not much else to say.

Chien-Pao used to be Tera Ghost for Fake Out, but at some point I decided to just make it Tera Dark for the occasional strong Sucker. It only matters for extreme situations, anyway; this team is often better served saving Tera for other Pokemon.

SCREAM (Amoonguss) @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Regenerator
Tera Type: Water
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Relaxed Nature
IVs: 0 Atk / 0 Spe
- Spore
- Rage Powder
- Clear Smog
- Pollen Puff

Amoonguss is here because it's just kinda strong as Pokemon. Spore is obviously great. Rage Powder is also great, as it gives space for FM, Pao, Nite, and Garg to do Good Things™. The real important part of it, though, is Pollen Puff; this lets me play aggressively with Garganacl in more positions. Also, more health for Volcanion is also nice as well! Clear Smog for Palafin, Iron Hands, those kinda stuff. Amoonguss does Amoonguss things, basically.

SULLIEK (Volcanion) @ Assault Vest
Ability: Water Absorb
Tera Type: Fairy
EVs: 252 HP / 164 SpD / 92 Spe
Modest Nature
- Heat Wave
- Steam Eruption
- Earth Power
- Heavy Slam

AV Volcanion, so I could show off my roots as an XY DOU player! For real though, this guy is also just generically good even then, because it's an AV Heatran sidegrade that doesn't need Tera and has Water Absorb. Heavy Slam is there for Flutter Mane, and in general AV Volcanion is just here to win damage trades against generically strong Special Attackers (such as the aforementioned FM, and Gholdhengo), which is valuable for a team built around Garganacl. This used to be Tera Normal, I kid you not, and it probably still could be with Basc-F running around, but Fairy seems more generically useful nowadays I think.

CRYME (Garganacl) @ Leftovers
Ability: Purifying Salt
Tera Type: Water / Dragon
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpD / 4 Spe
Careful Nature
- Salt Cure
- Body Press
- Recover
- Iron Defense

The star of the show! Garganacl is the wincon the team was based around. While the rest of the team actually passes for a decent offense, Garganacl is the one Pokemon that takes it over the top in bulky, value-oriented matchups as the combination of Iron Defense, heavy Special Defense investement, and Salt Cure makes it a really great value engine that can be hard to out. Iron Defense + Body Press is also valuable in forcing checkmates against offensive matchups, as the massive Defense + the right Tera type can let it play aggressively with Body Press to let it remove key threats itself.

A lot of the team's unique lines revolve around trying to find Garganacl good timing to Iron D, and without Fake Out or pivot moves it does seem kinda hard. This is where experience with the teammatters the most; having the foresight to envision the right sacks at the right positions can decisively win games, as with with Garganacl almost always involves an Iron Defense that your opponent is not in a position to properly punish. With a +2 Defense boost, even Rillaboom Wood Hammer can be taken with relative comfort, and you can basically snowball from there.

Tera typing feels more like a matter of feeling than anything. Tera Water feels generically good, but it makes me lose into Tera Grass Heatran. Tera Dragon, meanwhile, makes me resistant to FWG, but it does give me a weakness to Fairy from Flutter Mane. I'd say it's more of a pick-your-poison kinda deal, just pick one and play accordingly.

Replays Debut game vs Spurrific. I got the exact Goodra-H matchup I wanted, and the Garganacl team convincinly 6-0'd (granted, I got a burn on Goodra-H that they couldn't Lunar Blessing away) - R3 vs Givrix, Garganacl wins an endgame 1v3 vs 3 Iron Hands, Palafin, and Rillaboom that I knew didn't have Taunt. - vs Smudge. A loss, but it does show the kind of knowing when you can force an Iron D to play for a win. - vs xHys. I Trick Room their Tailwind twice for a decisive win.
hi guys this is my first time posting here and found this team pretty neat. pretty cool. pretty swag.

probably not the best it could be but pretty good still, its like an amalgamation of a pretty simple core + tornadus and palafin. ideally u get palafin down under rain and holy smokes it just nukes things and u can tailwind for that sweet speed control.

Meth Wax (Palafin) @ Choice Band
Ability: Zero to Hero
Tera Type: Water
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Wave Crash
- Jet Punch
- Flip Turn
- Close Combat

under rain it just kills stuff

Landorus-Therian @ Rocky Helmet
Ability: Intimidate
Tera Type: Water
EVs: 252 HP / 36 Atk / 8 Def / 100 SpD / 112 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Stomping Tantrum
- U-turn
- Stealth Rock
- Taunt

uhhhh intimidate

Tornadus @ Mental Herb
Ability: Prankster
Tera Type: Ghost
EVs: 252 HP / 132 SpD / 124 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Bleakwind Storm
- Tailwind
- Taunt
- Rain Dance

support mon :) tera ghost to avoid fake out and mental herb to shake off taunt

peace (Flutter Mane) @ Choice Specs
Ability: Protosynthesis
Tera Type: Fairy
EVs: 92 HP / 192 Def / 48 SpA / 4 SpD / 172 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Moonblast
- Shadow Ball
- Thunderbolt
- Dazzling Gleam

its fluttermane. u know what it does

Rillaboom @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Grassy Surge
Tera Type: Fire
EVs: 200 HP / 124 Atk / 144 Def / 40 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Wood Hammer
- Fake Out
- U-turn
- Protect

using this guy in tandem with palafin's and lando's switch-out moves as well as it's own really lets it just kinda spam fake out, which is good for obvious reasons.

i come in peace (Volcanion) @ Assault Vest
Ability: Water Absorb
Tera Type: Ground
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
Quiet Nature
- Steam Eruption
- Heat Wave
- Earth Power
- Heavy Slam

very good at going in, tanking, and spamming heat wave. very low brain power. very nice. here is the code if u want it
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Too-big OSDT Team Dump with lots of bad and outdated teams!

Sadly knocked out of OSDT at top 16 and I really think I could have gone farther, but I can't be too sad about my first run going so well, especially with all of the great players I had to play to make it so far. Crazy to think that this time last year I hadn't played Pokemon in a competitive setting, let alone Doubles. I'm looking forward to (hopefully winning) future tours. I'll separate everything by week so the post seems less crazy than it is. Also huge thanks especially to qsns for all the help + everyone else who made sure team vibes were good.

:Rillaboom::Diancie::Flutter-Mane::Volcanion::Landorus-Therian::Iron-Hands: Goodstuffs balance team that I through together very early, Eeveeon went into depth about this already above, you could probably still use this today with some minor adjustments.

:Flutter-Mane::Scream-Tail::Chi-Yu::Tornadus::Iron-Bundle::Glimmora: I literally built this before home officially came out, its literally 6 special attackers with Chi-Yu and Fake Tears Scream Tail. 1st Glimmora sighting.

:Chien-Pao::Dragonite::Rillaboom::Heatran::Flutter-Mane::Glimmora: Glimmora #2. I iterate on this team style later but this is pretty standard Paonite stuff. Sub Heatran + Rilla was really good into TR stuff that the rest of the team had trouble with. Probably still usable.

:Chien-Pao::Ting-Lu::Iron-Hands::Rillaboom::Basculegion::Flutter-Mane: Ting Lu, Rilla, and Iron Hands facilitate 3 broken attackers.

:Roaring-Moon::Rillaboom::Kingambit::Diancie::Flutter-Mane::Mew: Similar team to another team that I helped Eragon build for BLT around the same time. Team basically tries to win the setup balance mirrors, which it did. Roaring Moon is kinda meme and didn't even come out when I played the set.

:Flutter-Mane::Glimmora::Iron-Hands::Chien-Pao::Diancie::Basculegion: 3rd Glimmora. Kinda wack semiroom team I don't really know what I was going for here ngl.

:Sneasler::Rillaboom::Chi-Yu::Flutter-Mane::Landorus-Therian::Iron-Hands: Setup spam with double fake out. Sneasler is not very good but Nasty Plot Chi-Yu obviously is. This spread outspeeds Jolly Tusk (v important and relevant benchmark) with a defense dump. In the actual game I sack Chi-Yu for momentum while Bando-T deals 10000% with rockslide. I think this teamcomp is fairly common now, just without bad mon Sneasler.

:Iron-Bundle::Abomasnow::Landorus-Therian::Basculegion::Iron-Hands::Heatran: This team is basically snow mode + 4 mons that beat Heatran or force it to Tera. SMB was 99% going to bring Heatran and generally has slower teams so I liked this team idea. Unfortunately this team was horribly weak to Speed Booster Flutter Mane which I was not expecting and I barely squeezed out the win.

:Gholdengo::Mew::Landorus-Therian::Rillaboom::Palafin::Heatran: Another team designed to beat other setup oriented teams. Tera-Fighting Palafin was my emergency Kingambit answer which ended up coming extremely clutch in the match. I don't think this team was fully optimized, especially regarding support moves on Lando, Rillaboom, and Mew. Very good against fat but I don't think its very consistent because against more HO stuff you really need to get Palafin going which can be hard to do at times.

:Lilligant-Hisui::Torkoal::Indeedee-F::Armarouge::Flutter-Mane::Kleavor: My bastardized version of a team that Actuarily kept using to beat me on ladder. I thought "hm qsns likes the same stuff as me, what if I use a team that keeps beating me?" and it worked.

:Dondozo::Rillaboom::Glimmora::Flutter-Mane::Chien-Pao::Dragonite: A naive and misguided attempt to build solo-Dondozo. I think Yawn + Heavy Slam is better in hindsight, but the mon is sooooo bad into Cress + Amoonguss that its not worth in 6v6. I did unfortunately run into Cress + Amoonguss (who would have guessed that qsns would use Cress + Amoonguss) and got owned. Glimmora number 4

:Gholdengo::Rillaboom::Volcanion::Dragonite::Chien-Pao::Zapdos: This team is bad I have way better versions of this style later.

:Chien-Pao::Landorus-Therian::Gholdengo::Iron-Hands::Tornadus::Amoonguss: In the actual game I brought an extremely meme and troll Clear Amulet Chien-Pao but Life Orb / Sash have to be better lmao. Pretty basic Tailwind offense with Hands+Amoon as glue.

:Iron-Bundle::Abomasnow::Flutter-Mane::Landorus-Therian::Iron-Hands::Heatran: An iteration on the Snow team I brought vs SMB that doesn't die to Speed Booster Flutter Mane. This Flutter set is bad but for sniping opposing Flutter and Bascs (prob doing 85% or smth LOL) , but in the actual game I brought an even more unset with no Ghost Stab, so yeah.

:Basculegion-F::Chi-Yu::Iron-Hands::Amoonguss::Indeedee-F::Flutter-Mane: Psychic Terrain offense that doesn't really have enough offense, ended up out of position and overwhelmed in a near-mirror.

:Gholdengo::Tornadus::Landorus-Therian::Chien-Pao::Amoonguss::Azumarill: One of my favorite teams from OSDT, I actually think Azumarill is pretty solid overall. I prefer it over Palafin on here for its immediate pressue. I wish I did this team justice, but I ended up sacking Gholdengo turn 1 for no reason.

:Chien-Pao::Rillaboom::Dragonite::Flutter-Mane::Iron-Hands::Glimmora: 5th Glimmora! This team is now a sample, but Grassy Seed Rilla is absolutely devestating for Cress-Balance stuff, one of my favorite sets to use.

:Basculegion-F::Chi-Yu::Tornadus::Iron-Hands::Indeedee::Flutter-Mane: Faster version of the team that didn't work last week (it didn't work either). I think this team is pretty ok but very much just not my style of team to pilot.

:Farigiraf::Heatran::Chien-Pao::Flutter-Mane::Rillaboom::Dragonite: This doesn't count as my team I straight up ripped a public MDB vgc paste, changed the mons to level 100, and made sure the speed tiers were kept in tact.

:Chi-Yu::Rillaboom::Flutter-Mane::Iron-Hands::Glimmora::Gholdengo: Very standard Nasty Plot Chi Yu Team. I played very poorly in the second half of this game, really think I should have been able to win this. Glimmora #6.

:Farigiraf::Chien-Pao::Flutter-Mane::Dragapult::Iron-Hands::Volcanion: My DOU-version of the MDB world's team. Some of the EV spreads found their way here because I was lazy, but if it works it works. Pult literally got to click Tera Blast and win this game. Good Mon.

:Tornadus::Flutter-Mane::Landorus-Therian::Rillaboom::Gholdengo::Palafin: Nasty Plot Gholdengo balance team with a very very defensive Gholdengo. I think this should be Specs Flutter Mane but too late now. The Palafin is a horrific Urshifu larp but it kinda worked in testing. Got unlucky in the game but thats mons I got plenty lucky on the way here.

Final Glimmora count: 6 (teams)
Glimmora record: 5-2


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Unfortunately, I got knocked out of OSDT, after missplaying a bit on that g3 and missing a winning heat wave, and since dlc is dropping soon the metagame will probably change and the teams I built will be outdated so I decided to post the ones that I liked the most. Also thanks for everyone that cheered for me and thanks a lot for Ann , MADARAAAA , Nido-Rus and eragon11145 for the help throughout the tour.

:Diancie: :Flutter-Mane: :Iron Hands: :Landorus-Therian: :Amoonguss: :Chien-Pao:
Diancie is really good vs Offense and Chien-Pao can threaten Cress and Gholdengo, mainly, but it also allows diancie to do more damage and checks grass-types, mainly Rilla and Heatran (yup). Flutter Mane and Lando-T are the best mons in the tier and Iron Hands and Amoonguss are good in TR and help Diancie set it.

:Indeedee-F: :Iron-Hands: :Chi-Yu: :Landorus-Therian: :Basculegion-F: :Flutter-Mane:
I faced Ann one day on ladder and she had Glimmora>Lando-T, so I simply put Lando there. The team is really good, you basically try to weaken the opponent with Chi-Yu and Hands and sweeps with Flutter and Basc. It's a bit weak vs lando, but chi-yu can generally win vs it and indeedee can also help redict attacks.

:Palafin-Hero: :Chi-Yu: :Gholdengo: :Landorus-Therian: :Rillaboom: :Flutter-Mane:
I had another version of this team with np ghold, but it doesn't feel very good. Gholdengo can Trick some annoying stuff, like Amoonguss or some setup mons, and it's also a nice lead with flutter, lando can probably go av but sitrus works fine. Palafin initially was Lefts, but Madara suggested googles and I've been liking it, Chi-yu av is good and Rilla is very important on the mu vs indeedee.

:Volcanion: :Rillaboom: :Pikachu: :Landorus-Therian: :Diancie: :Flutter-Mane:
Pikachu won a game!!!

:Mew: :Diancie: :Volcanion: :Flutter-Mane: :Rillaboom: :Landorus:
I liked this team, but I only used it once and it lost.

:Kingambit: :Flutter-Mane: :Rillaboom: :Diancie: :Volcanion: :Landorus-Therian:
I used this a lot in the first rounds and I think I changed the Diancie for Cress later. I think Kingambit now prefers another tera, like fairy or fire, but Tera Dark does a lot of damage, it's also a great pick, mainly because of lando-t, and it can win some games very easily.

About the metagame, I think lando-t is the 2nd best mon in the tier as it does so much and can trade damage very easily, while also being very flexible on the sets, I really like av lando, but band, scarf and sitrus/goggles are also really good. Flutter Mane is by far the best mon in the tier and at first I thought it wasn't broken but now I'm not so sure, specs does an absurd amount of damage and booster is just as good, it does so much damage and it needs so little support that 1 turn that you get wrong or lose some momentum can be devastating, we'll see how it good it'll be in the dlc but for now I'm more inclined to believe that it should be banned.
Bloodmoon screens setup
The theme of today's composition is violence. To reflect its nihilistic nature, any form of coverage on Ursaluna was foregone to return to a raw and primordial approach. Gone are the days of Super Effective damage, gone are the days of learning type charts, opponents will simply drop to attacks strong as a thousand suns. And Ogerpon is there as a scapegoat to absorb any retaliation from the likes of Rillaboom and Amoonguss.
Click the sprites for the team.
The EV spreads appeared to me in a dream. Iron Hands is meant to be slower than Ursaluna-Daytime.

Edit : This team sucks don't use it
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Winter is coming...
:ninetales_alola: :cetitan: :baxcalibur: :tornadus: :farigiraf: :clefairy:

Made this Snow team because I really like :cetitan:.

:ninetales_alola: does your typical Snow support. Sets up Snow, Veil, then spams Gleam or Freeze-Dry.

:cetitan: is simple: Set up a Belly Drum, then clicks Ice Spinner or Earthquake, and then has a +6 Ice Shard for when Snow blows over. Tera Water is there for a better defensive type to set up Belly Drum with. Feel free to change Ice Shard to Protect if you want to be more conservative with your turns.

:baxcalibur: is mainly there for a backbone in case things go wrong. Again, feel free to change Ice Shard to EQ if you are worried about Kingambit.

:tornadus: is the backup Snow setter or lead Snow setter if Scizor is on the field.

:farigiraf: is priority negation, speed control, and power amplification. Don't need to worry about Bullet Punch, Sucker Punch, Grassy Glide, Tailwind, or Trick Room with it on the field.

:clefairy: is support and speed control. Follow Me for easy Belly Drums and hits, Heal Pulse to negate Belly Drum's 50% loss and stray hits, and Thunder Wave for more speed control.


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i keep laddering and keep winning because ogerpon is tier 0


Every Ogerpon form is probably in the Tier 1 range. This mon is absolutely insane and very flexible, this is far from the only set you can run on it. Fire Oger has the dumbest numbers to put out but all the other ones are insanely splashable as well. The support options and the offensive options are ridiculous.

I also think people should EV their Flutters more carefully instead of just copy/pasting the dex spread - that one is good as a lategame cleaner but Flutter EVs are insanely malleable and you should run a few calcs after testing before solidifying the team. This one lives Tera Grass Grassy Glide from Rillaboom and pumps SpA to use it as an early game breaker with Sun.

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