DPP Cup V - Round 3

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Activity win request

I was proactive and followed every rule there was to be followed, including scheduling early enough to warrant me a promise from my opponent the matches would get done by Wednesday evening, but apparently the Smogon time stamps are wrong (???) and I ended up wasting 1 hour waiting for nothing, not to mention Saturday morning. Everything can be seen on his wall.

An extension would be extremely unfair, since I tried my very best to get the games done (and had no problems with all the other cups and unofficials I played this week).
Decisions on uncompleted games below

Activity Win

vs Raining Inside - No response from opponent to VM
dcae vs Quartosa - No response from opponent to VM
Rodriblutar vs Real FV13 - Opponent missed scheduled time, scheduling on discord so no follow up afaik
zugubu royale vs BlameTheBlax - Opponent missed scheduled time and didn't follow up
Tamahome vs Energy - Opponent missed scheduled time, then didn't show up at the second available opportunity


vs UD
Garay oak vs DurzaOffTopic
double switches
vs TSR

People given the Win

vs Ima
Altina vs SOMALIA
Praetorian vs Jytcampbell
vs Metacomet
BIHI vs Atticus


Averardo vs Dj Breloominati
TonyFlygon vs 0NI
CyberOdin vs jacob
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